Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 109 - The Wind Blew

Chapter 109: The Wind Blew

Culia snorted coldly and released his Higher Demon strength. His first sentence made Yach scared, “Robin is dead!?” Yach asked in surprise, “Why? He was just drinking with me last night…”

“Not just Robin, I almost died too!” Culia’s eyes were cold, “I heard from Robin that he met you. Did you leak the news of my return to Barnacle?” “No! Not me!” “Yach was shocked by the murderous intentions from Culia and he quickly explained, “Sir, please trust me. I swear by my father, Yach’s name that I absolutely didn’t disclose to anyone!” Yach indeed didn’t leak the news because he wanted to threaten Robin for enjoying free alcohol and food himself every day.

“Have you heard of any news about my return?” Culia asked again.

“No.” Yach recalled.

Culia looked he had yet to recover from injuries and coughed with his hands on his chest. “It must be that asshole Barnacle who censored the news. He wants to kill me!”

“Sir Barnacle wants to kill you?” The centaur already felt that something was wrong when he heard Barnacle’s name just now. Now that Culia said so, Yach was suddenly shocked.

“That guy is scheming something huge. The reason I rushed back to Mountain Xilang was also due to this!” Culia sneered, “Now that you know about this too, you’ll also be one of his subjects. Robin was killed by him.”

Robin was killed by Barnacle?

Yach was so shocked that he even got a cold sweat. The people from the guard saw me contact with Robin, so Barnacle will definitely not let me go. A demon at the peak of Higher Demon wants to kill an Intermediate Demon like me is as easy as pinching a bug to death.

“Most of the people in the group have been bribed by him. If you tell others, you will die faster.” Culia said with a deep voice. “There is only one way to live.” Culia took out a letter and whispered a few words, then Yach nodded quickly.

“Don’t try to peek at the letter as there’s special magic in the letter. If you dare to open it in advance, I can always know!”

“Rest assured, sir!” It was a matter of life and death, so Yach made another death oath. He took the letter very carefully and placed it in a bag in his clothes.

“Very good. From now on, you are my personal guard. You can’t go back to the stronghold today. Otherwise, you will have life danger.” A coin bag appeared in Culia’s hand, “There are 30 black crystal coins. Take 3 with you first and stay at the Floral Vein Inn for now. Remember to stay there tonight obediently, and don’t look for women or troubles no matter what! As long as the thing is done tomorrow, not only our lives can be saved but the rest of the money will be yours! ”

Yach opened the coin bag joyfully. There were indeed black crystal coins inside. He immediately took out 3 and looked at the bag with a reluctance. Then, he bowed and left.

At the alley, Culia kept his eye on the centaur walking into the opposite hotel. Subsequently, his look began to change slowly and became a dark elf. Surely, these weren’t his true face.

“The wind is about to blow.” The dark elf stroked his waving long hair and said faintly while he looked at the two moons in the sky gradually covered by dark clouds.

the next day.

The weather was good, but there was an unusually strong breeze blowing from time to time, seemingly indicating an unusual day.

Today was the 610th-birthday of the mayor, Old Kander. A happy atmosphere was deliberately created in the town, but the security was still tight as usual.

The celebrities in the town had arrived at the mayor’s mansion early to congratulate, such as the guard captain, Ross, the deputy leader of the Scarlet Guards, Barnacle and others.

Town Leia was a nice place. Without realizing, Old Kander had been the mayor here for 19 years ago. Although the prosperity here was far from the capital city, instead of having to look at the other noblemen’s expression and lowering himself, he would rather be the tyrant at a remote town.

Although Town Leia was occupied by the Dark Shadow Empire, it was no longer like how it used to be where a mayor would be delegated by the other empire every 50 years. Instead, it was now directly appointed by the Dark Shadow Empire. However, the mayor’s term became shorter. Even without any mistakes, it would at most be 20 years unless he could make certain special achievements, only then he might be reelected. Now, Old Kander’s term had only a year left. Thus, the discovery of devil pomeg was like a godsend opportunity. Old Kander was an patriach of the Carsley Family in the Dark Shadow Empire. He had rich experience. He learned from an occasional opportunity that the higher-ups of the empire attached great importance to the devil pomeg. Although he didn’t know the reason, Old Kander would never be stupid enough to get to the bottom. He only needed to know the importance of this thing.

Surely, as soon as the news was reported to the capital through his family, the capital immediately responded. The dispatched commissioner was already on the way. He would probably arrive in the next few days. As the day got closer, the more he couldn’t make any mistake. Otherwise, his credit would become a felony while a happy event would become a funeral. Therefore, Old Kander specifically doubled the defense of the Luray Valley again.

Looking at the guests who came to the hall one after another, Old Kander’s mood was very good. Certainly, if the Purple Flame Heart wasn’t stolen, his mood could be better. The Purple Flame Heart was stolen from a fallen noble in the capital city 300 years ago. It could enhance men’s sexuality, and more importantly, it was said to be the key to an ancient treasure. Unfortunately, for 300 years, the secret within had yet to be discovered. For Old Kander, who was old and weak, the “enhancement” was used frequently instead. Since this treasure was lost, Old Kander hadn’t found a substitute and couldn’t be intimate with women. Thus, his heart was filled with hatred.

