Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 365 - The Evil Spirit's Release, Another Unexpected Happening

Chapter 365: The Evil Spirit’s Release, Another Unexpected Happening

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Although he had obtained the realm-crossing pill and the peachwood sword, Chu Feng was not too happy about it either. He had thought that there would be something similar to the evil spirit core or the Bloody Pagoda’s core, but in the end, there was no such thing.

Everyone immediately gathered and discussed for a while. In the end, they decided to use forceful killing to break out of their predicament. As for the main force of the operation, it would naturally be Chu Feng, who had the highest combat power. The rest would be the supporting force, if necessary, they would enter the tree world to avoid getting in the way.

When Chu Feng walked over with the peachwood sword, the huge black wolf suddenly raised its head to the sky and let out a long howl in grief, “Awoo!”

Even if it could not complete this mission, other avatars of the evil spirit would appear as well. However, the rest was ultimately not it.

Chu Feng poured the divine strength that he had gotten from the Wild Bear’s skills into the peachwood sword. Then, he raised the sword and slashed. The wolf died immediately.

[The avatar of the evil spirit in stage two, the black wolf who is in charge of destroying the Bloody Pagoda, has died. Adjusting the evil spirit’s attributes. Adjustment completed. Releasing.]

With that, a huge black mountain suddenly fell from the sky, bringing with it extreme speed and violent pressure that even caused the void to crack. The Mirage Butterfly brought Lila out and continuously teleported.

In the end, other than Chu Feng and his beasts, the only creature left in the Bloody Pagoda was the evil creature opposite them.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon turned into a divine dragon and roared at the huge mountain with a strong sense of intimidation, “Roar!”

Perhaps it was because the other party’s level was too high, but it only paused for a moment before continuing its descent. The Dark-sky Azure Dragon opened its huge mouth and suddenly spat out a white holy light from its mouth. When the light reached the huge mountain, it suddenly collapsed into a ball and pierced into the huge mountain monster’s body, then exploded, “Boom!”

At the same time, the Wild Bear’s body instantly grew taller. As it ran, it seemed as if the entire pagoda was trembling. When it reached the mountain monster, its two arms expanded again and it wrapped its arms around the mountain monster, preventing it from continuing to descend!

Several more holy lights shot out again, all piercing into the mountain-shaped evil spirit before suddenly exploding. Chu Feng brought his other beasts and teleported away from the foot of the evil spirit.

“Awoo!” Like a child pulling out a tree, veins popped out on the Wild Bear’s neck and the back of its arms. It pulled the giant mountain monster out from the ground and smashed it to the side.

In an instant, a huge hole appeared in the Bloody Pagoda. Chu Feng waved his hand and released the three guardian beasts from before, wanting to make them fight each other.

However, the evil spirit seemed to have a high killing intent toward the beings who entered the pagoda. Even though the guardian beasts had suppressed it in the pagoda, it only fought them a few rounds before changing its strategy.

In the blink of an eye, the mountain transformed into some sort of sticky, semi-solidified material that was oozing pus.

With that, the guardian beasts that rushed over to fight the evil spirit fell into the fluid in the blink of an eye and disappeared without a trace! Even the white holy lights that had pierced the evil spirit and made it let out strange cries just now were no longer effective.

The evil spirit that was like a huge mountain dragged its huge body and headed toward Chu Feng. That mountain clearly had no mouth or eyes, but one could still feel that it was full of anger and strong killing intent.

It was as if the evil spirit was wearing thick armor that had an attack-rebound effect. Whether it was the Wild Bear’s Demon God Sky Splitter, or the Mirage Butterfly’s space-break, space-tear, psychedelic arrays, realization, stacked destruction, or even the maxed-out myth skill destructive divine sword, they could not do anything to it.

“Boom, boom!” The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet continuously attacked the evil spirit and bombarded it with an endless stream of cannon fire.

The Astral Spirit was not willing to be outdone. It waved its claws to conjure a god-subduing statue. The statue drew a large circle with its hands and crossed it in the middle. With that, a wave of power so terrifying it was as if it could even suppress Heaven and Earth forcefully suppressed the evil spirit.

Perhaps because it had been suppressed for a very long time, but the evil spirit was very sensitive to the power of suppression. Its footsteps, which were originally moving towards Chu Feng calmly and steadily, suddenly stopped.

In the next moment, countless small holes opened up on its sticky and slimy huge body, and countless attacks spurted out from it! It was like a rain of swords were densely attacking Chu Feng and the others!

Not only that, a few wounds that looked like pustules rapidly expanded on the evil spirit’s body as if they were breeding some kind of monster.

With a thought, the peachwood sword in Chu Feng’s hand materialized into thousands of swords in the blink of an eye. These swords evaded the densely packed attacks with a curved momentum, and deeply pierced into the small holes and pustules on the evil spirit’s body.

The thousands of peachwood swords entered the giant mountain monster’s body and cut countless wounds on its body as if it was tofu. Then, they exploded with a loud bang!


An ear-piercing sound that was indescribable pierced the ears of all the living beings in the tower. Even some who were in the tree world had blood oozing out of their mouths, noses, and ears as they fainted on the spot.

Leng Qiu’s expression changed again and again, but she still swallowed the words that were about to dash out of her throat. Among the others who were still conscious, some were clenching their fists so hard that blood was dripping through their fingers. Even Annie, who had always been a cheerful person, stopped talking at this moment. She was so nervous that her body was trembling.

“Is big brother Chu okay now? How’s the battle? Is it really possible for the evil spirit to be defeated…’

“Should I go out and fight? Even if I die in battle, it’s better than being a coward!”

“Is there any chance that we can get out of here alive?”


In the tree world, everyone was silent. They were restless like people who just learned that they had a terminal illness. It was always difficult to wait for a result. Even a short second would seem extremely long.

At this moment, Lila suddenly walked over with a cold and solemn expression, “Everyone who wants to go out and fight, follow me.”

Hearing this, the remaining twenty-one people who entered the pagoda were stunned for a moment before all of them followed. Even those who were severely injured earlier also stood up.

Lila’s gaze swept over this group of survivors as if she was sizing up something. When they were about to leave the tree world, she stopped and waved her hand to sprinkle the miracle of life. Everyone could immediately feel that they were in perfect combat condition now. Their gazes were filled with disbelief as they looked at Lila.

If it was just healing injuries and recovering strength, such effects could be achieved through other means. However, right now, their bodies were as relaxed as if they had never fought before. Other than the eagerness in their hearts, there was nothing else but the desire to fight. This was not something that an ordinary beast could do!

Should they say as expected of an expert’s beast? It didn’t seem to have done anything, but the effects were simply great!

Even the God Lord realm divine tree race who are good at healing can’t seem to be able to heal true Gods perfectly so easily like this, right?

To be honest, Lila didn’t think much of these people. Even so, since they were going to fight together, she couldn’t possibly send out the injured.

“When you go out later, just listen to orders. I can guarantee that as long as you listen to the boss’s orders, you won’t die so easily at this critical moment,” Lila’s gaze coldly swept past the people before her and stopped on Annie, “Anyone who interferes with the implementation of the battle plan or disobeys orders deserves to die.”

Annie shivered and nodded, “Big sister Lila is right!”

The rest of the people nodded their heads as well. They knew that if it were not for Chu Feng, they would not have survived until now.

“We have no objections. We will follow your lead.”

If they wanted to survive, they would have to be cowards when needed.

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