Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1150: Dream

Chapter 1150: Dream

The sky, with no sun or moon, was overcast and cloudy.

Sometimes when the clouds disappeared, various mysterious and gorgeous lights would appear. If it was on another plane of the earth, people generally call this phenomenon ‘Aurora’.

There was no earth underfoot, only islands. Some islands were soil while some islands were pure glaciers. They all suspended in the air and moved slowly as if there was no limitation of gravity.

Zola was flying in this strange space. The felt familiar with the nearby floating islands. What was even more familiar was the power breath that was everywhere in this world.


In the magic knowledge system, in order to turn the elements into magic power, one needed spirit power to convert and cast it with a special chant (Powerhouse could compress spells or even cast spells without chanting). This power was magic. To give an inappropriate example, for magic trainers, spirit power was like a ‘bucket’, and magic power was like the ‘water’ in the bucket.

The stronger the spirit power, the bigger the ‘bucket’, and the more and more ‘water’ was poured out. The magic power determined the quality of the ‘water’ in the ‘bucket’. Some ‘water’ was just a clear spring without any harm while others were terrifying ‘sulfuric acid’.

In this world, the application or conversion of elements did not require any special way at all. It was as natural and simple as eating and drinking.

Because this was the elemental plane a.k.a the elemental world.

The elemental world was not a magician’s paradise. On the contrary, all substances that were not pure elements were repelled and annihilated by this plane. In theory, only creatures with complete elements could survive in this world. Although the fairy dragon was the type of dragon that was most friendly with element power, they were not true element bodies after all, so they would not be an exception.

Zola had become an ‘exception’, but it had nothing to do with the strength of the peak stage of the Demi-God. Even a Pseudo-God fairy dragon powerhouse still could not be accommodated by the ‘world’.

The [6 Elements Kingdom] was 1 of the reasons why Zola could move freely in the elemental world and could use element power at will, but it was not the most important; the exquisite crown on her head was the point.

The Elemental Goddess Crown.

This artifact was obtained from the legendary prophet Alucier of the elf tribe in the Jade Forest Sea of ​​the human world. Compared with the ‘wood’ reward Chen Rui got after a hard battle, Zola easily got the Elemental Goddess Crown with just a flip of a magic card.

Too easy.

Alucier once said, “When you accept power, you also accept the responsibility of the fate bestowed”. Chen Rui and Zola didn’t pay much attention at that time. Until the Earth Elemental King and the Dark Elemental King came to the Dark Moon, Zola vaguely understood something.

As the old saying goes, there was no reaping without sowing.

Recognized by the Elemental Goddess Crown had another meaning, that was elemental messenger.

The [6 Elements Kingdom] used elements as ‘believers’, which could be described as inexhaustible; the elemental messenger was the commander of elements, which could maximize the power of elements and exert great power beyond ordinary levels. In fact, Zola was not an official elemental messenger, but under these 2 preconditions, her strength was indeed far better than her peers.

With the step-by-step integration with the Elemental Goddess Crown, Zola’s mind would have a little extra consciousness from time to time, constantly affecting her. When fighting in Sariel’s kingdom, Zola’s understanding of Moon Mirror came from this trace of consciousness, which also prevented Lalaria’s suicide move.

From this consciousness, Zola gained considerable power and a wealth of knowledge. This was also an important reason for her to reach the peak stage of the Demi-God so quickly. However, this awareness was also affecting her will step by step, but Zola was confident that she could control this consciousness. More importantly, this consciousness could make her more powerful; at least not become a burden to her lover.

Back then, her strength far surpassed Chen Rui and became the strength he needed to rely on. Then, he surpassed her step by step at an unimaginable speed, which made Zola feel uncomfortable. It was not jealousy, but she was dissatisfied with herself. Hence, she had been working hard, even forcibly integrating the 6 element source powers at risk, achieving the [6 Elements Kingdom] and reaching the peak stage of the Demi-God step by step.

The speed of this kind of progress was extremely amazing. She was already a genius among geniuses. She was second to none among relatives and friends. However, Fairy Dragon was still dissatisfied, because just when she was about to catch up with his back, she was pulled away again. Chen Rui advanced directly from Demi-God to Pseudo-God, but she was stuck at the peak stage of the Demi-God.

This bottleneck, for many people, was nothing but a natural moat that might not be crossed in their entire lives.

Therefore, after the Earth Elemental King and the Dark Elemental King made a request to go to the elements world to deal with the ‘Elemental Goddess Staff’ and explained that her power could be advanced Pseudo-God, despite the possibility of encountering danger or even losing the [6 Elements Kingdom] forever, Zola agreed without hesitation despite Chen Rui’s objection.

Fortunately, Chen Rui understood her choice very well and blamed all the faults on himself. Instead of being affected, the relationship between the 2 deepened.

No matter what she chose, there was a pair of strong and warm hands behind her to support her.

Subsequently, Zola followed the 2 Elemental Kings into the elemental world.

The entrance to the elemental world was a channel opened by the power of the origin fragment. At the moment of entering, Zola felt that her body and soul had been decomposed into countless free elements. She could only vaguely feel this state when she launched ultimate moves like [Element’s Fury]. Now, she actually had this feeling all the time.

