Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 110 - Shocking Twists and Turns! Old Kander’s Worries

Chapter 110: Shocking Twists and Turns! Old Kander’s Worries

The forces that opposed the Scarlet Guards saw the Old Kander’s undisguised fury and were all gloating: This time, the Scarlet Guards is finally unfortunate.

Time passed by while he waited anxiously. Old Kander felt that the time hung heavy. Even the luxurious dragon’s incense in the magic crystal furnace had changed its scent.

Finally, someone came again to report, “The Scarlet Guards sent an urgent letter for mayor.”

“Capture that guy first and take the letter to me!”

The poor Yach was still dreaming about the 27 black crystal coins after the thing was done. However, he was subdued by several fierce guards and brought to the hall.

At that time, Old Kander hadn’t lost his cautiousness. After confirming that the letter wasn’t dangerous, he opened it. After looking at it, his expression immediately changed.

Old Kander shouted at Yach, “Who gave you this letter?”

Yach noticed the anxiety of the mayor, so he answered truthfully, “It was Sir Culia of our Scarlet Guards. He instructed me that I must wait for Sir Barnacle to leave before I come in to deliver the letter. Otherwise, it will be discovered by Sir Barnacle, and we’ll be in danger. He was also seriously injured by Sir Barnacle, so he has been hiding for the past few days.”

Old Kander was about to speak, and suddenly, someone rushed in and reported hurriedly, “Mayor! Something’s bad!

“An urgent news came from the Luray Valley that they were suddenly attacked by the Scarlet Guards. It was led by the deputy leader of Scarlet Guards, Barnacle. Many men were killed and they could hardly hold up. They request for immediate reinforcement.”

“What?” Old Kander’s heart was shocked. He took a few steps backward with his hand on his chest. He felt that there was some abnormality was brewing in his body. He immediately drank a bottle of emergency antidote. He instructed while panting, “Paulo, immediately mobilize the military power to support Luray Valley! Lax, take my signed order to cancel all the duties of Ross and bring him back to me as quickly as possible!” Old Kander gasped and added, “Robert, immediately arrange a troop to seal the Scarlet Guards and search and arrest for all relevant personnel except Culia. If you see him, you must protect him and bring him to me!” You must be quick!” Yach didn’t expect that this letter would cause such huge changes, and he couldn’t help but be shocked. The people in the hall also began to realize the seriousness of the situation. It didn’t seem like an ordinary conflict of power. Therefore, no one dared to leave as they were afraid of raising Old Kander’s suspicion.

Actually, Barnacle was actually quite innocent. When he rushed to the stronghold, the place where members gathered initially was emptied and the main forces that guarded the place were gone! He even specifically told the members that they shouldn’t wander; they should always be prepared for orders.

Now, there was no one in the huge stronghold. Also, there was a strange rich scent. When he felt strange, he suddenly felt dizzy and the scene in front of him began to blur.

Barnacle shook his head and saw a figure in front of him. When he looked at it carefully, it turned out to be Joseph. He hurriedly bowed, “Sir Joseph!”

“Barnacle, your mission is very important. I helped you get the position as a deputy head. Sully and Yagus can help you. Your leader is Snowden who is on Kanita’s side. Snowden is a mutated Great Demon who excelled in both magic and martial arts. His strength has already reached the level of Demon King. Therefore, you shouldn’t have conflicts with him easily. You should remain patient. The most important thing is to control the passage to the west of Dark Moon.” “Understood, sir!”

As Barnacle was listening to Joseph’s instructions, he suddenly woke up: Isn’t this what happened at Red Spirit Estate? I’m at Town Leia now!

“Hah!” The demonic fire on Barnacle was blazing and the dizziness in his brain faded away.

The scene before his eyes was restored to the Scarlet Guards’ stronghold in Town Leia.

It was an illusion! Barnacle associated it with that strange scent and suddenly realized: Hallucination Fruit!

The stronghold is actually filled with the scent of Hallucination Fruit’s juice. How many fruits did it cost! With such a huge cost, there must be problems!

Barnacle gathered his strength and the heat of his demonic fire increased greatly, evaporating all the scent. Of course, even if it wasn’t evaporated, the Hallucination Fruit juice would only last about an hour before it automatically disappeared.

The scent gradually disappeared, but it was replaced with a faint blood smell.

A polearm appeared in Barnacle’s hand while he carefully approached the second floor that had the thickest blood smell. He walked to the front of a room, kicked the door open and saw a detached body lying on the ground.


Culia, who returned to Town Leia recently, was killed!

Although Culia was Kanita’s man, he was part of Scarlet Guards (Red Devils) after all. Now that Culia died at Scarlet Guards’ stronghold, Barnacle absolutely couldn’t escape from the responsibility. Besides, Kanita would definitely take advantage of this to make a fuss.

Didn’t Culia go to the Mountain Xilang? Why is he back? Also, after returning, why was he killed in the Scarlet Guard’s stronghold?

