Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 2

Black Magic Awakening (1)

“Ahh! Hah!” 

Before he knew it, a day passed since he met the corpse under the bed. 

However, Kang-jun’s daily life hadn’t changed much. The power of Hwanmong and black magic remained in his head, so he thought it was just a dream. 

After all, it was unbelievable that there would be a corpse under the bed of his goshiwon. 

“Hah! Aang-!” 

But what were these strange sounds? The moaning sounds were coming from the room next to him. 

He knew that the goshiwon was divided into small partitions. A goshiwon was a simple shack so there was no way it was soundproofed. 

However, it was the middle of the day and the guy next door had brought his girlfriend over. 

‘Damn! I really don’t want to hear these sounds. Damn bastard! You should go to a motel. Or end it quickly! Please!’ 

At first, Kang-jun had placed his ear to the wall of the room to not miss even one small noise. But that only lasted a short time. It wasn’t delightful eavesdropping on the love affair of others. 


At that moment, something strange happened! The room next door became quieter.  Usually they would be far from finished. No, it would just be the beginning. That guy had a lot of energy. 

“Aw, what the? You’re already done?”

A woman’s voice mixed with complaint and disappointment could be heard.

“…Yes. All my power suddenly blew out. I’m sorry.”

Kang-jun was surprised to hear the words from the next room.  It was good because Kang-jun didn’t want to hear anymore unpleasant moaning. However, it was certainly strange. 

‘Wait! Don’t tell me this is the black magic power?’ 

But then Kang-jun shook his head. 

‘That is ridiculous. I have work in the evening so I should sleep a little bit.’ 

Kang-jun lay in bed and closed his eyes. 

Then something flickered above his head. 

[Black Magic Energy 3/100]

Unfortunately, he didn’t see it as his eyes were closed and the words disappeared. 

‘Damn! If I try to sleep then that hell will come again.’ 

He closed his eyes but couldn’t sleep. 

He felt restless.  

It was due to the affection from the room next door.  Doing it in the middle of the day! 

Anyway, he somehow had to get to sleep. Especially if he wanted to work at night. 

However, he closed his eyes but couldn’t sleep because he kept thinking all types of thoughts. 

After approximately two hours of pretending? 

“Ah! Hah!”


The uproar started again in the next room.

‘Ah! Again?’ 

Kang-jun frowned.  

Did he regain his energy? What a great guy! Kang-jun admitted it! 

But now wasn’t the time to admire such things. 

‘I can’t stand it anymore!’ 

Kang-jun’s eyes flashed open. He was going to yell at them to stop or go to a hotel. 

‘Please stop!’ 

However, the woman’s voice rang out before Kang-jun could speak. 

“Eung? What? It is already over?”

“Oh, s-sorry.” 

“What? You are weird today. Are you cheating on me these days?” 

“No. My body just isn’t good today. I’ll drink carp juice.”

“Bah! That’s it! What juice?” 

The atmosphere in the next room was abnormal.

Kang-jun sat there with a bemused expression.  Why was this unusual thing happening? 

It was silent but something strange was going on.  Why did the guy next door keep on losing strength? 

It happened twice. 

Then Kang-jun’s eyes shone. 

‘Yes! This can’t be a coincidence.’ 

Once was a coincidence. But two consecutive incidents can’t be a coincidence. 

At that moment. 

[Black Magic Energy 6/100] 

‘En? What’s this?’ 

Welcome letters appeared in front of his eyes. 

‘Black magic energy?’ 

However, the words faded away. 

Kang-jun’s expression was blank. 

‘What was that just now?’ 

He saw something that looked like it came from a game and then it disappeared. 

‘Am I hallucinating?’ 

Maybe it was due to sleep deprivation. 


Come to think of it, those words were familiar. 

Black magic energy!  That’s right. The words from his dream last night. 


Kang-jun’s heart beat wildly. Maybe the black magic power phenomenon that happened last night was reality and not a dream. 

“This is ridiculous. A futile delusion.” 

He couldn’t think of it as a delusion no matter how odd. 


Then Kang-jun sighed and shook his head. 

‘Damn! Well, okay. Let’s say this is true and it is black magic. Then it shouldn’t be used like this!’ 

He didn’t want to absorb energy from womanizers. 

‘No. The abilities of black magic still aren’t clear.’ 

Kang-jun used his imagination to think of various things it could be used for. Fantasy books made him try to feel for mana in order to chant spells. 

‘Status window!’ 

Kang-jun even tried to summon a status window. This was similar to a novel or a game. 

‘Huhu, if there really is black magic then I can’t live like a fool.’ 

However, he tried this for a whole two hours. 

It reached 8 p.m. and he no had results. He was now hungry. Besides, he had to go to work shortly. 

Then it wasn’t true. He was mistaken. 

‘Let’s cook some ramyun.’ 

Kang-jun opened his door and left.

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