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Chapter 37: Do all little girls these days all have so much character?

Chapter 37: Do all little girls these days all have so much character?

Song Shuhang had initially wanted to just grab the hoodlum’s head, and maybe knock on his cute head.

But the current weight he felt from his arm was just like lifting up a wooden stick, which made him feel like he could whirl this grown man like a wind and fire wheel.

How about I whirl him around once to give it a try?

Luckily, he still had a hold of his rationality, and forcefully endured the thought of spinning a circle with his hand; that would be too horrifying, it would frighten kids.

Right now, Song Shuhang understood how Soft Feather felt when she lifted that huge suitcase. Perhaps in Soft Feather’s eyes, a hundred pounds is the same as a paper bag.

How scary, I should once again congratulate myself for not thinking with my dick when she straddled me that night. Otherwise… you know?

“Ah ah ah ah……” The golden-haired hoodlum was frightened upon being lifted up by the back of his head, he frantically swung his legs in mid-air, and emitted frightful cries; anyone who receives the treatment of being lifted by the head would pee from fright.

For a moment he nearly thought he would soar to the skies!

But no matter how the golden-haired hoodlum struggled, that arm grabbing onto his head was like an iron bar, and it didn’t slack the slightest bit. He who struggled was like a fish hooked and hoisted into the air, no matter how he swung, he still seemed so pale and powerless.

The golden-haired hoodlums’ comrades were also quite shocked, to the point that they stared blankly for a long while before reacting.

“F**k you arrogant bystander, who do you think you are!?” One of the hoodlums shouted.

Although they won’t take the initiative to provoke a student like Song Shuhang who looked strong, they would not back down if he struck first.

“F**k your mother, f**k your whole family, trying to be the hero who saves the beauty? You should evaluate yourself.” From the left and right two hoodlums attacked Song Shuhang at the same time. One brandished his first, while the other took out a rubber baton.

The two people cursed non-stop, increasing their morale. This was the typical way hoodlums fought, first use intimidation to dominate their opponent, then use numbers to win. When they came into contact with more cowardly opponents, once the opponent gets subdued by intimidation, the next step would be to have a great time trashing one man altogether.

But today, the two hoodlums’ hooting was purely to boost their courage. The opponent was someone who raised Yellow-hair by the head with a single arm! This made their hearts tremble, if they didn’t boost their own courage, they might end up being too afraid to make a move.

“……” Having his whole family cursed, Song Shuhang couldn’t help but have his face stiffen. It goes without saying that he was a man who loved his family, and always vehemently hated it whenever someone cursed his relatives.

“This is why I dislike you fellas so much, your mouths are too unclean, you curse people’s families too much.” As he said that, Shuhang treated golden hair in his hands as a weapon, ruthlessly slamming him at the hoodlum on the left holding the baton.

*Slam slam*……. The two smashed into each other and fell, then rolled to the side.

Because he was pissed off, Song Shuhang used about half of his strength when he threw the golden haired hoodlum. This amount of strength was still ridiculous to ordinary people.

When golden haired hoodlum and baton hoodlum slammed into each other, there was the sound of bones breaking, then the two fell onto the ground and groaned from the pain, it seemed like they wouldn’t be able to get up within a short period of time.

Immediately following that, Song Shuhang lifted his leg as quick as lightning, executing the Ball Busting kick at the hoodlum brandishing his right fist.

He was the one to make a move later yet his attack hit first. Furthermore, legs are longer than arms! When in a fight, using kicks is more advantageous than using punches!

Ball busted……

The hoodlum whimpered, then fell and rolled on the ground while gripping his balls. His eyes were like a collapsed dam, and tears poured out non-stop.

“Oops… I became stronger, and control my strength on this kick, it wouldn’t really burst, right?” Song Shuhang softly said.

In a blink of an eye, three of the seven hoodlums were already down on the ground.

The remaining four couldn’t help but swallow their saliva, their morale fell to rock bottom; they often went through battles, having a fight was nothing out of the ordinary for them, so they developed good judging skills.

This man in front of them was definitely tough like a hearts and arrows diamond, even if all seven of them were unharmed instead of four, it would still be impossible for them to be this fella’s match. Furthermore, this opponent’s way of attacking was incredibly sinister, the four men looked at their comrade wailing on the floor while covering his stuff, and felt as if their balls were faintly hurting as well.

Song Shuhang’s gaze swept over the four hoodlums, seeing that they didn’t dare make a move and had cowardly expressions, he too lost interest in beating them up. Hence, he gloomily said, “Get lost.”

The four men clenched their teeth, picked up their three fallen comrades, and fled the scene.

A true man is flexible, they “scrammed” today in order to stay alive and come back for revenge when they become stronger.

“Brat, you better remember this, don’t let me see you again, otherwise I’ll show you what’s what!” After fleeing a certain distance, the seven hoodlums didn’t forget throw this line to save face.

This is called trying your hardest despite definite loss.

Song Shuhang sneered, rubbed his fists, then slapped on it loudly.

The seven hoodlums’ expressions changed, and they sped away.

“Really, something like a whole gang getting exterminated just happened, they didn’t learn a thing. Maybe some day they’ll provoke someone and end up having a whole gang exterminated again.”

Next, he looked towards the young lady who leaned against the wall.

The young lady stood up straight against the wall with an indifferent expression and ice-gold gaze. There wasn’t any fear in her eyes, and she didn’t have any intention to thank Shuhang.

“Are you alright?” Song Shuhang politely asked. The young lady remained indifferent, and Shuhang didn’t like being treated with cold rebuke after showing sincerity, so he just casually asked with courtesy, then turned to leave.

The short haired young lady swept a glance at Song Shuhang.

“Hmph, busybody.” She coldly sneered, then arrogantly turned and left like a proud cock.

Song Shuhang, “……”

What on earth was that?

Do young girls these days all have such attitudes?

In the end, Song Shuhang was a good person who doesn’t seek to offend, so he just laughed at himself.

“Oh crap, I forgot that I’m in a rush. If I’m any later they might start the freeloading without me, that’ll be a great loss.” Song Shuhang quickly went towards Li Yangde’s off-campus apartment… things like freeloading, he loves it the most. Whether it was freeloading books or freeloading food!



Auspicious Street Block 221D Room 602, standalone apartment, 70 sqm or so. To a computer nerd like Li Yangde, this was the perfect size.

Tubo welcomed him, “Shuhang, you’re so slow! Don’t tell me you were a hero saving a beauty on the way here, excuses like that are so old that teeth would’ve dropped.”

“You really hit the mark, I was really saving a girl, and she was quite pretty, but she had too much attitude.” Song Shuhang laughed, then looked around the apartment, “Yangde, how much is the rent here?”

He also wanted to rent a place outside the campus, so he wanted to know the market price.

“Student price, 5000 to rent for a year. Utility bills are paid myself, and everything must be paid in full.” Li Yangde answered, to be able to rent a place so near to the school at such a price was extremely lucky.

“It’s honestly pretty good.” Song Shuhang nodded.

Tubo interrupted, “Let’s go to Ah Shun’s Stall, I’ve already booked a table, today is Yangde’s treat, we must make this meal worth it.”

“Speaking of food, my appetite today is especially good.” Song Shuhang nodded, perhaps it was because he expanded energy consuming the Body Tempering Liquid, right now he felt he could eat a whole cow himself.

Later on, Song Shuhang had a great time eating.

His three other roommates were dumbstruck as they watched…… the Shuhang in their memories was never this good at eating, was he?

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