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Chapter 346: The plan to capture Song Shuhang!

Chapter 346: The plan to capture Song Shuhang!

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Next, Venerable White gently said to Song Shuhang, "You guys should rest a tad earlier today. Tomorrow, we'll try to experience the 'fish jumping through the dragon gate' once more."

The 'fish' jumping through the dragon gate...

"Do I have to turn into a fish again?" As soon as he heard the word 'fish', Song Shuhang thought of Doudou's claws, teeth, and stomach. His heart twitched in pain!

"Don't worry. I won't turn you into a fish again," Venerable White said. "Tomorrow, I plan to let you experience a successful jump through the dragon gate first. Afterward, I'll have you make two trips through the waterfall of the dragon gate on your own. You have to mentally prepare yourself, tomorrow's test will be very difficult."

After hearing this much, Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief. As long as he didn't have to turn into a fish, it was fine. He was still traumatized by what happened earlier.

According to Senior Copper Trigram's divination, those disciples from the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect won't come today. In that case, they should show up tomorrow, right?

Song Shuhang hoped that they could come here as soon as possible and let Senior White deal with them. At that point, they would be finally able to leave this lone island in the East China Sea!

Only by leaving the island would he have the opportunity to warn Soft Feather about the imminent danger...

Moreover, Gao Moumou and the others were still waiting for him on that small island in the Pacific Ocean.

He had many matters to deal with. He couldn't keep staying on the island and waste his time.


In the depths of the East China Sea, inside a submarine.

Wolf One, Bull Two, Horse Three, Ape Four, Hawk Six, Sheep Seven, Chicken Eighteen, Tiger Twenty-Two, Snake Twenty-Three, and Rabbit Twenty-Eight... these ten members that weren't currently on any mission gathered together.

Right, the handsome but foolish Fox Ten had also managed to get away from the dead swordfish, reuniting with Wolf One and the others.

After everyone arrived, Rabbit Twenty-Eight asked, "Wolf One, why did you urgently call us here? What happened?" Rabbit Twenty-Eight was a flat-chested girl with long legs.

Practicing the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique❯ could affect the build and outward appearance of the user. For example, Wolf One could run on his four limbs, Ape Four had long arms, Whale Eight had thick skin, Shark Nine had sharp teeth, and so on. Rabbit Twenty-Eight's chest was becoming more and more flat and her legs longer and longer as she kept practicing the technique.

"Whale Eight and Shark Nine failed their mission and were captured," Wolf One said in a grave tone.

"They failed the mission and got even captured? What a bunch of good-for-nothings," Hawk Six sneered. He was a man with a hooked nose and a cold disposition.

Fox Ten tried to explain, "It's not really their fault. I suddenly met a powerful expert that delayed me when I was on my way to meet them. But from what I know, they had already forced the target into a hopeless situation. Unfortunately, we lost contact with them a little later."

Everyone became silent.

"How strong is the enemy?" Tiger Twenty-Two said with a calm expression on his face.

Wolf One shook his head and said, "We have no idea. Before you guys got here, I told Sheep Seven to send a reconnaissance drone to probe out the strength of the enemy. Sheep Seven, did you obtain any useful information?"

Sheep Seven pushed up his plain anti-radiation glasses and said, "I've already sent drones to the coordinates you gave me. You guys can watch the situation through the drones."

After saying this much, Sheep Seven stretched his hand out and typed something on the keyboard, connecting his computer to the projector.

Soon after, four square-shaped windows appeared in the projection.

These pictures were transmitted by the four small drones that he sent on the island. All the drones had different shapes.

One had the shape of a seabird, one of a hand-sized turtle, and the last two had the shapes of small insects. All four of them had successfully infiltrated the island.

The seabird-shaped drone had already found Whale Eight and Shark Nine.

All those present saw through the screen that Shark Nine had a terrible sword found on his chest, so deep that even bones were visible...

Meanwhile, Whale Eight's injury was rather strange. There was a deep depression on the back of his waist, just as though he had received a heavy blow there—but why would the enemy attack the back of his waist? It was a rather strange place to aim for!

"Good, good. At least, they're both alive." Wolf One heaved a huge sigh of relief. Whale Eight and Shark Nine were established Second Stage True Masters, as well as high-ranking members of the organization.

If they were to die, Wolf One would be so grief-stricken that he wouldn't be able to sleep for several nights in a row.

Just as they were speaking, the two insect-shaped drones transmitted other pictures.

One was the picture of a serious-looking small monk that had his palms joined together.

One was the picture of a pekingese that was spitting out its tongue; the pekingese seemed capable of speech.

Last was the picture of a gentle-looking young man. Just by looking at him, you could tell that he was a good person.

At this time, the two people and the dog were roasting food on the bonfire.

"Are they the ones that defeated Whale Eight and Shark Nine?" Tiger Twenty-Two said in a grave tone.

