Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 100 - Past Events and Surprise Attacks

Chapter 100: Past Events and Surprise Attacks

Athena knew the importance of the “grand master’s inheritance” so she no longer disputed with Roman and went to Gade.

“My friend, if I’m not mistaken, Athena and you… are “very good friends.” Roman grinned and gave Chen Rui a thumbs up. “I take back what I just said. The matter between men and women, perhaps Athena has some understanding already… Both of you still have “important things” to do later? Don’t forget the magical power of the infatuation ring. I believe you will thank me then.”

Looking at Roman’s flirtatious smile, Chen Rui was speechless. Yet, Chen Rui heard Roman’s intentions from his tone and said curiously, “You’re leaving?”

“Yes. Since my name, Roman is exposed, those who are looking for trouble will come here soon. If I don’t hurry, I won’t get away.”

Although he said so, Chen Rui could tell that Roman was afraid of involving Athena. This guy, although he is lustful and glib, he’s quite a nice person actually.

“Not telling her?” Chen Rui turned around and looked at the mining office’s stone house, “Aren’t you afraid that Athena blame you for not saying goodbye?”

“That’s why the task of bidding farewell for me will be handed over to you. You can’t just take advantage of me without doing anything right?” Roman shrugged and took another sip of alcohol, “If Athena asked where I’m going, tell her I’ll be wandering around for a while. About 3 months later, I’ll go to Silent Night Wetland.” Silent Night Wetland! Chen Rui’s heart was moved, but Roman had already left.

“By the way.” Roman’s footsteps suddenly paused, “If you can, help me pass a message to someone. Tell him that his blade is good but not enough.”

“I look forward to the day when the sharpness of the blade is qualified for me to face directly with my left eye.” Left eye? Why is it just the left eye? There must be something with the left eye! This might be the reason why Roman can detect my identity. Chen Rui frowned. The Demon Realm was big and wondrous. The Super System wasn’t omnipotent. However, for now, it wasn’t necessary to be hostile toward this guy like before. Perhaps he might be a good friend or a good rival.

After thinking, Chen Rui smiled and answered tactfully, “Of course… if I know this person. Roman smirked and smiled genuinely. He didn’t turn around, waved, wobbled forward while holding his alcohol. Not long after, he disappeared from Chen Rui’s sight soon.

“That guy is gone?” Soon, Athena appeared next to Chen Rui. She wasn’t stupid; she knew that Roman would definitely leave. She avoided him by making use of Chen Rui’s words lest this guy was embarrassed. After all, he was her true friend.

Chen Rui nodded and said, “Yes, he asked me to say goodbye to you. He said that after 3 months, he’ll go to the Silent Night Wetland. “Silent Night Wetland?” Athena’s eyes lit up, “Looks like this guy hasn’t forgotten about Delia. Every 5 years, Delia will go to the Silent Night Wetland. She seems to be looking for a very important treasure.” Silent Night Wetland? Treasure?

Chen Rui thought of something when he first heard Roman talking about Silent Night Wetland. Now, after listening to Athena, his heart was shocked: Could it be really related to Paglio’s treasure?

Athena told Chen Rui her meeting with Roman. It was before she came to Dark Moon. She was still in the Warlock Fortress that was guarded by her father, George. Warlock Fortress was a defensive stronghold at the border between the Fallen Angel Empire and the Bloody Empire. It had a long history. It was built with sturdy walls and siege towers; it was equivalent to a gigantic fort. It also had various defensive magic. Thus, it was known as the strongest defensive line in the Fallen Angel Empire.

Athena, who grew up in the fortress was like the Warlock’s little princess. She mixed around with the armies since young, so she developed a forthright personality. In a nearby town, Dark Cloud, Athena happened to rescue a pair of seriously injured man and woman, which were Delia and Roman. They claimed to be the explorers who came back from the Silent Night Wetlands. Delia was beautiful and generous while Roman witty and intelligent, also a little lustful. Athena was only 16 years old at that time; she got along with those two very well. During the period of recovery, they became good friends.

Soon, the assassins who chased the two came to the Dark Cloud Town. Although Delia and Roman were strong, they hadn’t recovered from their heavy injuries. Thanks to Athena asking her brother in the Warlock Fortress, Tawana for help in time and killed the assassin.

Only then Athena knew that Delia’s brother, Broc was one of the three generals of the Shadow Empire. For the sake of profit, regardless of her opposition, he forced her to marry an old guy who was a few hundred years older than her. She escaped with the help of Roman, then she was chased by the assassins sent by Broc all the way.

Athena’s father, George Wells, was the first general of the Fallen Angel Empire. His strength was strong and his reputation was far-reaching. Broc knew that he couldn’t use drastic measures, so he changed his strategy and pressured General George through diplomacy by using the Dark Shadow Empire. Since the Lord of Midnight Sun of the Fallen Angel Empire was long dead, Prince Obsidian who was far less powerful than the two great emperors, Raizen and Catherine, could only rely on his clever political tactic to barely sign a peace agreement. General George knew that the situation between the three empires, so he had to make Athena stop intervening.

As Athena was about to secretly help her two friends to escape, she never expected Roman to suddenly leave without a word. Delia felt very sad. Finally, due to pressure, she had to follow the messenger who came to the fortress and returned to the Dark Shadow Empire. Before she left, she gave Athena an ice crystal and promised to repay Athena in the future.

