Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1149: Resurrection

Chapter 1149: Resurrection

The [Star Gate] activated by Chen Rui did not go back to the Dark Moon Estate but to the Miro Sea Area of ​​the Dead Sea.

Due to the special ability of the Star Conferring Platform, he did not need to use the Tower of Glory. He could keep Python in the Star Conferring Platform and directly shuttle through the [Star Gate]. After leaving the Holy Light Mountain, Chen Rui canceled Python’s merged state and flew forward together.

Seeing Python’s thoughtful expression, Chen Rui spoke up, “Did you want to ask me, why didn’t I launch the final blow to Raphael?”

“You’re not someone who will be soft at critical moments. On the contrary, you are more decisive than many people.” Python frowned slightly, “The reason for that is that in your eyes, Raphael should be more valuable to live than to die… at least at this stage? Or, are you worried that Michael and Gabriel’s wild vengeance will derail some kind of your big plan?”

“First of all, I’m not sure if that blow can kill Raphael completely. After all, we were in the Holy Light Mountain just now. Raphael has the same special physique as Sariel, especially if the sub-kingdom is not destroyed. Plus, as you can imagine, I don’t want to have an unresolved hatred with the 3 archangels right now, which will bring unpredictable results.”

“Are you worried that this will trigger a long-term super-level war between the human world and the Demon Realm, consuming too much of the life force on both sides? Not being able to deal with the Abyss that may strike in the future?”

“Yes. For some reason, the passage between human and the Demon Realm will open every 500 years, and a fierce war will occur. According to you, this is actually a war without victory or defeat. The only real value is the sacrifices. But this is only the battle under ordinary power. In this case, if the war of the super powerhouses happens again, it will not be as simple as making things worse. I’m afraid that before the Abyss comes, the lives of this world have been almost destroyed by ourselves.”

Super powerhouses were unlike ordinary people, and there was no other passage between the Demon Realm and the human world. Chen Rui once fought the royal family of the Blue Glory Empire in the Demon Realm. Although this kind of space shuttle would take certain risks, once one succeeded, the destructive power of the super powerhouse would be quite amazing.

“I admit. Your concerns are indeed justified.” Python glanced at Chen Rui and suddenly smiled, “Actually, you want to further understand the truth of ‘sacrifice’, and even try to replace this kind of sacrifice, right? Sir, pardon me for speaking frankly, you are human. If the identity of that imperial prince is true, then you still have a father and a sister in the human world, and most of your women and friends are demons… If you can, you will do your best to stop this war.”

“Although it doesn’t feel good to be seen through,” Chen Rui spread his hands, “but… it’s true. Can you satisfy my curiosity?”

Python shook his head, “Not yet, for now.”

Chen Rui was startled, “Could it be that I’m not strong enough now?”

“If you can, you should be able to become stronger.” Python met Chen Rui’s gaze, “At least, you have to master all 7 artifacts. By then, I will answer all your questions. Or perhaps… you already don’t need an answer.”

“No ‘perhaps’. I’m sure I need your answer because I’m not… Forget it, don’t talk about it,” Chen Rui no longer wanted to explain the ‘misidentification’ issue. He sighed, “Speaking of the 7 artifacts, I’ve managed to control 6. But the last one, the Dark Shadow Cape, the Void Badge, I don’t know why. I can’t still control it.”

“Then until it succeeds…” Python looked at the silvery white area in front of her and changed the subject, “That should be what you call Iceland, right.”

“Yes, we’re here.” Chen Rui nodded. The island had grown a lot bigger than what he saw back then. It should be due to Lambost’s efforts to maintain the elemental heart state by using the rich water element power.

Hmph, the Water Elemental Messenger…” Python stared at Lambost’s ice sculpture in the center of Iceland, “Does sir remember what Michael and Gabriel said before?”

Chen Rui thought about it, “Gabriel said, sooner or later, the elemental messenger and the elemental world will become my enemies? Michael seemed to have used the word ‘ironic’.”

“To be honest, the possibility of becoming an enemy… should be quite big. It is indeed a fate worthy of irony.” Python looked at the dim sky, “I was thinking, if this statue is destroyed now, will something interesting happen in the element world?”

Chen Rui shook his head, “Let’s put aside the assumptions in this regard, I won’t do that. Remember how I answered when you asked me if I believed in fate?”

“‘If fate and destiny as you know are controlled by the same god or goddess, then unfortunately, I had a wish a long time ago, and that was to make this beauty in an indecent pose while singing a song called ‘Conquest’.”

Hearing that Python said his original words word for word, Chen Rui couldn’t help but be slightly stunned. A rare mocking expression appeared in Python’s mouth, “You dare to covet even the fate goddess. In your own words, phrases like ‘perverted to the core’ can no longer describe the character and integrity of sir.”

“Okay, I accept your praise.” Chen Rui shrugged and sighed, “I don’t know what will happen in the future. Since I have made my choice, I won’t regret it.”

Python was slightly shocked as if she suddenly thought of something, and her eyes became a little hazy.

Chen Rui didn’t notice Python’s emotions as his attention fell on Lambost’s ice sculpture. He took out the small blue transparent bottle from the storage warehouse. Just as he opened the cork, a light blue liquid automatically flew out, submerged into the ice sculpture, and was quickly absorbed.

