Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 8

Beginning of the War (3)

The world of Hwamong? 

Ah, somehow it happened. This was a dream, not reality.  Not an ordinary dream but the world of Hwanmong! 

[You will be given the reward for Mission 1.] 

[The power of Hwanmong will reconstruct your body.] 

He finally got the reward. What method would be used to reconstruct his body? 


A mysterious light headed towards Kang-jun. The light revolved around Kang-jun’s head down to his feet and then gradually disappeared. 

[Your body has been successfully reconstructed.] 

At the same time, Kang-jun felt an unknown vitality enter his body. 

‘What will I become?’ 

He somehow felt like his body was changing but he didn’t know how it would turn out. 

‘Eh? Wait! My right foot is weird.’ 

Then Kang-jun was pleasantly surprised. 

The posture he had been standing in changed. He normally put all his weight on his left foot and didn’t force the right one. But now there was some weight on his right foot. It felt quite natural. 


Don’t tell me my leg returned to normal? 

But there was even more. 

Kang-jun instinctively raised a trembling hand to his head. 


His head that was balding due to severe hair loss had all the hair grown back. 

This was like a miracle. Even if this was a dream, no the world of Hwanmong, something huge was still happening. 

[The power of Hwanmong will display your status.] 

Lee Kang-jun 

Lv.1 (Exp 00.00%) 

[War] Beginner 

Health: 150/150 

Black Magic Energy: 0/100 

‘Level 1?’ 

It was like looking at a game status window. Naturally the status window displayed the status of Kang-jun, not a character in the game. 

His capabilities for war was at the beginner level! His health was full but black magic energy was in an exhausted state. Perhaps it was because 100 points of black magic energy was consumed to open the door to Hwanmong. 

‘No stats?’ 

The information in the status window was too brief. But a new message appeared as soon as he had that thought. 

[The power of Hwanmong has randomly generated your initial stats.] 

Strength: 7 

Agility: 8 

Intelligence: 9 

Good Luck: 1 

Charisma: 0 

[Strength, agility and intelligence will increase when every rise in level. 

[Special conditions need to be achieved to increase good luck and charisma.] 

[Have you decided on these stats? Or would you like Hwanmong to roll the dice to generate new stats?] 

[There is a total of 3 chances for Hwanmong to roll the dice.] 

‘Hrmm. This?’ 

Kang-jun shook his head. His good luck and charisma was too low. 

‘A little more.’ 

Strength, agility and intelligence rose wih every level but it was important to keep in mind that good luck and charisma didn’t. 

‘Then I need to wish for high good luck and charisma.’ 

Strength, agility and intelligence could be a little low. It might be hard to level up early due to this, but having high charisma and good luck would be more beneficial in the long term. 


If there was a chance to roll the dice then he needed to take it. 

“Roll the dice.” 

[Hwanmong will roll the dice.] 

[New stats have been generated.] 

Strength: 6 

Agility: 12 

Intelligence: 4 

Good Luck: 2 

Charisma: 1 

[Would you like to roll the dice again? Yes/No] 

[There were two more chances for Hwanmong to roll the dice.] 

‘This is too much.’ 

Agility increased, strength and intelligence fell and good luck and charisma only rose by 1. 

There were still 2 chances. 

“Roll the dice.” 

[New stats have been generated.] 

Strength: 8 

Agility: 8 

Intelligence: 1 

Good Luck: 8 

Charisma: 0 

[Would you like to roll the dice again? Yes/No] 

[There is one more chance for Hwanmong to roll the dice.] 


He had 8 good luck! Furthermore, strength and agility was 8! 

It was good up to here. The problem was that charisma was at 0. 

Kang-jun contemplated for a moment before shaking his head. Charisma was rare so he was certain to regret it later if he gave up on it now. 

One last chance! Please! This time let good luck and charisma come out! 

“Roll the dice.” 

Kang-jun took a deep breath and shouted desperately. 

[New stats have been generated.] 

