Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

Chapter 209 - Chapter 209: Paper Figurine

Chapter 209: Paper Figurine

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Ji Ying felt a headache coming on. Today was really strange. Didn’t Ji Jing always avoid them whenever she could? Why didn’t she avoid Ji Hui’s anger today and still went up to quarrel with him?

For the first time, he missed Ji Jing, who had treated them like a plague. They knew that they were going to quarrel, so why didn’t they hide? Ji Ying couldn’t figure it out.

Ji Ying couldn’t figure it out because he only paid attention to the quarrel itself and didn’t notice Ji Jing’s little actions.

Ji Jing had never changed. She still firmly believed that arguing with the Ji family was a waste of time. But today was different. She had something to do. She had to make Ji Hui and Ji Yao’s attention here.

“Third Brother! Don’t be like this… Sister Jing Jing will definitely blame me.”

“Who dares to blame you? She was clearly the one who wanted to challenge my bottom line.”

“Yaoyao, Third Brother, calm down. It was clearly Yaoyao’s two classmates who quarreled. This…”

Ji Hui was scolding non-stop, Ji Ying was persuading, and Ji Yao was fanning the flames. Ji Jing didn’t care about them.

Taking advantage of the chaos, a small piece of white paper in her palm floated to the ground without leaving a trace.

Ji Jing’s attention was focused on the little paper figurine until it carefully stuck to Ji Yao’s trouser leg. Only then did Ji Jing secretly heave a sigh of relief.

“Ji Jing, don’t be silent. Explain yourself.”Ji Ying couldn’t persuade Ji Hui, nor could he say anything to Ji Yao. He could only turn to persuade Ji Jing.

” I have nothing to say,” Ji Jing said.” If you have the ability, then let me drop out. If you don’t have the ability, then don’t talk nonsense. It’s not up to you to control what I want to do.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Ji Jing turned around and walked upstairs mercilessly.

Ji Hui stretched out his hand to stop her, but Ji Jing nimbly dodged it.

Ji Ying hurriedly raised his leg and went upstairs to chase after her. However, he realized that Ji Jing was clearly very close to them. They were only separated by half a flight of stairs, but when Ji Ying took two or three steps upstairs, he realized that he seemed to be very far away from Ji Jing.

Ji Jing returned to her room and closed the door with a click. Ji Ying was stunned. Something seemed off just now. Why was Ji Jing walking so fast?

When he entered the door, he walked faster than Ji Jing. How could she beat him to it?

The little paper man had already hidden in Ji Yao’s trouser leg. Since Ji Jing was done with her business, she didn’t want to deal with them anymore, so she simply used a little lightness skill to hurry along. Anyway, they were in a hurry and didn’t notice such a small detail.

In the living room, Ji Hui’s anger was still burning. He called the education department of Linjiang High School and asked them to arrange for Ji Jing’s transfer immediately.

“What? Third Young Master, this… Student Ji Jing is very talented. She’s a good seedling for this year’s award. Several teachers want to fight for her. If we let her transfer directly, we’ll miss a great opportunity to win the award.”

The director of the Education Department did not expect to receive such a sudden order. He subconsciously advised,” If our opponent’s First Middle School accepts her, they will definitely publicize it and it might affect the enrollment of the next batch or even the next few batches!”

A very outstanding student would greatly boost the reputation of the school.

The school’s reputation would attract good students to apply for it, and it would also attract wealthy families to spend money to buy a degree. The school would obtain high-quality students and funds, which would allow the school to continue winning awards and maintain its reputation in the next year. This was the virtuous cycle of Linjiang High School.

Every year, the students who wanted to win the award were selected to use the award as a publicity signboard. Once this publicity signboard was handed over, it was very likely to affect the next or even several batches of enrollment, causing an impact on the virtuous cycle.

“Third Young Master, please reconsider.” The Director of Education asked tentatively.

“There’s no need to think about it. Tell the principal that I want to see the results by the end of the week!”Ji Hui’s attitude was very firm. There was no

vvay UUL.

“Sigh… Alright, I’ll go and talk to him.” The director put down the phone and sighed heavily. He had to tell the principal about this as soon as possible.

The principal was stunned when he suddenly learned of this matter in the middle of the night. Ji Jing? That was a good seedling that he had personally seen selected. How could he give it up?

The principal had been in office for so many years and had cultivated many connections. He had long known that Ji Jing was a child that the Ji family had just found back..

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