Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 101 - Aura Blade Slicing through the Demonic Body!

Chapter 101: Aura Blade Slicing through the Demonic Body!

The dark elf bandit was very fast; he piggybacked Culia and ran further. When they reached an isolated field, he finally put Culia down and sat down under a tree.

“Sir, this place should be safe. You’re badly injured. Here’s a bottle of healing potion, please drink it first.” The dark elf took out a bottle of potion and handed it to Culia politely.

“Nice! You did a good job. What is your name?” Culia praised the guy for his attentiveness. He then took the potion and drank it.

The dark elf bowed respectfully and replied, “My name is Robin.”

“Robin, you did a good job.” The more Culia looked at this guy, the more he felt that this guy was clever. He nodded with satisfaction, “Although your strength is weak, your mind is flexible, and more importantly, you are loyal. From now on, you’ll be my personal guard!”

“Thanks, sir!” Robin rejoiced, then he looked distressed, “It’s just… sir, our current situation is really bad. At the mines, there are that chick and Lennon. Over here at Mountain Xilang, the spirit dragon came out from the main pit again. We should report to Sir Barnacle as soon as possible.”

“Shut up!” Culia’s tone suddenly changed, and he looked at Robin coldly. “If you want to live as my personal guard, don’t ever mention that asshole, Barnacle in front of me again. If it weren’t for our lord wanting to have so-called balance, our leader would’ve killed Barnacle already! You asked me to tell Barnacle. Isn’t that just offering myself for him to stab me at my back?”

“Sir, please forgive me. I was shocked by the spirit dragon just now that my brain isn’t working!” Robin responded quickly; he knocked his head while he looked like he suddenly realized something. He handed a bottle of water over pleasingly, “I meant we should report to our leader as soon as possible.”

Culia looked less angry, then he took a sip of water. He nodded, “We should report to our leader as soon as possible. However, if it’s just the magical communication, our message can only reach Town Leia. Our leader just went to the estate not long ago. It’ll probably take at least 2 months before he returns to Town Leia.”

“Yeah. We can’t tell Barnacle either. What should we do?” Robin heard that Snowden wasn’t around, then his eyes shone, but he still put up a worried face.

“It’s all because that asshole who betrayed us! If that asshole is there, we can’t deal with the human!” Although Culia was scolding fiercely, he was clear in his heart: “Lennon” already held back. My sturdy demonic body is basically a child’s play before such a powerhouse. If he really wants to kill me, he only needs a single blow to fracture all my bones.

“Lennon is a very despicable guy. Besides, his strength has probably approached or even reached the Demon King level… even Barnacle isn’t his opponent. Perhaps only our leader can rival.” Culia frowned and contemplated. He suddenly had an idea, “That’s right! Lennon hooked up with Town Leia’s mayor, Old Kander’s young wife, Nalini. In the end, Old Kander found out and he was wanted by the entire town. He had no other choice but to secretly follow me to escape Town Leia and come to the mine. I can inform Old Kander to deal with Lennon.”

“Old Kander is that powerful?” Robin asked in surprise.

“I heard from Leader Snowden that Old Kander is a Demon King-level powerhouse. He was born in a noble family in the Dark Shadow Empire. He seems to be transferred to Town Leia to be the mayor 10 years ago. Even if he can’t eliminate Lennon, he can let the stronger demon from his family to do it.” Culia sneered and said, “However, even if Lennon is driven away, Athena isn’t easy to deal with either. We can take some miners hostage to threaten. If we really can’t then we’ll just kill a group of them…”

As he said, he saw Robin took out something like that looked like a magic communication talisman and asked strangely, “Why is this communication talisman not working? Is our communication tower destroyed?”

“The communication tower is built in the rocky mountains of Mountain Tuolan, so it’s impossible to be destroyed. Our communication with Town Leia and Dark Moon is fully relying on it…” Culia shook his head. Subsequently, he noticed something was wrong and looked doubtful, “Why do you have Town Leia’s communication talisman? This communication talisman is specially made. Only a few leaders like us have it!”

Robin didn’t expect to be exposed so quickly, but he basically got the information he wanted. He immediately smiled strangely, “Sir Culia, what do you think? Looking at the time, the potion should take effect now…”

“Ugh… who are you exactly!” Culia climbed up immediately. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain from his entire body; his wounds seemed to be torn forcefully. He fell to the ground and cried loudly in pain.

