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Chapter 220 - Karma Lotus Seed

Chapter 220: Karma Lotus Seed

Jiang Li’s black sword was forged from the Anti-Spirit Black Sword, the Dragon Hunting Arrow, and the City God’s Ghost Head Saber of the Netherworld.

The Ghost Head Saber was only an ordinary Profound-rank artifact.

However, the material that made it was special. It had the amazing effect of being hidden in the Sea of Consciousness and cutting apart souls.

This flying sword that had inherited the characteristics of the material could similarly be hidden in Jiang Li’s Sea of Consciousness. It could shoot out with a surprise attack and stab into the soul!

After Situ Tingxin was pierced by Jiang Li’s sword, his Nascent Soul was broken, and his soul was severed!

Even if he was a Nascent Soul cultivator, he would definitely die after suffering such an attack.

However, if a high-level cultivator of this level did not prepare in advance, their death would not be as simple as just dying.

There was too much energy contained in the bodies of Nascent Soul cultivators.

Once the core Nascent Soul shattered, the huge amount of spiritual qi in his body immediately began to lose control.

Situ Tingxin’s entire body began to release a large amount of pure spiritual qi.

However, the spiritual qi that leaked out from the Dao Body cracks was nothing to a Nascent Soul cultivator.

A large amount of unrestrained energy was still swelling in his body, ready to burst out at any moment.

At this moment, Situ Tingxin was like a huge human bomb.

With the power of a Nascent Soul cultivator, if he exploded, a mountain would be flattened on the spot.

Jiang Li looked at this guy who was about to explode at any moment and felt his scalp go numb.

His instincts told him that if this thing exploded, he would most likely lose his life!

Jiang Li activated the Dragon Imprisoning Lock with all his might, temporarily suppressing the Nascent Soul that was about to explode. After he quickly removed the storage bag and Black Lotus Platform from the other party’s body, he turned around and wanted to run.

However, just as Jiang Li summoned his clone to escape, a familiar black fog suddenly flashed over from the end of his vision.

It was Old Demon Black Lotus who had returned!

Ever since the sect was destroyed, this guy had been hiding and changing his name. He had always been thinking about revenge and wanted to regain the glory of the Black Lotus Divine Sect.

Now that he had finally seen his sect’s demonic artifact treasure, how could he give up so easily?

It was true that Old Demon Black Lotus retreated when he saw that the situation was bad, but he did not go far. He hid nearby and looked for an opportunity to enter the battlefield again to snatch it.

As an old monster who had lived for nearly a thousand years, he was extremely shrewd.

As he had expected, the Hundred Tempering Mountain still had a backup plan hidden from him.

After all, once the plan failed, they would provoke the Benevolent Travel Temple, one of the four major sects of the Great Mountain Region. Since they had taken such a huge risk and paid a huge price to attack, they would naturally think of ways to increase the success rate of the plan.

Apart from the ten self-destructing flying ships filled with poisonous fog, Situ Fengzhu had actually secretly used his clone to come here.

As for the black lotus, it was actually brought out by Situ Tingxin.

He was only a Nascent Soul cultivator, how could he not be easily subdued?

Just as Old Demon Black Lotus praised himself for his forbearance and wits,

Situ Tingxin was suddenly attacked, and as a Nascent Soul cultivator, he had actually been killed by a few juniors. It was really an embarrassment for Nascent Soul cultivators.

He did not expect this result, but it was not a big deal.

Two mere Foundation Establishment cultivators and a Golden Core cultivator were similarly unable to resist him at all!

Old Demon Black Lotus was worried that they would return to Benevolent Travel Temple after obtaining the lotus platform, so he decisively stopped hiding and directly appeared from afar to attack.

The Nine Nether clone that was looking down from above saw the black fog that was approaching at extreme speed, and Jiang Li who was sharing his vision was shocked in his heart.

Against a heavily injured Nascent Soul, he had used all his trump cards in a sneak attack.

If he faced this person, he would most likely not even be able to put up a resistance.

The difference was too great!

“Hand it over!”

Before the Old Demon Black Lotus arrived, a sharp voice pierced through the air and entered Jiang Li’s ears.

The sound was extremely ear-piercing, causing his head to buzz loudly. Then, the world before his eyes spun.

With the protection of the Golden Core, the Nine Nether clone was barely fine.

However, the sword cultivator clone was shaken by those words until he bled from his seven orifices and fell unconscious.

This was the terrifying might of a top-notch cultivator above the Nascent Soul realm. Even a single sound or gaze was enough to kill.

“You can have it if you want!”

