Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1132: Mystery-Solver Lalaria

Chapter 1132: Mystery-Solver Lalaria

After Kia decided to train, Zola specially tailored a training plan for her, majoring in fire and wind element magic. She would enter the training ground for meditation and training every day. The succubus’ spirit talent was quite good, and the speed of progress was commendable. Unfortunately, her starting point was too low. She was only the peak stage of the Great Demon King, ready to break through to the Demon Emperor.

In addition to training, Kia continued to be responsible for food and taking care of everyone’s life. Compared with before, her life was actually more difficult, but the succubus felt more fulfilled and happier. She would still lead everyone to dance together at a fixed time every day.

With Kia’s strength and progress, it was unknown when she would complete the 2-star enhancement. However, Chen Rui felt that the help and motivation she brought to him now exceeded the 2-star enhancement in a sense.

Roman, Delia, Medilu and others were all working hard, but Olypheus had the most visible effect.

Under the suggestion of Isabella, Chen Rui specially established an ‘advancement reward fund’ for a certain chick. Every time a small realm was broken through, she would be rewarded with 50,000 black crystal coins whereas breaking through the big realm would yield 500,000 black crystal coins. Successfully completing 2-star enhancement would yield 1 million black crystal coins.

As soon as this reward fund was introduced, Ms. Black Dragon’s eyes turned green. She stayed in the training ground for 3 days without coming out. When she came out, she was already at an intermediate stage of Kingdom Level.

In fact, in the ‘treasure hunt’ of the Dead Sea, Olypheus and Lalaria both experienced unimaginable and dangerous battles. Although they were eventually captured, they also accumulated a lot of experience. Now they had settled down, so it was within expectation that they successfully broke through the small realm.

Seeing Ms. Black Dragon proudly pocketing 50,000 black crystal coins, Dodo’s eyes turned green too. At this time, there was less than half of the 6-month deadline for the soul power to recoil. Originally, the slime was cautious every day, but he had a fluke mentality. He just went on like this for more than 3 months. Now when he saw that Olypheus actually took 50,000 solid black crystal coins, Dodo gritted his teeth and became really determined. He followed Olypheus into the training ground every day and stayed there for a few days. When he came out, he was like a starving ghost, eating and drinking desperately. Then, he would go in again. The cycle was repeated.

It seemed that not only would there be brave chick under the heavy reward, but also brave slime. Even if Dodo couldn’t complete the 2-star enhancement, at least there would be a breakthrough in strength.

In contrast, the most depressing one was Lalaria. Originally, Paglio was just a trash fish in her eyes, and she could step on him at will. Now Paglio’s strength had grown by leaps and bounds. She actually couldn’t beat him now!

In fact, Paglio, who was the Plague God, now had the solar system faith power of the Poison Dragon Constellation’, plus the star armor that surpassed the ordinary [Armor of Faith], Lalaria was indeed not an opponent.

What’s more, Paglio also had the Thunder Flail.

For Lalaria, the surprise didn’t stop there. Her qualifications were top-notch in the whole of Dragon Island, especially after being promoted to Demi-God from Kingdom Level a few years ago. Even the elders who strongly despised Lala Loli’s sexual orientation also had to admit the talent of this lesbian dragon. However, after arriving here, Lalaria found herself becoming the slowest person to progress. Having a high starting point was not an excuse to comfort herself. Thinking back to the Bloody Empire’s martial battle competition, Catherine and Zola were only at the Kingdom Level, which were far below her. In just a few years, both Catherine and Zola reached the peak stage of the Demi-God, yet she was still lingering on the early stage of the Demi-God.

Even the power of Roman and Isabella advanced very quickly, which was unbelievable.

It’s all because of that human! That human’s current strength is stronger than the Old Dragon Emperor!

In addition to the known black potions, he should have more secrets, such as the terrifying giant castle in [Moon Kingdom] last time, countless strange creatures…

At present, Zola and others have taken the lead, while the few people behind Kingdom Level are increasing their strength step by step at an unbelievable speed. It is only a matter of time before I am surpassed.

Lalaria couldn’t accept this fact, but she wouldn’t take the initiative to ask Chen Rui. The flat-chested loli was actually very prideful. She had always kept her promise and made clear distinctions of grace and grudge. However, in front of this man, she suffered several losses. From being defeated at the beginning, to the failure of the post-martial battle competition, to the rescue at the Dead Sea, she owed several favors and had never been able to repay. That was the reason why she stayed there shamelessly. Yet now, the repayment plan had not yet succeeded, and her father Dragon Emperor was rescued once again. Her debt was never-ending.

Although the human emphasized that there was no need to calculate too much between friends, Lala Loli didn’t think so. Owing favor was only 1 aspect, Lala Loli’s real purpose was the peerless beauties in the human harem. She coveted each one of them, but unfortunately, she could not seduce them due to the favor owed. Once the debt is paid off, I can, hohohohoho…

Although it was inconvenient to ask for the ‘creditor’, treasure hunting and mystery solving had always been one of Lalaria’s hobbies as a giant dragon, so instead of being discouraged, it aroused her strong interest.

