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Chapter 38: The way a cultivator opens doors

Chapter 38: The way a cultivator opens doors

4th June, night time.

Song Shuhang was suffering from insomnia, he couldn’t sleep. Perhaps it was due to the fact that he would be able to meet Senior ‘Medicine Master’ tomorrow. He would learn the foundation building meditation technique and the body refining sword technique; and he would also begin his hundred days of foundation building journey. So maybe these made his heart excited beyond measure?

Or was it because of the Body Tempering Liquid? Having his body strengthened, maybe his requirements for sleep were no longer the same. Which was why he couldn’t sleep?

In any case, he couldn’t sleep.

His three roommates were already snoring in their sleep, yet he still tossed and turned restlessly.

Even with his eyes shut, his mind was still clear, and fully active.

When he felt like his eyes had been closed for a long period of time, he turned on his cellphone to check the time, and only five minutes had passed.

“This night is going to be hard to get through.” Song Shuhang sighed.



5th June, clear weather, high temperatures as usual.

After a whole night without sleep, Song Shuhang couldn’t help but to feel a little dispirited. This feeling of exhaustion didn’t come from his body, the fact was, he didn’t feel sleepy at all, even though he hadn’t slept for the entire night.

It was just he had spent eighteen years as an ordinary person, after he spent a night without sleep, he felt as if he was doing something overnight, and felt tired in terms of spirit.

Song Shuhang had four classes this morning, and brought his phone with him. This time, he remembered to charge it fully, so as to avoid the situation where Medicine Master couldn’t contact him.

As he awaited expectantly for a call, the first two classes quickly passed; yet Medicine Master hadn’t contacted him.

Waiting for something expectantly is torture, the phrase ‘a single day dragging on like a whole year’ wasn’t even enough to describe how Song Shuhang currently felt.

The third lesson was university english.

When it was still the break-time between classes, Professor Smith had already rushed over with his crutch.

This strict old man absolutely didn’t permit students to be late, and didn’t allow himself to be as well. He was someone who treats others strictly, but treats himself with several times the harshness he expects from the students.

It has been said that after he was bitten by his beloved pet dog and sent to the hospital three days ago, the moment he got out of the hospital last night, he had that beloved pet dog sent to the butcher and turned into stew.

This is called the deeper the love, the deeper the wound. As a result, he probably couldn’t tolerate the dog’s betrayal.

Song Shuhang looked at this old British man who had perfectly combed hair, and couldn’t help but feel apologetic.

According to Soft Feather, she had already provided compensation to the pitiful Professor Renshui and Professor Smith, as to what that compensation they specifically received, Song Shuhang didn’t ask.

“It’s such a pity, Professor Smith was actually discharged. I thought he would stay a little longer in the hospital.” After Tubo saw Professor Smith, he felt his scalp tingle.

His English results weren’t good, and add to that Professor Smith’s inflexible character, he had a lot of difficulty dealing with him.

Tubo asked, “I need to reposition further back, what about you, Shuhang?”

“Same here, I need to reposition.” Li Yangde nodded and said.

Unlike Tubo, his English grades were exceptional, all of the main points in class were understood by him a long time ago. Therefore, when it came to English classes, he could hide at the very back to ponder over the computer program he was writing.

“I’m going to accompany Yayi over, she wants to reposition as well.” The last roommate, Gao Moumou pushed his glasses up and said with a smile.

Gao Moumou’s surname was Gao, first name MouMou. Just like Tubo, his name belonged to the category of ‘a name no parents should have chosen’, he possessed vehement hatred for his name.

[TL: Gao = Tall/High, Moumou = So-and-so]

There happened to be a similar case of something like this happening; when he was young he stole his identification documents and ran to the local police station, trying to change his name. It’s a pity, he didn’t succeed as well, because his name was currently still Gao Moumou.

That year, he had to pay a miserable price for his deeds like Tubo, he even had it worse than Tubo.

This is because the price Tubo had to pay was just a beating from his father. Meanwhile that year, Gao Moumou had both his father and mother beating him up, to the point he bitterly wailed. He wasn’t even able to get off his bed the next day.

Yayi, who he had mentioned, was his girlfriend. She was only 1.43m tall, a petite little lady, and very cute. But it’s a wonder how Gao Moumou could bear to make a move. That girl simply looked like a junior high school student, or even a primary school student. Other than lolicons, regular men would find it difficult to be interested in a girl with this appearance, right?

This guy is actually a lolicon isn’t he, which is why he looked for a legal loli to be his girlfriend.

“This can’t be, the whole platoon is repositioning?” Song Shuhang sighed, then began to pack his books, about to join his roommates.

At this moment, Tubo grinned and grabbed onto Song Shuhang, “Shuhang, it’d be better for you if you stayed here and listen to the class seriously.”