Jiang Li forcefully endured the dizziness as he threw the sword cultivator clone back into the coffin. He relied on the vision of the Nine Nether clone to aim at the trajectory of the black fog, and then he swung the chains and threw Situ Tingxin out with all his might.

Boom! Boom!

The Nascent Soul body had only flown halfway when a huge explosion erupted in the air.

A shock wave wrapped in terrifying energy instantly arrived, and it fiercely pushed Jiang Li back.

Even with his astonishing defense, he could not help but feel blood moving up in his throat as he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

The scorching hot pill flame followed closely behind, burning the air until it distorted. The blood that spurted out of his mouth was instantly dried on his face. This Nascent Soul Pill Flame could even overwhelm Jiang Li’s fire resistance. A large number of burn marks appeared on the surface of his body, looking tragic.

However, such an explosion could only block the black fog for a moment.

Jiang Li watched as the black fog approached quickly in the air as if it was teleporting, and he was still a distance away.

With the enhancement of his Golden Core Dao Heart, he could roughly determine that with the difference in speed, he could not escape!

If he was caught, he would be crushed to death.

Jiang Yi was like a mantis stalking the cicada, but after being stared at by the oriole, this kind of outcome made him a little vexed.

However, for the sake of his life, Jiang Li still helplessly threw the black lotus into the distance.

When Old Demon Black Lotus saw him throw out the black lotus, he could not care less about the few cultivators who had yet to reach the Nascent Soul realm.

The black fog turned around and headed straight for the lotus platform.

After Old Demon Black Lotus flashed past the black lotus, he turned around and flew into the distance.

Jiang Li, who had safely flown back to Benevolent Travel Temple, had already mostly recovered from his injuries. Some of the scars that had been burned by the Nascent Soul Pill Flame could be healed by using Cocoon Break.

Jiang Li’s gains from killing a Nascent Soul cultivator this time were naturally not small, but he was still slightly disappointed that the most important lotus platform was given away.

However, in that situation earlier, for the sake of preserving his life, Jiang Li could only do this.

Naturally, it was not so easy to take advantage of him.

How could that thing still be the same after reaching his hands?

Under Jiang Li’s right sleeve, there were two identical black bangles, and in his palm were two small lotus seeds.

These two black rings could indeed affect the black lotus.

In a short period of time, he was unable to study too many things, but after pouring the blood-colored power of the Asura Sword Heart into the black bracelet, the black lotus was no longer invulnerable to Jiang Li’s right hand.

He used the fastest speed to dig out these two lotus seeds. After stabbing the top of the lotus platform a few times, he threw the black lotus out.

He wondered what Old Demon Black Lotus’s expression would be when he saw the current appearance of the lotus platform.

When Jiang Li returned to Benevolent Travel Temple, he did not have the mood to fight the demonic cultivators anymore. After finding his master and senior brother who were heavily injured, he found a safe place to hide with them.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the Nine Nether clone did not appear in the Benevolent Travel Temple.

He used a spell technique to create a wooden puppet with a similar appearance and pretended to leave, whereas his main body returned to the coffin and was brought along by Jiang Li.

After all, many rogue cultivators had participated in the chaotic battle earlier.

Who knew if a Golden Core rogue cultivator who suddenly appeared on the battlefield would arouse suspicion?

As time passed, the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s Sect Master, who was brandishing the huge pill furnace and fighting the Abbot, also exhausted the energy left in the alchemy clone. In the end, his body dissipated and the pill furnace fell to the ground.

After this clone disappeared, the battle in the Benevolent Travel Temple had already turned into a one-sided pursuit.

The demonic cultivators and rogue cultivators who had lost all hope fled outside. The Benevolent Travel Temple monks who gradually regained their advantage chased after them with their artifacts.

The poisonous balls formed by the explosion of the ten warships were also carried far away and buried in a basin hundreds of kilometers away.

From this, a huge poisonous swamp environment was formed. Perhaps hundreds of years later, new poisonous insects and demons would be born here, forming a new ecosystem.

The battle ended, and the danger was finally resolved.

That night, above the dilapidated Benevolent Travel Temple, the Rebirth Mantra was chanted the entire night to exorcise the souls who had died in this calamity.

This attack, which was premeditated, caused the Benevolent Travel Temple to lose more than 50% of their disciples below the Core Formation realm!

28 Core Formation elders had died!

Even three True Cultivators at the Nascent Soul realm had encountered misfortune, excluding the traitor Kong’e.

As for the top cultivators above the Nascent Soul realm, they did not die.