“What you just drank was a master-level Tearing Potion. Actually, its color is still rather distinct from a healing potion. Unfortunately, you are too careless; you actually drank it without thinking.” Robin looked regretful, but he was obviously being sarcastic.

“You must be Barnacle’s man!” Culia finally “understood”, “Bastard! You actually plot against me!”

Robin was obviously Chen Rui after “<Camouflage>”. He didn’t expect to be misunderstood by Culia at the end. He deliberately said creepily, “If you want to blame, blame yourself for following the wrong master…”

Culia suppressed the potion effect while starting to gather his remaining strength. He clenched his teeth and said, “Hmph! What’s so great about Joseph? Sir Kanita is the future lord! If you’re tactful, become my servant. In the future, you will be benefited. Otherwise, Sir Kanita and our Leader Snowden will not let you go!”

Kanita’s man? It seems that letting Roman keep Culia alive was the right choice as this acquired information are really important.

Culia’s hands were stained with the blood of the miners, and even he wanted to leak the news of Roman. With his cruel character, even if Chen Rui and Athena left the Mountain Lugang, he would still kill the innocent miners to vent his anger. Besides, based on Chen Rui’s plan, Culia’s death was more valuable than his life, especially when he obtained the current information.

“Save those words until you meet the Demon God!”

“Just by you?” Culia suddenly screamed, turned around and leaped toward Chen Rui. His whole body suddenly expanded; his skin glowed in faint red light. It was obviously the sturdy demonic body skill.

“Ignorant guy! My sturdy demonic body can temporarily suppress all toxins! Die!” Culia gathered his little remaining strength and punched the damn dark elf. Culia didn’t expect this dark elf who seemingly hadn’t reached Intermediate Demon actually didn’t dodge at all, but he extended his hand to take the hit directly.

Culia secretly sneered: Ignorant reptile! Do you think you’re a Higher Demon?

“Poom!” The punch hit directly on the dark elf’s palm. However, what made Culia feel incredulous was the dark elf’s body shook slightly and he moved backward 3 steps. There were a few shallow pits on the ground, but he stabilized his figure while holding onto Culia’s fist.

From the perspective of a Demon King powerhouse like Lennon, the sturdy demonic body was just a child’s play. However, with Chen Rui’s current level, it was absolutely not a small matter. He felt a terrible force went straight into his body through the palm, as if a strong torrent trying to shatter all of his organs. If it were someone else, he would definitely be at a loss if he were caught offguard. Athena was previously pushed back like this.

However, Chen Rui was baptized by countless waves from the surfy sea. Thus, this level of impact couldn’t form an actual threat anymore. With the Star Power flowing within his body, it instantly dissolved the “torrent”.

“Who are you!” Culia’s strength was reduced drastically due to injuries and the potion, so he couldn’t make full use of his demonic body. Yet, the attack contained a special impact force, even Athena might not be able to take it. This seemingly powerless dark elf actually withstood it!

A Higher Demon dark elf? He’s definitely not an average joe. Why would such powerhouse be loitering as a bandit in Mountain Xilang?

“Your sturdy demonic body only has so little strength?” Chen Rui certainly won’t answer, but he sneered. His Star Power suddenly erupted, and he punched again. When he punched, he felt strange as it actually faintly contained the mystery he learned from the surfy sea.

Due to the time constraint of previous training, he didn’t completely master this mystery. Among dozens of punches, only one punch would occasionally contain such power. Coincidentally, today’s first attack already got the “jackpot”.

Culia’s used his strength continuously, but he couldn’t move his opponent at all. Before he could get shocked, he quickly extended his hand to block. His body was shaking. The opponent’s strength was clearly inferior from his own, but there was a special surging force from the punch. It was rushing into his internal organs like a huge tide. He felt that his blood was raging; it was actually hard to endure.

Culia took a step back, then another step… he was actually pushed back a few steps. Each step left a deep footprint on the ground. He didn’t expect after activating sturdy demonic body, he’d still lose against an opponent with inferior strength in a direct confrontation. He snorted and exerted his power forcefully. Then, both of them were forced back for a few meters.

Chen Rui didn’t give Culia a chance to catch his breath. His feet stepped on the ground and he bounced forward at greater speed. It was another punch that hit directly on Culia’s chest. Yet, Culia’s sturdy demonic body wasn’t strongest in offense but defense.

