Crazy Detective

Chapter 31: Hello Miss

Chapter 31: Hello Miss

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When the two saw each other, Zhao Yu’s was incredibly confused.

"Huh?" The sound of water from the bathroom had clearly been from the toilet, but why was this female in front of him wrapped in a bath towel, her hair still dripping wet? Was she using the bathroom, or showering?

The woman stood still, thunder struck as this creepy man appeared in front of her wearing only boxers. She screamed in shock, and unexpectedly, she failed to hold her towel tightly, letting it fall to the ground and baring her entire body!

Taking a glance, Zhao Yu’s confusion was quickly replaced with another thought. "Woah?!" Her body was perfection. Even the young Miss Huahua could not compare. "This woman is not Miss Huahua... Crap!" If it were Miss Huahua, Zhao Yu could have tried to explain, but it was not, and now Zhao Yu was done for. Breaking in, seeing things he should not have, he was already at death’s door!

Misunderstanding! Too much misunderstanding! But as the woman continuously screamed, Zhao Yu simply stood still, and started blaming the Miracle System instead.

"Dear System, this kind of adventure is full of misunderstanding, couldn’t have been arranged by your highness as well, right?" he thought to himself. Was it fun to mess with him?

Finally, after she screamed for about twenty seconds, the woman was also a little confused. How come this pervert had not attacked her already? According to her expectations of a breakin, she should have been already restrained by him, dominated, then raped. But how come the guy in front of her was just looking at her like he was admiring scenery?

In her confusion, the woman finally took the time to examine Zhao Yu. He had boxers but no shoes, and was dirty all over. Could he be a mental patient?!

"Wait!" Suddenly, the woman took a closer look at Zhao Yu’s face, and yelled out in shock, "How come it’s you?!"

"Miss, this was an accident," Zhao Yu put his hands together in apology, trying to explain himself as the chance presented itself, "I’m your neighbor Zhao Yu. I got locked out and thought there wasn’t anyone in your house, so I tried to go through your house to get to mine. I know you guys don’t usually have anyone home around this time. I honestly didn’t know you were home, it was truly an accident. I’m a police officer, not some shady guy. If you want I can show you my badge."

Only after Zhao Yu’s long explanation did he notice the woman’s expression. He took a closer look at the other’s face, and was beyond shocked.

"Ah?! How come it’s you? Aren’t you the gold digger!" Zhao Yu was about to blurt the words out before forcefully swallowing them.

Indeed, the woman in front of him was the gold digger Zhao Yu had met at the bar who had almost become a victim of the Taser Rape Case. Thankfully, Zhao Yu had caught the culprit in the nick of time. He could be considered her savior! No wonder the perfume was so familiar! It was hers!

"How come…it’s you?!" Zhao Yu pointed at her, also feeling dazed.

The woman thought Zhao Yu had pointed at her bare body, and hurriedly picked up the towel again. But the tiny towel could block her seductive and perfect body. Zhao Yu could feel himself heating up, and his throat going dry.

"Isn’t this…too much of a coincidence?" The woman shook her head, "Huahua was just telling me yesterday that we got some crazy police man as a neighbor, To think it was you?!"

"Damn!" Zhao Yu gulped. To think that was how Huahua saw him. That was the power of dry humor! "I…I couldn’t imagine either!" Zhao Yu finally explained what happened again, then asked, "I’ve seen the four beauties, but how come I haven’t seen you?"

"Haha, come sit!" Because of their special relationship of the savior and the saved, the woman had already let her guard down around Zhao Yu. Leading him into the bedroom, she let Zhao Yu sit on her bed. "It should be five beauties! Three of them live downstairs, me and Huahua live up here!"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu finally understood. Apparently the neighbor also rented out the second floor, leaving only the first floor as a laundromat.

"Officer Zhao, your name is Zhao Yu?" The woman grabbed a pack of cigarettes from the counter and handed it to Zhao Yu. "Actually, last time, I didn’t know what happened until I woke up later! I wanted to thank you personally, but, you know my situation, I…"

"Hong…what was it? Yang Hong?" Zhao Yu recalled the Taser Rape Case’s involved personnel name list.