The blue bottle was a space item. Its capacity was much larger than it looked. After about 2/3 of the Phantom Ice Spring was consumed, the ice sculpture stopped absorbing it.

After a while, a crack appeared on the ice sculpture, the crack gradually spread to the whole body. The iceland also began to melt rapidly.

When the ice sculpture completely shattered, Iceland disappeared at the same time. Lambost’s feet floated on the water, covered in blue light, as if merging with the sea.

After the blue light completely subsided, the eyes that had lost their luster regained their radiance.

“It feels really good to be resurrected.” Lambost’s eyes flashed with relief, “No doubt it’s you, Chen Rui. You fulfilled your promise, and it only took 3 years.”

Chen Rui laughed, “I’m amazed at how accurate you are with your time, Lambost. Did you wake up immediately to look at an hourglass or some kind of time item? I wanted to give you a recently popular magic watch. It seems that there is no need for that now.”

“Although you seem very relaxed, I can guess that the process of obtaining the Phantom Ice Spring is by no means easy. I don’t know if the battle marks left on your body are because of the Phantom Ice Spring… With your character, you will immediately come after you get the Phantom Ice Spring.” Lambost nodded, “I’m very grateful and touched. I really understand Moore’s feelings a little bit.”

“Your gratitude and emotion are a little too cheap.” Python’s voice sounded, and her tone was particularly harsh, “Water Elemental King… By the way, you should be called the avatar of the Water Elemental Messenger!”

Lambost glanced at Python, looking extraordinarily calm, “What do you mean by ‘cheap’? The one who chooses to fall…or a Dark God’s servant.”

Python didn’t care about Lambost’s name, “Phantom Ice Spring was obtained from the Holy Light Mountain’s 3 archangels through a fierce battle just now. Do you know how Michael described it when he learned the purpose of obtaining the Phantom Ice Spring?”

“Python, let’s talk about the future in the future. Lambost is my friend now.” Chen Rui stopped Python’s words, “If… one day in the future, we have to become enemies, then I will not be merciful. I will personally end it with these hands, in the name of a former friendship.”

Python was silent for a moment and said nothing. The Water Elemental King took a deep look at Chen Rui and nodded slowly, “This is Lambost’s honor.”

“My honor too.”

After successfully rescuing Lambost, the Water Elemental King returned to the deep blue sea area of ​​​​water elementals. After the agreement in the Holy Light Mountain and the rescue of Lambost came to an end, Chen Rui relaxed a lot. He took Python directly through the [Star Gate] back to the Dark Moon.

When Chen Rui showed up at the Dark Moon’s residence, he was immediately surrounded.

Athena, Kia, Isabella, Zola, Shea… so many people.

Everyone knew that he was going to the Holy Light Mountain today, and they knew even more that he was going to face the 3 strongest peak stage of the Pseudo-God in the human world. Therefore, they all anxiously waited for his safe return, even Shea especially rushed over.

Seeing that he was fine, everyone was obviously relieved. Some people took out their phones and reported safety to the 2 empresses in the distance.

With those concerned eyes, Chen Rui felt a warmth in his heart and smiled, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Athena looked at him nervously, “Are you really fine?”

“Yes, if you don’t believe, touch…”

Soon, Chen Rui regretted this sentence.

Before Athena could make a move, someone behind him pinched his arm, his other arm was touched, and another finger pinched toward his waist. This action was a bit familiar. There must be no more than 5 suspects.

Immediately afterward, more and more people got involved. Even his buttocks were touched, Chen Rui’s hair stood up, and he faintly heard a hohoho laughter.

When Chen Rui was about to open his mouth to scold the female hooligan, his face was suddenly kneaded and turned into a weird expression. He couldn’t speak for a while. It was not his precious daughter Duoduo who did that, but Shea.

This is outright revenge!

Not long ago, when she deliberately turned a cold face last time, she must be angry being rubbed by me…

As for the one hanging on the back, it must be Her Majesty Empress’ sister. How do I know? Uh, I’ll tell you it’s some kind of evil touch on the back. At this height, who has a smaller chest than Xiao Long Bao …

While fooling around, Chen Rui suddenly caught a glimpse of someone gradually disappearing. The Song of Darkness appeared in his mind.

Loneliness is a feast for 1 person.

However, he was in no mood to think about this more, because Paglio and Roman, the 2 animals, rushed up with signature pens, followed by Lalaria, who was smirking…

After half an hour.

Chen Rui sat silently on the sofa while Kia held back her smile and wiped the ‘message’ from his face with a damp towel, “Welcome back, Royal Highness Prince Consort.”

Looking at the messy face, everyone around him laughed. Even Shea, who had always shown herself as an iceberg beauty, couldn’t keep a straight face.

“It was too much just now, who did it first?” Chen Rui said furiously. They were even ready with the signature pen. There must be premeditation!

“It’s him (her)”! Many voices sounded at the same time. Isabella pointed to Kia, Kia pointed to Paglio, Paglio pointed to Roman, and Roman pointed to Lalaria…

Well, the law does not blame the public, you all win. Chen Rui touched his forehead helplessly, “Who came up with this ‘welcome ceremony’!”

“It’s her!” This time, the target of the ‘accusation’ was consistent, but it wasn’t Isabella or Paglio as Chen Rui expected.

Ms. Fairy Dragon whom everyone pointed had a lost face, “What?”

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