The first target of inquiry was her ‘younger sister’, Olypheus.

Although the daughter of her father should be called ‘elder sister’ in terms of age (the weight was not as heavy as Isabella), Ms. Black Dragon still insisted on the conduct of the bodyguard. She did not help relatives and refused to reveal the boss’ secret. However, Lalaria was very aware of the characteristics of this sister, so a rare gem made Ms. Black Dragon’s morale value pulled to a negative value.

Lala Loli learned from Ms. Black Dragon that the special training ground that Olypheus and the others entered was different from what she could enter. Olypheus could enjoy the highest time law of 1:500, and there was no time limit. After eating that kind of faith fruit, Lalaria could only use the time law of 1:100 at most, and she could only train for 1 hour in real time every day.

In fact, this was the difference between the Super System link targets and non-link targets. Non-linkers could only enter the training ground projection after redeeming the faith fruit from the exchange center. Not only was there a time limit, but the time law with the highest authority also could not be used. If she could successfully complete the 2-star enhancement to get the Goddess position, she could also use the original training ground in the Galaxy Divinity Temple. The time was up to 1:1000.

There is even such a secret! Lala Loli’s teeth were itchy –The effect of this difference alone is quite obvious. I was even ecstatic because of this 1 hour.

When Lala Loli asked the reason, Ms. Black Dragon, who felt a little sorry for the boss (actually because she was afraid of canceling the advancement reward fund), said vaguely, “Boss has a Star Conferring Platform, which can make you a concubine and get a special strength!”

Concubine? The rather obvious word made Lalaria frown.

The second person Lalaria asked was Adeline, a good friend who had been through adversity with her. Compared with Olypheus, Adeline was obviously better at keeping secrets. She just shook her head to show that she didn’t know. In fact, considering the danger last time, Chen Rui had given her the power of 1-star enhancement and 2-star enhancement in order to keep her in the Star Conferring Platform in a critical moment. However, without the permission of Chen Rui, Adeline felt it was inappropriate to reveal this secret.

Adeline’s strength was too weak, and Lalaria did not doubt it. When she asked Delia, Delia only said, “You should ask Chen Rui himself.”

You aren’t helpful at all… At this time, Paglio, who was also a dragon, extended a helping hand of ‘friendship’.

“That guy has this very bastard ability to enhance the powers of women by… with them. Hmph Hmph, you know.”

Lalaria revealed a suspicious expression, “Then you have an affair with him to get where you are now? It seems that you sacrificed a lot.”

Paglio almost choked out with a mouthful of wine, and Roman on the side said in time, “Lalaria, since we are so familiar, I’ll just say it straight. That guy has a different liking than yours. He only has women in his eyes. You see how many beauties he has gotten? His greatest ability is to do that with women, greatly enhancing their power in this way… Haven’t you noticed? All his women’s strength advanced faster than us friends. The most prominent are Zola and Catherine.”

The last sentence was particularly convincing. Lalaria couldn’t help but nodded and looked at Paglio again, “However, why did Paglio advance to Demi-God already?”

“I advance to Demi-God…” The poison dragon rolled his eyes, “mainly because of the power left by my damn dead father. That guy is the brother of the Dragon Emperor of the human world. I went to the human world with Chen Rui last time and he left me with this artifact, Thunder Flail, as well.”

Lalaria had experienced the power of the. She looked at the artifact in the hands of the poison dragon and finally nodded.

Paglio grinned, “Don’t you owe him a favor? Just take this opportunity to pay him back; you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.”

“Go pick up your soap!” Lala Loli gave the poison dragon a disdainful look, then she turned around and left.

Seeing the figure of Lala Loli walking away angrily, the 2 scumbags, who were afraid that the world would not be chaotic, looked and sneered at each other as they clinked their glasses.

Although the poison dragon and Roman’s words were persuasive, Lalaria was not entirely convinced. The last target she found was Chen Rui’s woman, Kia.

In the harem troupe, Lalaria had the best personal relationship with the little succubus who was good at fashion design and food. The most satisfying men’s clothing on her body was the result of Kia’s own design.

“Kia… can I ask you. Uh, does Chen Rui increase your power when he does that kind of thing with you?”

Kia was taken aback. The [Dual Training] thing is the harem troupe’s privacy. Even Delia and the others don’t know. How did Lalaria know?

Lalaria was not an ignorant chick like Olypheus. Although Kia hesitated to give an accurate answer, her flickering look betrayed the truth. What Paglio and Roman said was actually true!

Paglio’s words echoed in her ears, and Lala Loli’s eyes burned with raging flames. Repay the debt! Become stronger! Beauty harem!

By the way, it can make the old man not have to worry about it. Kill 4 birds with 1 stone! I… I am really a genius! Oh hohohoho…

As for that sacrifice, I’ll take it as being bitten by a dog!

TL: A mad dog is coming for Chen Rui, rip…

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