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Chapter 221 - Immortal Slaying Flying Sword!

Chapter 221: Immortal Slaying Flying Sword!

There was no need to think too much about these two lotus seeds. Their quality must be very high.

This was obvious from the might of the lotus platform.

At the very least, Jiang Li did not feel that his Yin Burial Coffin could easily control six top-notch cultivators above the Nascent Soul realm.

As for the two lotus seeds that were dug out from the top of the lotus platform, Jiang Li believed that they were significantly important.

However, the problem was that he did not know how to use it. This was a rather troublesome problem.

There was also a note that these seeds were not items of this world.

The lotus platform and the asura’s corpse were clearly not like the native species of the continent of the Nine Provinces. Especially the asura’s corpse, it was even incompatible with spiritual qi.

For now, Jiang Li had no idea where they came from. However, at the very least, this was the only case in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

Sometimes, rarity was not necessarily a good thing.

In the current cultivation world, not to mention seeing them, there were very few cultivators who had heard of rare spiritual materials like the karma lotus seeds.

The only Black Lotus Divine Sect that had studied them was destroyed more than 200 years ago.

Therefore, in the current Great Mountain Region, it should be very difficult for Jiang Li to find a refinement method that was effective against these two lotus seeds.

Moreover, the two attributes of Buddha and Demon were actually not very suitable for Jiang Li.

In that case, it was better to plant them first and see what could grow.

Jiang Li took out two basins of soil. One was from Benevolent Travel Temple, filled with the devout ashes of the Buddhist holy land.

The other basin was filled with blood that was soaked in the blood of demonic cultivators and was filled with killing intent and malice.

At the bottom of the pot, Jiang Li had buried the flesh and blood of many Nascent Soul cultivators.

One had to know that two Nascent Soul cultivators had died in front of Jiang Li.

One was Situ Tingxin, and the other was an unknown demonic cultivator who had tried to stop him from freeing the black lotus.

The two of them died rather tragically. One was a Nascent Soul cultivator killed by a Foundation Establishment cultivator, while the other was torn apart by a top-notch cultivator.

In short, there were no intact corpses.

Jiang Li, who was diligent and thrifty, had kept away quite a few pieces. Now, they could be used as fertilizer.

He buried the black lotus seed into the blood soil and the golden lotus seed into the Buddhist soil. Then, he opened a space that only contained high-grade spiritual qi in the Yin Burial Coffin and placed them inside.

Jiang Li did not use the Nine Nether spiritual qi to accelerate the growth. That would greatly damage the spirituality of the spiritual materials.

After dealing with two karma lotus seeds, he took out a storage bag, a flying sword, and a black ring.

This trip to Benevolent Travel Temple was naturally not considered smooth. Even as a proper mission, they had encountered a huge crisis.

Fortunately, Jiang Li’s strength was passable, and he was rather cautious. He had suffered some injuries in the battle of Benevolent Travel Temple, but his gains were not bad.

Apart from the two lotus seeds, he valued these three things the most.

First was the storage bag of the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s Nascent Soul cultivator.

Of the four major sects of the Great Mountain Region, the richest among them was the Hundred Tempering Mountain. As the Second Elder of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, Situ Tingxin was so rich that he could definitely make many low-level cultivators jealous to death.

Jiang Li had obtained his storage bag. If nothing unexpected happened, Jiang Li might be able to become even richer than his master.

There was also the red pill that Situ Tingxin was about to swallow. It was most likely a power-boosting pill of a very high level.

Jiang Li had always been very interested in this kind of thing. Even if it was a situation where one had to die after usage, Jiang Li would not hesitate to swallow and taste it.

Unfortunately, as a Nascent Soul cultivator, the level of the other party’s storage bag was clearly not low. It had a brilliant protective restriction.

It was not easy to undo it. Jiang Li was only at the Foundation Establishment realm and his level was still too far away.

As for his master, Elder He, as a body cultivator who relied on brute force to cultivate, the probability of him opening this storage bag without damaging it was lower than Jiang Li.

As for using others, it was not that Jiang Li did not believe in other cultivators.

It was because he was very sure that other cultivators would definitely be greedy when they saw a Foundation Establishment cultivator holding this wealth.

Jiang Li was not interested in finding trouble, so he could only temporarily put this storage bag aside and wait for the day to come before making a plan.