"Yeah, Yang Hong!" The woman confirmed her name.

"Please! Why the formality? It’s just my job…" Zhao Yu took the cigarette, but did not want to smoke. Ever since he had connected smoking with the miracle system, he no longer had any interest in smoking. So when Yang Hong tried to help him light the cigarette, he politely waved it off, but Yang Hong still lit one for herself.

"No matter what, truly, thank you!" Yang Hong spoke honestly, "If the culprit really got away with it, I…I don’t know if I could have faced anyone!"

"Don’t say that…" Zhao Yu could feel a certain sadness from the Yang Hong’s tone, and tried to change the subject. "What a coincidence today, you didn’t go out?"

"Ever since what happened, I’m still a little uncomfortable…" Yang Hong blew out a soft smoke ring, somewhat reserved. "I had planned to rest a bit today. I was sleeping well, but someone was slamming on the door and woke me up!"

Apparently everything was a chain reaction caused by Jiang Xiaoqing. After Yang Hong had finished talking, the two were not sure what to say and the atmosphere in the bedroom became somewhat awkward.

"Officer Zhao!" Finally, it was Yang Hong who first broke the awkward silence, "I was always wondering, that day…there were so many people in the bar, how come you targeted me? Did you know that the culprit would pick me?"

"That…" Zhao Yu was experienced in this. From Yang Hong’s words, he instinctively caught onto something and smiled, "Honestly, I was enraptured by you. There wasn’t anyone prettier than you there! Looks like my aesthetic was the same as the culprit!"

Yang Hong smiled wildly, "As expected from the love expert Officer Zhao! Today is a rare opportunity. If I say I won’t charge you for the 3000 yuan, and give you a freebie, what would you do?"

Yang Hong was clearly flirting by this point. Zhao Yu looked at the other’s devilish body. His testosterone was running wild with anticipation, but Zhao Yu still kept up his experienced façade, and spoke, "Then what about the four-star hotel?"

This sent Yang Hong into a laughing fit. After she had laughed enough, she threw an incredibly seductive look at Zhao Yu. "Random meetings are always more special, I think right here is fine! Huahua won’t be back all afternoon. Also, you jumped over from the balcony and don’t even have the key! How will you go back?"

Zhao Yu could not even contain his own excitement. How could he even mention the backup key he had under his welcome mat? Not even waiting for Yang Hong to extinguish her cigarette, he pulled her into his arms!

It had been too long since Zhao Yu had last touched a woman. He could not concern himself with rules like "do not touch other people." He was like a beast in heat as he flipped Yang Hong over violently, pressing her under his body. But he had done so too aggressively. Yang Hong’s cell phone bounced high into the air from the bed and fell onto the ground. The sound was very loud, causing the two to pause.

"That iPhone 6S, sorry…" Yang Hong licked her lips and muttered quietly.

Zhao Yu hurriedly poked his upper body out of bed and picked up the cellphone. Good thing that the phone was sturdy, and apparently there were no scratches.


When Zhao Yu picked up the phone to show Yang Hong, the screen was brightly lit, showing a picture of Yang Hong herself. But what made Zhao Yu pause was that picture showed Yang Hong in front of a piano, playing very intently.

"Piano again?!" Zhao Yu thought incredulously.

"What? Can’t recognize me?" Yang Hong pointed at her youthful self, "At the time, I was still in school!"

"You…you play the piano?" Zhao Yu asked carefully.

"Haha, unexpected?" Yang Hong was clearly a little proud as she replied, "Qinshan was called the Piano Capital. Ever since I can remember, my mother forced me to practice piano! That’s right, I’ve even reached the tenth level of piano! In high school, I even attended Qinshan City’s most prestigious piano competition!"

Upon hearing this, Zhao Yu could feel a chill crawl up his body, leaving his body with goose bumps. "So," Zhao Yu asked, his voice almost shaking, "the competition you attended, which one was it?"

"The tenth one, why?" Yang Hong answered without a pause.

Zhao Yu’s hand shook, the expensive iPhone 6S once again fell on the ground!

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