Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Trampling those with Gold Spoons (6)

Warrior's Sword 

-Rating: Rare 

-Properties: Earth 

-A longsword with strong durability that won’t break easily. 

-If Aura of Earth is used, the physical defense given by the skill will substantially increase. 

-Wearer Restrictions: 15 strength 

‘A sword with the property of earth?’ 

Aura of Earth was a physical defense oriented skill. However, using the skill increased the physical defense of the skill even further. 

The last time he used Aura of Earth was when he was fighting Keirun. Serious damage from Keirun’s dagger only caused a slight scratch. 

Yet now the physical defense would soar even higher? Would his body become like iron? 

Maybe Kang-jun could now defend against the ogre’s power. 

‘It has restrictions on who can wear it. 15 strength?’ 

Fortunately, Kang-jun currently had 16 points in strength. It was possible for him to equip it. 

‘Anyway, I’m glad that this sword won’t break easily.’ 

Of course, he had been able to repel the ogre Germuz thanks to the broken sword. 

But in the future, there was no guarantee that such luck could be repeated again. 

‘There is no time. I should defeat him now.’ 

The ogre Germuz had escaped with an injury. 

On the other hand, Kang-jun gained one level and his maximum health was restored. 

He also got a much more powerful weapon known as the Warrior’s Sword. Although it was specialized in defense, the attack power was still higher than the iron sword. 

‘Ogre! It would be pretty useful if I could make him my subordinate.’ 

He didn’t know if it was possible because the ogre had an ego that pierced the sky. 

(Keirun, is the base okay?) 

Kang-jun asked his military adviser while running towards the Dain building. 

(Yes, Lord. The base is still safe. Is Lord okay?) 

Keirun’s voice through the telepathic link was quite relaxed. 

(Of course. I built the base here safely. The Eco building has been occupied. Then keep working. 

(Yes, Lord. Don’t worry about this side.) 

Jung Kwang-hyeon should have struck the Dafeng building. Could Keirun have blocked him this quickly? 

Kang-jun was curious but he would listen to the details later. 

'It is safe.’ 

Kang-jun’s worries about the base disappeared as soon as he heard Keirun’s laidback voice. 

It was good that he had such a competent military adviser. 

Kang-jun was able to concentrate on getting stronger because he knew his base was protected. 

[The neighbouring Dain building is the territory of the ogre Germuz. 

Do you want to enter? Yes/No] 

“Yes! Enter.” 

Then a new mission appeared in front of Kang-jun. 

[Mission 8] Occupy the Dain building, defeat the ogre Germuz and gain the sovereign token Cloak of the Wind. 

-Experience, 1,500 nodes, five Essence of the Wind 

As expected, it was a mission. 

'Cloak of the Wind. I wonder what type of power it has.’ 

Kang-jun drank the lowest grade black magic recovery potion in his pocket. 40 points of black magic energy were restored. 

Black Magic Energy: 85/320 

He wouldn’t get a chance to drink a potion while facing Germuz. Potions weren’t rare so now wasn’t the time to save it. 


At that time, the ground shook and a barrier formed in front of Kang-jun. 

[Dain building’s barrier: 100%] 

It looked much harder than the barrier that recently appeared around the Sungkwang building. He had the ratigers to help him then but now he was alone. Could he smash it? 


Kung-jun struck the barrier with the Warrior’s Sword. 

[Dain building’s barrier: 97%] 

It decreased by 3%. The building’s barrier boasted a tough durability. Yet it was reduced by 3% with one cut. 

‘Amazing! I can break it very quickly by myself.’ 

This was because Kang-jun’s level rose, as well as the highest quality Heaven’s Blood Sword Style increasing his power. 

Along with the destructive power of the Warrior’s Sword, he was able to show much higher capabilities. 

But at that moment. 

Ping! Syuok! 

Arrows came flying from above the barrier. 

Kang-jun could see monsters with the head of a rat and the body of a monkey. They were very familiar to Kang-jun. 

‘Ratian archers?’ 

The ogre Germuz had ratians as subordinates? 

"Kikiki! The enemy." 

“Roaaaaar! Fight the enemy.” 

The ratian infantry rushed through the barrier. Giant ratians also appeared. 

There was a strange smile on Kang-jun’s face. 

He had a 10% increase in attack power against the ratians. 

There was also a 5% chance of acquiring items! 

Thanks to the knowledge he acquired, the ratians were very easy to deal with. 