In this way, her element sensing power could always be kept at the most refined level, which was of great benefit to the improvement of strength or the comprehension of bottlenecks.

Not everyone could ‘enjoy’ this ‘welfare’, because over time, one would be truly annihilated and become the most basic element.

At this time, the Elemental Goddess Crown played a role that could not be comprehended before. It firmly protected Zola’s body and soul. Not only did she not get annihilated, but it further refined her strongest [6 Elements Kingdom].

Zola originally thought that her [6 Elements Kingdom] had reached an unprecedented level of purity, but after entering this tempering state, she realized that there were still so many ‘impurities’” and flaws in the kingdom.

In the days that followed, Zola spent almost 3/4 of the time fighting, battling strange creatures condensed by various elements. The battle had made the [6 Elements Kingdom] more and more refined; the degree of integration between Zola and the Elemental Goddess Crown had also been strengthened step by step; the control and sense of elements had reached a new height. She had also vaguely sensed the feeling of breaking through the bottleneck.

To this extent, she could truly be called an ‘elemental messenger’.

After Zola entered the elemental world, the Earth Elemental King and the Dark Elemental King never showed up until Zola’s control of elements really reached the level of ‘elemental messenger’. She felt more than 4 mysterious and powerful gazes staring at her from the space.

There was a violent tremor in the distant space as a large area of ​​collapse actually appeared, turning the nearby floating islands into dust.

It was not the first time that this kind of tremor had appeared. Especially after Zola had really controlled the element power, she could clearly sense the power of that tremor. It was not just the space was collapsing, and it was spreading. If it didn’t stop, sooner or later, the entire elemental world would be destroyed.

This was the source of the awakening ‘doom calamity’ that the 2 kings said, and it was also the key to her breakthrough to Pseudo-God: The Elemental Goddess Staff!

Zola took a deep breath, raised the power of the [6 Elements Kingdom] to the highest point, turned herself into a colorful light and resolutely rushed toward the most dangerous space that was collapsing.

At the moment when she was close to the collapse, the [6 Elements Kingdom] suddenly became disordered. It was originally a solid and complementary structure, but now it was mixed up. This was a very dangerous scene. Once the opposing element powers collided with each other, it was [Element’s Fury ] imploding in her body. The consequences would be unimaginable.

Zola did not step back or restrain her strength. She gritted her teeth and continued to charge forward with all her strength. The chaotic element power finally collapsed. At the same time as the 6 elements fully erupted, the original consciousness of the Elemental Goddess Crown expanded instantly. Before Zola had time to react, her entire consciousness had been covered.

Time and space stopped. There was only 1 voice left in the space, calling her in the soul.

The voice was blurred in her memory. She couldn’t remember most of it.

The only thing that she could vaguely remember was only 4 words.

The meaning of existence……

The blurry state continued. In the confusion, her life and death were unknown until there was something in her right hand, which seemed to be a long staff.

The long staff gave her a feeling of bloodline connection as if it were part of her body.

Just when her consciousness was barely awake, she was horrified to find that the hand holding the long staff began to become transparent. Her muscles, bones, and blood vessels were all visible, then all these were turning into colorful particles: Elements!

The ‘colors’ then spread to her whole body. In the blink of an eye, she became a complete elemental creature!


Zola screamed and opened her eyes.

There was neither a collapsed space nor a collapsed kingdom. It was just the familiar room and the cold purple moonlight outside the window.

Ms. Fairy Dragon’s first reaction was to look at her right hand. She was so nervous that she even held her breath.

There was no color, no transparency, no elements. It was still the hand that was as white as jade.

The fairy dragon breathed a sigh of relief. Chen Rui’s concerned voice came from the side, “What’s the matter, Zola? You had a nightmare?”


“Look, there’s even a cold sweat.” A soft towel magically appeared in his hand, and he carefully wiped the sweat off her forehead. Zola enjoyed the warmth and thoughtfulness very much. For some reason, she had a little anxiety of losing him. She moved toward his arms.

“What are you dreaming about?” Chen Rui kissed her face, “Are you still blaming me for not taking you to the Holy Light Mountain this time?”

“A little bit.” Ms. Fairy Dragon answered honestly.

“I’m sorry, because this time it’s all the peak stage of the Pseudo-God, and you’ve been to the Holy Light Mountain last time. You know the situation there. Even me…” As Chen Rui was talking, he suddenly saw that 1 of Zola’s pupils seemed to become colorful. He couldn’t help but be startled.

“What’s wrong?” Zola couldn’t help but wonder why he stopped halfway through his words.

When Chen Rui looked again, the pupils were clearly still the usual purple. He just thought that he saw wrongly because of poor lighting. He shook his head, “It’s nothing, your eyes… are beautiful.”

Oh.” Zola responded casually as her heart was filled with sweetness.

(Forget it, I reluctantly forgive you)


Just as Chen Rui was about to explain, Zola suddenly got down on top of him. The pair of plumps squeezed against his chest.

The 2 had an intimate moment last night, and they were naked. After resting for a night, they had recovered their stamina. As a man who was ‘beyond’ normal, Chen Rui immediately developed some kind of normal natural reaction.

“What?” The beautiful-eyed lady was obviously in a habitual fake daze.

“Nothing, you can do whatever you want…”

“Then, from now until dawn, I will be on top.”



Uh, okay…”

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