Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

Chapter 208 - Chapter 208: Conflict

Chapter 208: Conflict

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“You should know, right? Two people had a conflict because of Yaoyao. Yaoyao has been very uneasy these days. Today, she found Third Brother and wanted to ask him how to deal with it.” Ji Ying sighed.” Third Brother asked too much. Yaoyao accidentally told him that you were involved in this. Then Third

Brother thought that you were deliberately framing Yaoyao.”

Ji Jing said. This wasn’t an ” accident “. She had seen Ji Yao’s ability to twist the truth before. Ji Yao must have made ample preparations before she told Ji Hui. She must have successfully created the image of her pure innocence and Ji Jing’s vicious words.

“Third Brother insisted that you change schools, you…Why don’t you hide for a while?” Ji Ying wanted to say that he should apologize and let this matter go, but he felt that his words were too biased, so he changed his mind.

If it was in the past, Ji Jing would definitely avoid it if she could. After all, Ji Yao was their precious little sister. No matter what the truth was, they would stand on Ji Yao’s side. Apart from making him angry and wasting his time, what else could he do by quarreling with them?

Only those who yearned for kinship and still had fantasies about their family would suffer because of their cold words. But Ji Jing didn’t care. Dealing with them was a waste of time for her.

However, today was special enough. Ji Jing thought that in order to achieve her goal, she could waste some time.

“Why should I? If he has the ability, he can make me drop out of school.” Ji Jing sneered and continued to walk towards the door.” Thank you for telling me this, but I can’t avoid it.”

“Sigh! ” Can you not be so straightforward? Brother San has a lot of shares in Linjiang High School. He really has a way to get you to transfer directly.” Ji Ying hurriedly chased after her.” Listen to my advice. I’m just asking you to stay out of the limelight. I didn’t say that you really did something wrong, nor did I ask you to admit your mistake!””

“But what’s the difference? If I take this step back, he can force me to take a second step back!”Ji Jing seemed determined to fight Ji Hui. She was unwilling to admit defeat and walked faster and faster.

“The difference is huge. Wait, listen to me…” Ji Ying anxiously wanted to pull her back, but he didn’t expect Ji Jing to nimbly turn to the side and avoid him. She even took the opportunity to open the door.

The moment the door opened, Ji Yao’s voice could be heard.

“Third Brother, don’t be anxious. Sister Jing Jing definitely didn’t mean to sow discord.”Ji Yao’s eyes were filled with tears as she tugged at Ji Hui’s sleeve, seemingly trying to stop him.

“Yaoyao, you’re too kind. You don’t know that she’s already planned to target you. There were such sinister people in this world.”Ji Hui said earnestly,”You must be wary of others. Yaoyao, I can’t let such a sinister person stay by your side! ‘”‘

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the door of the hall open from the corner of his eye.

The person at the center of their conversation happened to be striding into the hall and heading straight for them. Ji Ying could only rub his face and close the door behind Ji Jing. He knew that a great battle was about to begin.

Ji Hui didn’t expect Ji Jing to come at such a good time, but the next moment, his expression changed.” You came just in time.” Ji Jing! What did you do to Yaoyao in school?”

“Oh? Why didn’t I know what I did?”Ji Jing smiled coldly.” I didn’t even say more than 200 words to your precious sister, did I?”

“Instigating classmates to fight? Do you have to ruin Yaoyao’s reputation?! “Ji Hui slammed the table, stood up, and questioned.

“So? What do you want?” Ji Jing walked up to Ji Hui in a few steps. She was half a head shorter than Ji Hui, but her aura was not inferior to his.

“I warned you not to do anything to Yaoyao. You didn’t think I was lying, did you? Believe it or not, I’ll kick you out of Linjiang High School right now!”Ji Hui angrily pointed at Ji Jing.

“Third brother, calm down. This matter…” Ji Ying was only a step slower when he entered the room. He didn’t expect the few of them to have already quarreled so intensely..

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