Kang-jun avoided the arrows and aimed for the giant ratians first. 

Sukeok! Sukeok! 

In the blink of an eye, two giant ratians had their throats cut. 

The ratian corpses grew in number every time his sword flashed. 

[2 nodes have been gained.] 

[1 node has been gained.] 

[One inferior health recovery potion has been obtained.] 

[12 nodes have been gained.] 

Apart from the experience, money and japtem (miscellaneous items) continued to fall. 

Then he discovered a scroll. 

A shiny scroll had fallen from the dead body of a giant ratian. 

Kang-jun quickly opened it. 

[A giant ratian is filled with courage while using an axe as a weapon. They are capable of wiping out the vanguard of the enemy...] 

Glittering letters whirled around Kang-jun’s head and were absorbed. 

[Intermediate knowledge about the giant ratian has been obtained.] 

Oh! Intermediate knowledge? 

If he kept on fighting the monsters then it was likely that he would get advanced knowledge. 

[Attack power against a giant ratian has increased to 20%. There is a 10% probability of acquiring items.] 

Thanks to that, his attack power and chances of obtaining items rose. 

[From now on, a giant ratian warrior can be summoned from the barrack.] 

[Giant ratian warrior] 

-Resources: 80 nodes 

-It is possible to summon if you have 2 charisma points 

Kang-jun was pleasantly surprised. 

‘Giant ratian warrior?’ 

It was at that moment. 

(Wuhahaha! Lord! It is wonderful. You have obtained intermediate knowledge about the giant ratian.) 

The information was updated in the barrack so Keirun already knew about it.

(Huhu, Lord no longer needs to be afraid of Herod’s troops. A giant ratian warrior can easily deal with two or three orcs.) 

The golem ratigers were his most powerful soldier but they were not easy to summon because the rare item Essence of Earth was required. 

However, the giant ratian warriors only needed money. 

(Isn’t there a limit to the capacity of the barracks?) 

(You can afford to upgrade it to stage 3. In addition, we lost a small number of troops today so we can fill it with giant ratian warriors.) 

(I will soon build a barrack in this base as well.) 

(The problem is funding. The funds of the 1st base are almost depleted.)

(Don’t worry about money. I have 1,500 nodes here.) 

1,580 nodes were currently piled in Room 307 of the Eco Studio Apartment. 

Kang-jun earned money from every monster he killed. Then he received 1,000 nodes from the mission. 

Keirun replied with a greatly surprised voice. 

(1500 nodes? When did you get that much money? Don’t tell me you finished a mission during this time?) 

(Anyway, I am busy so take care of it.) 

(Then leave the operation of the 2nd base to me, Lord.) 


Kang-jun readily accepted. 

[Keirun has been appointed as the military adviser of the 2nd base located at Room 307 in the Eco Studio Apartment.] 

It was easy to delegate these type of things. Spending money to summon troops gave him a headache. 

Kang-jun would rather go out and hunt some monsters. 

[The barrier of the Dain building has been destroyed.] 

Kang-jun hadn’t stopped attacking while having the conversation with Keirun. He destroyed the barrier as well as the ratian archers. 

He immediately captured the 1st floor. Next was the basement, then the 2nd floor and up to the rooftop. 

There was a considerably strong resistance from the enemies. 

Ratians and giant ratians aimed at Kang-jun from every direction. In some cases, he ended up facing the golem ratigers. 

[3 nodes have been gained.] 

[12 nodes have been gained.] 

[An inferior black magic energy recovery potion has been obtained.] 

[23 nodes have been gained.] 

[A Solid Iron Sword has been obtained.] 

[2 nodes have been gained.] 

Kang-jun calmly advanced towards the roof. 

He found many japtem due to the increased probability of acquiring items. Thanks to that, he got two inferior black magic energy potions that restored it by 80 points. 

[Your level has risen.] 

Kang-jun also gained one level while sweeping away the monsters on the 7th floor. 

The experience from defeating the monsters in the Dain building had accumulated. 

Lv.14 (Exp 00.12%) 

[War] Beginner 

Health: 350/350 

Black Magic Energy: 85/330 

Strength: 17 

Agility: 18 

Intelligence: 15 

Good Luck: 6 

Charisma: 8 (+4) 

[Additional Effects] 

-Military Appointment: Combat power increased by 10%. 

-Stage 1 Combat Studies: Combat power increased by 10%. 

'I will fight with him again.’ 

Kang-jun destroyed the door to the roof. The ogre Germuz was silent for some reason. 

