Commanding Wind and Cloud

Chapter 652 - Life Death Star Seal, Controlling Life and Death (1.5-in-1)

Chapter 652: Life Death Star Seal, Controlling Life and Death (1.5-in-1)

The enormous warrior power roared inside Qian Jin’s body. The power of Innumerable Shadow reached an unprecedented level. When Qian Jin’s saber struck down, it seemed like the saber energy rushed down like a river of stars.

Qian Jin’s zhanmadao struck down in front of Farak as well as on his two sides and behind him.

Innumerable Shadow! This movement technique from Uncle Blake allowed Qian Jin to create three tangible afterimages!

Four saber energies that seemed like rolling rivers of stars slashed down. Under the cover of murderous spirits, it was hard to tell them apart!

All the hair on Farak’s body stood on end, and his eyes darted around rapidly, wanting to tell the fake from the real.

Duren Burg’s Eye of Innumerable Detection also rolled around, but he gasped. He thought to himself, “How come all of them are real?”

Each of the tangible afterimages created by Innumerable Shadow was also using Thousand Warriors! The fake looked real, and the real could be fake!

Mad Sand Soul Realm!

At this critical life-and-death moment, Farak stopped thinking about which one was real and unleashed the Mad Sand Soul Realm, which was in its infancy.

As soon as this soul realm was unleashed, golden grains of sand appeared around him. Additionally, the sand on the ground tumbled and rose into the air.

All the sand grains merged together and formed many giant sand hands. These hands all reached toward Qian Jin’s ankles.

Also, more sand grains formed many shields and appeared around Farak, surrounding him and blocking the saber strikes that looked like rivers of stars.

When using Thousand Warriors, all shadows looked real. However, there was only one real saber; the other three were made of warrior power and not metal.

Although the giant sand hands were fast, they were still used a bit too slow. They all missed their targets and clenched into fists. However, the sand shields blocked the saber strikes from three sides.

When the warrior power slammed into the sand shields, the power of the soul realm was unleashed.

Qian Jin’s warrior power blades could easily penetrate iron walls, but they weren’t able to penetrate the sand shields. Although sand grains were sent into the sky, the shields didn’t break.

Most of the shields collapsed, but they weren’t destroyed. Although Farak only had a soul realm in the infancy stage, it still unleashed great power with the help of the saint item. These sand shields blocked Qian Jin’s warrior power blades.

Tink! The real zhanmadao still broke the defense of the shield, and endless saber energy cut into the ground and let out a series of ear-piercing rings.

Farak’s body moved back more than ten meters and shattered the flying saber energy with a fist strike. However, his scalp was still feeling numb, and cold sweat drops appeared on his back.

“Dangerous! It was too dangerous!”

Farak was sweating profusely and felt a little numb on the inside. The veins on his head bulged and twitched uncontrollably, and he nervously swallowed his mouthful of saliva. Ever since he established himself, he had been injured severely before, but he had never been so close to death like today.

Farak even smelled the chilly and gloomy odor unique to death.

If it weren’t for the saint item, Farak suspected that he would have died under Qian Jin’s saber strike that could shock people’s souls.

If the saint item didn’t empower his soul realm and increase his strength by several folds, the sand shields wouldn’t be strong enough to withstand the saber strikes. Perhaps that one strike from four sides would have turned Farak into pieces.

“This saber strike is so terrifying!” Farak breathed heavily; his silver hair was already wet due to his sweat.

He used the saint item to increase the power of his soul realm by force, and he even felt a little top-heavy. The sand around him instantly condensed into hundreds of giant fists, and they hammered toward Qian Jin’s body from all directions. Half of them were counterattacks, and the other half were there to stop Qian Jin from attacking.

The sand fists were dense like the raindrops in a storm, completely engulfing Qian Jin.

Seeing these giant sand fists flying toward him, Qian Jin’s steps didn’t stop nor slow down. He walked toward the sand fists.

The sand fists that could leave giant dents in iron walls and penetrate iron plates smashed onto Qian Jin’s body, exploding and turned into many sand flowers.

War-drum-like noises resonated in the area, but the sand fists couldn’t stop Qian Jin from moving forward.

Instead, Qian Jin walked forward faster and faster, smashing many sand fists into pieces.

“What bodily-protection technique is this? Does he have a protective saint item on him?” Farak stared at Qian Jin’s powerful body in shock, but he didn’t slow down his attacks.

A sandman quickly condensed beside Farak and soon reached his side. This sandman contained a ton of warrior power.

Second Warrior Body! Farak heaved a long sigh and thought, “Not every saint warrior has a Second Warrior Body. Due to my Mad Sand Soul Realm, I was able to condense a Second Warrior Body. That is why I’m confident that I’m the most powerful warrior below the Saint Warrior Realm!”

Second Warrior Body was different from Thousand Warrior. The power of the Second Warrior Body could be strong or weak. However, when it was the strongest, it could reach the power level of the original warrior. Also, Second Warrior Body could merge with the warrior, unleashing even more power.

To create the powerful Second Warrior Body, Farak found the rare Star Eternal Sand. He coincidently succeeded after he refined the sand with his Mad Sand Soul Realm.

When Farak’s Second Warrior Body was activated, the sandman became exactly like Farak! Others had a hard time telling them apart!

