Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 808 - Chapter 808: Gui: Danger Should Be In The South, Right?

Chapter 808: Gui: Danger Should Be In The South, Right?

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Gui completed her task and waited for her reward.

“What do you need?” Liu asked.

The task hadn’t been something big, so the reward wouldn’t be great either. As for releasing someone from the Lawless Tower, Gui did it willingly. Her deal with Wu Yang wasn’t part of this transaction.

“I want news about the Heavenlv SDirit Tribe.” Gui looked at Zhang.

Jiang Hao was surprised. Why did Gui suddenly want information about the Heavenly Spirit Tribe?

It wasn’t so surprising when he thought about it carefully.

Last time, she had asked for the Heaven Bestowed Cultivation Technique. So, her asking for the Heavenly Spirit Tribe this time was reasonable.

Both Zhang and Liu also felt the same.

Zhang told her that if she succeeded in her ordeal, she would help Gui find some information about the tribe.

Then, Zhang looked at Jing awkwardly. “Your person is still alive.”

Jiang Hao nodded. It was lucky that Dole was still alive.

Zhang should focus on her advancement.

A failed transaction was just that. It was no big deal. But a failed advancement could mean certain death.

Everyone here did what they felt was right after weighing the gains and losses.

There were no more transactions after that.

Everyone began discussing the events happening around them.

“I met Shang An, and I could feel a kind of ethereal energy around him. He is truly amazing. It was the first time I saw an immortal like him. In the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, I gained many insights,” said Xing.

Gui looked at him worriedly. “Friend Xing, is it your turn soon?”

Xing shook his head and sighed. “That kind of opportunity might take ten or a hundred years. It’s impossible to explain.”

Jiang Hao lowered his head and wondered whether he should wait for an opportunity too.

“I asked the questions you wanted,” said Xing. He looked at Gui. “Shang An said that if someone encountered the opportunity he created but failed to ascend, then there is no need to worry. There will definitely be another chance. It is up to fate. ”

Gui was quite pleased.

Xing then looked at Liu. “To your question, Shang An said, ‘The world in my eyes is the same as the world in your eyes. We are all the same, and if we feel differently, it’s probably because of how we had to live our lives.”‘

Liu nodded. He was lost in thought.

Xing then looked at Zhang. “I asked him what you wanted. He said, ‘If someone wanted to kill me, I wouldn’t forgive them. Similarly, if I killed someone, I wouldn’t seek their forgiveness.”‘

Zhang fell into deep thought.

Jiang Hao looked at Zhang and felt odd. Was she thinking of what was good and evil for herself?

Did she want an answer from the wise? While waiting, she had fallen into her inner demon.

“Nothing much happened in the South, but I saw many people from the overseas Shangguan family. They seem to be looking for someone important. Some people from the Great Thousand God Sect are still present,” said Gui. “I asked some members from the Great Thousand God Sect… They said they aren’t planning to enter the southern region for a while. Apart from the incidents in the South, I feel like they’re up to something big. They’re still in conflict with the Shangguan family. I’m not sure why. Also, the Great Thousand God Sect is also fighting within itself. It seems it’s a clash between different authority figures.”

The Great Thousand God Sect wasn’t united. Just like the twelve branches of the Heavenly Note Sect, it was entirely normal for them to fight each other.

If different sectors within the Law Enforcement Hall could fight among themselves, it was entirely possible for a sect to be divided.

Jiang Hao could fully understand this.

Although these things happened in the South, they had nothing to do with him. It couldn’t affect him.

Liu thought for a moment. “Lately, there has been something strange in the

Abyssal Sea. It seems some kind of light appeared there, but I’m not sure why. Some say that something is about to emerge from there, but it’s still uncertain what it could be.”

“Light?” Gui asked. “The Xuanyuan Sword has been shining lately. I don’t know why. It’s been shining since I left, and I heard it’s still shining. They think that the Grand Earth Emperor might be coming out of seclusion.”

“The immortal seed of the Fallen Immortal Clan is about to bloom,” said Jiang Hao in a low voice.

Everyone was stunned.

“Immortal seed is about to bloom?!” Gui asked in disbelief.

Jiang Hao nodded.

“The Fallen Immortal Clan is formidable. They created the Nine Nether. If they are doing something, it’s not surprising that the Xuanyuan Sword is reacting to it,” Liu said. “Are they planning to become immortals again?”

It was very likely.

Apart from Xing, it seemed that no one present had issues with the Fallen Immortal Clan.

Regardless, they needed to pay attention to such matters.

“Is the Fallen Immortal Clan overseas or in the West? Lately, a Dead Sea has appeared overseas and is affecting everything. That must be the Fallen Immortal Clan’s doing,” said Liu.

“It must be the Old Man Corpse Sea,” Jiang Hao said. “Old Man Corpse Sea made a deal with The End of All Things. They would help him leave the Corpse Realm in exchange for awakening a corpse.”

Everyone felt alarmed.

When did all this happen? They had no knowledge of this whatsoever. And who was this Old Man Corpse Sea?

“Is he from the Divine Corpse Sect?” Dan Yuan asked with a smile.

Jiang Hao nodded. “You are correct as always, Senior.” Everyone was puzzled.

“What’s the deal with awakening a corpse?” asked Gui.

Everyone knew about The End of All Things. They wanted the world and all the living beings destroyed.

Awakening a corpse would be extremely dangerous.

“It’s a corpse that seeks resurrection. Once awakened, it will consume the vitality of living beings in its quest for revival and bring calamity to all living creatures on Earth,” Jiang Hao said.

He wanted to inform these people. He hoped Gui would continue asking more questions.

Sure enough, she did.

“So, this corpse must be in the South, right?”

Everyone knew by now that all dangerous entities resided in the South.

However, Jing shook his head.

“It’s in the West.”

Gui was stunned.

‘The West? Why would it be in the West?’ She wondered if she was just unlucky.

Why did danger follow everywhere she went?

Zhang didn’t ask anything. She seemed to have no energy.

Both Liu and Xing were curious.

This information had significant implications.

“The West has immortal sects. Dangerous matters should be handled by the immortal sects,” Dan Yuan said with a smile.

Gui nodded. She decided to find a way to send a message to the Astronomical Academy. This wav, if there were danqers, there would be others to deal with


Jiang Hao remained silent. He had said what needed to be said. It was up to these people to handle the rest.

As for the West, he didn’t want to go there. It was too risky.

Whether it was about the ancient pages or The End of All Things, everything seemed to be brewing in the West.

Since the one with the Heavenly Dao Foundation establishment was in the West, The End of All Things must have been planning this all along..

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