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Chapter 347: Disposable Song Shuhang 001 edition

Chapter 347: Disposable Song Shuhang 001 edition

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"Wait, isn't that young man bald, too? What if he's also a monk?" Chicken Eighteen pointed at Song Shuhang's picture on the screen in puzzlement.

The young man had a shining bald head that was refracting the sunlight completely. This round and bald head resembled precisely that of a monk.

Bull Two smiled once again and said, "Brother Chicken, that's a freshly shaved head. Are your chicken eyes so bad that you can't even tell this much?"

The corner of Chicken Eighteen's mouth twitched… You son of a… that bald head looks like a goddamn disco ball with all that light being refracted. How were you even able to tell that it was newly shaved?!

"Stop fighting amongst yourselves." Wolf One clapped his hands. "Everyone, rest well and recover your strength today. Hawk Six, Rabbit Twenty-Two, give everyone the new equipment. We'll enter action tomorrow!"

All those present silently nodded. Afterward, Hawk Six and Rabbit Twenty-Two stood up, taking out two black-colored leather suitcases.

Hawk Six's suitcase was rather large. There were anti-tank grenades and all sorts of firearms inside, from ordinary pistols to rifles, assault rifles, and sniper rifles, each comprised of a variety of models.

Ordinary firearms were nothing but playthings for powerful cultivators. However, they could gravely injure cultivators of the Second Stage or below.

Wolf One and the others weren't like those ancient cultivators that would stick to their old ways without knowing how to adapt to the new era. Since even the legacy of their Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect was incomplete, they often had to rely on powerful modern weapons to complete their missions.

Meanwhile, Rabbit Twenty-Eight also opened her suitcase. Her suitcase was small and the things inside it looked quite ordinary. There were only two piles of fifty thick cards inside.

These cards were low-level talismans, each made of rather rough materials. When activated, these talismans the size of a banknote could offer a protection close to that of the Third Stage rank.

Wolf One clapped his hands and said in a grave tone, "You can choose the weapons you like, as well as two defensive talismans. We have to rescue Whale Eight and Shark Nine at all costs."

Although he had a cold expression on his face, his heart was bleeding—they could easily obtain guns from the arms dealers of a few countries, but things like talismans were very precious and not easily obtained. If they had to use them, he would make sure to ask the Illusory Sword School for compensation.

Next, except for Sheep Seven, all the other members stood up and went to choose their guns and two talismans to protect themselves.

After taking the equipment, they headed toward their rooms on the submarine to rest and recover their strength.


Except for Wolf One, Sheep Seven, Bull Two, and Snake Twenty-Three, all the others left the conference room.

"Sheep Seven, did you find that girl from the Chu Family?" Wolf One asked.

Sheep Seven typed something on the keyboard and said, "I found her earlier. She's inside that tent."

Then, the inside of Chu Chu's tent appeared on the screen.

Chu Chu was weakly lying on a bed, and her injuries seemed pretty serious. Her chest place had been flattened; she was lucky to be still alive!

After seeing Chu Chu's condition, Wolf One nodded, satisfied. "Her wounds seem very serious… it's almost certain that she won't be able to participate in the battle between the Illusory Sword School and the Chu Family on the Grievance Settling Platform. Such being the case, our mission is completed. Once she misses the competition, we'll ask the Illusory Sword School for our reward."

It was the only good news Wolf One had received today.

"Sheep Seven, hide the remaining drones well. We can make use of them tomorrow to monitor the island and swiftly track down our two targets," Wolf One said.

Sheep Seven nodded and cautiously hid the three remaining drones.

Since they had already lost the turtle-shaped drone, they had to take care of the remaining three properly. These drones had been built using very advanced and costly technologies. Even with money, it wasn't easy to buy them.


The sun set and the sun rose. A new day started.

July 17th, the weather was cloudy.

Thick layers of clouds would often obscure the scorching sun, letting the people on the ground feel a cool and refreshing feeling.

Song Shuhang got up early in the morning and left the tent to practice a bit. After finishing his practice, he leisurely returned to the campsite covered in sweat.

In the campsite, Doudou was also doing breathing exercises...

After seeing that Shuhang had returned, Doudou teased him, "Woof, Shuhang. You have been cultivating very diligently for the past two days! Did someone make you angry? Woof."

"That's not it. It's just that I feel very motivated these days," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

After knowing that he had missed the best period to practice and didn't have that innate true qi to help him, Song Shuhang didn't lose heart. Instead, he was putting even more effort into his practice.

Since he had started to practice later than others, he could only do his best and train harder and harder. Although the sentence 'ineptitude can be remedied by diligence' wasn't completely true, it wasn't completely false either. Moreover, since he had started to practice much later than other cultivators, if he weren't to diligently cultivate, he would fall more and more behind...

Song Shuhang stretched himself and joked, "I don't want to turn into a pile of bones by the time Senior White comes out of his next secluded meditation. It would be rather unsightly to have him burn incense at my grass-covered grave~"

"Don't worry, you won't end up in a grass-covered grave," Doudou said with a serious expression on his face.

Song Shuhang replied, "Thanks."

Once in a while, even Doudou can say something nice.

