Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 18 - Upgrading Skills

Chapter 18: Upgrading Skills

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Principal Gao glared at him. “For every realm, you can only challenge one type of ruins. Stop dreaming.”

He couldn’t help but wonder if there was something wrong with his judgment?

Chu Feng no longer joked around. His attitude was very serious. “Principal Gao, no matter what happens in the future, I will always remember the training at Diming high school year 3.”

Without Diming high school year 3, even if Chu Feng had SSS-rank beast tamer talent, but without resources, there wouldn’t be much difference between him and other Beastmasters. The nurturing type beast tamer talent was even nicknamed by many Beastmasters as the “Kryptonite type”.

Principal Gao also laughed. He patted Chu Feng on the shoulder and said, “It’s good that you are appreciative.”

Without waiting for Chu Feng to speak, he turned around and left with satisfaction. Chu Feng didn’t see clearly how he left. But he didn’t care about these things and went to look for Lan Xi.

Lan Xi was seated in the office with her legs crossed. When she saw Chu Feng walk in, she hurriedly sat properly with a helpless expression. “Why isn’t there any sound when you walk?”

Chu Feng shrugged. “It’s probably because Principal Gao brought me through space. My soul is still floating around.”

“Pfft!” Lan Xi laughed out loud. Even the lights were dimmed by her smile.

“You’re quite interesting.” She then asked, “Principal Gao brought you to the heritage ruins? Which stage have you cleared?”

Chu Feng smiled. “The tenth stage.”


Lan Xi comforted him. “When it was my first time challenging the heritage ruins, I was only able to clear the fourth stage. But with every challenge, I was able to get a breakthrough. This is the true meaning of the heritage ruins.”

She didn’t believe Chu Feng’s words at all. She thought he was joking with her. Chu Feng didn’t bother to explain because he felt that might as well let her be mistaken.

Chu Feng asked curiously, “Teacher, how many stages have you cleared to challenge the lord-level heritage ruins?”

Lan Xi sighed, “I haven’t even started challenging lord-level heritage ruins yet. It was said that the first level was an elementary king-level bloodline with the strength of a level 10 sovereign. Most of the sovereign-level Beastmasters in Diming City were defeated at the first stage.”

Chu Feng’s heart skipped a beat. The first stage was an elementary king-level bloodline? Was the difficulty level so high? No wonder the sovereign-level Beastmasters in Diming City had been defeated in the first stage.

Lan Xi noticed the pet beast egg in Chu Feng’s arms and asked, “Is this the reward you got for clearing the stage?”

“Yes.” Chu Feng nodded. “But I don’t know how to hatch it.”

Lan Xi said, “You just need to use the energy of the beast space to keep it warm at all times and it will hatch slowly. The process of hatching is also an opportunity for you and the pet beast to improve your relationship. There’s no need to be too anxious.”

“So that’s how it is.” Chu Feng came to a realization. He left the office and returned home.

He placed the pet beast egg on the sofa and kept using his beast tamer power to keep it warm. He had been observing its changes, but the truth was that there were no changes at all. He couldn’t help but scratch his head. How long would he have to wait before it could hatch?

“Forget it. Even if it hatches now, I’m still not at the extraordinary level. There’s no way for me to form a contract with a second pet beast.”

Only some special beast tamer talents, such as the S-rank talent [Double bond], could allow a Beastmaster to double the number of bonds. Apart from this special talent, every time a Beastmaster’s realm increased, it could also increase the qualification to form a bond with a pet beast.

Chu Feng continued to incubate the overlord-level pet beast egg, but his mind gradually sank into the beast space. The current beast space was already two thousand cubic meters, twice the size of its original size! And the royal sky crystals had only been used up a little.


The little Wild Bear was eating sweet honey in the beast space happily. It was obvious that the little Wild Bear was very happy. Firstly, the sweet honey was really delicious, and secondly, the expansion of the beast space made the little Wild Bear feel very comfortable. Even purer energy surged into the little Wild Bear’s body. It felt as if it was soaking in a hot spring and it was very comfortable.

[Wild Bear]

[Level: Level 7 awakening]

[Bloodline: Advanced king]

[Talent — ]

[1. Top-level strength talent Level 1(0/100)]

[2. Top-level defense talent Level 1(0/100)]

[3. High-level speed talent Level 1(0/50)]

[Skills — ]

[1. Great strength Level 10(0/11)]

[2. Great transformation Level 10(0/55)]

[3. Wild body Level 5(0/50)]

[4. Wild domain Level 4(0/200)]

Chu Feng pulled out the little Wild Bear’s interface and couldn’t help but fall into deep thought. This time, the little Wild Bear was able to successfully pass the final stage because it had used the wild domain as well. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have had the chance to win.

Chu Feng thought for a moment. “Why don’t I upgrade the wild body and wild domain to level 10 first?”

The Wild Bear’s skill system was very perfect. Chu Feng was prepared to raise all of the Wild Bear’s skills to level 10 first before thinking about the training process. Although the system was perfect, Chu Feng felt that the Wild Bear’s skill system was not that perfect. This was because the Wild Bear was lacking in terms of defense, speed and spirit. If he could make up for it, the Wild Bear would be considered perfect.

The wild body and wild domain were all attribute enhancements, naturally including defense, speed and spirit. However, Chu Feng felt that the level of the wild body and wild domain respectively was still too low. With his willpower, he directly increased the little Wild Bear’s wild body skill by 350 enhancement points.

[Wild body Level 10: High-level skill. The power of the wilderness has fused into the body, increasing all attributes by 10 times. It can be stacked with other skills. (0/110)]

A level 10 wild body could increase all attributes by 10 times. After the battle in the heritage ruins, Chu Feng now understood that the so-called increase in all attributes referred not only to strength, defense and speed but also reaction speed, thinking speed, combat awareness and so on. These invisible and untouchable attributes were the most important factors that determined the upper limit of the Wild Bear.

Only when using the wild body and the wild domain could the Wild Bear reach its peak combat strength. These invisible improvements were the most important part of high-level or even top-level skills.

Chu Feng decisively added 1950 enhancement points to the wild domain.

[Wild domain Level 10: top-level skill, wild power rampage, forming a wondrous domain! Within the domain, it can be strengthened ten-fold in all directions. At the same time, it can suppress the opponent and cause sensory interference. (0/550)]

Chu Feng raised his brows. The level 10 wild domain had undergone some great changes. Originally, the level 4 wild domain could only increase all attributes by four times. Now, it had become 10 times. This was nothing special. However, the effect of the wild domain had changed from purely visual interference to sensory interference! It meant that vision, taste, touch and hearing would all be affected!

Now this skill was very powerful! When used in battle, victory and defeat could be decided in an instant! Chu Feng couldn’t help but feel amazed by this. A top-level skill was indeed powerful.

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