However, Abbot Le Ku had lost a left hand and a pair of eyes. The six Divine Monks of the Kong generation had suffered a long period of demonic qi corrosion in the black lotus and were also heavily injured.

The Benevolent Travel Temple had indeed suffered a huge loss in this battle. With such losses, it was hard to say if they could recover after a hundred years.

However, assuming Jiang Li was not present, if he did not ‘risk his life’ to break through the black circle of demons and sent the relic onto the black lotus, it was very likely that the Benevolent Travel Temple would be destroyed for good.

This demonic artifact, Black Lotus Platform, would have refined all the accomplished monks and disciples of the Benevolent Travel Temple. From then on, its might would be even greater than before!

At that time, the entire cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region would fall into darkness. Even if the Scripture Storage Valley and the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak joined forces again, it was hard to say if they could defeat the Hundred Tempering Mountain that controlled the Black Lotus Platform.

The next day, Jiang Li followed his master and senior brother who were covered in spirit medicine bandages into Benevolent Travel Temple’s Mahavira Hall.

Due to the huge contributions of the three people from the Scripture Storage Valley in this matter, the situation was almost reversed.

Therefore, they received the highest form of treatment today.

All the higher-ups of Benevolent Travel Temple who were still alive came.

Jiang Li was originally worried that Benevolent Travel Temple would want to heal their wounds and recuperate because of the severe losses this time.

However, after he saw the expressions of all the monks present, Jiang Li’s worries were completely dispelled.

Those angry faces had already expressed their attitude. They would not rest until they were dead!

One had to know that Benevolent Travel Temple was almost full of body cultivators. How could those hot-blooded people endure this?

In the cultivation world, this was an unspoken rule. If they suffered such humiliation and still did not seek revenge, it would not be long before the Benevolent Travel Temple fell out of the ranks of top sects in the hearts of cultivators.

This time, Elder He finally had the chance to take out the testimony of those guys from the Golden Tooth Sect and expose the various evil deeds of the Hundred Tempering Mountain in public.

However, this evidence was no longer important.

The Benevolent Travel Temple’s current attitude towards the Hundred Tempering Mountain was much more determined than the Scripture Storage Valley!

After some discussion, the details were quickly set.

Seven days later, they would meet at the Hundred Tempering Mountain!

They wanted this damned sect to know the consequences of provoking them!

After discussing matters with the Benevolent Travel Temple, the support flying ship from the Scripture Storage Valley finally arrived.

They could not travel as casually as the Nine Nether clone who could carry a coffin and leave. The Scripture Storage Valley was much farther than the Nightless City.

Therefore, the Nine Nether clone had arrived before the battle and even ambushed them. However, the Scripture Storage Valley’s team did not even manage to arrive in time to clean up the battlefield.

Elder He and Senior Brother Xiang were heavily injured and could not ride on Rayquaza for a long journey. This group of flying ships had arrived at the right time.

They left half of their men near the Benevolent Travel Temple to help hunt down the demonic cultivators. The remaining half of the flying ships brought Jiang Li and the others back to the sect.

In the quiet flying ship’s cabin, Jiang Li took out the two lotus seeds and checked them.

[Name: Karma Lotus Seed (Evil)]

[Type: Spiritual Material, Seed]

[Formation: Evil Births Lotus]

[Weight: 6 grams]

[Color: Black]

[Description: A pure lotus would produce an evil seed if it grows in an evil environment.]

[Note: Not an item of this world.]


[Name: Karma Lotus Seed (Buddha)]

[Type: Spiritual Material, Seed]

[Formation: Buddha Births Lotus]

[Weight: 6 grams]

[Color: Gold]

[Description: A pure lotus would produce a Buddha seed if it grows in a Buddhist environment.]

[Note: Not an item of this world.]

These two lotus seeds were what Jiang Li had taken from the lotus platform.

In terms of color, one was pitch-black and the other was golden. The inside was filled with an extremely vast amount of demonic qi and Buddhist power.

From the introduction of appraisal, these two lotus seeds were clearly formed after the lotus platform absorbed a large amount of the two energies.

Just like the name suggested, a pure lotus would produce a good or evil seed depending on the process of growth.

Even with such a large amount of energy sealed inside, these two lotus seeds appeared very stable. This also meant that the grade of that lotus platform was extremely high.

However, this was different from the spiritual root seed.

The spiritual root seed was classified as junk in appraisal, meaning that its exact use was unknown.

These two lotus seeds were classified as spiritual materials and seeds.

This meant that they could be used as materials to refine pills and artifacts, or they could be buried in the soil to grow new plants.

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