With a thought, a root stretched out from the coffin and swept Situ Tingxin’s storage bag inside.

This was another huge change after the Yin Burial Coffin broke through to the Earth-rank.

The Yin Burial Coffin itself was a storage artifact, but it could accommodate or even open other storage artifacts inside.

This meant that the internal space of the Yin Burial Coffin was already much more stable than before. It was slowly developing in the direction of a blessed land, and one day, it might even form a complete small world.

Jiang Li enlarged the coffin and walked in himself.

What entered his sight was a beautiful sea of red flowers. The spider lily that was about to go extinct in the outside world was living extremely comfortably here.

It had only been a short period of time, but such a large number had already multiplied.

If Jiang Li opened up his travel business and said that he had discovered the legendary Netherworld, he could charge ten spirit stones for each visit. He believed that nine out of ten would believe it.

He took out the black sword again. This was the unique flying sword that Jiang Li had meticulously forged for himself.

The materials used were all extremely precious top-grade goods and he had even invested a hundred years of his lifespan.

Using the sword furnace in his body that did not care about the expenditure, and the trace of Dao Essence that personally hammered the specific spots, it took three days to finally form this flying sword. However, this was originally Jiang Li’s own investment, so why did he include it in the gains from Benevolent Travel Temple?

That was all thanks to the help of Situ Tingxin, a Nascent Soul cultivator.

The birth of such a high quality flying sword usually required blood sacrifices to sharpen the blade.

The most common way was to capture spiritual beasts and use them as sacrifices when the sword was formed.

If one was more ruthless, there were also examples of people who sacrificed their own children, their beloved partner, or even themselves.

Jiang Li was not so insane.

However, by chance, the moment it was created, the one sacrificed to the flying sword was a Nascent Soul cultivator. The thing that sharpened the flying sword was the Buddhist-Demonic treasure, the Karma Lotus Platform!

This kind of treatment could already be considered top-notch in the current thousands of years of spiritual qi history.

Even the flying swords of Shu Mountain could not compare.

When this flying sword was first forged, Jiang Li did not design a sword hilt because he did not know sword techniques. When he fought, he was more used to solving problems with his fists.

Therefore, since it was a flying sword, why did he need to use his hands to hold it?

With a thought from Jiang Li, the flying sword immediately floated into the air, and it transformed into a stream of light that flickered and shuttled swiftly around his body. It directly formed a sword blade storm that tore through the surrounding air and emitted waves of sorrowful cries.

Even his mental reflex enhanced by his Golden Core Dao Heart could not keep up with its speed, which showed how fast this flying sword was.

Moreover, Jiang Li had only used a thought. He had never used a sword technique or spiritual qi.

This was only the flying sword’s own strength.

He pointed forward. The black light instantly crossed the distance and appeared at the end of the coffin. The sword tip steadily stopped in front of the wooden wall.

With a backhand gesture, the flying sword returned from that place. With a speed that Jiang Li could not react to, it directly entered his mind.

His hundred years of lifespan had not been wasted. His sword was really moved according to his will, and the speed at which his will reached the sword was unbelievably fast and soul-stirring.

This was already not as simple as using it like one’s arm. Jiang Li felt that even when he punched, it was hard to say if he could control it to stop by a hair’s breadth, but this flying sword could easily do it.

To exaggerate, it was even more obedient than Jiang Li’s own hands.

The flying sword entered Jiang Li’s mind, but it did not cause him any injuries.

Instead, it directly triggered the effect of the Ghost Head Saber and entered his Sea of Consciousness.

In his Sea of Consciousness, Jiang Li could observe this flying sword more clearly without any blind spots.

On the sword, natural cloud patterns that were like flowing water formed the spirit carvings that covered the entire flying sword.

The cloud tattoo spirit carvings looked harmonious and natural, carrying a faint Dao Essence aura!

The set of spiritual carvings was completely different from the current mainstream rune system. It did not even seem to come from human hands. Instead, it felt like the work of nature.

Even if these cloud patterns formed two complicated ancient words that he had never seen before on the sword, it still made him feel that this was how it should be.

In fact, it was precisely because of this that Jiang Li’s talent in spirit carving was very good, but it was not to the extent of developing his own system. With his talent and current technology, it was not a problem for him to be an assistant.

