Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 44

[Would you like to take Germuz into your household? Yes/No]

[If you accept then the conditions for Mission 8 will be automatically achieved.]

In the meantime, such messages showed up.

Kang-jun nodded as he received the cloak from Germuz.

"From now on, you will be part of Sovereign Lucan’s household.”

“I will swear my loyalty to you, Lord.”

Germuz took off his helmet and bowed politely to Kang-jun.

[Germuz has joined your household.]

[Germu will become your faithful subordinate in the world of Hwanmong.]

At that moment, a glowing light surrounded Germuz and his body was restored.

Kang-jun was also covered in a brilliant light.

[Mission 8 has been accomplished.]

[A large amount of experience has been given as compensation and you have gained two levels.]

It wasn’t just one, but two levels! Lv16.

Thanks to this, Kang-jun’s body was neatly restored.

[1,500 nodes will be given as compensation.]

[Five Essence of Wind will be given as compensation.]

1,500 nodes and the rare Essence of Wind!

‘Keirun should know about this.’

As a result, he had 3,500 nodes piled up in his second base.

With this much money, wouldn’t he have caught up with Jung Kwang-hyeon who had the advantage of tremendous resources?

No. Maybe Kang-jun was still losing when it came to resources.

Colt mentioned that Jung Kwang-hyeon collected hundreds of nodes in taxes every time he entered the world of Hwanmong.

A five-storey building! It was six floors if he included the basement. Therefore, that was over 2,000 nodes received as taxes every time. This was all without having to kill a monster.

Huge resources! High quantity of troops! The power of a golden spoon was terrible.

However, Kang-jun had the Heaven’s Blood Sword Style and the ogre Germuz.

Furthermore, he was Lv16!

Despite Jung Kwang-hyeon having the ability to summon orcs and goblins with his huge resources, Kang-jun was no longer afraid.

To be honest, Kang-jun didn’t see Jung Kwang-hyeon as an opponent anymore.

Rather, he was scared of sovereigns with a more terrifying power! Those people who existed in the high rise buildings! The problem was surviving a war with them.

Kang-jun touched the cloak Germuz gave him and stared in every direction.

Numerous buildings stretched out endlessly like the sea!

Various single family homes! Villas! Commercial buildings! High rise apartments...!

The skyscrapers seemed to reign high in the sky above everything else.

Kang-jun’s expression changed as he gazed at the skyscrapers.

'Is there a sovereign in such a place? Or is there really something like a dragon?’

The thought of a sovereign made him sweat.

Would a tycoon in reality become a sovereign in Hwanmong?

Even though they were all golden spoons, they were on a different standard from Jung Kwang-hyeon.

They would have infinite resources and a huge supply of troops for raids. He wouldn’t be able to resist.

If so, would he rather face a dragon?

That also wasn’t possible. A dragon had absolute power in a fantasy novel so it might be scarier than a sovereign.

The conclusion was clear.

A tycoon sovereign or dragon boss! They were formidable existences that Kang-jun might encounter one day.

The only way was to become stronger! If he wasn’t stronger than them, he would die.

'There is no support. The strong will survive. Until the end!’

Kang-jun grabbed the cloak tightly.

Germuz watched Kang-jun staring at the skyscrapers. Determination filled his eyes and he said to Kang-jun.

“Lord! I don’t know what Lord’s goal is but please consider me your spearhead. I will keep fighting for you until my time of death.”

Kang-jun just smiled.

"I have high hopes for you Germuz. And I am grateful for this cloak.

Germuz scratched his head.

“Kukuk! I didn’t get any effect from the cloak so I just wore it to look cool. Obviously there would be a large difference if a sovereign wore it. Go ahead and try on the cloak, Lord.”


[Cloak of the Wind.]

-Rating: Only one

-A sign that you are a sovereign in Hwanmong.

Agility + 5 when worn.

When using Aura of Wind, it's black magic energy consumption will be reduced by 20%.

-Sovereign Title: Xiphos

The cloak that Germuz took was a sovereign token for the sovereign called Xiphos.

However, Germuz killed him and the sovereign token ended up in Germuz’s hands.

However, he was a monster so the sovereign token had no effect on him.

That’s why he tied it like a scarf or handkerchief around his neck.

Once Kang-jun wore the cloak, it adjusted nicely to his size.

A blue cloak that emitted a soft light.

Kang-jun’s agility rose by five points after he put it on.

Agility: 20 (+5)

Thanks to the Cloak of the Wind, he had the agility of someone who was Lv21.

His body was in the best condition and the increase in agility made Kang-jun feel as light as a feather.

Anything else? Suddenly, one of the actions of Heaven’s Blood Sword Style started to be vividly imprinted in his mind.

Susuk! Sususuk!

Kng-jun moved his body according to the actions. He just thought about it but his body moved naturally.

Then his sword cut the space in front of him.


Then a new message appeared.

[The power of the heavenly sword that can break down everything. Who can stop this sword...]

