Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 17 - Fate

Chapter 17: Fate

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The ruins weren’t human, so Chu Feng couldn’t talk to them. He could only hide his emotions and examine the pet beast egg. He found that there were no patterns on it as if it was an ostrich egg. He couldn’t see any clues from the outside.

“I didn’t expect this to be an overlord-level beast egg. It’s so simple.”

Chu Feng couldn’t help but ridicule it. He placed his hand on the 10 royal sky crystals and with his willpower, the royal sky crystals were stored into his beast space. He felt a mysterious energy rapidly and steadily nourishing his beast space. Even if he didn’t cultivate, the beast space was rapidly expanding its territory.

As the beast space expanded, the royal sky crystals were also gradually shrinking. Chu Feng felt that these 10 royal sky crystals would take about a month to be completely digested.

“When all the royal sky crystals have been completely digested, will my beast space reach the peak of the extraordinary level or even break through to the sovereign level?”

Chu Feng did a rough estimation. By that time, his beast space should be comparable to an island, right? In reality, after opening up the beast space, Chu Feng discovered a problem. His beast space was too large! For example, if Chu Feng wanted to increase the strength of the beast space, he would need ten times more energy than the others, or even more!

Chu Feng didn’t want to put all his energy into increasing the strength of the beast space, so he needed treasures to increase it. This was also the reason why Chu Feng chose the royal sky crystal. Moreover, increasing the strength of the beast space had obvious benefits for the pet beast. Firstly, the growth rate was faster. Secondly, it could provide sufficient energy to stabilize the pet beast’s foundation… In short, there were many benefits.

Chu Feng placed his hand on the 50 drops of soul essence. This time, he didn’t suppress the transformation speed of the unlimited growth talent.

[You’ve transformed enhancement points x100!]

[You’ve transformed enhancement points x150!]

[You’ve transformed enhancement points x200!]]


In an extremely short period of time, Chu Feng had absorbed all 50 drops of soul essence.

[Enhancement points: 5000!]

Seeing this number, Chu Feng felt relieved. He had received 5000 enhancement points. If Chu Feng was willing, he could even directly raise great strength to the maximum level! But Chu Feng wasn’t prepared to do so. He wanted the little Wild Bear to develop in a balanced way in all aspects. The cost-benefit ratio of upgrading a skill wasn’t high.

“If I had spent all 800 enhancement points on great strength, I probably wouldn’t have been able to clear the awakening level of the heritage ruins. To be able to kill an extraordinary-level Rock Behemoth with one punch will just be a dream.” As Chu Feng looked at his 5000 enhancement points, his heart was burning with passion. He smiled and patted the bear’s head. “Little Wild Bear, we can add points again.”


The little Wild Bear’s eyes lit up. It was pleasantly surprised at this. Last time, Chu Feng had added many points for it to become so powerful. If he added more points this time, would it become super powerful?

Chu Feng smiled and took off the pet beast egg. He originally wanted to put the pet beast egg into the beast space, but the two repelled each other.

“As expected, even if you have an SS-rank talent, there’s no way to accommodate an overlord-level pet beast in an awakening-level beast space. The same goes for the pet best egg.”

Chu Feng no longer insisted after his failed attempt. He held the pet beast egg in his arms and gestured for the bear to follow him before pushing open the stone door. The next second, they were teleported out.

Principal Gao, Li Siyu and Sheng Nana were all waiting in the viewing area. They immediately walked over when they saw Chu Feng.

“Who are these two?” Chu Feng was somewhat puzzled.

Principal Gao explained, “They are seniors who are one year older than you. Like you, they are here to challenge the heritage ruins. However, they are at the extraordinary level and are not in the same realm as you.”

Chu Feng nodded. “Hello, seniors.”

Li Siyu and Sheng Nana couldn’t help but look at each other.

Li Siyu was the first to speak. “Chu Feng, although you don’t know us, we already know about you.”

Chu Feng frowned slightly. He suddenly thought of something and asked in surprise, “Have I seen you all at the pet center before?”

At that time, he was preoccupied with finding the little Wild Bear and didn’t pay much attention to the situation around him. However, Li Siyu and Sheng Nana were beautiful, so Chu Feng had some impression of them.

Sheng Nana smiled and said, “Yes, it was us at that time.”

Li Siyu whispered, “At that time, I thought it was the white bear that you contracted with. I didn’t expect it to be the Wild Bear.”

She was somewhat ashamed. She was clearly a pet beast breeder, but she didn’t recognize the type of pet beast. She was truly ashamed. If Principal Gao hadn’t said it out loud, Li Siyu would still be mistaken.

Chu Feng smiled. “It seems we are fated.”

Sheng Nana chuckled. “Of course!”

Li Siyu’s face was somewhat red. Was It really fated?

Principal Gao said, “Alright, let’s leave first.”

He glanced at the screen. The information regarding Challenger No. 80002 had disappeared. If someone were to check the record, they would discover that there was actually a second person who had cleared the heritage ruin awakening level!

Principal Gao brought Chu Feng and the other two back through space.

Li Siyu and Sheng Nana glanced at each other and tactfully left.

Principal Gao looked at Chu Feng. “If you encounter any problems in the future, you can come and find me.”

He looked at the young man in front of him who had a steady personality and was puzzled. How did Chu Feng train the Wild Bear to be so strong? He was certain that Chu Feng definitely had a secret. But he wasn’t prepared to investigate. Every powerful Beastmaster had their own secrets.

Chu Feng smiled. “If I am short of money, can I come and find you?”

Principal Gao’s beard curled up. “If you’re short of money, go directly to teacher Lan. Don’t come and look for me. It’s annoying!” But then he laughed again. “If you’re really short of money, come and look for me. But then, I am charging double the interest.”

“Then I won’t come looking for you.” Chu Feng smiled. “Don’t worry, I still have enough money.”

He now had 5000 enhancement points. By the time he finished the enhancement process, the little Wild Bear would have reached the extraordinary level. Then he would go challenge the extraordinary-level heritage ruins and earn some money.

Chu Feng suddenly felt like laughing. The heritage ruins were extremely difficult in the eyes of others, but he wanted to use it as his source of income?

Principal Gao said with a serious expression, “I’ll take you to challenge the heritage ruins when you’ve stabilized at the extraordinary level or when you’re no longer able to level up. It’s said that you can inherit the heritage ruins once you’ve cleared all the stages. I hope I can find out from you whether this rumor is true or false.”

Chu Feng was tempted. Inherit the heritage ruins? He immediately thought of the space filled with treasures. If he could inherit the heritage ruins, would all the treasures inside belong to him?

Chu Feng pondered for a moment and asked, “Can I challenge other ruins? I don’t have any malicious intentions. I just want to inherit more ruins for humanity and nurture a few more overlord-level beasts.”

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