Crazy Detective

Chapter 30: Who Is More Absurd than Me?

Chapter 30: Who Is More Absurd than Me?

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Bang, bang, bang!

Early in the morning, someone was banging furiously on Zhao Yu’s door.

Zhao Yu was still chasing other people in his dream. Suddenly disturbed by the banging sound, he merely licked his lips and rolled over. Although he mumbled, "Who’s that? Annoying!" he did not fully wake up.

"Zhao Yu! You baddie! I know you’re inside, open the door quick!" along with the banging sound, a young girl’s howl came from outside the door.

"Jiang Xiaoqing!? Why is she here?" he thought. Zhao Yu frantically looked at his watch. "Only five thirty, so early? What does she want? Oh no!" Zhao Yu recalled the parents conference from the day before. Although he had managed to find some clues by coincidence, he had stirred up trouble for Jiang Xiaoqing! He had ruined the parents conference that had been painstakingly prepared by the school, and Shanshan’s mother had almost called 120!

Yesterday, he had wanted to explain what had happened to Jiang Xiaoqing, but he was so engrossed in his investigation that he forgot! After that, Jiang Xiaoqing had called him several times, but he dared not pick up the phone. The young girl threw curses at him on WeChat, and even said that their scheme had been discovered so he had to take responsibility!

Zhao Yu had planned to think of a solution today, but he did not expect the young girl to come knocking at his door so early in the morning! Hearing how furiously she was pounding on his door, the young girl was definitely going to curse him out before putting the matter to rest!

Zhao Yu had wanted to open the door, but thinking about it further, he decided against it. Her parents were downstairs. "I’m a man and only have my flowery underpants on. If I let a young girl in and someone sees it, I’ll never be able to explain myself! No! The door can never be opened!" he decided.

"Zhao Yu, I have your location information! Stop pretending! I know you’re inside! Open the door quick!" Jiang Xiaoqing bellowed outside.

Zhao Yu hugged his pillow, not daring to breathe loudly. Somehow, he was fearless when he fought with others, but he was really scared of Jiang Xiaoqing! The thought of pretending to be the young girl’s dad made him feel weak all over!

"Alright? Don’t think I can’t subdue you!" Jiang Xiaoqing shouted from outside the door, and a string of metal clatter followed. "Let me tell you, I’m the landlord, I have the key! I’m gonna open the door now!" Jiang Xiaoqing was not trying to scare Zhao Yu, but before Zhao Yu could react, she had inserted the key into the keyhole and started turning it.

"Holy Sh*t!" Seeing that the door was about to open, Zhao Yu knew the situation was bad and slipped under the bed. He looked left and right, but the room was narrow and there was nowhere for him to hide. Without a choice, he opened the balcony’s anti-theft door and dived onto the balcony. Just as he got onto the balcony, Jiang Xiaoqing had already opened his door.

"Zhao Yu! I’m coming in!" Jiang Xiaoqing popped her head in, "Stop hiding alright? I’ve got something important to discuss! Zhao Yu?" She did not see anyone and began searching the place. Just as she began to search the bedroom, she saw the opened anti-theft door leading to the balcony.

"Huh! Where else can you run?" The young girl rushed onto the balcony, but there was no one in sight.

"Strange?" Jiang Xiaoqing looked left and right and mumbled to herself, "He’s really not in? Not possible? I’m sure I heard that fella coughing last night. Why is he gone now? That damned fella, he really has big cases to investigate? Zhao Yu…?" She returned to the house to check again.

After hearing the balcony door close, Zhao Yu popped his head out at the balcony next door. Due to the critical situation, he had been cornered and actually climbed onto the balcony next door through the anti-theft net. Not knowing if Jiang Xiaoqing had left, he dared not move. He crouched and waited on the balcony of the four beauties’ home, keeping his head low.

A few minutes later, he heard the sound of the shutter doors from downstairs. He peeked down and saw Jiang Xiaoqing had locked the shutter doors of their family fruit store and gone to school. Before she left, she turned and caught a glimpse of the balcony. This gave Zhao Yu a scare, and he lowered his head again.

"Oh! Holy Sh*t! Scared me!" Zhao Yu patted himself on the chest and thought, "It’s this early in the morning and I almost got a heart attack! Could this be the adventure that I’m supposed to have today? If it’s the case, it is really not fun at all."

Having seen Jiang Xiaoqing lock the shutter doors, Zhao Yu realized that Jiang Dafeng and his wife were not in. They had probably gone to replenish their stock. No wonder Jiang Xiaoqing dared to come and find him! If he had known this, he would have opened the door and have a good talk with her, and would not be in such an embarrassing state now! He wanted to shake off the dust on his body, but realized he was half naked and only wearing his Pikachu underpants. He did not even have his slippers on.

"Let me take a shower first!" Zhao Yu slowly thought about it, and climbed back onto his own balcony, but had realized something. His adventure for today had just begun, but the anti-theft door had been locked from inside by Jiang Xiaoqing!

"Arrggh, darn!" Zhao Yu pulled and tugged, but the door did not move. He checked the window, but the window was also anti-theft and could not be opened!

"Arrggh, holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu scratched his head. He hated Jiang Xiaoqing from within. The girl had actually pulled this on him! She was full of tricks. She must have guessed that he had jumped from the balcony so she did this cruel act!

"Darn it!" He looked out from the anti-theft net. He was on the third floor, and the balcony was protruding out. If he climbed to the end of the anti-theft net and jumped down, it would be equivalent to suicide. Zhao Yu anxiously fidgeted in his spot. The Lost Hand Case had reached a crucial point, and he had many things to do! But now...he could not even go home! If his cellphone was with him, he could have call for help, but his phone was locked inside the house. Who could he find?

He paced around the narrow balcony. When he finally fixed his eyes on the balcony next door, he decided to take a gamble! "I have to go all out!" Zhao Yu decided to leave from the next-door apartment. The two houses were next to each other. If he could leave from the neighbor’s main door, he would be able to return to his main door.

Although the four beauties lived next door, Zhao Yu knew very well that these four social butterflies always spent their nights out and did not return home, so there was definitely no one home at this hour.

Zhao Yu prayed silently, hoping that the neighbor’s anti-theft door could be opened from the inside! He took a deep breath and crossed over to the balcony next door in the exact same way. The balcony next door did not have an anti-theft door. With a light pull, the door was opened.

Having the same layout as Zhao Yu’s place, the balcony connected to a bedroom. At this moment, there was a strong scent coming from the bedroom. It was the seductive and intoxicating scent of a woman. Zhao Yu felt that he had come across this scent before, and it seemed familiar. After some thought, he figured it could be from Miss Huahua. He was likely in Miss Huahua’s bedroom.

The curtain was down, and Zhao Yu was worried there might be someone in the house. He took a peek at the bed which was in a mess. Half the bedsheet was on the floor and it was obvious there was no one on the bed.

Zhao Yu heaved a sigh of relief. He quickly left the bedroom and headed toward the living room. On the side of the living room, on the wall with the television on it, was the glass door to the bathroom.

Unexpectedly, the moment Zhao Yu stepped into the living room, the sound of water came from the bathroom. Before Zhao Yu could react, the bathroom door opened and the living room was suddenly lit up from the light from the bathroom. A woman with a hot body clashed head on with Zhao Yu!

"Ahhh!" A loud cry came from the living room!!

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