[The skill Heavenly Cut has been learnt.]

[Heavenly Cut]

A powerful slash attack against a single target.

-The higher your strength and agility, the more powerful the attack will be.

-Can be used with a sword.

-Consumes 40 black magic energy.

Restrictions: Muscular strength 18, agility 25.


Kang-jun was pleasantly surprised.

A skill?

It was unmistakable. Heavenly Cut was an attack skill.

'I finally have an attacking skill.’

It could only be used if he had 25 agility points but that was possible due to Cloak of the Wind.

His muscular strength was 19 so that was also sufficient.

However, it consumed a huge 40 points of black magic energy. It must be very strong to consume that much black magic energy.

It was a skill that he couldn’t carelessly use.

Still, it felt reassuring to have a special skill like that.

[Your time in the world of Hwanmong is over.]

[The door to Hwanmong is closed.]

Before he knew it, it was time to return to reality. Kang-jun closed his eyes as the space around him distorted.

The 5th floor of the Yugang building.

Jung Kwang-hyeon woke up and got out of bed. He shouted nervously.

"Shit! They didn’t win!”

While Kang-jun was fighting the ogre Germuz, there was a fierce battle between Jung Kwang-hyeon’s side and the troops at Kang-jun’s first base.

Once Jung Kwang-hyeon entered Hwanmong, 35 orcs and 15 goblins were waiting.

He had three stage 3 barracks.

One research institute.

More importantly, he had 4,300 nodes! This was due to the new taxes and compensation from the mission.

'It is sufficient even if I don’t have Colt. Today I will smash everything.’

Despite failing to buy the Dafeng building, he had determined the location so it would be over today.

Jung Kwang-hyeon was convinced that he would win with an overwhelming force.

Jung Kwang-hyeon had played many strategy simulation games when he was younger.

[Goblin archer]

Resources: 10 nodes


Resources: 25 nodes

-It is possible to summon if you have 1 charisma points

‘The low grade units are the goblins while the upper grade units are the orcs.’

He immediately started summoning orcs at all three barracks. At the same time, he was confident that Kang-jun would only have low grade troops.

‘Huhu, Sovereign Lucan doesn’t receive any taxes. Therefore, his money is very low. He probably only has one barrack so the summoning rate of his troops will be slow.’

That was what Colt used to say. Therefore, Jung Kwang-hyeon was sure that he would overwhelmingly win.

However, the fight turned out differently.

The first troops he sent to scout were wiped out by the sudden appearance of a minotaur and intermediate gnomes. In addition, they used guerilla methods by attacking and retreating.

In the end, he had to focus on defense rather than attack.

Of course, he continued to summon orcs. He managed to call 80 orcs and 10 goblins.

Just as they were gathered for an assault, the door to Hwanmong closed.

"Shit! I missed it.”

On the other hand, he felt uneasy for some reason. He never expected that Kang-jun, who lived in the goshiwon, would have a strong subordinate like the minotaur.

‘That is the only way. I need to quickly buy the building.’

He immediately called the realtor. Yesterday he had used the punishment field, so the realtor should have some results by now.

-This is realtor Han Min-soo.

“How did it go?”

Jung Kwang-hyeon asked curtly. Han Min-soo trembled and replied.

-The owner of the building flew to Jeju Island. I flew down to Jeju Island late last night. I will be meeting with the owner in a little bit. I will unconditionally conclude the deal.

As expected, it was necessary to step on his spirit just once. A satisfied smile appeared on Jung Kwang-hyeon's face.

“Give them 3.2 billion. I will sign the contract tomorrow when the owner comes back. If that fails then you will die.”

-Yes, Boss-nim.

Indeed, the building owner appeared the next day like Han Min-soo said. Jung Kwang-hyeon swiftly signed the contract.

Jung Kwang-hyeon was now the owner of the Dafeng building.

The next day.

Jung Kwang-hyeon finished the ownership transfer of the Dafeng building.

At the same time, he closed down the goshiwon while offering the residents compensation. They were given a refund of 500,000 won so no one complained.

There were only three rooms left. Rooms 401, 406 and 413.

They were contracted to Kang-jun. The problem was that he couldn’t be found! He couldn’t nullify the contract without the consent of the other party.

‘Cowardly bastard! Did he run away scared? It is no use. You will meet your end in Hwanmong tonight.’

As soon as Jung Kwang-hyeon owned the Dafeng building, he could see Kang-jun’s current status through the 3D map as well as receive taxes from the area.

It was only a matter of time until he won.

Meanwhile, Kang-jun was at the Eco Studio Apartment. He signed contracts with Rooms 309 and 318. Hayun was also staying here.

During the day, he focused on selling underwear at the market and he rested at night.

He received a call from the realtor that Jung Kwang-hyeon had bought the Dafeng building, but he didn’t care.

The game was already finished. The time for the decisive battle had arrived.

[The door to Hwanmong is open.]

[You have entered the world of Hwanmong.]

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