Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1102: Gabriel

Chapter 1102: Gabriel

This name really shocked Chen Rui. She is actually Gabriel!

Gabriel, Michael and Raphael are called the Holy Light Mountain’s 3 archangels.

Gabriel is a female angel?

Chen Rui never imagined that this ‘goddess’ in the border desert was actually 1 of the 3 leaders of the Holy Church!

Chen Rui figured out a lot of things in an instant. The reason why Gabriel would sleep in the Black Prison Desert and become Goddess Tezaneer in the desert must be to try another way to ‘become a god’. No wonder the ‘desert messenger’ is recognized by the Holy Church and is being worshipped by people. This further derives into the ‘desert goddess’.

However, it seems that Gabriel’s attempt has not achieved the desired results. Chen Rui could sense it before. The faith power in the ‘Tezaneer’s’ kingdom was relatively mottled and messy, because those faiths belong to the ‘desert goddess’, not Gabriel herself. As an angel, Gabriel couldn’t really own these faith powers that should only belong to god.

After all, Chen Rui was the most wanted criminal of the Holy Church. Now he met his ‘old friend’ Raphael again, so…

Gabriel still didn’t open her eyes as she said indifferently, “Raphael, you are awake too? Where’s Michael?”

Hmph, Michael went to sleep again. Not long ago, he was attacked at the Light Divinity Temple by Python and an accomplice, and he lost the Wind Badge… By the way, speaking of the Wind Badge, after you fell asleep, about 100 years ago…”

Raphael said a few words, and he finally noticed a man in armor with a faint purple starlight in the distance. His pupils shrank suddenly, “It’s you!”

Despite the difference in appearance, Raphael still remembered the star-like armor and the power breath, so he recognized him at a glance.

You just found out? Chen Rui shrugged and bowed deliberately, “Dear Sir Raphael, we meet again.”

“You know him?” Gabriel asked rhetorically.

“Of course I know this guy!” Raphael’s eyes flashed with murderous intent, “He killed Isyorul and stole the Snow Dallet Trees! He is even possibly teaming up with Python!”

“Python?” Gabriel’s tone changed.

“Because of her, Uriel…”

“I haven’t lost my memory yet.” Gabriel’s tone was even colder.

“Sir Raphael,” Chen Rui grinned, “Those matters of killing and stealing happened long time ago, so don’t fret over it anymore. Last time… didn’t you almost kill me too?”

A long time ago? Don’t fret anymore?

Damn, how long has it been?

This relaxed and casual tone made Raphael’s facial expression suddenly unsightly. Especially the ‘almost kill me’ , it sounded like a mockery.

Last time, in front of so many people, he suffered a great shame to let him escape easily. Raphael secretly swore that if he met this man next time, he would capture him alive and torture him to death in every possible way. However, he didn’t expect that he would meet Chen Rui again in such a situation. As a communication projection, his combat power was almost zero. He had no way to deal with this enemy.

Fortunately, Gabriel is there. Judging from the appearance of the enemy, it seems that he was injured by Gabriel.

“Gabriel, catch him quickly! He must be caught alive!”

“Are you ordering me?” Gabriel asked back with a faint coldness in her voice.

“Gabriel!” Raphael was a little anxious, “Now is not the time for this! The Snow Dallet Trees have already fallen into his hands! You should know what this means!”

“You don’t need to remind me.” Gabriel said slowly, “Before you came, he was talking to me about a trade, and 1 of the items in the trade is the Snow Dallet Tree. That’s why I activated the summon rune. “

Hmph, there’s no need for a trade at all. Catch him, and we can get everything! By the way, this guy has a very special might. He escaped from my hands last time. Your Saint Fighting Heart can crack all might, so you can absolutely catch…”

As soon as Raphael finished his words, a light door appeared beside Chen Rui. Next, his figure flashed and disappeared into the light door without a word.

Raphael, “…”

Gabriel, “…”

Gabriel’s reaction was very fast. With a flick of the white sleeves, an intangible power rolled toward the [Star Gate], which had not completely disappeared. She wanted to grab Chen Rui out of the space, but this power passed through it without any effect.

Gabriel’s expression became solemn, “Saint Fighting Heart can’t cancel the power of this space transmission! My power can’t enter the space either!”

Raphael was shocked: This strange space door can’t even be dispelled by Gabriel’s strongest Saint Fighting Heart. No wonder I failed last time.

At this moment, Chen Rui walked out of the space door again and smiled at the 2 of them, “You 2, where did we stop just now?”

Raphael was suddenly speechless. He comes and goes as he wishes.

This method proved something more than any words.

If they turn completely hostile toward him, then the Snow Dallet Tree would be sacrificed for real.

“Good trick.” Gabriel nodded slightly, “You talked about a trade.”

“Okay, since it’s a trade, then we can temporarily put aside all the unpleasant pasts and talk about the issue of chips.” Gabriel’s strength was evident. Since there was a precedent for the time might failure, Chen Rui was really afraid of the Saint Fighting Heart, so he didn’t go around in circles again, “I told Raphael last time at the Holy Light Mountain that the Snow Dallet might be a bargaining chip for our trade… I can give you the Snow Dallet Trees, but I want the Phantom Ice Spring.”

“Why should I believe that the Snow Dallet Trees are still safe?”

Raphael didn’t say more, because he had already seen the Snow Dallet Flower in Chen Rui’s hands. He could feel the ‘freshness’ of the flower. It was just picked from the tree!

