Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 206

Chapter 206


At the same time, a simultaneous explosion rang out. It was because of twenty monsters that suddenly fell from the air.

"Chuck, chuck!" "Argh!"

The swamp was in a shambles in an instant, with the monsters stuck in a mudslide, falling and bouncing off each other and rolling around in a shambles.

Delman's army looked perplexed again, and I looked back at the monsters. "Skiruk, Hkiruru-look!"

Stomp, wooddock-

However, the mangrove stems did not stop holding but began to drag the prey they had caught in the swamp. The Delman's pulled out their swords and cut down the strong stems that led the monsters.

However, the stem wriggled as if it were alive and bent over the human arms. "Ahhhh! Save me!"

"Lulu-Lulu look—!"

A number of humans slowly sank into the swamp, unable to move with monsters. The Crown Prince's army was mesmerized by the sight more terrible than the monster the enemy had brought.

"What are you all standing up to? This is it, attack!"

At that time, the Crown Prince who was regained first in the mess shouted out loud. Now was the opportunity, with magic tied to all the enemies.


The knights who heard the shouted noise started running into the forest of mangroves, with raising their swords.


The rebels were busy cutting down the stems that kept twisting their bodies with their haggard complexion and struggling to escape the swamp. The same was true of Eclise, who was caught by the mangrove stem. He was the most dangerous of them all.

Whether or not his half-grabbed monster had already been dragged into the swamp, was coming to me with a dagger hitting the stem around his feet.


He shouted at me as if he was dying. I could see his strong will never let go of me with his glistening eyes.

'Damn, this guy...'

I frowned at the approaching man. Eclise was coming one step at a time to catch me, but I couldn't even dodge. Perhaps because of my mood, the mirror wand in my hand became hotter and hotter.

Something was popping up in my throat again. I clenched my teeth. If I didn't press it down, I felt instinctive that the magic would be released.

'It's time to fight.'

I had to hold out until the prince's army exterminated the rebels. But as time went by, my eyes became clouded.

"Prince! Retreat, we must retreat!"

At that time, the Delman army near Eclise shouted desperately. But when there was no answer-back, he flew himself over desperately and grabbed Eclise.


"Let go! Penelope!"

Eclise, who had brushed his subordinates off roughly, came close to me. A space of more than three steps I could have been caught if he ran up with his hands stretched out. But that was the magic route.

At the same time, the thought of not wanting to be caught came to my mind. Woodduck-.

Several vines of plants suddenly rose from the mud and wound his legs tightly. It slowly pulled Eclise down. His gray eyes turned down, and then they came up to me again.


"Don't come, if you don't want to die."

I warned him, glaring at him painfully at the dim view. "Please kill me."

But in vain, an immediate answer came.

"If it's your order, I am willing to die. If you want me to die, I'll die like this." "You really..."

"Because I can't give you up even if I die." ""

"Quickly before I cut off all these stems then leave."

As soon as his words were over, magic spells circled in my head. In one word, it was not difficult to kill him by driving him deep into the swamp. But I couldn't spit it out.

'Do I really want Eclise dead?' Naturally, I hated him and resent him.

The main culprit who made me failed hard mode and drink poison with my hands.

But when I saw he was shedding blood to death trying desperately to catch me, I could only sigh from this view. But how did he get to this point when he was once a miserable one?

"You are no longer my slave, Eclise."

I finally put an end with him, not to hurt him, but to bring him to reason.

"I'm sorry I tried to take advantage of you even though I knew your feelings about me." "Master"

"But whatever the process, our relationship is already over. I don't love you." ""

"So please wake up and live your life now. Don't be dragged around by Yvonne. If you live well, I won't blame you anymore."

Eclise's eyes shook violently at my words. When I said I didn't love him, his expression was all distorted over the face. It was the moment.


Someone called me loudly. My eyes and Eclise's gaze turned to that sound at the same time. The Crown Prince, who had destroyed all the Delman troops near him, was rushing through the swamp to me.

"It's because of him."

A dreary and dark whisper came from the front.

"Yvonne was right. Because you want to get a high position..." ""

"If I kill him and hold the empire in my hand, I can have you." "What nonsense is that!?"