“?” Song Shuhang was puzzled over what Tubo meant.

“Seize the opportunity, haven’t you been saying that you want to find a girlfriend in university?” Li Yangde whispered into Shuhang’s ear, naughtily raised his brows, with a ‘you know’ expression.

“You need not thank us, you can call us the living Lei Feng.” Gao Moumou cooly said.

[TL: Lei Feng was a soldier of China, Lei was portrayed as a model citizen, and the masses were encouraged to emulate his selflessness, modesty, and devotion to Mao. After Mao’s death, Lei Feng remained a cultural icon representing earnestness and service.]

After that, the three roommates left one after another.

Song Shuhang was left alone, unable to make heads or tails of what just happened.

A long time later, Song Shuhang turned his head to his side, and what he saw left him not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

By his side, that girl with a well-developed body sat one seat’s space away from him. When she noticed that Shuhang was looking at her, her eyes squinted and she revealed a sweet smile.

These three fellas must be misunderstanding something, right?



On the other hand, the three roommates had already squeezed together at the back of the classroom.

Tubo wiped the sweat off his forehead, “I’m feeling hot like a dog, why is it so hot? I definitely felt cool earlier?”

“It can’t be that you’ve never noticed this all this time, right?” At this moment, Gao Moumou pushed his glasses up on his nose, and said in a manner as if he was possessed by Detective Conan, “It’s because we left Song Shuhang’s side.”

“What does this shit have to do with Shuhang? Are you implying that he control the temperature?” Tubo fanned himself with a book as he cursed.

Gao Moumou made a profound conjecture, “Of course he can’t control the temperature. However, I’m not sure as to why, but that fella Shuhang seems to be emitting cool air, like a human air conditioner. I’m on the verge of suspecting that he’s been bringing blocks of ice with him.

“Hearing you say that, that seems to really be the case. Furthermore, haven’t you guys noticed that this fella Shuhang has turned a lot paler? I don’t think he was this fair yesterday morning, was he? He seemed to have turned a lot whiter after the three of us spent half a day looking for an apartment?” Li Yangde set up his tablet, and boldly said.

“Yangde, you can’t possibly be a homo, are you? You even noticed something like Shuhang’s skin turning whiter?” Tubo used a wacky voice to speak.

“Tubo.” Li Yangde grinned, then said, “Do you still want to keep the contents stored in the five virtual disks in the ‘Study videos’ folder of your F drive?”

“Big brother Yangde, I was wrong.” Tubo immediately knelt, that was his treasure he slowly accumulated during his three years of high school. To think of it… if it’s just about the F drive that’s fine, but how does Yangde know so clearly about the five virtual disks? Holy shit, does privacy still exist? Programming nerds mustn’t be offended…

“Let me think, this brat might have used some skin whitening cream, right? As for the reason why he’s using cosmetics… should be because he’s in love, right?” Gao Moumou continued to unravel the mystery, he pointed at Song Shuhang and the girl, Lu Fei, “I’ll bet a hundred… hairs! There must be something going on between the two. I’ve already noticed this before, for all the classes yesterday, lady Lu Fei would find a way to always sit beside Song Shuhang.”

“Sure enough, giving the two of them some personal space was the right decision.”

“Once the matter is sealed, Shuhang must treat us to a meal.”

The three roommates secretly nodded, while trying to reanimate the expression of Lei Feng, the feeling of achievement while hiding their meritorious deeds.



It was a pity that things are usually idealistically full, yet realistically empty.

Song Shuhang didn’t think about having a relationship with this girl at all. He frequently checked his phone, expectantly awaiting Medicine Master’s arrival.

His mind was filled with cultivating, meditation techniques and the hundred days of foundation building.

On the lecture platform, Professor Smith wrote a chain of words on the blackboard. Perhaps it was because of his age, despite the presence of numerous high-tech equipments to aid teaching, he still preferred to use the primitive blackboard.

The lecture room was absolutely quiet, if you don’t like Professor Smith’s class, you may lie on the desk and sleep, he wouldn’t force every single person to listen to his lecture seriously. But if anybody dares to make noise and disrupt his lesson, then that person can forget about their course credits for this semester.

Since they came here for lessons during the term, that represents that they want the course credits. Nobody would shy away from their own course credits, in the worst case they could just lie down and sleep.

*Kacha!* *Bam Bam!*

Strange sounds abruptly resounded, it was extremely prominent in the silent lecture room.

Everybody’s sights fell onto its source, the lecture room’s entrance.

They watched as the originally locked door seem to receive great stress, the screws for the lock slowly popped out of the wooden door.

With a *crack*, the lock was blown off.

It was like someone from the outside had used a battering ram, the whole lock was blown away. It looked very exaggerated!

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