Snake Twenty-Three licked the corner of his mouth and said, "The small monk seems pretty weak. After seeing his body build and actions, he should have just finished establishing his foundation or opened his Eye Aperture at best. He isn't a threat."

"That young man is the same. From his actions and body build, he also seems to be a rookie cultivator. Perhaps he's a bit stronger than the small monk, but he certainly isn't a cultivator of the Second Stage." Rabbit Twenty-Eight analyzed the situation.

"The one we need to beware of is that pekingese. Even though we can't discern its strength from these pictures, just from the fact that its capable of speech, we can deduce that it's a monster beast that has reached at least the Second Stage. Perhaps it is even stronger," Snake Twenty-Three said while licking the corner of his mouth.

Monster beasts had extremely powerful bodies. In earlier stages, cultivators of the same rank weren't their match.

When Fox Ten saw the pekingese and the small monk, he slightly furrowed his brows.


Just as they were speaking, the sea turtle-shaped drone captured the picture of another human figure.

The man in the picture was very good-looking, like an immortal that had been banished into the mortal world. When the turtle-shaped drone took the picture, the man immediately noticed its presence and arrived next to it with a smile on his face.

"Shiet, we've been discovered," Sheep Seven said.

"You really took your time, didn't you? Anyway, is this a drone? Disappointing," the man said softly. Afterward, he stretched his hand out and patted the turtle-shaped drone.

"Creak, creak…" The turtle-shaped drone was disassembled into various parts.

"Ah? Its structure is quite interesting." This was the last sentence that the drone transmitted to their submarine...


"It's him!!!" Fox Ten suddenly stood up—the good-looking man in the picture… wasn't that the same good-looking senior that casually pulled him on the back of the whale back then?

As soon as the saw the pekingese and the small monk, Fox Ten felt that he had seen them before.

Now he was sure of it, they were with that senior at the time!

It was the same senior that snatched the tree branch he was using to show off. Then, he swindled him and made him ride that swordfish with the 10x speed increasing formation attached to it and no brakes! He was the reason he failed the mission.

Wolf One frowned. "Fox Ten, do you know him?"

Fox Ten forced a smile and replied, "It's precisely that fearful senior that ruined my mission, stopping me from converging with Whale Eight and Shark Nine."

After hearing this much, Wolf One furrowed his brows and asked, "He ruined your mission? Was he trying to sabotage us?"

"No, I think it was only a coincidence. If he really wanted to sabotage us, he could have killed me directly," Fox Ten replied. He had experienced firsthand the fearful strength of that senior. In front of him, he was nothing but a defenseless ant.

"How strong is that man?" Tiger Twenty-Two had a calm expression on his face as he asked something that everyone wanted to know.

"He's very strong. I cannot even fathom his strength." Fox Ten recalled the scene and said, "When I met him, I felt that he needed only a finger to kill me. He was strong enough to draw magical runes in the air and instantly draw the 10x speed increasing, mind controlling, water barrier, and spirit gathering formations on the body of a swordfish."

After hearing Fox Ten's words, all the present became silent.

Although Fox Ten was a handsome idiot that would often receive missions such as 'impregnate a cute girl', making everyone feel jealous, he was still a genuine Second Stage True Master whose strength wasn't inferior to theirs.

If that man could kill Fox Ten with a finger, he could easily kill all of them. Moreover, he even drew magical runes in the air and added all kinds of terrifying formations to the body of a swordfish… how were they even supposed to carry out their mission if that was true?

"We can't fight him head-on. We need to outsmart him," Chicken Eighteen said in a grave tone, saying out loud what everyone was thinking at this time.

Hawk Six said coldly, "And how are we supposed to outsmart him?"

"We need to get our priorities straight. There is no need to make an enemy out of that fearful senior. We just have to save our companions." Snake Twenty-Three licked the corner of his mouth and continued, "Since we can't fight him head-on, we have to take a roundabout route. For example… we can try to kidnap the young man or the small monk and negotiate with that senior, exchanging hostages and getting our companions back."

Snake Twenty-Three seemed to be the brain of the group. After hearing his words, everyone nodded in agreement.

Tiger Twenty-Two asked, "In that case, which one should we kidnap? Both of them?"

"It won't be easy to kidnap both… We should act according to the circumstances and try to catch at least one," Snake Twenty-Three said. "Of course, we can always decide the priority beforehand. If we happen to find ourselves in a position where we can catch them both, we can go for the one with the highest priority first. With that, everyone will have a clear objective in mind and won't hesitate when forced to choose."

Chicken Eighteen asked, "Then, which one should have the highest priority? The monk or the youngster?"

Everyone started to discuss.

Bull Two interrupted them and said with an honest smile on his face, "The four biggest taboos in the world of cultivators are: daoist priests, buddhist monks, women, and children. These four are the most difficult to deal with, and the small monk is part of two of these categories! We should choose the young man."

Wolf One nodded and pounded on the table, saying, "It's decided. That youngster is our main target. Snake Twenty-Three, try to come up with as many plans as you can. We'll go into action tomorrow!"

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