Due to that, Athena who had always been strong, burst into tears. Soon, she agreed to her father’s request and came to the Dark Moon Estate.

The exploration at the Silent Night Wetland wasn’t an excuse. Delia’s family had a lost secret treasure; it was very important for her. Delia was very talented, and she had a special sense of this secret treasure. After many years of searching, she finally found a clue of this treasure in the Silent Night Wetland. However, there were countless powerful traps around the treasure. She always returned with serious injuries every time. Gradually, Delia also figured out some patterns. Every 3 years, the traps around the treasure would be weakened for a few days, which was the best time to explore. 3 years ago, Delia and Roman were chased by a powerhouse sent by Broc. They took the risk and went to the Silent Night Wetland to hunt for treasure, wanting to resist Broc with the secret treasure. They were heavily injured once again. So, after 3 years, she’d definitely go there again.

When the conversation reached here, Chen Rui was almost certain that Delia’s family was one of the victims that the poison dragon plundered everywhere back in the years. That lost secret treasure should be part of Paglio’s hidden treasure. It seemed that after Arux’s matter was over, he needed to consider going to the Silent Night Wetland.

Chen Rui whispered to Athena, “I’ve already told Gade about us leaving. We’ll depart together now, then, we’ll split up halfway. Kegu and you shall wait for me at the green leaf forest. It’s the usual place that we passed by last time. Also, help me prepare food and water for 3-day portions. Menga and I will go to the place designated by the grand master. Athena asked with worries, “You’re going alone?”

“I can only go alone, but just in case, I’m bringing Dodo along.” Although Roman’s problem was solved, Chen Rui still made Athena leave this place, so he wouldn’t have to hold back.

He knew that Athena was still worried about Gade and the miners, so he said, “You also saw it today that Culia was obviously coming after me, and you also had a big fight with Culia. If we stay here, it’ll only involve them. Even if you can beat Culia, but what about Vice Deputy Barnacle? There is also the leader? Therefore, leaving here is actually good for both parties.”

Athena thought about it and thought it was reasonable. Before both of them came to the mines, the miners were suffering, but they were not in immediate danger at once. After the two came, the bandits immediately came to them.

“Let’s go now then…” Athena took two steps and suddenly turned around, “If after 3 years… what would you do if you’re Roman?”

The random questioned made Chen Rui stunned. After some time, he finally regained consciousness. He thought about it and answered, “I can see that Roman isn’t a coward. He must have his own reason to leave Delia 3 years ago. However, everyone’s way of handling things is different. If it were me… I would rather die with my beloved woman.”

“Oh…” When Athena replied with a poker face and turned away, her slightly blushing cheeks suddenly showed a happy expression. She walked toward the wyvern quickly.

Behind her, Chen Rui was shaking his head secretly: This girl’s mind seems to have more and more thoughts…

Chen Rui greeted Gade. Under the eyes of the miners, he rode the wyvern and left Mountain Lugang with Athena. After flying not far away, the two split up. Athena headed to the green leaf forest while Chen Rui obviously wasn’t going to the so-called grand master designated place but Mountain Xilang.

Culia was just defeated by Athena and Roman. Now, it was the best time to kill him while he was weak. Chen Rui’s purpose for this trip was not only to kill Culia but also to learn more information from him. Otherwise, he would’ve let Roman kill Culia.

After the first two experiences, Chen Rui was more familiar with the way to Mountain Xilang. After a while, he had already sneaked into the mountain foot area.

As wyvern’s speed was fast, now the defeated Culia and his men hadn’t returned yet. There were only a dozen bandits staying in the base. Chen Rui spontaneously changed the plan. He targeted a dark elf bandit that was left alone. He grabbed the bandit and interrogated. Surely, the subordinates had limited information. Chen Rui knew that these people’s hands were full of the blood of the miners and caravans. Therefore, he had no mercy and killed this guy immediately. Then, he eliminated the remaining bandits as quickly as possible.

Right when Culia’s group arrived Mountain Xilang’s foot, they stopped at a distance, looking fearful.

A dragon with a body of skeleton actually appeared in the residential area at the mountain foot. The hideous look was even clearer under the bright daylight. “It’s spirit dragon”!

This scary spirit dragon actually appeared at this time. Besides, it actually came from the main pit to the mountain foot!

The gates of the residential area and the nearby stone houses had been destroyed. The bandits that were supposed to guard were not around. They were most probably eaten by the scary spirit dragon!

At that moment, Culia’s heart was extremely depressed. The spirit dragon looked as terrifying as the rumor, but it unfortunately appeared at such a critical moment. He couldn’t rival even if he wasn’t injured. What’s more, he was seriously injured now?

It seems that this time coming back from Town Leia to Mountain Xilang is truly unlucky!

The spirit dragon saw the bandits. It made a low pitch roar and slowly approached.

The bandits were scared witless. At that moment, a dark-elf-looking bandit rushed to Culia and shouted, “You guys stop the spirit dragon. I’ll protect Sir Culia and leave first!”

As he said, he picked up Culia and started running. The speed advantage of a dark elf was fully manifested; they disappeared instantly. How would the bandits dare to “stop” the spirit dragon? They had all escaped.

This kid is quite smart; he must have a bright future. Culia was carried by the dark elf and rushed all the way. He was secretly praising, but he didn’t realize that the dark elf was smiling strangely.

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