Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 205

Chapter 205

I stopped fighting back frightened with his threats. 'Why he stopped pouring the arrow attack.' Because he found me there.

Despite this urgent situation, I was overwhelmed by the true feelings of Eclise, who was vividly relaxed through the skin.

If he had fallen in love with Yvonne and acted for her, I wouldn't have felt this way.

Eclise's deep gray eyes, which had always been a doll-like, now glowed with unknowable passions. I glanced over his head with shaky eyes.

The favorability gauge bar that still shone with a dark red color. His love has become poison to me.

"When you bring Yvonne back, I say again that it's all over."


"But you'll do whatever you want."

"I haven't even started it, but how does it end, Master?"

Didn't care about my cold voice, he pulled my back to him a little more. "You have been like that before."

I nodded slowly and muttered with a low voice.

I lowered my gaze and touched the mirror wand with both hands. "It's hard to listen in words."

I, who had been hanged for a favor, knew that he would not be enslaved, but left me alone. This was the result.

"If I can't use magic, I should use it to beat up."


The moment when Eclise was puzzled in my own words.

Suddenly, I smashed his head as hard as I could, using the mirror wand I was holding. puck-!


With a dull sound of hitting, the back-grabbed power was loosened. 'Tch, let me go.'

It was not for nothing that the Crown Prince said to swing a stick and beat Yvonne to death.

It was practically useful advice, as it was decorated with jewels around the small mirror at the end of the wand.

"Master, waitUgh!"


After turning my body and hitting his head one more time, I pushed him out as hard as I could.

Eclise missed the reins with groans.

The drops of blood running through his forehead made my heart sting. However, there was no time for feeling the guilt.

It's the moment when the unbridled monster shook like mad. "Princess!"

A familiar voice was heard from below just in time.

Looking down, I saw the Crown Prince's creature was barely flying up and down under Eclise's monster, almost strangling the new enemy.

"Your Highness! I'm jumping!"

When I shouted out loud, he shook his head in hesitation. "Well, wait! Still!"

Even for me, the Crown Prince seemed to be precarious on the monster's back, who was frantically tossing and turning to drop the human being on its board.

But there was only a chance now. "Ughno."

Eclise, who had come to his senses after being hit in the head, reached out to me. I threw myself down just before he grabbed me by the back.


Eclise, who was holding on to his bleeding head, rose up and stretched out his arm under the monster. I could see his face palely distorted between the scattering hairs.

But he was at that moment, too. "Penelope Eckart!"

The body that was falling helplessly was caught roughly by someone.

The Crown Prince, who saw me jumping down, stepped on the monster without hesitation to receive me and bounced up.

Then 'puck-!' There was a powerful push that hit the whole body. "Ugh! ah, ugh!"

The Crown Prince rolled over the swamp ground, holding me tightly in his arms.

I didn't even notice that I missed the mirror wand that I was holding in the meantime. "Ugh, ugh, crazy"

By the time the rolling had finally stopped, Callisto and I had become the mud creatures that had come up from hell.


The Crown Prince raised himself painfully after he let me go.

His handsome face and golden hair were all covered in sticky mud. Compared to that, I was really fine in his cape.

This was because the impact of the fall was absorbed by the soft swamps and Callisto instead. "Shit, you really!"

He sharpened his red eyes at me.

I made a peep and quickly laid down my eyes. Callisto sighed as he looked at me. "Are you hurt?

"Whatabout you, Your Highness?"

"Thanks to someone, I feel like I've been trampled all over." I lowered my head in half sorry for him.

It was my mistake for jumping recklessly, but I couldn't just be kidnapped, right? You can trust a toad living around here to be friends. Come on, get up."

He grabbed my mesmerized arm and forced me up.

Looking at the movement, Callisto seemed to have no major injuries while we fell. It's a good thing to think that the landing place is a swamp, not a hard soil. "kkiluuuuug-!"

It was then. Ominously, another group of monsters waiting in the air began to move. "Tch, they're going to make a disturbance."

The Crown Prince clicked his tongue as he watched the swarm of dark monsters flying violently down. "He's not destroying his own army, he was trying to hold me back and kidnap you."

After seeing what they were trying to do at once, the Crown Prince turned his head and stared at me. His face, who had to fight without resting properly, looked a little tired.

'Crazy bastard.'

I bit my lower lip at his red eyes, which were nailed to me like a stabbing.

Even after he was beaten, it seemed that Eclise had no intention of giving up on me.

At this rate, the pro-defense forces, which were fighting against each other, would be wiped out. "Was that the little guy back then?"

In the midst of a rush, Callisto suddenly asked.

"When I went to the dukedom to present you an ancient Balta map, he was peeping at us in the woods after the patronage."

I was very surprised at the words of the Crown Prince, who sharply recalls the memories I had forgotten.

The conversation was not suitable for the situation where the enemy was just around the corner. But in his glance at my answering, I reluctantly spit out.

"He was a slave and escort I brought from the auction house."

"He paid back his master's kindness with revenge." "I'm sorry."

I felt heavy in my heart because it seemed to have happened because of me. The moment I quietly bowed my head.


