Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Demonic Dragon’s Ring (3)

Kang-jun stared at Keirun. 

“You are the shadow sovereign? So you were after this from the beginning.” 

And Keirun quickly replied. 

“Don’t look so bitter. You just have to win everything. That is how to rule the world of Hwanmong.” 

“I have to win everything?” 

“Of course. The loser has to give everything to the winner. But I’m not interested in anything else that you have. Only the sovereign token! I will go away if you give it to me.” 

“Shut up! You won’t be able to take it from my hand unless you kill me.” 

Keirun looked completely like a warlock. It would be difficult for Kang-jun to resist with his own strength. 

However, he wasn’t about to give up the ring without a fight. He would be deprived of the sovereign ring as well as fail the mission. 

Defeat in the world of Hwanmong meant death. He would die anyway so it was better to die trying. 

Keirun just laughed like it was ludicrous. 

“Silly, young fool. So you wish to die.” 

He then held up his right hand. 


At that moment, a huge amount of wind blew and started rotating. 

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! 

Surprisingly, the origin of the vortex was coming from Keirun’s right hand. A ray of green light hit it and the swirling wind became increasingly larger. 

‘W-what on earth is that?’ 

Kang-jun’s mouth dropped open. 

It was obviously magic. A huge swirl in the sky! 

Keirun was a warlock with tremendous power. 

“Do you see boy? This is why I was dubbed the sovereign of the black storm! Also known as, Hell Storm.” 

“H-Hell Storm!” 

“That’s right. You should have heard the name. The ultimate fire magic called Hellfire! This wind magic is comparable to that.” 

“Euh! Shit!” 

Kang-jun knew about the fire magic called Hellfire. The ultimate fire magic that a dragon used! He knew of its existence from fantasy novels. 

Keirun was boasting that his wind magic Hell Storm was just as amazing as that. If so, it would be impossible for Kang-jun to win over Keirun and he would die. 

The only weapon he had was a wooden stick. But he had to fight with Keirun so early on. He had his subordinates but they would be useless. The ratians would just be mere bugs in front of Hell Storm. 

Keirun gave a wicked laugh. 

“This is my final warning. If you hand me the sovereign token now then I won’t kill you.” 

“Shut up! Won’t I still die if the token is snatched away?” 

“You are mistaken. If the sovereign token is taken away, you will become a shadow sovereign and still have the chance to regain your position. But you will die if I destroy you here. You shouldn’t end so soon.” 


There was a difference. 

Keirun’s eyes flashed with intimidation. 

“Now, make your choice. Will you select eternal despair? Or will your choose humiliating survival with a chance to recover again?” 

Eternal despair meant that he would be destroyed. 

Once again, there was still a chance to recover from being a shadow sovereign if he lost his qualifications. However, Kang-jun didn’t consider the second option at all. 

Would Keirun really spare Kang-jun if he received the ring? There was no way that would happen. Kang-jun would absolutely never give up without any opposition. 

‘Fight to the death.’ 

Kang-jun was already prepared for death. 

‘Summon Hayun!’ 

He summoned his household member, Hayun. 

Hayun was called but the situation was slightly regretful. 


Hayun appeared in her neat white dress. She opened her eyes and stared at the surroundings. 

“This is Hwanmong. It looks just like reality.” 

“Look at it later. We are being attacked.” 

Kang-jun pointed at Keirun and said. 

Hayun looked over and was puzzled. 

“There is something strange.” 

“Yes. He is the shadow sovereign called Keirun. Right now he is using the ultimate magic Hell Storm.” 

“Wait! That is an illusion.” 

“An illusion?” 

“It looks real but is actually nothing. My gut feeling isn’t wrong and I wouldn’t deceive you.” 

Then Keirun’s expression stiffened. A sign that he was upset about something. 

“Unbelievable! A senior ghost! Why can you already summon a senior ghost?” 

Keirun thought that Hayun was a senior ghost. A virgin ghost was the most frightening so it made sense that she would be a senior ghost. 

Looking at Keirun’s panicked face, it seemed like Hayun’s words were correct. 

“So it really was an illusion? You tried to trick me into handing over the Demonic Dragon’s Ring.” 

“Kuoh! Shut up. Why would I use Hell Storm on someone like you?” 

With those words, he stretched his right hand forward. 


The vortex in the sky struck downwards. 

Kwa kwa kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang! 

It was a scene where the area was crumbling. The buildings were overturned. 

“Kang-jun! This is just an illusion.” 

Hayun hurriedly exclaimed. Kang-jun nodded. 

“Don’t worry.” 

Kang-jun watched the scene in front of him without blinking an eye. He figured out that everything was only an illusion. Kang-jun knew that the sight of the buildings collapsing was just like a 3D hologram. 

The problem was the ratians. 



Unlike Kang-jun, they were confused and scattered in every direction. 

