Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1103: Elemental Kings’ Premonition

Chapter 1103: Elemental Kings’ Premonition

Flaring Sun Volcano.

A light door disappeared out of thin air, and Chen Rui appeared in the Blazing Flame Hall.

The last blow to Raphael’s projection was purely because the guy was a sore to the eye. This ‘slap’ was loud enough, and it was enough to vent his anger.

Anyway, even if Chen Rui did nothing, Raphael would try to kill him on the Holy Light Mountain 3 years later.

“Daddy!” A red light reacted the fastest and rushed toward Chen Rui first.

“Daddy! Where have you been?”

“I miss you so much.”

Duoduo rubbed hard against Chen Rui’s face, and he quickly put away his armor. He held his daughter and just laughed; he was unable to speak for a while.

After being intimate for a while, Catherine’s figure appeared behind. Seeing the concern and longing in those deep and beautiful eyes like the night sky, Chen Rui felt a warm heart.

“Chen Rui, your hand…” Catherine immediately noticed the abnormality in his right arm and was surprised, only to see Chen Rui shaking his head at her. It turned out that before he came back, Duoduo happened to be very tired from playing. Once she sensed that daddy came back, she excitedly cuddled with him for a while. Now her eyelids were slowly drooping, and she was obviously going to fall asleep.

No doubt, the little girl fell asleep on daddy’s left shoulder instantly. After a while, her body temperature began to drop slowly, and she trembled involuntarily. She was obviously affected by the ‘side effect’ of the power of awakening.

Catherine was about to take Duoduo, but Chen Rui was reluctant to let go. Seeing Catherine’s deliberate jealous appearance, Chen Rui smiled and kissed Her Majesty Empress’ face.

Her Majesty Empress smiled sweetly, and she secretly activated the power of Nirvana to heal his injured right arm. The 3 came to the main hall together.

“Royal Highnesses, I’m back.” Chen Rui then handed Duoduo to his mother and took out fire condensing crystal sand from the storage warehouse, “Your Highness Ogmarton, I don’t know if this is the fire condensing crystal sand that Duoduo needs? Is this enough?”

“No doubt it’s fire condensing crystal sand. The amount is enough. Not only does it allow me to activate the secret technique, but the rest also allows me to refine something special.”

“Refine something special? I now wonder if you’re doing something for yourselves and asking Chen Rui to find the fire condensing crystal sand on purpose.” The Wind Elemental King Sethtine shook his head.

“Sethtine!” Ogmarton was furious, “You’re more skeptical than water elementals!”

“Do you want me to praise you for being more honest than the earth elementals?” Sethtine sneered.

When Chen Rui heard that the amount was enough, he was very relieved. The quarrel between the 2 Elemental Kings made him amused because the 2 metaphors were both their own nemesis. It seemed that the arguments of elementals were really interesting.

“Don’t quarrel, fortunately Chen Rui is not an outsider.” Light Elemental King Delkus smiled apologetically at Chen Rui.

“It’s my honor.” Chen Rui heard that the 3 kings didn’t mean to treat him as an outsider, so he also joked, “Your Highness Delkus is more generous than the dark elementals.”

Delkus’ face darkened while Sethtine and Ogmarton laughed.

“Chen Rui, I know you’re worried about your daughter. Let me help this little girl Duoduo solve the problem first. To be honest, the fire-type affinity on this little girl… even I like it. Unfortunately, Elemental King can’t pass the throne like a human ruler or a demon ruler, otherwise I will choose her as the inheritor for the next Fire Elemental King.” Ogmarton said nonchalantly as he walked to a platform in the hall. He did not shy away from Chen Rui as he took out a lot of materials.

Under the command of the king, the fire elementals covered in flames began to carve marks on the ground while Ogmarton waved his hands, condensing the power of the entire Blazing Flame Hall. He was preparing to perform a special fire-merging ceremony, which would turn the purest fire source power into a seal of origin that would later be merged into Duoduo’s body.

“Thank you, Ogmarton.”

“I’m afraid he can’t hear our voices now. I’ll say you’re welcome on his behalf. By the way, your hand…” Sethtine noticed Chen Rui’s injury and frowned. With your strength, even if the Black Prison Desert is dangerous, you won’t be injured like this. What kind of powerful enemy have you encountered?”

“Sorry, Sethtine, the Misty Tide Pearl you gave me didn’t work because I ran into an unexpected terrifying enemy. More precisely, she’s a woman, Gabriel.”

The Light Elemental King and the Wind Elemental King were surprised at the same time, “1 of the 3 archangels?”

Delkus looked at Chen Rui with a different look, “As far as I know, Gabriel not only has the great strength of peak stage Pseudo-God, but she also has a special talent that can break all might. Although this ‘breaking’ is not unlimited, with Gabriel’s strength and her terrifying talent, she is the top of the peak stage powerhouse, yet you can actually escape from her hands.”

Chen Rui smiled wryly, “It’s just luck. In fact, the Dreamy Oasis is her sleeping place. These injuries are the result of my fight with her to get the fire condensing crystal sand…”

“No wonder.” Sethtine said suddenly, “I sensed an extremely terrifying force in the Black Prison Desert. It turned out to be Gabriel! No matter what tricks you used or… Anyway, it is really not an easy thing that you can get fire condensing crystal sand from Gabriel’s hands.”

