Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 3

Black Magic Awakening (2)

Kang-jun worked at a convenience store from 9.50 p.m. to 7 a.m. 

He would wash his body afterwards and then sleep for a little bit. He would wake up at approximately 5 p.m.  He used that time to play games or watch TV before going back to work. 

This boring routine was repeated from Monday to Friday. 

In fact, he would make a lot more money if he found a job other than working at the convenience store part time.He had a little bit of strength. However, he was badly injured in one foot after a hit and run car accident so it wasn’t easy for Kang-jun. 

It was barely enough for the convenience store. Furthermore, hair loss started after the accident due to his mental strength worsening. 

It was now 9.40 p.m.  Kang-jun had finished eating ramyun and even took a shower. 

Now it was time to go to work. 

He wore a hat and left the goshiwon. The convenience store was 50 metres away. 

However, men were busily moving as he arrived at the convenience store. 

Had something happened? 

A pretty girl in her early 20s called Choi Yuri was standing in front of the counter and frowning. 

‘I should ask Yuri what is going on.’ 

Then a woman dressed in a white suit got out of a black car in the parking lot.

“Oh! Kang-jun has come?” 

“Yes, Boss!” 

A lady in her late 40s, Lee Jeong-sook was the owner of the 24 hour convenience store and also a property owner. Land prices in Gangnam were quite expensive but she owned several other buildings. Therefore, her nature was difficult but she always treated Kang-jun relatively well. 

Of course, it was because Kang-jun worked very hard. But today the atmosphere was somewhat strange. 

“Kang-jun. Why don’t you sit here?” 

Lee Jeong-sook looked at Kang-jun with a businesslike expression and said. 

“I am busy so I will talk quickly. The convenience store is suddenly closing. What can I do? Now you will need to find another job.” 


“Kang-jun is sincere so won’t you do well wherever you go? This month’s salary will be deposited tomorrow. Then, I am busy.” 

Lee Jeong-sook ended it with this. 

Bang bang! 

A loud car horn rang out. 

“Ah, Honey! What are you doing? The children are hungry. I am also quite hungry.” 

The black foreign car parked in front of me. 

“I understand. It is done now.” 

Lee Jeong-sook walked to the car and opened the door. 

A man in his early 50s and wearing a suit was sitting in the driver’s seat and there was a man and woman in their 20s sitting in the back. Lee Jeong-sook’s family. Their clothing made it seem like the family was travelling somewhere.

Lee Jeong-sook wore her seat belt and asked the back. 

“You guys are hungry? What should we eat?” 

“Hanwoo beef rib eye!” 

“Me too!” 

“Hohoho. Really? Then I will feed you a lot. Honey! We will go to our home in Cheondamdong.” 

“Okay. It is great because it is open 24 hours.” 

The man stepped on the pedal. 


Kang-jun looked after the disappearing car with a bemused expression. 

‘A house in Cheongdamdong?’ 

He heard it. A serving of Hanwoo beef rib eye cost more than 80,000 won. There were many people who ate it but Kang-jun didn’t dare. The price of one serving was higher than what Kang-jun made in a day. 

Those people who didn’t have to worry about money could eat and play for the rest of their lives. They were born with golden spoons. 

However, now Kang-jun didn’t have a job and needed to worry about the cost of living in the next month. 

“Kang-jun oppa!” 

Suddenly a woman’s voice was heard behind him. He turned around and saw Choi Yuri standing there. 

“Yuri! What is going on?” 

Choi Yuri shrugged at Kang-jun’s question and pointed inside. 

“Don’t you know? The building was sold. The entire building will be turned into a plastic surgery clinic.” 

“What? Plastic surgery?” 

“There has been quite a bit of talk about it. The new land owners are going to knock down the building and build the clinic.” 


“The money is in plastic surgery these days. One day I will make a lot of money and open one.” 

“You do that.” 

Kang-jun felt deflated. 

‘Now is not the time to be doing this. I need to look for a new job.’ 

He would search for part time work on the internet after returning to his goshiwon. 

Just as Kang-jun neared the building that contained his goshiwon. 

Someone grabbed his shoulder. 

“Hey! Limp?” 

Kang-jun stiffened and turned around. 

There was a punk looking guy who gave off a rough impression. 

Cho Sang-jin. 

A punk who belonged to an underground group of gangsters that acted out of a karaoke bar. He always had a toxic attitude towards Kang-jun. 

Cho Sang-jin said with a laugh. 

“Go to the convenience store and get me a packet of cigarettes.” 

“The convenience store isn’t open.” 


“The convenience store is closed.” 

“Look at these brat? Do you hate buying me cigarettes now?” 

It was a 24 hour convenience store that was even open on Lunar New Year and Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving). 

“Or you will die.” 

“Go and check it out.” 

“Then go somewhere else to buy them. Is there only one convenience store?” 

Kang-jun became frantic. 

In fact, this had happened many times. The karaoke bar was located in the basement of Kang-jun’s goshiwon so he couldn’t avoid running into them. 

Meanwhile, Kang-jun just closed his eyes and obediently bought the cigarettes. 

His strength was weak? That wasn’t it. 

Cho Sang-jin always threw a few punches but now Kang-jun was tired of it. 

It wasn’t easy to get a room for 250,000 won in this neighbourhood. However, now he needed to rethink things. The convenience store was closed so his chances of staying at the goshiwon also disappeared. 

“Hey! What are you doing? Aren’t you going to buy the cigarettes?” 

“If you want to smoke then buy them yourself.” 

Cho Sang-jin had a dumbfounded expression at Kang-jun’s sudden words. 

“You bastard! What did you just say?” 

“I said go and buy it yourself. Are you deaf?” 

“Fuck! This guy must have a death wish. You really will die…” 

Cho Sang-jin raised his hands towards Kang-jun with a nasty expression. 

But then something strange happened. Cho Sang-jin suddenly turned pale and he staggered. 

“Ugh…! Why am I suddenly dizzy?” 

He lost his balance and fell. 

At the same time, a fantasy like sentence appeared in front of Kang-jun. 

[Black Magic Energy 10/100] 

[Filling up the black magic energy will open the door to Hwanmong.]

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