“Gather over here.” 

Kang-jun urgently gave a command but the ratians had fallen into a panic and didn’t easily return. 

Keirun gave a smile of triumph and chanted a spell.

“Kukuku! Nwahorulosukal niswigural! Vengeful spirits that never sleep! Now release your resentment…” 

At that moment, dozens of sobbing could be heard in the darkness. 



Over dozens of ghosts. They started flocking due to Keirun’s spell.

An expression of ridicule appeared on Hayun’s face. 

“Leave it to me. I know these kids. The vast majority of them are those who died in car accidents near here. They didn’t even dare approach me in the past.” 

“Aren’t there too many of them?” 

“Don’t worry. They are weak ghosts. I alone will be sufficient.” 

Hayun showed her self-confidence. Indeed, the ghosts seemed surprised the moment they saw Hayun. 

“Then take out the ghosts Hayun.” 


Hayun shot like an arrow towards the ghosts. The ghosts turned into smoke every time her hands grabbed them. 

‘How great.’ 

Kang-jun watched with delight. Hayun was clearly the god of the area. 

‘I will take care of Keirun.’ 

He didn’t miss covertly approaching Keirun while watching the ghosts. 

At that moment, Keirun’s face stiffened. The illusion of Hell Storm had failed to scare Kang-jun and even the attack of the ghosts failed. All of it was because of the senior ghost. 

‘Oduk! Dammit! This was an unexpected variable.’ 

The abilities he had as a sovereign had long since scattered. Thanks to that, he was now only slightly stronger than a ghost. He painfully gathered black magic energy over a long period of time and took advantage of it. 

That was the illusion magic. The illusion of Hell Storm that appeared earlier. He had to somehow snatch the sovereign token from Kang-jun. Of course, he would start again at Lv1 but his previous experience meant it would be possible to raise his level at a fast pace. 

But his plan had failed. Despite the illusion in front of him, Kang-jun never took out the sovereign token. Then the senior ghost showed up and told him it was an illusion. 

It was totally unexpected. He had been careless because the other sovereign was someone who lived an ordinary life in the human world. 

‘I underestimated him. Shit!’ 

A willpower that didn’t yield to fear! In addition, he had the good luck to have a senior ghost as a subordinate! 

‘I have to admit that he is a great guy. However, I need to kill him.’ 

The black magic energy he collected was almost gone. He only had six attacks left! Despite being Lv1, his species characteristics gave him a natural affinity with the wind. Therefore, he was convinced that a mere human sovereign wouldn’t be able to defeat him. 

Susuk. Susususuk. 

Keirun’s body flew like the wind towards Kang-jun. Kang-jun jumped with surprise as Keirun suddenly rushed towards him. 

“Kukuk! Drop dead!” 

A black dagger suddenly appeared in Keirun’s right hand. 


A fast and accurate attack that an elderly person wouldn’t be able to see! The dagger flew towards Kang-jun’s chest in an instant. 


Kang-jun swiftly turned his body to avoid the attack. At that moment, Keirun’s dagger also changed direction. 

Chwack! Chwaack! 


The dagger grazed his left side and forearm. There was a hot pain as he started bleeding. 

‘Shit! Fast.’ 

Usually, a warlock would only use magic. But Keirun’s movements were as good as an assassin. 

Hwing hwing! 

Kang-jun furiously swung the wooden stick but Keirun seemed to predict the direction and avoided it. 

‘Shit! This isn’t enough.’ 

Kang-jun threw the wooden stick. He would rather meet the enemy with his body instead of an uncomfortable weapon. 

‘It is easier with my bare hands.’ 

Kang-jun formed fists and took a stance. 

Chwack! Chwack chwack chwack! 

Kang-jun’s body was cut by Keirun’s dagger everytime he moved. 

Kang-jun instantly became bloody. 

However, his eyes were still calm. Dirt was falling from his skin thanks to Aura of Earth. 

‘Right. I just need one gap.’ 

Kang-jun slipped in jabs but he was waiting for a decisive attack. In addition, he thoroughly defended his belly and forearm. 

Then Keirun roughly wielded his dagger. 

“Drop dead! Go to hell!” 


Kang-jun continued to avoid the dagger coming at a dazzling speed. At that moment, Kang-jun used his right foot to kick Keirun’s left knee. 


Keirun stumbled, losing his balance. Kang-jun’s body jumped forward. 

And that was the end. 

Bam bam! 

His feet successively kicked at Keirun’s head. 


Keirun fell on his back. His bloody face looked like a monster. 

“Kuoh! D-dammit!” 

He instantly tried to get up. But Kang-jun was already stepping on his chest. 

“Bye Keirun!” 

“Ooh! W-wait a minute!” 


Kang-jun’s foot fell towards Keirun’s face like a hammer.

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