Didn’t the member at the Charming Flower Inn just now said that Culia ordered them to teach the “adulterer” a lesson? It has only been a while and he’s dead already? Judging from the bloodstains, it seems that he hasn’t died for too long. Yet, from the perspective of his eyes, he seems to be dead for quite some time. Barnacle was puzzled.

Who’s the murderer? Is it related to the town’s guards? Is this a provocation? Or a scheme? Also, why is the juice of Hallucination Fruit here?

Barnacle tried to contact Sully and Yagus at Mountain Xilang. However, he didn’t know why, but he couldn’t contact them even after using several pieces of magic communication talisman.

Just when he was puzzled, he suddenly heard a voice. When he came out, he saw two members who were making trouble at the Charming Flower Inn running back with a body full of blood.

“Sir Barnacle!” When the two members saw Barnacle, they quickly asked for help, “We don’t know why, but we, the Scarlet Guards are wanted by the entire town. It’s led by the mayor’s crony, Robert. Several brothers have already been arrested!” “What did you say?” Barnacle almost thought that he heard wrong. Just now, he was one of the invited guests at the mayor’s mansion for the birthday banquet. In the blink of an eye, he actually became a wanted target?

“What the hell is going on?” Barnacle, who had always been calm couldn’t help but snort.

Barnacle didn’t know that when he arrived at the mayor’s mansion, the long-awaited “Culia” also came to the stronghold. First, he told a group of people to ambush at the Charming Flower Inn and “catch the adulterer” for him. Then, he was sulking in the room by himself. He only called a member to enter to send food.

After the member sent food, he came out almost immediately. He even left the stronghold with the excuse of reporting to Barnacle.

Subsequently, the deputy leader, “Barnacle”, who received the report turned back and went to the room upstairs in the stronghold. The members outside the door only heard the fierce quarrels inside. There were even noises of heavy objects falling.

After a long time, they saw “Barnacle” walked out of the room with a gloomy face and bloodstains on his body. Many of the members at the strongholds had guessed what happened, and they also understood the struggle between the two factions. However, killing explicitly in front of everyone was unprecedented, so no one dared to talk for a moment.

“Brothers, I have two news to tell you. The first one is good news. I received an order from our superior to immediately attack the Luray Valley at the west of Town Leia to get something. As long as we have it, then we can end our mission at Town Leia and Mountain Xilang earlier, and we can return to the Red Spirit Estate. The second is bad news. Just now, Culia actually opposed this order and even wanted to sneak attack me. In the end, he died in my hands. I am willing to be fully responsible for this incident.

“I just want to ask everyone, do you want to go back?”

“Yeah!” The members shouted together. Since their leader, Snowden wasn’t around, Barnacle, the deputy leader naturally had the final say. Besides, these people had been bored in this town, and they were greatly restricted. Not only could they not leave, but they also had to rotate every year to stay at the poor place, Mountain Xilang. Upon hearing they could return to the Red Spirit Estate, none of them weren’t happy. For “Sir Culia” who was killed for going against the deputy leader, they had a bit more resentment; they only felt like he deserved it.

“Good! We’ll gather our equipment now. Then, we’ll immediately depart to Luray Valley. As long as we get the thing, when we retreat, our superior has arranged someone to assist us. This action can only succeed and cannot fail!”

Every member responded accordingly. Under the organization of “Barnacle”, the main force of the Scarlet Guards immediately headed toward the west of the town. Their momentum was so huge and powerful that even the town guards along the way didn’t dare to obstruct. They just quickly sent someone to report to Captain Ross.

The Scarlet Guards rushed all the way. When they arrived at the Luray Valley, they launched a rapid attack on the defenders. Chen Rui also satisfied his urge to command. However, as he was a rookie, there were many mistakes. Yet, it didn’t matter because the casualties wereonly the Red Devils “bandits” from Mountain Xilang. Thus, he could just consider it as a free internship.

Although the defense of the Luray Valley was strengthened, the Scarlet Guards were elites from the Red Spirit Estate. Not only they had an absolute advantage in number but each of them was also a fierce desperado. After paying a certain price of casualties, they finally broke through the defense.

“Guard outside and don’t allow anyone to get close!” Cheng Rui who disguised as Barnacle gave an order and came to the tree in the middle of a plain.

This should be the devil pomeg tree that Nalini mentioned. Chen Rui examined the tree that was about the height of a man carefully. The leaves were blue and there were 10 yellow fruits on it. The fruits were about the size of oranges which were emitting dim fluorescent light. Chen Rui didn’t know why, but he felt a familiar feeling from the devil pomeg tree, especially the fruits.

Chen Rui tried to pick up a fruit, smelled it, then ate it. He felt refreshing; his mind was extremely clear as if it was cleansed. Besides, the effect of the fruit was much more than that – his aura actually increased by a thousand.

Certainly! Chen Rui finally confirmed what the familiar faint breath was. It is the kind of breath that the aura fruit harvested in the galaxy garden exudes! Aura! I can’t believe there are fruit trees that produce auras in the Demon Realm!

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