Was it due to the injury he suffered before? If so, he would be much easier to deal with. 


The door to the roof was finally broken and revealed a large, vacant lot. In the centre of the roof was Germuz. 

“Kuwaaaaaah! How dare you come here? You have decided to die.” 

Surprisingly, Germuz was fine. 

In the meantime, he must have taken a potion because his eyes were normal and the wound on his neck disappeared. 

“Kukakakat! Die, you little sovereign! Do you think you will have such good luck again?” 

Germuz picked up something from the ground. 

It was a big helmet. 

Was he trying to protect his head so that the same thing didn’t happen again? 

In addition, there were gloves on both hands. 

It seemed like he was prepared to deal with Kang-jun. 

“Kuwaaaaaah! Ready!” 

As soon as he put on the helmet and gloves, Germuz swiftly rushed towards Kang-jun. 

Kang-jun held the Warrior’s Sword and used a skill. 

‘Aura of Earth!’ 

Unlike before, Kang-jun decided to increase his physical defense. 


It really was different. A light brown film covered his entire body. 

It hadn’t appeared the previous times he used Aura of Earth. 

“Kukakakat! Die!” 

In the meantime, Germuz had reached him and aimed a punch at him. Kang-jun didn’t bother blocking and swung his sword. 


The glove and sword collided. 


He blocked it. Although his arms shook from the shock, Kang-jun didn’t take a step back. 

Germuz seemed surprised at the unexpected situation. 


At that moment, Kang-jun sword sliced against Germuz’s side. 


A deep cut! Germuz was shocked by the pain. However, he soon smiled. 

“Kukuk! Did you change your weapon? In the end, nothing will change.” 

Germuz resumed his storm like offensive once again. 

Sswing! Sswiing! Hwing hwing hwing! 

Kang! Kakang! 

The gloves and the Warrior’s Sword kept on colliding. Despite not using Aura of the Wind, Kang-jun didn’t seem any slower. 

Thanks to using minimal actions and paying attention to Germuz’s weaknesses, he was able to counterattack. 

Of course, most of the counterattacks didn’t affect Germuz. It was because he predicted the place where Kang-jun’s sword was aimed and avoided it. 

Still, he managed a few hits once in awhile. 

Every time Germuz’s body was sliced, a deep cut would form. 

Over time, Germuz’s huge body became bloody. 

“Kuwaaaaaah! Kill! I will kill you!” 

It was quite a lot of blood. Germuz’s momentum didn’t slow down. 

However, the circumstances were already leaning towards Kang-jun. Germuz still had his strength but their movements were slowing down. 

Chwack! Chwack! 

Kang-jun’s sword moved twice. The strikes formed a cross shape on Germuz’s chest and blood spurted out. 


Germuz held his chest and staggered. He sank to his knees with a thud. 


Kang-jun pointed his sword at Germuz’s neck and spoke coldly. 

"Will you try anything else?” 

In the meantime, Kang-jun’s body had also become bloody. 

Thanks to the Warrior’s Sword and the strong physical defense from Aura of Earth, it was possible for Kang-jun to fight equally with Germuz. Despite that, it was inevitable that he would receive damage. 

A few HP points flew away with every hit. 

Once it accumulated, the damage was impossible to ignore. 

He had quite a few bruises and blood was dripping from a cut on his forehead. 

His face was tinged red from the blood. 

Yet his eyes were brilliantly shining. 

"I require strong subordinates. You are qualified. I won’t kill you if you become my subordinate.” 


Germuz’s eyes shook wildly through his helmet. 


The fact that he didn’t refuse meant he was thinking about it. 

Kang-jun pulled out two health potions and poured them on Germuz’s wounds. 

"I will treat your wounds. Or you will die.” 

Unlike Germuz, Kang-jun would recover as soon as he levelled up. 

But now he was worried about Germuz. 

The problem was that the wounds on his chest were so deep that he could die before making a decision! 

Therefore, Kang-jun poured the potions on the wound. 

Germuz’s body trembled. Kang-jun couldn’t see his face because of the helmet, but Germuz seemed shocked. 

Suddenly, Germuz’s body moved forward. 


The ground shook. Was he dead? 

That wasn’t it. Germuz had slammed his head against the ground. 


Germuz immediately raised his head. He untied the cloak from around his neck and handed it to Kang-jun. 

“Kukuk! You are eligible to become my lord. This is something I don’t need, so I hope Lord will accept it.”

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