Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 167

Chapter 167

I was so used to this family that I didn't even think about it. 'Then what about Penelope if I escape?'

No matter how magical the game is, the dead never lived.

It's only a family affair, but I found it hard to shake off the creeps that ran down the back of my neck. 'What's the game story? Can the FL target ML without Penelope?'

My brain didn't work well. The most important thing here was my escape. 'What about me? Can I really get out of this game?'

I felt like I was in a labyrinth without an exit.

My breath became heavy. The Duke looked surprised at me panting shallowly. "It's a slip of the tongue, forget it."

However, the heart that raged wildly did not calm down. Looking at me getting pale, the Duke asked urgently. "Penelope, are you sick? Should I call a doctor?"

"No. No, Father"

I shook my head with difficulty. And she opened her mouth, trying to hold her breath and force her heart to calm down as usual.

"I'm a little surprised that my father knew."

The Duke accepted my excuse with a firm countenance. He squirted his lips with difficulty. "Penelope, I"


"I'm such an immature and ugly father that I still don't know how to treat with you." I looked at him in silence for the first time, holding my breath.

"I thought it would be all right if I gave all the things you asked for, and let your anger out every time you didn't care about me the way you used to be."


"I thought that would work."

That's not it, now he knew it now. It was a sad realization.

Finally, he stared at me without an answer, and he opened his mouth. "Eclise, is he that good?"

I caught my eyes at the sudden noise. "What are you"

"You're the child who had an open mind." ""

"But he brought YvonneI was afraid you'd get hurt. That's why I didn't let you meet him."


"But if you really want it..... I'll bring him back to your escort when the ceremony is over. So... eat your food in time."

I looked at the Duke with gloomy eyes.

The word should have been said three days ago.

No, in fact, if I had been allowed to meet Eclise then, nothing would have changed. Since the color of the gauge bar was dark red, I've already failed to Eclise's route. "It's not like that, Father."

I shook my head slowly.

"I was so surprised that day. He's just a benefactor who helped in an emergency, and he's not more meaningful person."

"I know you don't mean it."

I was sincere now, but I wonder if it was because I really wanted Eclise. The Duke did not readily believe it.

"Then Yvonne."

I asked back in a dreary voice. "She said she wanted Eclise."

The Duke looked embarrassed at my words, and soon answered calmly.

"She have to live in the same house for the time being, and as you say, you have to keep the good between sisters."

"I didn't know the fact that I and she are sisters had already been decided." "Penelope."

He called me nicely. If you look at it, Yvonne was the older sister.

By the time she returned to the Duke, it occurred to her as if she had seen the epiphany of a brief coming-of-Age ceremony for her birthday.

'You've changed your words again.'

At the same time I noticed the subtly changed attitude of the Duke from three days ago. 'At the time, I think you was in halfway of attaching Eclise to Yvonne.'

I was trying to understand which side the Duke really was. Suddenly, everything became meaningless. 'What was the use of getting it now?'

With so many opportunities missed, I was now nearing the end of the hard mode. "Duke."

I put in a title that I hadn't called for a long time. (note: brb crying)

The Duke's blue pupils dilated greatly at a strange call after a long time. I talk to him calmly.

"Don't bother about me that much anymore." "Penelope."

"I was greatly indebted to you for staying at the Dukedom as a lady instead of Yvonne for six years. I've seen and learned, so I know that knowing when to leave is a virtue."

"That's, what are you talking about? What do you mean 'instead'?"

"I don't want the whole Dukedom to be subject of the joke because of me. I want to leave quietly." "Leave it!"

The Duke, who was stammering in embarrassment, let out a roar at the moment.

"Why do you keep making such noises from the past ? Where on earth are you going while being an unmarried woman without a home!"

"Your daughter is back." "Hu..."

The Duke took a deep sigh and touched his forehead. He said with a vague eye that even I would notice.

"What are you talking about, Penelope. You are also my daughter."

"It's not too late now, Duke. Please cancel the coming-of-age ceremony."

"Penelope Eckart!" He shouted again.

This wasn't just a stand to avoid the coming-of-age ceremony. It is already too late to do so.

It was a piece of advice for the Duke, who called all the nobles of the Empire and even the people of other countries.

"If you're worried about losing face to others, you can postpone it for a while and hold Yvonne's Coming-of-Age ceremony in a big way."

"I'm not pushing the coming-of-age ceremony so far just for my appearances!" Also, the Duke, who raged, shut up.

He, who stared at me fiercely, soon relaxed his eyes and avoided my gaze. Within seconds of the voice, he looked as if he had aged ten years.

"I wanted to make your one-time coming-of-age ceremony the best."

Soon after, he told him why he couldn't cancel it.

"For your happiness, I want you to ask for forgiveness, though it's late"

I couldn't stop my face from distorting again. "Yvonne, yes."


"I was delighted that the girl who I thought was dead came back. I feel guilty for all the trouble I've suffered, and I'm sorry to even hold your big coming-of-age-ceremony banquet without your approval."


"But you're also my daughter, Penelope. Ever since I brought her here to the Dukedom, I never

thought you wasn't my daughter."

My vision was blurred. I had a hard time throwing up a piece of injustice that I had never said about before here.

"But, why don't you do me a favor once?"

"Am I, doing something wrong again?" The Duke asked back with a weary voice.

"Is it something you want to hide Yvonne and make your coming-of-age ceremony more spectacular than anyone else?"


"I'm sorry I didn't hear you ask me to cancel the adult ceremony. But there are some guests who have already arrived, so how can you cancel it?"

The Duke was gentle, but firmly refused my request.

"I will announce about Yvonne after your coming-of-age ceremony is over and after a long time has passed. So, you're just thinking about it as a good day's ceremony..."

The Duke, who was rambling, stopped talking. "Penelope."

The blue eyes grew gradually.

Hkikk-. The Duke dragged his chair and got up rough from his seat. "Hey, why, what's wrong with you? Huh?"

The restless man reached out to me. Hot warmth touched under my eyes. Only then did I realize that my eyes were wet.

"On a happy day just once in your life, why are you crying?" "..."

"Baby, it's all your father's fault. Don't cry, okay?"

The Duke, unable to figure out what to do with a stream of tears, finally embraced me and comforted me.

It's not that sad, but I couldn't tell why my tears were flowing. He's just a character in the game.

But nevertheless, despite neglecting Penelope and making me countless miserable right after the possession.

At that moment he really felt like a father. "Father."

"Yes, tell me everything." Goodbye.

I finally muttered a greeting to the Duke that I couldn't say.

-Early in the morning, could you come and say hello?


-Yeah.A little farewell to your immature little daughter.

This completed the farewell to the Duke, who spouted it out loud. This chapter really drain my tears, ughhh

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