The Crown Prince bent his waist to avoid the claws of a flying monster, and pulled out the sword, and cut its neck.

I didn't even know that the monster was aiming at us, so I froze like a fool.

He dropped a sword roughly into the screams of the fallen enemy soldiers, and soon Callisto wiped his

long face with the back of his hand, lifting his lower back.

You don't have to look like a sinner. I'm glad you didn't see the shit out of me." ""

"It would have made me feel worse if they were after you to hit me." "why?"

"Because you're weak."

He grinned as he casually recited that I was weak.

Immediately, he hurriedly held my arm with his hand without a sword.

"From now on, stay right behind me, Princess. How can we get out of the woods?" He began to go along the edge of the swamp right in front of him.

Because of the fall, we were quite far from the middle of the battle. If I go to the forest with him like this, I can get out safely.

Because of the enormous size of the monster, they can't fly between dense trees. "But what about the other knights?"

I asked him the question as he pushed me back, preparing for another monster that was flying in. "Well, what do you want me to answer?"

chaeng-! The claws and the blade of the sword hit each other. This time again, he easily killed the monster.

But the slippery mud caused the sword to slip out of his hands over and over again. "Do you want to hear that you're the most precious one to me?"


"Or you'll be taken away, whether you're killed or not." ""

"Or would it be better to say that all my men who have been around for years are dead or not and that they will never see me being dragged away?"


He faltered and pushed me toward the forest, constantly cutting through the monsters. I was forced to be pushed aside by him with my hands helplessly off.

Perhaps it was because of his mood that his movement seemed to be getting slower. I remembered that he hurt his arm late.


When he barely hurt another enemy.

In the distance, we saw a huge monster flying towards us with terrifying momentum. "Tch, Maybe I have to kill that bastard to get a way out."

Callisto murmured irritably as he noticed the person riding on it. It was Eclise.

A man with blood on his forehead glanced at us, no, he looked at me and glared like a ghost. 'Please, pleaseStop it, you madman!'

Callisto was right.

Unless we had to do something about that madman, the way out of here seemed a long way off. Then suddenly, my anger suddenly soared.

'I'll be too busy to kill Yvonne, but why should I be rolling here like this!' The lump of mud dripping from my head was irritating and driving me crazy.

Why should I be rolling in the middle of a swamp where I can't even get out of it when I'm sad that I got hit in the back?

But what's more irritating was that if I stayed still and got kidnapped by Eclise, the situation would be even worse.

'No. I can't give up. I'm gonna hit him a few more times. Where are you, you, fucking mirror wand.' I opened my eyes and found the mirror wand I missed.

The wand protruding upside down in the mud was noticed by my eyes.

It was a time when I was trying to move there. Suddenly, my eyes were blinded.

Your anger and justice have reached MAX to awaken the blood of the ancient wizard!

From now on, you can use magic with [Mirror Wand of Truth].

However, [Ancient Magic] requires a lot of stamina and mental strength! Use it carefully at important times!

I hit it on the square window that came up. "No."

I said to the Crown Prince, who had the sword prepared while hiding me behind him. "Just, don't ask me why I'm using the magic now. Okay?"


After giving a pretty late question to my remark close to self-help, I ran straight with the mirror wand. "Penelope Eckart! Come here now!"

I heard the Crown Prince calling me in a startled from behind, but I couldn't stop. "kkiluuuug-!"

When there was only a short distance from the wand, a strong gust of wind struck with a scream of a monster from behind.


I instinctively flung myself down.

When I managed to stop after rolling on the mud like I was sliding on it, something just passed over my head.


It was the claw of the monster.

I looked up and saw that the Eclise who came to catch me was turning away in the distance. "You son of bitch."

I wiped out the mud off my face nervously and spit out the swear words. Fortunately, the sliding quickly reached the spot of stopping with a mirror wand. I grabbed the wand in front of my eyes and pulled it with force.


Soon the top of the mirror wand was revealed with a sound of wet soil.

There was no way to find the splendid and magnificent former appearance on the dirty wand with lots of mud and unknown grass.

Nevertheless, my face brightened.

Because the white letters were hovering around the mirror wand on the top. "kkiluuuug-!"

Eclise is running towards me again with the damn creature flying back and forth between heaven and earth.

"Get the hell out of here!"

I opened my mouth with despair. Suddenly, it was hot under my neck.

With the quaint sensation of boiling, I closed my eyes tightly and shouted painfully. "Da kana!"


There was a slight vibration from the ground, and a strange sound rang out.

I thought that if I shouted the spell, even a lump of light would fall from the sky and devastate the monster.

But when I opened my eyes to the quiet surroundings. "kkiluuuug-!"

I literally faced a situation where everything stopped.

The sight of the mangrove forest stalks growing frighteningly in the middle of the swamp, holding the legs of all the monsters in the sky.

And the Crown Prince, Imperial army, Delman's men, who looked at it in bewilderment and astonishment.

I was already sick of the wild nature of monsters flying around, and I liked the magic more than I thought.

The rest of the spell popped out without difficulty. "Fresher."

At that moment, the flock of flying monsters, which had been wrapped around the mangrove stem, plummeted to the swamp ground in unison.

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