Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 364 - Routine? Never Mind, It's All Mine

Chapter 364: Routine? Never Mind, It’s All Mine

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On the sixth day inside the Bloody Pagoda, a giant black wolf, whose body was pitch black with blood-red eyes, was now chained.

The wolf was still the same evil spirit that wanted to destroy the pagoda. From time to time, it would go extremely manic and want to destroy everything. Every time that happened, someone or a beast would come and fight with it.

For example, at this moment, the ones fighting with it were the light magicians, Santana and Brin. Because they were afraid that they would beat the opponent too harshly to the point of triggering the Bloody Pagoda’s “explosive beast transformation”, the attacks they used did not cause much damage to the giant black wolf.

Never mind how the other humans and beasts would do when they faced the giant black wolf, in any case, the two light magicians listened to Chu Feng and threw light purification spells at the giant wolf. Usually, after about ten spells, the wolf would be weak.

Chu Feng’s moves were simpler and more violent. He simply forced open the giant wolf’s mouth and threw some white holy lotuses into it. With this, even the husky version of the evil spirit had to obediently tuck its tail between its legs.

The black wolf was, after all, the avatar of the evil spirit, so it naturally tried to fight back. Unfortunately, that usually ended with the amount of medicine it was forced to take being doubled, leaving it in so much pain that it wished it could die!

Yet, the “berserk destruction” phase came with its mission. The evil spirit could not break into a few beings and merge back together again as casually as it did. If it could not find that object, the evil spirit would not be able to restore its strength to its normal level…

Most importantly, because of the existence of the “dog chain”, the speed of destroying the Bloody Pagoda was extremely slow!

Among all the humans, the giant wolf hated that youth the most. This person was clearly at the immortal level, yet he could beat a God Lord like him!

On top of that, no matter what method the evil spirit used, it simply could not destroy the dog chain the youth made… The thing that pained the evil spirit the most was that the youth would feed the giant wolf “poison”, even saying something about holy water purification!

The more it was bound, the more the giant black wolf hate grew. It thought to itself that after it ate the divine medicine and destroyed all threats, it would lock up this sinful human and feed him poison to the point the other party would beg for death!

“Big brother Chu, why do I feel that the way that wolf is looking at you is so scary?” Annie pointed at the giant black wolf and nodded seriously.

Because there was no war going on now, the people who stayed in the tree world would occasionally come out to see if there was anything that they could help with. Hearing the girl’s serious words, Chu Feng didn’t comment.

To him, this wolf was like a tool. After it found what they were after, he would kill it. Its current state felt more like a prolonged death sentence.

Just as Chu Feng was lost in thought while holding the dog chain, the chain made of a special material in his hand suddenly snapped tight. The huge black wolf on the other end had suddenly rushed to the left.

“Lila, keep the people back into your tree world and let the others out!”

In the beast world, Lila’s expression changed slightly. She immediately let Cena and the others out of the tree world, then dragged Annie, who was somewhat unwilling, back into the tree world.

In an instant, the atmosphere in this area changed. Other than the six beasts, Chu Feng was followed by Cena, Richardson, Leng Qiu, the puppeteer, Santana, and Brin. All of them were fully prepared and had cold expressions on their faces.

Seeing that all those who were supposed to be here had arrived, Chu Feng no longer pulled onto the giant black wolf tightly. Instead, he left some room for relaxation on the chains.

After running for a while, everyone suddenly felt that something was wrong. Why did the desert before them look so familiar?

Chu Feng sneered and secretly made a hand gesture to the others. Only Lila was left by his side, and he began to walk the dog leisurely as if nothing had happened.

Cena and the other three hid their aura and followed him secretly. “This wolf is so cunning.”

After a while, Chu Feng handed the dog chain to Lila and disappeared. For the first ten minutes when Lila took over, the wolf was as quiet as usual. Thirty minutes later, there was still no change.

Just when everyone was a little disappointed, the wolf suddenly started to pull Lila along to run!

“Something’s happening!”

Whether it was Cena’s group of six in the dark or Chu Feng who was literally invisible, their eyes lit up. While running, the giant black wolf would look around from time to time as if it was worried about something.

Occasionally, it would stop and hesitate between two directions. But soon, as if it had received some kind of message, its footsteps would become firm again.

Just like that, the people secretly chased after the wolf. When the sun was in the middle of the sky, the wolf suddenly stopped. Then, it began to destroy everything around it!

Lila dodged a flame bullet, but in the blink of an eye, stones shot at her from all directions.

“Thank you for your hard work,” Chu Feng took the chains from Lila and told her to take a rest.

“Awoo!” The black wolf turned its head only to find that the person it hated the most was right in front of it!

A crazed killing intent flashed across its eyes, but aside from that killing intent, there was also the fear that came from being fed the white holy lotuses many times.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, shook the chain in his hand at it in a good mood. This action instantly made the giant black wolf, who thought of itself as extremely noble, enraged and roared crazily.

“Your cry isn’t quite right. It should be “woof”. Only when it’s “woof” will you get bones to eat,” Chu Feng pretended to be speechless and shook his head repeatedly as if he was saying that the wolf was hopeless.

Even though it did not speak human language, the giant black wolf could hear it in the other party’s tone that the youth was not saying anything good. As an evil spirit, how could it allow an ant to trample on its dignity?!

It could no longer hold back the anger in its heart. The wolf forgot its original thoughts and rushed straight towards a huge rock. As long as it ate that divine medicine and destroyed the evil-suppressing rock that could threaten its future, no matter how monstrous the youth was, he wouldn’t be able to defeat it!

Chu Feng abruptly pulled the huge wolf back to its original position. At the same time, the binding cage descended!

“Let the operation begin.”

After receiving the signal, Cena and the other three immediately worked together to smash the huge mountain rock that had been cast with an array, right in front of the huge black wolf’s murderous eyes.

The moment the array was broken, a violent gust of wind blew! Cena quickly grabbed the wooden box, ignoring the different expressions of the people behind him, and hurriedly ran over.

“Yiya!” The Astral Spirit appeared next to its Beastmaster. With a slight movement of its paws, the galaxy of stars and Lethe, as well as the power of heaven suppression and god suppression, suppressed all the creatures that attempted to act rashly!

In that instant, even the violent winds stopped. The giant black wolf was filled with hatred and fear. It crouched and cowered on the ground, its blood-red eyes staring fixedly at the wooden box, “Damn, damn human!”

Cena presented the wooden box respectfully to Chu Feng, who then took it and opened it.

[Congratulations to the human from Blue Planet, Chu Feng, for obtaining a supreme-grade realm-crossing pill and the evil spirit nemesis peachwood sword. With this item, you can deal ten times more damage to dark, bloody, murderous, and evil spirit-type creatures.]

Everyone who entered the tower, whether it was Cena and the others who were still at the scene, or Annie and the others who stayed in the tree world, all heard these words clearly.

The ferocious black wolf from before no longer dared to look at Chu Feng. No matter what the others thought, this weapon, which Chu Feng was quite puzzled with, had been obtained just like that.

However, a peachwood sword? Wasn’t this something used by Taoist priests? Then, what did it mean for him to obtain this?

Chu Feng raised his head at a forty-five-degree angle to look at the sky. In the end, he let out a long sigh and let go of it. It was, after all, a treasure with pretty good effects. If he needed to use it, the effects were quite useful.

For example, if he had obtained this weapon earlier, the Bloody Pagoda would’ve been a few levels easier.

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