This punch didn’t continue to get the “jackpot”; it didn’t manifest the mystery force of the surfy sea. It only left a white mark on Culia’s chest that disappeared soon after.

Culia didn’t feel the strange surge anymore, and he felt calmer. He shouted, “Hmph! Don’t waste your time. Even a weapon can’t break the defense of sturdy demonic body!”

Chen Rui wasn’t thinking much. He just went for a series of fierce attacks. Counting the time spent in the training ground proportionately, other than the battle at the main pit previously, he hadn’t engaged in actual combat for several months. Judging from the first punch, the force that he realized from the surfy sea was extraordinary. Now that there was a voluntary punching bag, surely he would take advantage of it.

Culia was getting more fearful as the battle went on. The weird surge would appear occasionally, and the frequency seemed to be slowly increasing. The terrible power could penetrate the surface defense and reach the internal – This is actually a characteristic of the sturdy demonic body. I never thought I’ll face an opponent with the same attribute. Besides, his “talent” is even higher.

If Culia let his opponent continue like this, even if his external defense were not damaged, his internal organs would be crushed. Actually, Culia overestimated Chen Rui. At present, Chen Rui only found a certain “feeling”, and he was performing out of the ordinary, but he hadn’t truly mastered the mystery of this force.

Chen Rui’s strength was indeed inferior. If Culia was in his usual state, he wouldn’t be so pathetic. However, his strength was used up now and he was badly injured, so it was his weakest moment. Besides, the master-level Tearing Potion was very strong. His sturdy demonic body almost couldn’t withstand it anymore.

When he thought of that, Culia was suddenly scared, and he activated <Teleportation> to escape. Chen Rui expected Culia to do so. Therefore, he jumped at full speed with his five fingers pointed at Culia and shouted, “<Aurora Shot>!”

Culia instinctively felt the crisis. When he turned his head, he saw a huge white light ball rushing at high speed. He couldn’t help but shock. The speed of the light ball was too fast, so it couldn’t be avoided. Also, he couldn’t use <Teleportation> continuously, so he could only take the hit directly.

Culia suddenly turned around. His entire body’s strength was concentrated to the maximum. He caught the light ball directly. The moment he caught it, he felt the horrible destructive power from the light ball. His muscles expanded again. The red light under his skin was extraordinarily bright, as if it was going to burst open.

Culia’s expanded body was pushed back gradually by the light ball. Two striking drag marks on the ground were getting longer and longer. The flame in the Great Demon’s eyes blazed stronger. He screamed madly, then his sturdy demonic body was gushing out flame containing blood. He used all his strength and pushed the light ball aside. After the light ball was deflected, it destroyed many things along the way until the light of <Aurora Shot> gradually dissipated.

Culia went all out to deflect <Aurora Shot>. His sturdy demonic body almost collapsed after pushing to the extreme. His palm with the toughest defense actually had countless wounds. It seemed that fortunately, he deflected the light ball wisely. Otherwise, even his sturdy demonic body probably couldn’t withstand such horrifying attack. However, due to that, he could no longer suppress the potion effect. His body started aching badly.

Before he could catch his breath, Culia suddenly looked up and saw that his opponent’s figure appeared in the sky. The opponent’s demeanor rose sharply. His highly-raised palm was glowing faintly like a sharp weapon.

At that moment, Culia’s overall strength was greatly reduced and the defense of his demonic body was the lowest. He endured the pain and gathered all his remaining strength to quickly crossed his arms high to defend.

In the blink of an eye, both of them passed by each other. Chen Rui landed on the ground and slowly moved back a few steps.

Culia stared at Chen Rui blankly and his crossed arms suddenly fell off. Behind his arms, a shallow red line appeared in the middle of his brows until the tip of his nose. Blood was coming out slowly. His huge body shook and fell to the ground. His wide-opened eyes were still filled with disbelief, and they gradually dimmed.

Culia couldn’t believe even when he was dead that his proud sturdy demonic body was actually broken with bare hands by someone that hadn’t even reached the middle-stage of Higher Demon!

This blow didn’t strike at the weak parts like the armpit or crotch, but it directly penetrated defense!

It looked like Chen Rui’s <Aura Blade> broke Culia’s sturdy demonic body that was extremely weak and chopped off the opponent’s arm. However, the one that was truly deadly was the invisible sword qi from the arm.

If Culia’s head was dissected now, it could be seen that from the middle of the brows, most of the tissues and nerves in the brain were destroyed.

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