Although Nalini had always been reluctant to confess, she most likely gave it to her adulterer, Lennon. Lennon also seemed to disappear as no traces could be found in the entire town. As such, the Scarlet Guards, which had always been close to Lennon, had made a clear clarification and drawn a clear line with Lennon. Also, they also pleasingly sent their members to assist in the pursuit of Lennon and the defense duty of the town.

The Purple Flame Heart must be recovered, but the most important thing at present was the devil pomeg fruit. The commissioner from the capital should probably reach Town Leia in these two days. The matter about Lennon and the Purple Flame Heart could only be investigated after this big event.

Old Kander smiled and greeted the guests one by one. When passing by the magic crystal hearth in the hall, he smelled the special fragrance that was emitted. He took a deep breath and revealed a pleasant expression.

This … is the dragon’s incense? I have forgotten about this initially. It seems that one of my wives is trying to please me and take the initiative to instruct the servants to do light iti. Well done. It should be… the most caring Maria. Unfortunately, the Purple Flame Heart was stolen by the bitch, Nalini. Otherwise, I can go there tonight to “feed” my 16th wife.

Incense was one of the hobbies of the high-status noblemen in the Demon Realm. The more luxurious the incense, the more prestigious it displayed of the identity.

Old Kander liked that very much, especially in this remote town. He could showoff his elegance and distinctive nobleman tastes to those countrymen, especially on this special day.

I, Old Kander, is a superior nobleman from the capital city! The true nobleman taste isn’t something these countrymen can imitate even if they want to!

Seeing the guests who were amazed by the scent, Old Kander’s sense of superiority and satisfaction was even stronger.

“Thank you very much for coming.” Old Kander stood up and began his speech.

After a long speech, everyone was ready to start the banquet. Then, they saw someone whispering a few words to Ross, the captain of the guard. Ross frowned and glared at Barnacle at his opposite which made Barnacle felt clueless.

Old Kander asked, “Ross, what happened?”

Rose stood up and said, “Mayor, the Scarlet Guards fought with our defense team at the Charming Flower Inn. They even injured our junior captain, Cullo.

Old Kander looked at Barnacle, the deputy leader of the Scarlet Guards with annoyance. Barnacle quickly bowed toward Old Kander, “Mayor, don’t worry. I will deal with it immediately.”

Barnacle walked out of the hall and rushed to Charming Flower Inn. He immediately saw a huge mess. Several members of the town guard were moaning on the ground and their junior captain, Cullo was tied naked on a chair with many scars on his body. The troublemakers were indeed the Scarlet Guards and there were more than 20 of them.

“Stop!” Barnacle shouted furiously. Now it was a critical moment. He even specifically told the members to not cause troubles. These bastards didn’t listen and made such a mess at this time!

“Sir Barnable!” Those members indeed paused and bowed.

Barnacle grabbed one of them and clenched his teeth, “You bastards. Why are you having conflicts with the guard! Have you forgotten my order?”

The member shivered and hurriedly explained, “It’s Cullo…

… fight with Sir Culia for a woman. It’s Sir Culia who ordered us to guard the inn and wait for this guy to enter the Feilian’s room, then teach…


“Culia?” Barnacle was surprised, “Why is he back? Where is he now?” “He has probably just left; Sir Culia has returned to the stronghold. He said he’d hold responsible for all consequences. If sir comes, you can look for him at the stronghold.”

Barnacle knew that Culia and the owner of the Charming Flower Inn, Feilian had a thing. He also knew that Feilian had relationships with several other men including Cullo. He never thought Culia had just gone to Mountain Xilang, yet he actually sneaked back to secretly meet this woman! What’s even more annoying was that he caused such trouble due to jealousy!

Since it’s Culia’s order, it’s not right to punish these members. However, if this incident gets worse, Culia can’t bear the consequences! The situation is tense now, so I must warn that idiot!

“All of you fuck off now! No one is allowed to stay here!” Barnacle kicked the member to the ground, ordered the crowd to leave and rushed to the stronghold of Scarlet Guards.

At the same time, within the mayor’s mansion, a grand birthday banquet was ongoing. The episode didn’t affect the joyful atmosphere. However, just a while later, some people rushed in to whisper and report to Ross. Ross was shocked. He didn’t dare to hide, thus he got up and reported, “Mayor, I just received a report that the main forces of the Scarlet Guards are gathered and rushing toward the west. They’ve already crossed the gate at the west, and their target is most likely the Luray Valley!”

Anything else could be ignored, but the Luray Valley was the Old Kander’s most precious treasure. He was surprised at the moment, “Ross, bring someone with you to check immediately. If they want to enter the Luray Valley, be sure to stop them!”

“Yes, sir!” Ross knew that the mayor was very nervous about the Luray Valley, so he left immediately and rushed out.

Old Kander was restless; he no longer had a mood for a birthday banquet. Hee patted the table and it fell apart. He clenched his teeth and said, “Barnacle must have deliberately left the house with some excuses! Damn Scarlet Guards! What are they trying to do?”

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