Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Demonic Dragon’s Ring (2)

[The Dafeng building has been occupied.] 

[Mission 4 has been completed.] 

A bright light started to shine through the entire building. 

[200 nodes have been given as compensation.] 

[3 Essence of Earth have been given as compensation.] 

[As a reward, enough experience will be given to increase your level.] 

He rose two levels to reach Lv7. In addition, there was the compensation of 200 nodes and three Essence of Earth. 

‘Okay! Now I can summon the ratigers. 

Currently the most powerful monster that can be summoned from the barrack, the ratigers had a wide area earth attack skill. 

The boss monster of the Ratian Dungeon! The speed was a bit slow but it had formidable attack and defense. At the time, Kang-jun had managed to somehow finish it off. 

Now it could be summoned as a subordinate. However, enormous resources would be consumed when summoning it. 

100 nodes and one Essence of Earth. He hadn’t dared summon it until now. 

Kang-jun immediately summoned two ratigers. 

[Ratigers summoning: 1%] 

[A ratigers is scheduled to be summoned. 

After they were summoned, the ratigers would be in the vanguard with the giant ratians. Fighting in the battle field as well as Hwanmong! 

Thinking of that scene was somehow reassuring to Kang-jun. 

‘By the way, why is the building continuing to shine?’ 

The entire Dafeng building was engulfed in a bright light. That light was becoming increasingly more intense. His eyes started hurting. 

At that moment, the light disappeared without a trace. A message surfaced at the same time. 

[You have been selected by the power of Hwanmong!] 

[Passing Mission 4 had given you the qualifications to become a sovereign.] 


What was this? 

‘I am a sovereign?’ 

Kang-jun was confused by the message. 

[A token will be granted to show your sovereign qualification.] 

[This token is unique and only given to you.] 

A small treasure box covered in radiant light appeared in front of Kang-jun. 

‘A treasure chest? This token is proof that I am a sovereign?’ 

Kang-jun instantly opened the box. 


A golden ring. There was a patter of a dragon carved on it. 

[The Demonic Dragon’s Ring has been obtained.] 

[Demonic Dragon’s Ring] 

-Rating: Only One 

-A sign that you are a sovereign in Hwanmong. 

-Charisma +3 when worn. 

-Sovereign Title: Lucan 

‘Oh! Amazing!’ 

He didn’t know what a sovereign was. However, the option given when wearing this item was literally the jackpot. 

It gave three points to the fixed stat, charisma. Higher charisma meant he could summon more powerful monsters.

Kang-jun currently had eight charisma. If the three points from the Demonic Dragon’s Ring was added, it would be 11 points in charisma. 

[After obtaining the Demonic Dragon’s Ring, you will be called Sovereign Lucan from now on.] 

[The Demonic Dragon’s Ring is your alter ego.] 

[If you take the token from other sovereigns, they will be deprived of their qualification as a sovereign.] 


Kang-jun was startled. 

What did this mean? Other sovereigns! 

‘There are sovereigns other than me?’ 

In addition, it could be taken away! Then he could attack other sovereigns. 

Sure enough. 

[After obtaining the power of Hwanmong, you can launch activities against other sovereigns.] 

Kang-jun’s expression became determined. 

Other sovereigns! It wasn’t just ‘two.’ If so, there was no knowing how many sovereigns there were. 

And where did they exist? In addition, how strong were they? Could he survive against them? 

[You can attack other sovereigns and steal their token.] 

[Obtaining the token of other sovereigns will make you stronger.] 

[The chances of passing the last mission will become much higher.] 

Kang-jun had to pass 100 mission in order to be freed from the crisis of dying in Hwanmong. 

Now he had only completed Mission 4. He couldn’t guess how tough the future missions would be. Let alone how enormous the last mission would be? Reaching Mission 100 wouldn’t be an easy task. 

But he could become stronger by obtaining the tokens of other sovereigns. Perhaps he could absorb their abilities? 

Then he would need to steal from as many sovereigns as possible. 

That’s right. A crisis was an opportunity! 

He needed to change his mindset. The fact that sovereigns could be robbed meant that he needed to pay attention to his surroundings. 

The question was the location of the other sovereigns. He also needed to be able to recognize their capabilities to some degree. 

Attacking recklessly without knowing the opponent’s power was a stupid thing that would get him killed. 

‘Where are they? Don’t tell me that are otherworldly existences?’ 

It was an absurd idea, but possible. 

This was the world of Hwanmong so they could appear. 

In the meantime, a new message appeared. 

[The shadow sovereigns were originally sovereigns who lost in Hwanmong and became ghosts.] 

[They are frantic to rob the tokens to become a sovereign again.] 

‘Shadow sovereigns?’ 

It meant they were sovereigns in the past but not any longer. They drifted like ghosts. 

Kang-jun felt somewhat appalled. 

‘Will I become like that if I am defeated?’ 

Flesh and body separating as he floated around as a ghost. 

It was at that moment. 

[Keirun, the shadow sovereign wandering the area has detected your presence.] 

[Keirun will soon start the attack. Be prepared.] 


Kang-jun was surprised. 

Something like this? The attack from a shadow sovereign! How long had it been since he became a sovereign? 

Yet a shadow sovereign was wandering around near the Dafeng building. 

[Mission 5] Repel the shadow sovereign Keirun! 

-Compensation: Experience, 300 nodes, Breath of the Wind 

A mission showed up. A mission regarding the shadow sovereign. 

However, Kang-jun had to repel Keirun even if there wasn’t a mission. Otherwise, he would soon become a shadow sovereign. 

‘Shit! I need to win.’ 

At that moment, something black appeared in front of the building. 


An elderly man wearing black robes wit black hair reaching down to the waist. 

He literally resembled a black magician. 

“No, you are?” 

Kang-jun was startled when he saw the old man. He had a very familiar face. The face of the corpse Kang-jun met under the bed! 

That’s right. 

This old man was the one who told Kang-jun about the power of Hwanmong. But he was actually the shadow sovereign Keirun! 

Keirun gave him a dark smile and said. 

“Kukukuk! I have been waiting for this momet. You stupid boy! You have obtained the proof of a sovereign! I will take it.”

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