All the spirit carvings on this flying sword were controlled by the sword cultivator clone under the command of the trace of Dao Essence.

Jiang Li really did not know those two ancient words, but when he saw them, he could clearly understand that they were called “Immortal Slaying”.

This was because this flying sword had fused with Jiang Li’s hundred years of lifespan, and it was even refined by him as a sword furnace. The connection was extremely extraordinary, so it was not a problem for him to sense some things.

“So your name is Immortal Slaying? Immortal Slaying Flying Sword. If it was in ancient times, this name would have offended people greatly.”

A dark light flashed on the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword, as if it was responding to Jiang Li. This flying sword had the potential to give birth to a sword spirit, but now, it was clearly still too far away.

One of its main materials, the Dragon Hunting Arrow, had never hunted a true dragon back then.

He did not know if the current Immortal Slaying Flying Sword could really kill an Immortal in the future!

After putting away the flying sword, the final gain was another black ring from Monk Kong’e.

This ring happened to be a pair with the one in his hand.

Jiang Li threw the ring to the sword cultivator.

He wore the rings on his left and right hands.

As expected, the power of the blood of madness was quickly suppressed. The sword cultivator clone, who had turned into a monster for a long time, the blood-red color on his body faded away, and the hideous scales and horns returned to his skin. Finally, he returned to his human form.

If one touched his limbs and bones, there was still a certain difference from before, but it was no longer obvious.

It seemed that some changes were irreversible. Fortunately, the modification of the blood of madness was forcefully interrupted by the ‘death’ of the clone. Otherwise, even if he obtained the two rings, his clone would not be able to return to its original state.

He was really lucky. Now that the blood of madness was suppressed, its mysteries became clearer. He could finally pry into it through the clone’s body.

Jiang Li’s main consciousness also entered the clone’s body and tried to control the strange chaotic energy together with the first parallel mind.

As expected, with the Asura Sword Heart, he could also influence and control this power.

The chaotic energy was suppressed to a manageable level. He even felt that he could use this rough energy to cast some spells. However, the system of this power was slightly different. Jiang Li did not know how to manipulate it.

Since the chaotic energy that collided with spiritual qi could already be controlled, Jiang Li began to try to activate the Spirit Surge Technique again and send spiritual qi back into the clone’s body.

After all, if there was no spiritual qi, the sword cultivator clone that had recovered its human form would be equivalent to being crippled.

Threads of spiritual qi were sent into the clone’s body. It was a good thing that it did not go berserk like back then.

However, he soon discovered that it was fine without using chaotic energy. The blood of madness and spiritual qi curled up in his heart would not interfere with each other.

However, once it used this Asura power, it would still conflict with spiritual qi. However, the degree was already much lighter than before.

Perhaps the conflict between spiritual qi and this power was not irreconcilable.

Jiang Li began to adjust it bit by bit. The amount of spiritual qi and Asura power was gathered together and tested repeatedly.

Soon, he discovered that as long as it was under the suppression of the black rings, the collision of spiritual qi and the power of Asura could actually form a relatively manageable benign reaction.

Their relationship was like the combustion and explosion of a ‘chemical reaction’.

As long as it was not beyond a certain range, “ignition” could produce a stable and efficient energy output. However, once it exceeded the standard limit, the explosion would kill the user.

Therefore, if he could control the reaction of the two energies and form a stable “burning” state, he could begin to use this power.

However, this energy reaction was still a little violent. If it happened in the body, it would still be very easy to injure the clone.

Therefore, after thinking about it, Jiang Li thought of a compromise.

Bit by bit, he guided the blood of madness to move and let it stay in the clone’s right hand. Then, he fixed the two rings to the clone’s upper right arm and wrist respectively to restrict the blood of madness.

Finally, the blood of madness formed a red flame pattern on his right arm.

If he wanted to unleash the blood of madness, he could infuse spiritual qi into his right arm.

The more intense the reaction, the larger the flame pattern would spread until it covered the entire arm. This meant that he would not be able to withstand it.

Although it was dangerous, the effect was really not bad. If not for the fact that this method was too simple, Jiang Li would have wanted to draw some blood from the Asura’s corpse and use it on himself.

Shu Mountain, Water Element Peak.

A few unfamiliar cultivators knocked on Elder Mu’s door and took out a token with a peach blossom pattern.

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