Or? Chen Rui didn’t understand Sethtine’s words, but he quickly said the more important news, “This time, there is an unexpected gain. The Phantom Ice Spring is also in Gabriel’s hands!”

The news shocked the 3 Kings of Light at the same time, but Chen Rui sighed, “It’s a pity I didn’t get it this time. The Phantom Ice Spring is the essence of the Phantom Springwater, and it will take 3 years to generate. Gabriel and I have reached an agreement that 3 years later, I will go to the Holy Light Mountain to exchange.”

“Is it the Snow Dallet Trees that you are going to exchange for the Phantom Ice Spring?” Delkus had seen Chen Rui steal 3 Snow Dallet Trees. With the wisdom of the Light Elemental King, he immediately guessed it.


“Isyorul died in your hands. Based on your feud with the Holy Church, it seems that the trade 3 years later is far more dangerous than the Black Prison Desert this time.” Delkus looked worried, but in fact, the little friend king still didn’t know about Chen Rui’s 2 later ‘feats’ at the Holy Light Mountain. Otherwise, he would be stunned.

“Now that the origin fragments of the 6 elements have been assembled, it is a pity that the elemental heart of the Water Elemental King has not been repaired. Otherwise… Hmph, who cares about the 3 archangels!” Sethtine said disdainfully.

These words made Chen Rui wonder. After Lambost’s elemental heart is repaired, can the Elemental Kings be at the top existences of the world? However, from the previous exchanges, whether it is the 3 kings of light or the 3 kings of darkness, they are tight-lipped on this matter, even Moore. I am not a person who forces friends. Since they have reasons to hide, I will not ask further.

Even after a certain event, Elemental King can match the 3 archangels, but it can only be achieved after repairing the water elemental heart. Before that, Chen Rui must go to the Holy Light Mountain to exchange for the Phantom Ice Spring. This order could not be reversed, so he couldn’t count on it.

“In any case, our current strength is too limited, so everything is up to you.” Delkus nodded to Chen Rui. Hearing the 3 Kings of Light, the enemy of 3 Kings of Darkness, commissioned the task to him, Chen Rui couldn’t help but have a strange feeling in his mind.

“Chen Rui, you are a friend recognized by 3 Kings of Light and the one who has eliminated the 3 main altars of the Abyss. I have something to tell you.”

Sethtine’s solemn expression and tone surprised Chen Rui, “Could it be something to do with the Abyss?”

“I can’t be sure either.” Sethtine frowned, “Actually, the 3 of us gathered this time because of this. Elements are 1 of the basic substances that make up this world. As the controllers of elements, we all feel some disturbing omens as if something terrifying is about to happen.”

“Could it be that there is a problem with the sealing power where the Abyss is located?” Chen Rui responded quickly.

Sethtine replied, “You know what happens when that seal fails?”

Chen Rui nodded, “Everything will be destroyed, just like a civilization outside the main plane that I inherited.”

“In fact, the real goal of the Abyss is not only destruction, but it is certain that the first thing they execute must be destruction. Everything in the world will cease to exist. I know that the Abyss has been trying to use the cultists to corrupt the world. They managed to open various entrances, but compared with the real seal, these are just small actions. The real seal… should be fine for the time being.”

Chen Rui’s mind moved. Can Sethtine sense the power that seals the Abyss? These words were equivalent to telling him that the Abyss seal was related to the Elemental Kings.

“However, the 3 of us are not sure if it is caused by the Abyss.” Sethtine shook his head, “We just determined a certain sense of crisis in common. If possible, I hope you return to the Demon Realm and discuss this matter with the 3 Kings of Darkness… Uhm, it should be the Earth Elemental King and the Dark Elemental King at the moment. If they have the same omens, then this matter is no trivial matter.”

Chen Rui did not ask whether the seal of the Abyss was done by the original body of the Elemental King. He knew that since Sethtine didn’t say anything, he must have his own difficulties. He didn’t delve into this issue and asked, “So, what should I do? “

“We can all just wait and see, but once things develop to a certain point, it will not only require your strength, but the strength of another person.”


“1 of your wives, the Lady Fairy Dragon who is recognized by the ‘Element Goddess Crown.'”

“Zola?” Chen Rui frowned. Judging from Sethtine’s tone, he could tell that ‘Chen Rui’ was just an added bonus, and Zola was the real focus.

What does this have to do with Zola? Chen Rui was even more curious when he thought of the attitudes of the Elemental Kings towards the [6 Elements Kingdom] and the Element Goddess Crown before.

“It’s too early to say.” Light Elemental King Delkus added, “No matter what happens, repairing the Water Elemental King’s water elemental heart is the most basic premise. I’m sorry, but there are some things we really can’t say right now.”

At this time, Ogmarton’s voice sounded, “The fire formation is ready. Ms. Catherine, please put Duoduo in the middle of this mark. Sethtine, Delkus, you 2 come help me!”

TL: Elemental Kings are related to the Abyss? What about the Elemental War?

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