Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1131: Thoughts of the Little Succubus

Chapter 1131: Thoughts of the Little Succubus

The peak stage of the Pseudo-God’s comprehension of faith was by no means achievable by an ordinary Kingdom level or Demi-God level powerhouse. For Paglio, who had reached the critical point of power, Sariel’s trace of soul power could be regarded as a catalyst for success. He smoothly completed the 2-star enhancement.

The soul power of the peak stage of the Pseudo-God was extremely powerful. 2-star enhancement did not mean the complete digestion of soul power. Take the poison dragon as an example. After reaching 2-star enhancement, he still hadn’t fully integrated the soul power. Fortunately, with Paglio’s completely stabilized Demi-God strength, coupled with the newly acquired Super System’s kingdom power, it wouldn’t take long to completely absorb this trace of soul power.

In contrast, although Isabella completed the 2-star enhancement earlier, because her realm had not yet reached the Demi-God, she could not exert the true power of faith and life, so it was more difficult for her to digest Sariel’s soul power than Paglio. The rest of the people who had not completed the 2-star enhancement were not to be mentioned.

However, as Python said, since Isabella had comprehended 2-star enhancement at this stage, the training to reach Demi-God would be a smooth road, especially the most difficult real kingdom and life problems at the Demi-God level were resolved in advance.

Paglio, who had completed the 2-star enhancement, was naturally proud. He always showed off his new [Armor of Faith] in front of everyone intentionally. Roman didn’t care at first, but when he heard that Isabella actually comprehended 2-star enhancement, and it was even before Paglio, he couldn’t sit still.

Madam Aunt has already set an example, surpassing Paglio with the Kingdomized strength and completing the 2-star enhancement ahead of schedule. As the Belphegor Royal Family, I naturally cannot hold back leader.

Chen Rui would go to the Holy Light Mountain in more than 2 years to face 3 powerful enemies who were equal to Sariel. In more than 9 years, he would duel Satan, who was even stronger than Sariel. Roman did not want to be a burden as said by Python. He and his 2 wives had all accepted the power of 2-star enhancement and the soul power of peak stage of the Pseudo-God. At least 1 of them must keep up with the pace of those in front. As a man and the leader’s best friend, I have absolute responsibility.

Chen Rui couldn’t help feeling a little guilty when he saw that Roman, uncharacteristically, didn’t go out to flirt with married women, but instead, he stayed in the training ground training all day. But when Delia gave him a thumbs up and Medilu sent a thank you letter on behalf of all the women in the Dark Moon, Chen Rui suddenly felt that he wasn’t doing enough for his female ‘compatriots’.

“Chen Rui, it’s time to eat.” The voice of the little succubus maid interrupted Chen Rui’s thoughts.

Chen Rui nodded, stood up, and looked at Kia who was a little listless. He stepped forward and held the hand of the little succubus, “Kia, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

The little succubus maid was obviously in a low mood recently. After learning that Athena’s pregnancy was due to the power of destruction origin and that creation origin could only be conceived by light-element physique, the little maid’s plan to be mommy had been completely crushed. Although she didn’t show much on the surface, Chen Rui could feel the depression from the bottom of her heart. He could no longer see the revitalized look that she used to take the lead in dancing the ‘pregnant dance’ every day.

“What are we eating today?” Chen Rui deliberately found a topic.

“Purple mushroom soup, cows steak, lettuce meatloaf, shredded potato, blue pumpkin sauce, coconut bread, red rice”

With the rapid development of the economy, the improvement of material living standards as well as the circulation and trade of commodities, the Demon Realm’s original relatively simple recipes had become rich and diverse. Many delicacies that were only qualified to be eaten by noble families were seen in the people’s homes.

Chen Rui naturally played a considerable ‘catalyzing’ role in it. The so-called ‘every art had specialization’. His cooking skills were no longer enough to this level. However, as the Royal Highness Prince Consort and the major shareholder of Princess Villa, he had naturally a large number of excellent chefs on hand. As long as he roughly said the food in memory, the top chefs would naturally imagine and create. Of course, due to various factors such as ingredients, a lot of things had changed a little bit. It had become a food with the characteristics of the Demon Realm.

The crops of the Demon Realm were mainly wheat and beans. Wheat was ground into flour to make bread. There were not many people who ate grains directly. Rice only became popular after Chen Rui’s magical land became popular, mainly because of the preference of his previous life.

“That’s all? Why hasn’t that kind of great tonic soup been available recently?” Chen Rui joked deliberately. That kind of soup was a derived product that went with the ‘pregnant dance’. It was a must-have every day that would make his little partner incomparably hard; the effect could be imagined.

“I didn’t make that anymore.” Kia lowered her eyes and bit her lip. “One more thing.”

“Let me guess first,” Chen Rui smiled slightly. “You want Joanna to be the secretary to take care of the government affairs for you so that you can train with Isabella and the others?”

Kia showed a surprised expression, “How do you know?”

“Silly, how can you hide your little actions from the man who watches you every day.” Chen Rui stroked the little succubus’ hair.