Strength: 4 

Agility: 5 

Intelligence: 2 

Good Luck: 6 

Charisma: 8 

[You have used all all opportunities for Hwanmong to roll the dice.] 

[These stats will be confirmed.] 

“This is it!” 

Kang-jun was delighted. The most brilliant stats had emerged. 

Charisma was 8 points! Good luck had 6 points so it also wasn’t bad. Strength, agility and intelligence was low as a result but this was what Kang-jun wanted. 

Lee Kang-jun 

Lv.1 (Exp 00.00%) 

[War] Beginner 

Health: 90/90 

Black Magic Energy: 0/160 

Strength: 4 

Agility: 5 

Intelligence: 2 

Good Luck: 6 

Charisma: 8 

His status window reflected the new stats. Maximum health was reduced while maximum black magic energy rose. 


A dark fog suddenly rose in the room. 

[Now your reality and Hwanmong are connected to each other.] 

[If you become stronger in Hwanmong then you will be stronger in reality.] 

[At the same time, the wealth you acquire in reality will affect the world of Hwanmong.] 

‘They will influence each other?’ 

He already guessed that raising his level in Hwanmong meant he would become stronger in the real world. 

But he never thought that making money in reality would have an effect here as well. 

[This is Room 406 where you pay a 250,000 won contract in reality.]

[Room 406 is considered your territory in Hwanmong due to this.] 

[Of course, this is only valid as long as you have a contract in reality.] 


His room in the goshiwon was recognized as his territory! 

It was like some type of dream. 

[You can build a base at your territory.] 

[Would you like to build a base at Room 406? Yes/No] 

Of course he would build a base. 

Kang-jun nodded without any hesitation. 

“Okay! A base will be built.” 

[The base construction is in Stage 1.] 

[Degree of Completion: 0%] 

The black fog enveloped the room as the messages appeared and disappeared. 

Kang-jun jumped with surprise. 

‘This! The door is gone!’ 

The door disappeared and it was pitch black. 

[The enemy has started to notice you after the construction of the base started.] 

[The attack has started.] 

At that moment, he heard a chilling scream. 


Ah, what was that sound? 

Something was wailing in the darkness. 

‘What is coming?’ 

Anyway, it wasn’t the time to be staring blankly. 

Mission 2 

-Stop the enemy from entering Room 406 while the base is being completed. 

-Compensation: Experience 

The second mission occurred at that moment. 

Protect the base! 

[Stage 1 of the base construction: 3%] 

Kang-jun immediately searched around the room. Curiously, there was a 2m radius of bright light that surrounded Kang-jun as he moved. 

Room 405. Room 407. 

And there were rooms on either side. It was the structure of the goshiwon that Kang-jun was familiar with. 

‘I need to navigate a path in the darkness. If that is the case?’ 

Kang-jun used the approach of a PC game and quickly moved down the hallway of the goshiwon. It was a familiar building so the darkness wasn’t too difficult. 

“Heok! I’m out of breath.” 

In fact, Kang-jun moved much faster now that his feet were in a normal condition. But his body couldn’t follow his thoughts. 

In addition, his stamina was the same. He had exercised diligently since childhood but he ran out of breath just running down the corridor. 

‘It is due to my strength and agility.’ 

Kang-jun’s overall physical abilities had waned. He knew his strength and agility would affect his ability to fight in the early stages. 

But Kang-jun didn’t regret his choices. He had worried over it when choosing. They would rise in the future when he gained levels, even if he started off slowly. 

Anyway, the limited visibility was frustrating. Now he needed to figure out where the enemies were. 

Kang-jun looked around nervously as he moved down the hallway. 


He heard the scream again. At the same time, he heard a door opening. 

Room 413. 


Something was moving and causing crashes inside. 

Blood red eyes glared between black hair. There was a sticky mucus flowing from the open mouth. 

“Euh! What is that thing?’ 

Approximately 1 metres tall. 

A monster with the body of a monkey and the head of a rat.

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