Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 168

Chapter 168

"My lady, it's time to go."

Emily picked me up shortly after the Duke left. "Yes."

I nodded and raised my body.

I followed Emily down, and it was calmer than I thought.

The venue for the coming-of-age ceremony was decorated with a banquet hall inside the mansion, not in the front garden, but in the back garden.

It was the will of the Duke. It was a place that I spend a lot of time, and it was really meaningless.

After pressing down on the aching stomach again, I strode past the wide-open back door. The bright sunlight shone outside.

The place, which had been off-limits for two days due to preparations for the ceremony, was turned into a starland.

New white drapes, tents, flowers, crystals, and various jewels with lavishly decorated podiums and numerous tables embroidered with colorful gold coins.

Apparently, a huge fountain, which had not been there until a few days ago, was pouring with water in the middle.

As if to adorn all of it, a rare flamboyant, colorful flower rain fell from the sky. "It's not a fantasy, it's a real-life magic, my lady."

Emily whispered gladly.

"For today, the Duke hired a large number of wizards."

When I heard that, I could see a little bit why the Duke insisted so strongly that he couldn't cancel it. The ceremony was simply the height of luxury that seemed to have been poured out of money.

"It's so beautiful, my lady..."

Emily muttered while looking up at the sky with her dreamy eyes.

I extended my hand. Just in time, a falling petal settled down on my palm. At that moment, I couldn't stop my view from blurrying.

The coveted flesh-colored petals were The Ellen Wick Rose.

To avoid the quarrel with Renald, who said it was meaningless and pretty in front of the Duke. When I was staring down at it.

Ttuk-. Suddenly, someone snatched my hand towards the air. "What are you doing standing here stupidly?"

When I looked up, I saw his light pink hair. I asked, frowning.


"There's no one knight saying he'll escort you to the ceremony, right? Gee, you could've been a fool without me."

"I don't need you, I can go alone. And I told you not to talk to me for a while."

I said it sharply and then snapped and plucked my hand. "Hey, hey!"

Renald took my hand back in a hurry. "Let it go, don't you hear me?"

"What will happen to Eckart if you go alone? You have two brothers, and they'll point at us if we don't escort you."

"What do you know?"

When I twisted my arm without care, Reynold exclaimed hurriedly.

"Father! He told me to take care of you so you wouldn't get into trouble! Hey, you tell her. Dad made me do it, didn't he? Uh?"

He fiercely glared at Emily. Frightened, Emily nodded wildly.

"Yeah, yes, my lady! I've heard it too! The young master will escort you to the ceremony..." "You see, she heard him!"

It was a obvious lie to anyone. I sighed indistinctly and relaxed my arm. I didn't want to be in touch with Renald, but if I continued to fight like this, everyone's attention would be drawn.

He quickly followed me when I moved without a word, assuming that I had no escort. I didn't want to see his smile, so I fixed my eyes only on the front.

There was quite a distance to the podium beyond the fountain in the middle. I stepped on the red carpet holding Renald's hand who was like gentleman, and I heard a familiar whisper.

"It must be true that the lady is his beloved daughter, not the child he gave up, she truly symbolizes a household name."

"Well, I mean, even though she has been such a scoundrel all this time..." "What's this decoration for her...? Oh, my God, it looks too expensive."

It was the moment. The light flashed before my eyes.

You has a reputation of +100 for your improved relationships with people around you. (Total: 460)

I watched the news of my reputation increase on the last day of Hard Mode with a cold eye.

Renald raised our hands higher to see if there were the extra people who doubted in our good relationship.

After making many twists and turns, I finally reached my place for today. Even though he completed his mission, he didn't leave my side.

I was the only one who worried about it, so I watched the fountain that poured water freely. But the dreaded fear of terror wouldn't let me stay still.

"Are you still upset about that?"


I immediately answered before this guy's words were finished.

"Huh," said Renald, who burst out laughing, thunderstruck as if he were dumbfounded. "Just pretend you're listening and answer, huh?"

"I'm listening."

"You're definitely upset. Huh."

I tried to ignore it, but the hateful words and deeds kept coming under my eyes. "Why do you think I'm upset? I don't care at all."

"The way you talk is just like it before you start screaming."

"I'm sorry I couldn't meet to your expectations, but I don't want to waste the time putting that kind of emotion into you."

"Oh, my baby. She's pouting."

He pinched my cheek and chatted. I hit that hand, and I screamed in astonishment. "Are you crazy?"

"Oh, my. Now you're just hooked." "Ha"

I sighed deeply and fixed my gaze again at the fountain. Even though the ceremony didn't start, but it felt like the day had already ended. It was the moment I was determined to ignore him thoroughly from now on, for the sake of my mental health.

"I'm sorry, I misunderstood you."

A small apology has been heard. I looked back at him as if I had heard something unfamiliar. But this time, Renald didn't face me.

"I didn't do it on purpose. You know that. That I sometimes talk like a prick." It was really surprising that he knew it.

"You must be anxious to pick a fight with me all the time." "This, looking at the sister drowning in the water."

He was literally tormenting me in a fit of rage, and soon frowned and muttered.

"Actually, I don't know why I did it when I think about that timeMaybe it was because I had a dream

before that."

"Dream? What kind of dream?"