"Because I will remember to visit your grave every year on the Tomb Sweeping Day and pull out the weeds. You don't need to thank me; I'm always happy to help others." The small-sized Doudou came over and patted Shuhang's leg...

"..." Song Shuhang.

'Nothing nice comes from the filthy mouth of a dog', especially from Doudou's mouth… how could he forget this saying?

At this time, the faraway small monk had also finished his practice. The road of cultivation was like an uphill road—if you were to stop moving forward, you would fall behind.

The small monk came over and tried to defend Song Shuhang. "Senior Doudou, please stop saying these things. Senior Brother Shuhang won't die so early. Senior Brother Shuhang is a good person and will live up to hundred years!"

Song Shuhang was grateful for Guoguo's immediate help.

But at this time, Doudou laughed and said, "Live up to a hundred years? Will he die once those hundred years are over?"

"Senior Doudou, this is not what I meant!" At this time, Guoguo's small face had a troubled expression on it.

Song Shuhang squatted down and patted Doudou's head. "Doudou, stop bullying Guoguo. Anyway, how much of yesterday's food is left? How about changing our diet a little? It's fine to eat the same grilled food one or two times, but more than that and it becomes unbearable."

The nearby Guoguo nodded in agreement and said, "I agree. Moreover, if we keep eating grilled food, we might start to suffer from excessive internal heat. That might give me hemorrhoids again; it's really scary."

"..." Song Shuhang.

Doudou showed his teeth and said to Shuhang in all seriousness, "Don't touch my head. You're aren't stupid Yellow Mountain. I might bite you. Don't you know that only the beloved master of a dog can pat its head?"

Next, he also added, "There isn't much food left. We must get some more. It's a pity that Immortal Fairy Bie Xue isn't here. Otherwise, even if it were only grilled food, she would cook it in all sorts of different ways that you would never get tired of."

"Immortal Fairy Bie Xue? The same Bie Xue holding the Immortal Feast?" Song Shuhang remembered that Su Clan's Seven told him once that he would bring him to the Immortal Feast. It seemed a very high-class banquet amongst cultivators.

Since the name 'Immortal Fairy Bie Xue' was rather unique and easy to remember, Song Shuhang didn't forget it.

"It's precisely she. Unfortunately, Venerable White didn't accept her marriage proposal back then. If he had accepted, all the fellow daoists in the Nine Provinces Number One Group would have the luck of eating good things from time to time." Doudou licked his lips and started to drool.

"Ahaha." Song Shuhang laughed softly—he had almost forgotten about this matter. He had to remember not to bring up Venerable White's name in front of Immortal Fairy Bie Xue.

A lovelorn woman could be very scary. If her love for Venerable White had turned into hate, she might as well take it out on an unrelated person like him. He didn't want to die from food poisoning.

"Since we don't have much food left, I'll go out and get some. Maybe I can find some seafood," Song Shuhang said. He was currently covered in sweat and swimming in the sea would surely cool his body. A night had already passed; therefore, he wasn't that sensitive toward fishes anymore.

But he still felt a bit nervous while looking at Doudou's teeth.

"Sure, but be careful when submerging underwater," Doudou said.

Just as he said this, the corner of Doudou mouth's rose, and he swept several secluded places with his gaze.

There, he saw two insects and one seabird.

These guys are openly sending drones to spy on us. Do they think that Senior White and I are blind?


Song Shuhang wore a pair of shorts and headed toward the seashore.

Just as before, Senior White was sitting on a rock in the middle of the water. At this time, he was embracing his knees and blankly staring at the horizon.

Song Shuhang waved his hand and said, "Senior White, good morning."

Venerable White turned his head toward Song Shuhang and after seeing his appearance, he said, "Are you planning to get into the water?"

"Yes. Since Doudou and Guoguo looked for food yesterday, I decided to take responsibility for today's breakfast. I was thinking of diving to look for seafood," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

"I see. In that case, I'll prepare the food for the lunch," Venerable White said. Afterward, he also added, "Shuhang, according to today's weather report, there might be sudden tsunamis at any position more than a hundred meters away from this island. Be careful and don't wander too far."

Weather report? Sudden tsunamis at any position more than a hundred meters away from this island?

First, God knew which weather station was so bored to forecast the weather of a small island in the middle of the East China Sea—but most importantly, which country's weather station could forecast the range of tsunamis down to the meter?

Song Shuhang forced a smile and looked at Venerable White. It seemed senior wanted to go all-out!

Seeing Song Shuhang force a smile, Venerable White laughed and said, "It's alright, no need to be scared. Come here."

Song Shuhang arrived next to Venerable White.

Venerable White stretched his hand out and revealed a transparent tattoo sticker… Shuhang remembered this thing. Not long ago, when Senior White prepared that 3D picture of a Calabash Brother for the 'Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique', he used precisely this transparent tattoo sticker to print it on his arm.

Is Senior White planning to print another Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique on my body? While Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, Venerable White glued the sticker to his chest.

After Senior White tore the transparent layer off, the picture of a flying sword appeared on Shuhang's chest. Oh, it's a different picture this time? Thank God it's not a Calabash Brother again!

"Senior White, what is this thing?" Song Shuhang asked.

"It doesn't have a name yet." Venerable White thought for a moment and said, "Let's just call it 'disposable Song Shuhang 001 edition'."

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