Kia sighed, “Am I very materialistic? Seeing that I can’t have a baby for you, then only I thought of training.”

“It’s not materialistic, it’s silly.” Chen Rui said seriously, “You think only training can help me? Every meal in the house is the result of your careful selection and cooking. Your cooking skills are far beyond me. This is the result of your dedication. You even gave up your favorite clothing design for this. You not only have to take care of everyone’s life, but also help Athena with government affairs, take care of her, take care of me, and take care of Duoduo. With you, I basically haven’t bothered about these trivial matters. I can concentrate on doing what I want to do, and I can fight with all my mind. You’re the most important woman standing behind me, and you are irreplaceable. “

Chen Rui’s remarks were not exaggerated. Compared with those women who fought side by side, Kia, who silently contributed behind his back, also moved him and cherished her.

Kia’s eyes suddenly turned red, and Chen Rui hugged her in his arms, “I feel extremely satisfied that such a good woman is willing to give birth to a child for me. It’s a pity that she actually said that she was ‘materialistic’. If it’s not silly, what is it?”

The succubus wrapped her arms around Chen Rui’s neck and buried her wet eyes in his chest. Her shoulders trembled slightly.

“Joanna has always been in charge of internal affairs and the economy. Her ability is obvious to all, and she is competent enough to be a secretary. Lead her to familiarize for a few days, then pass it all to her.”

“Do you agree with my training?” Kia raised her head with a surprise expression in her tearful eyes.

Chen Rui nodded, “Of course, you can actually do whatever you want. I will always support you, just like you have always supported me.”

“Awesome.” The little succubus was overjoyed, then she said awkwardly, “But my strength is too weak; I’m the worst one.”

“That’s because you have to take care of everyone, so you have no time and energy to calm down and train. In fact, your talent is quite good, especially spirit power. Also, you are good at fire and wind element power. If you take the path of a magician, with the auxiliary powers such as star conferring, black potions, and training ground, you can definitely improve your strength quickly. However, haste makes waste on the training road, so you must not rashly advance. Seek for Zola, Delia, and Isabella’s advice when you are free; they are experts in magic.”

“I see. In fact, I just unloaded the secretary’s burden, but I will continue to be responsible for everyone’s life.” The little succubus clenched her fists, sweeping away the previous decadence, “I will work hard, whether it is training or other. Even if I can’t be the top powerhouse, I have to be the top super chef.”

“You’re already a super chef, Ms. Kia.” Chen Rui stroked her hair. “Actually, even having a baby.”

“Have a baby?” The little succubus maid’s ears perked up.

Chen Rui kissed her cheek, leaned into her ear and said, “The power of destruction origin does play a role in Athena’s child, but it’s actually a bit of a trick, and it’s not the only way. According to Python’s speculation, we still have quite a chance using the formal way.”

Kia’s eyes lit up. The little knot that had been entangled in her heart was finally completely untied. A moving blush appeared on her face, “Understood.”

10 seconds later.

Chen Rui’s body trembled slightly as sweat oozed from his forehead, “Erm, you ‘understood’ too quickly.”

It turned out that the little succubus’ hand had ‘understandably’ touched the lower part of his abdomen.

“Wait a minute! Isn’t it time to eat?” Chen Rui quickly held the hand of the little succubus, but the little succubus’ tongue licked his earlobe, and his hairs stood up.

“Small exercise before meals will help digestion.” The little goblin licked her delicate red lips and giggled while her fingers gently drew circles on his chest.

With just ‘side knocking’, somewhere in Chen Rui involuntarily had a physiological reaction. No doubt that succubus’s spirit talent was very fatal.

Chen Rui swallowed hard, and quickly said, “There’s not enough time now, Paglio and the others are still waiting in the yard for dinner, and Duoduo is also here. Let’s go to dinner first. Isn’t it Athena’s turn today? She’s closed-door training now. How about I come to see you at night?”

If I fall for the little succubus now, I will definitely be teased by the 2 scumbags outside. Besides, my precious daughter Duoduo is also here. Lalaria has a negative example due to the failure in her childhood education. It is better to pay attention to various aspects.

“That’s what you said.” Kia smiled and put away her talent for seduction and winked playfully. “I will wait for you in your favorite clothes at night. If you have any perverted little requests, I can also meet them.”

“What kind of perverted little request. Wasn’t it your initiative?” Chen Rui was speechless. The succubus family was the most proactive and the most open in some respects; it was even above the Asmodeus Royal Family. Certain patterns could indeed satisfy a man’s possessive desire to the greatest extent, but after all, it was only an occasional adjustment of taste.

“Is that so? I don’t remember.” The little succubus looked at him with the innocent look of a victim.

“Okay, I took the initiative, I’m not a good person.” Chen Rui was defeated. “Uh, let’s go out to eat.”

“Wait a moment!”


“I’ll make a great tonic soup first! You can come out later!”


Seems like I am creating trouble for myself again. Chen Rui scratched his head and looked at the little succubus who had regained her fighting spirit, only to feel that his mood became lighter.

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