Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 807 - Chapter 807: Gui: I’m About to Reach the West

Chapter 807: Gui: I’m About to Reach the West

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Chu Chuan left.

He embarked on his quest.

Jiang Hao stood on the mountaintop and watched him leave.

Maybe they would never meet again.

In the future, he might also leave this place.

Xiao Li and the spirit beast would leave at some point too. The four regions were so vast that they might not meet each other again.

Even if they were determined to search for one another, it would be almost impossible to find their location.

As time passed, the matters of the Heavenly Note Sect would also fade away.

Perhaps one day, they would look back and think of them as childhood friends.

But maybe they might not remember their faces or even their names.

The time they spent might be forgotten.

Even if they had the ability to return, they might choose not to.

However, it was different for Chu Jie.

Chu Chuan’s destination on this trip was the Bright Moon Sect. He would never forget Chu Jie.

Whether Chu Jie would remember him or not… that was an entirely different matter.

In any case, these were the things that Chu Chuan needed to face, and his future would depend on his own fate.

“It’s a long journey to the East. In many places, insufficient cultivation makes it impossible to cross. If he really reaches the east one day, I wonder what level of cultivation he will have.” Jiang Hao sighed and turned back.

In mid-September, the peach tree had already borne fruit. After a while, it would be ready for another incarnation.

During this incarnation, he would be able to obtain another purple bubble.

Unfortunately, he had obtained only one purple bubble so far.

Getting another one wouldn’t grant any divine abilities.

However, he was close.

After another three years, he would be able to obtain another divine ability.

That wasn’t too long.

Before, he couldn’t get a single divine ability for over a decade, but now, he was getting several in a dozen years.

He had to learn to be content with it.

For over half a year, he had been waiting for another gathering.

He didn’t know when it would start.

Many things hadn’t been discussed yet, so he was quite concerned.

During that period, The End of All Things had planned a lot.

He didn’t know what the Old Man Corpse Sea would do when he emerged.

He also didn’t know how the Fallen Immortal Clan was doing, but they might be making some progress.

Jiang Hao felt the need to improve faster.

While others were making progress, he couldn’t afford to sit and do nothing.

His talisman-making job had been delayed for a long time. He couldn’t make better talismans. It hindered his progress.

So, he spent more time on spells and divine abilities.

He couldn’t calm his mental state as he wanted.

If his state of mind improved too quickly, he might lose sight of what was important and make some dangerous decisions.

During that period, Hai Ming didn’t come by. He also didn’t know if Feng Hua was still planning something.

But he was okay with it.

He only worried when he was close to his goals. That was when the enemy would strike.

He had to find someone to delay the others.

When he returned home, Xiao Li and the spirit beast looked defeated.

Chu Chuan’s departure had made them feel sad.

They were fine a few days ago because they were always together. They had suddenly lost a member of their group. They had never expected Chu Chuan to leave.

However, this feeling only lasted for half a day.

When it was time for a meal, Xiao Li took the spirit beast and ran to the cafeteria.

Half a month later, they were wondering if Chu Chuan would bring gifts when he returned.

Around early October, Jiang Hao finally received the news of the upcoming gathering.

“I wonder how things are going with Zhang. ”

In half a year, Dole’s affairs should have been handled.

He felt that Dole had more bad luck than good on this path as he was being eyed by various major sects.

Besides, Dole was only at the Golden Core Realm. A situation such as this was difficult even for someone like Jiang Hao.

He lived carefully and cautiously to avoid such a life.

He constantly grew stronger so that he could deal with such situations. By being stronger than them, he wouldn’t have to bow to them and accept his fate.

Jiang Hao waited for midnight.

When it was time, Jiang Hao entered the hall and noticed that Zhang looked a little odd. Two conflicting auras were emanating from her.

One was extremely chaotic, while the other was transcendently detached.

She was in a poor state.

The others, including Xing, were also surprised by Zhang’s condition.

They thought of a possibility.

Zhang might have been preparing to ascend to the Immortal Ascension Platform but was invaded by her inner demon.

“It seems Friend Zhang has many cultivation problems today.” Dan Yuan smiled.

Jiang Hao and the others looked at Zhang and waited for her to speak.

At that moment, Zhang seemed to be in a daze as she looked up at Senior Dan

Yuan. “How can I overcome the inner demon?”

Dan Yuan nodded slightly and smiled. “The inner demon is the flip side of your state of mind. It’s another you. The best way to suppress it is to face it, understand it, and finally, conquer it. The method is profound and incomprehensible. However, there is a simpler method—the immortal will. You have to reach for that and expand it to suppress your demon. The method requires you to confront the demon directly.”

Jiang Hao was amazed. Normally, once someone entered seclusion, communication would be impossible.

Zhang was facing her inner demon, yet she was able to communicate through the stone tablet.

Moreover, they had Senior Dan Yuan here. With his help, maybe her process would be easier.

They were unsure what the price for this information would be. Such help was invaluable.

Zhang wanted to speak, but Dan Yuan said, “This is also a problem with your cultivation. I can help you with more explanation, young friend.”

‘Free of charge?’ Jiang Hao was shocked.

This was an incredible opportunity.

At that moment, Dan Yuan slowly began explaining the immortal will.

Although Jiang Hao listened intently, he couldn’t understand it entirely.

This was not something a cultivator like him could understand.

Even Xing and the others only grasped a fraction of it.

Only Zhang gained many insights into it.

After a long while, Dan Yuan stopped speaking. “This can help you resist the inner demon better. Whether you can bloom within the inner demon ultimately depends on yourself.”

Zhang thanked him.

Dan Yuan looked at the others.

No one spoke.

“Do we have any news about the Sage’s Page?” Dan Yuan asked.

“I received some information. It seems to be in the west, but I don’t know about the exact location. There is a good chance it might be near wherever the one with the Heavenly Dao Foundation Establishment is,” said Xing.

“It might indeed be in the west. I heard that the Master of the Heavenly Tower is also headed that way,” said Liu.

Jiang Hao suddenly remembered what Gu Jin had mentioned.

Some individuals from the Astronomical Academy also went to find the ancient pages to establish their own sect.

The Master of the Heavenly Tower might have had a similar idea.

All these reasons made them feel like the ancient pages were probably in the West.

Dan Yuan nodded. “Did you find any more information?” They shook their heads.

Dan Yuan told them that he would confirm it soon enough.

With no further questions, they began their transactions.

“I’ve obtained the Ancient and Modern Book, and I’m about to reach the West. It’s quite far from the academy’s location. I also met Wu Yang and discussed matters with him. He wanted to leave, so I helped him,” said Gui.

She felt like she had gained a lot from this trip..

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