"I had the same dream the night before. So I thought you were really beating her. You know deja vu phenomenon."

Renald tilted his head and soon returned to original topic.

"So be yourself, as usually, huh? Would you even dream of playing at some king of game?"

My hair suddenly stood on end. I had a vague idea of how it happened then. It was clear that Yvonne tried to brainwash not only the Duke but also Reynold.

I held back my trembling hands and opened my mouth. "You don't feel sorry for her?"


"She's supposed to keep being hidden because of my coming-of-age ceremony." Renald answered me with a shrug.

"What do you say? It's not even clear yet. If our father can't tell whether she is real or not, then you don't need to be sad."

The appearance of my brother Renald, who was lifted from the influence of brainwashing, seemed didn't care much about her.

I was a little dazed. I was the only one who appeared and stood on all the alert and nerves.

So far, the Duke's family had dealt with numerous fraudsters who had been looking for a reward. If this was reality, this episode was more natural...

"Hahaha" / "Uckcha"

The idea of a tail-to-door affair ended with a bizarre act by Renald. Suddenly, he bent down and pulled

something out of the cloth that was stretched down the podium. "Here, take it."

What he gave me was a pretty big wooden box. " What is it?"

I didn't know what it was, so I just had to stare at it. Then he threw the box helplessly. And I opened the lid without a moment's hesitation.

When I looked inside the box, I slowly opened my eyes wide.

On top of a pile of straw laid the mass of four furry balls huddled together, and someone was snoring in his sleep.

"This is"

They were baby rabbits. White, gray, black, and the last one, uniquely, has a green dot on a sky blue fur. "Is it a bunny."

"The rabbits you told me to let go of have their babies crammed near the kerb. These are already three years old."


I completely forgot. Hunting competition. After I was done, he asked the persistent question, "Is there any kind of prey from hunting you want?" I answered "rabbit."

When I made a stupid noise, Renald frowned violently. "You didn't even look at them, did you?"

Not only did I look into it, I didn't even know that he had taken care of the rabbit. Frustrated, Renald pointed to one of the cubs, who was inside the box.

"This is my gift."

It was a unique rabbit with a green dot on its sky blue fur. As I stared blankly at it, Renald silently moved.

"I bought a green rabbit in the South for an expensive price, and I paired it with a sky blue one, but the little one with your eye-like color doesn't come out."

"Is it paint? If you mix it, the color will be darker?" "Hey, this is all I can say to you. Are you an idiot? Huh?"

I was dumbfounded and asked again, and Renald yelled in a fit of rage. However, his face turned red, as if he had been stabbed in the heart.

"And when I see it running, it's like a turquoise! Did I succeed?!"

After a moment's stuttering, he shouted loudly. Then I looked inside the box in case the rabbits would wake up, and I carefully closed the lid.

"Take good care of them. Because you're their mom now." "What about their mother? Where is it?"

"They were either abandoned because they were weak or their parents died. If I let them go, they would starve to death."

I was a little solemn with that remark. I called Emily, who was standing by, and held out the box to her. Sadly, I couldn't keep Reynold's words about taking the good care of them.

But like a rare dark pink bird that Derrick gave me as a gift, I couldn't refuse coldly. It was partly because they were newly born, and I could not ignore them because I felt that Renald had been put in agony.

I whispered belatedly in a small voice.

"Thanks for the gift, brother."

At my words, Reynold laughed brightly, revealing his relief. "Happy birthday to you, Penelope."

A light pink favorability's gauge bar glistened above his head. When I looked at it with strange look, one side of the hall became noisy. Renald, who turned his head and confirmed the cause, said with an impression.

"Hey, old man's here. I guess he's about to start nagging."

He was a senior member of the Eckart family who came to give a speech at the coming-of-age ceremony. It didn't appear in the game, but I knew it from the butler.

"I'm bringing my father, so stay alone for a while."

As a member of the family, Renald was busy with this event.

"But where is he when I'm busy? Why should I do what he has to do?"

It was about time to turn away from him, ignoring his whining. Suddenly my cheeks were sore. Unconsciously, I looked at someone face-to-face.

As the seats were not fully occupied yet, the purple favorability's gauge bar was blinking. It was Vinter Verdandi.

The coolness of his naked face, which I hadn't seen in a long time, turned to me.

The guarded blue pupils seemed made me return to the early days when I had infiltrated at his secret space.

"Well, is this good enough?"

I silently endured his cold gaze. It's a good piece of information, so he already would already know. Yvonne came back to the dukedom and was somewhere in the mansion.

Vinter was originally a character who was so devoted to her that he brought Yvonne on the day of the coming-of-age ceremony. What was he thinking about when he saw me forcing him to make a request, even mentioning the mistakes he made to me at TraTan?

It was then. His cold gaze, which had been nailed to me, slid down. He stared at the dress, not my face. 'Oh, damn it.'

I, looking down as well, realized what he was looking at and gave myself a short recite of scolding. I forgot to take off my necklace because of the conversation with the Duke. It was a completely old- fashioned accessory that didn't look good on me.

'What should I do? You want me to take it off now?'

Of course, nothing will happen. I left my bottle in my room.

It was a moment when I looked down at the shiny white bead and I didn't know what to do. Suddenly, one of my sides became dark.


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