“Is this enough to prove that the Snow Dallet Tree is still under my control? Sir Raphael?” Chen Rui deliberately emphasized the word ‘control’, which had a very simple meaning: He could control the life and death of the Snow Dallet Tree at any time.

Hmph!” Raphael stared at the Snow Dallet Flower, “You can have the Phantom Ice Spring, but you must hand over 1 first…”

“Who said yes?” Gabriel’s cold voice interrupted Raphael’s words, “Raphael, do I need to remind you? This is the Black Prison Desert, and I’m Tezaneer!”

“But you’re also Gabriel!” Raphael seemed like he was about to blast off, but he held back, “The past is over. We don’t need to fight in front of outsiders. The Holy Light Mountain is also your foundation. We surely need to get the Snow Dallet Trees back.”

Chen Rui’s mind moved. It seems that the 3 archangels are not that united. In other words, Gabriel came to the Black Prison Desert not just for ‘experiment’. It must be related to something that happened back then.

Gabriel didn’t argue with Raphael anymore, and she turned her head to Chen Rui, “I have only 1 condition. If you don’t agree, then even if you destroy the Snow Dallet Trees, don’t even think about getting the Phantom Ice Spring.”

Chen Rui heard the firm tone, and he frowned slightly, “What is the condition?”

“The generation of the Phantom Ice Spring is still 3 years away. After 3 years, you will bring the Snow Dallet Trees…” Gabriel’s mouth curled into a strange arc, “to the Holy Light Mountain to trade.”

Holy Light Mountain!

Raphael was about to speak, but when he heard this condition, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Chen Rui raised his frowning brows. Gabriel actually put forward the condition to trade in the Holy Church’s lair!

At that time, I am likely to face not only Gabriel or Raphael but also Michael!

Facing 3 archangels together, do I still have any chance?

“Do you have the guts?” Although Gabriel’s eyes were closed, Chen Rui had a feeling that the peculiar silver-red pupils were watching him in his soul with an inexplicable sneer.

Chen Rui pondered for a moment, then he suddenly smiled, “I promise you.”

He thought to himself: I am not a righteous person, but I will return the kindness of others. No matter what secrets the 6 Elemental Kings have or what will happen after the origin fragments are assembled, for the sole reason of everything the Water Elemental King did for me at the Crimson Double Teeth Sea Area, I have to go.

I must get the Phantom Ice Spring.

3 years is much longer than the 3-month period when I have to battle against Satan. After 3 years, the danger may be greater, but now I have gradually comprehended the many mysteries of the Purple Pole Star Emperor. I believe that after 3 years, I will be much stronger than I am now.

Raphael was secretly delighted. As expected of Gabriel, he actually seized the opponent’s weakness and reached such a trade! As long as this guy has the guts to come to the Holy Light Mountain, no matter how strange his abilities are, he definitely can’t escape from the combined force of the 3 archangels.

The last incident of the Holy Child was just a careless mistake. I will definitely not make the same mistake again.

“Okay!” Gabriel didn’t seem too surprised when she sensed Chen Rui’s confidence. She nodded slowly.

“Don’t let me down, the guy whom I don’t know the name yet, but I’m not interested in knowing.” Raphael sneered, “If there are other guests, the Holy Light Mountain will also be very welcome.”

“For the wise and intelligent Sir Raphael, it’s better to call me ‘Arthur’.” Chen Rui grabbed Raphael’s weak point unceremoniously and gave him a contemptuous smile, “However, many people want my life. If it’s just you… you still have to queue up.”

Chen Rui’s figure disappeared into the [Star Gate] while laughing.

Hearing the undisguised contempt in the laughter, Raphael clenched his fists. For many years, he had been aloof and worshiped by countless believers. Everyone was in awe at the mention of the 3 archangels, Raphael. When had he ever suffered such humiliation? Moreover, it was just a ‘rat’ whose strength was far inferior to his!

“Arthur?” The unfamiliar name made Gabriel ‘look’ at Raphael.

Of course Raphael wouldn’t bring up the ‘Holy Child Incident’ that made him ashamed of his life. He scoffed and changed the subject, “Gabriel, a lot of things have happened in the Holy Light Mountain recently. You should come back as soon as possible. At that time, this guy is likely to come together with Python. You can just settle the old feud with her.”

“I have my own plans; I don’t need you to say more.” There was a special meaning in Gabriel’s icy voice, “You should worry about yourself.”

“Worry about myself?” Raphael was stunned. He felt a destruction power blowing toward him, wrapping the entire projection.

This projection was used for communication, so he did not have the slightest resistance. He suddenly turned into particles and quickly began to dissipate. Raphael could feel that it was not Gabriel’s move, but the guy who disappeared. He could still deliver such a strange blow after leaving!

He actually does it in front of Gabriel…

This was equivalent to being slapped by the other party again.

“Damn…” Raphael gnashed his teeth. Before finishing his sentence, the entire phantasm dissipated in the air.

“[Shadow Catch]!” The sneer on Gabriel’s face at this moment was more of gloating.

Breeze Shadow Boots’ skill, [Shadow Catch] – Locks on the attack target. He could launch an attack no matter the distance, and the lock-on duration was 3 minutes.

TL: Seems like a triangle relationship between Python, Uriel and Gabriel, and it didn’t end well…

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