Before I could even answer, Eclise jumped forward. Wooddeuk-

It was so powerful that all the mangrove stems that grabbed and pulled him were cut off. Suddenly, a large long sword rose up in the hand of the man who ran to the front Callisto.

"Your Highness!" Chaeng-!

Callisto managed to stop the sword. There was an eerie voice between the blades of the sword. Eclise, who had returned, spouted his sword dreadfully.


Surprised by an unexpected long sword, Calisto stumbled and was pushed back. "Di Ha Lek!"

I shouted without reserve. Woodduck, Chwawak-!

The thick stems rose from the mud to an enormous height that hit both men.

From the mud, not the small ones, thick stems rose to a great height, so high that both of them could be overtaken.

"Lulu look—!"

"Prince!" Puck-

At that moment, with a strong gust of wind, a monster flew like a lightning bolt and took Eclipse away. It happened in a blink of an eye, as if it was a teleport.

It seemed that the only purpose was to take him out of the swamp with an enormous speed. Whether it's wiped out or not, the rest of Delman's armies still remain.

I stared blankly at the monster, which was quickly moving away and soon disappeared at all. I'm so frustrated that I missed it like this.

'Should I have killed him right away?'

I couldn't deny that I hesitated even though I had the chance. But no matter how much I thought about it, I felt a strange feeling. I must kill one of the male leads with my own hands...


When I turned my head at the call, the Crown Prince, who had taken care of himself, quickly approached me with a distorted face.

"Are you all right? Are you hurt?"

He held my both cheeks together and looked at my body frantically. I looked around instead of answering.

Most of the monsters and Delman troops tied to the mangrove stems were dragged into the swamp and died at the hands of the Crown Prince's army.

As the battle seemed to be over, the tension became eased.

"Your Highness."

"Why? What's wrong with you? Did that son of a bitch do anything to you? Huh?" "Well, I feel dizzy."


At the end of the tearful red eyes, my eyes were dimmed.

* * *

Hnock knock-

There was a sound of knocking rang out in the quiet office. "Come in."

The Duke of Eckart ordered briefly as he already knew who the visitor was. The door opens and the duke's gray-haired butler comes in and greeting politely. The duke raised his head from the document he was looking at and asked the main point.

"How did it go?"

"Lady Penelope's maid is still missing." The Duke's face was darkened by the reply.

"Is there no possibility anybody's following Penelope?"

"The maid disappeared two days after the young lady went out and disguised herself"

The butler spoke with an air of regret. And added painfully.

"And the missing maid, Leah, was Paul's fiancée, the stableman who promised to marry her." "Marry?"

"Yes, I checked and no one has seen Paul since last night. I'm assuming he ran away for his wedding."

The Duke frowned as he listened to the butler. So much has happened to the duchy in the last few days that he had to patch things up.

A foster daughter who ran away from home after beating the daughter of the returned Duke and a maid who disappeared without a trace. Not only that, but two employees disappeared one morning.

"Their behavior is strange. They haven't even received a severance pay?"


For the sake of discipline, the relationship between employees was strictly prohibited within the residence. However, even those who secretly promised to marry others could not be forced to do so.

Therefore, they usually used to pay a large sum of money for marriage and severance pay then send it out of the mansion. But isn't it strange that they left without even receiving the severance pay?

"Let's get rid of him. Let's look into his tracks."

The duke with a suspicious look asked the butler cautiously. "Okay. What can I do with those who have left on their own?"

The duke shook his head easily. The runaway daughter and his sons who caused problems every day were more troubled than the escaped employees.

"What's Renald doing?"

"He's still asleep after returning home early this morning, drunk." "What?!"

After Penelope left the house, the second son drank alcohol every day.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, he comes drunken and cry bitterly, and wakes up all our employees.

-I'm sorry, I'm sorry.... Please don't die. Oh fuck.... I'll buy you a new necklace....

There was a terrible rumor among the employees that the second master might have been broken- hearted.

"Since Lady Penelope left, it seems he has been very lonely."

"He's a pathetic bastard."

The Duke clicked his tongue as if he disapproved of the butler's words.

But he couldn't hit his son on the back of his head because he knew who he was wrong about. Because it's an act of hitting on the back of his head and it's not being a good thing.

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