Instantly, Farak was no longer anxious and became confident again. Facing Qian Jin’s aggressive presence, Farak stepped forward instead of backing away, and his dominating fists smashed toward Qian Jin’s saber again.

The hardness of Farak’s saint item far surpassed Qian Jin’s supreme warrior weapon.

As soon as Farak moved again, many illusions appeared, and layers of yellow sand flew into the sky. The scenery of the endless Ancient Desert Sea was re-created by Farak’s fists, and the millions of years of desolate presence of the desert started to surge.

Farak’s spirit was apparent as he punched out. It seemed like this punch was going to be filled with the soul of the Ancient Desert Sea above them.

At this moment, Farak felt like he had merged into the Ancient Desert Sea. As if he was a part of the Ancient Desert Sea that could devour everything in the world, a portion of the power of the desert fell into his punch. He merged his inspiration from living in the desert in the last while into this fist technique.

The fist technique created a phenomenon, and Farak moved forward with his presence skyrocketing. The energy in his fists even pressured his henchmen to back off repeatedly, afraid that the residual power of this punch was going to hit them.

Farak felt like he was going to become a saint warrior from this punch! He even saw a gate in his mind! If he pushed opened this gate, he would advance in realm!

Farak had accurately sensed how he should push open that gate that led to the Saint Warrior Realm. If he defeated Qian Jin, he could easily open that gate.

For a moment, Farak even had the urge to smash the saint item in his hand and use the power of the saint item to create vibrations with his bloodline. Like how ordinary warriors used soul weapons to become saint warriors, Farak could also forcefully broke into the Saint Warrior Realm.

“Just a bit more, just a bit more…” Farak tried his best to keep his urges in check. “As long as I get the treasures from this mountain. If there are saint items in this treasured spot, I will use this saint item in my hand, becoming the first bloodline warrior who advanced into the Saint Warrior Realm using a saint item!”

Farak believed that by using a saint item to reach the Saint Warrior Realm, he could potentially even reach the Ultimate Awakening, becoming the first-ever Behemoth Bloodline Warrior who reached the Ultimate Awakening.

By then, he would be able to rival the Lucifer Empire and the Zence Empire, and he would become the next leader of the barbarians for sure.

Farak’s confidence increased his power, and the power boosted his confidence. His strength rose again miraculously, and his fists targeted Qian Jin’s body.

“No wonder he is one of the three geniuses of the barbarians! This Behemoth Bloodline Warrior’s punch contains the desolate sensation of the desert, forcing others to lower their heads to him and admit defeat.” Qian Jin was thinking to himself but his steps didn’t slow at all. Each of his actions didn’t look fast, but they were firm and stable. It seemed like even if a mage legion fell from the sky and cast a murderous forbidden spell at him, his confidence wouldn’t be affected, and his steps wouldn’t slow down.

If a giant mountain stood in his way, he would break the mountain with his body. If there were a river before him, he would swim through it. Even if there was no future, he would cut out a path and create his own!

Experiencing numerous deadly battles, and reborn from the ashes! Qian Jin’s confidence and battle-hunger reached such a firm-level that ordinary people couldn’t even imagine. At this moment, Qian Jin’s zhanmadao didn’t try to dodge the fists that were coming at him. Instead, he chose one of the two fists and struck at it.

Real? Fake? In Qian Jin’s eyes, everything was real.

Qian Jin’s strike created a vast and unstoppable presence. It seemed like a giant river was falling from the sky. Regardless of what stood in its way, even if there were deserts, forests, or fortresses, they would be turned insignificant.

Under the pressure of the universe, even things that were millions of years old looked young and fragile! Even the desolate presence of the Ancient Desert Sea would be devoured, and the desert would be turned into a beach before the giant ocean.

Although the Ancient Desert Sea was terrifying, it wasn’t that fierce in front of the universe.

This momentary inspiration allowed Qian Jin’s fighting techniques and comprehension of battles to increase by a lot. The warrior power in his three warrior souls surged, rushing into the Life Death Star Seal that was expanding. The giant warrior seal spun at high speed and emitted waves of warrior power.

Qian Jin had been accumulating a ton recently. He didn’t only accumulate warrior power; he also stacked up on various battle experiences.

At this moment, everything was unleashed, and a new round of comprehension took pace.

“Ignition Soul Realm! Boil! Destruction Soul Realm! Break!”

Qian Jin stepped forward, and his saber struck out without mercy. With his techniques, Qian Jin released four mirror images to go against Farak’s Second Warrior Body, and his impressive saber strike went straight toward one of Farak’s fists.

The zhanmadao chopped through the pressure created by Farak’s fist technique, and all the warrior power and sand grains around Farak exploded. The desolate presence of the Ancient Desert Sea got stopped.

“What is this? The universe?” Farak saw Qian Jin’s strike.

It seemed like this saber strike contained star lights, and a river of stars was infused in it. The unnamed pressure seemed to be able to make this area of the world collapse, and all creatures seemed naïve before it.

When the endless warrior power rushed into Farak’s body, its strength and presence became stronger as it surged, almost destroying Farak’s will to battle.

“Even if you pulled the universe into your body, you can’t block my saint item!”

Farak bit his teeth, and he smashed his fists toward Qian Jin’s zhanmadao without holding back. His most significant reliance was the power of his saint item.

Tink! When the saber landed on the fist, numerous sparks appeared in the air. Many cracks appeared on the tough zhanmadao, and a series of cracking noises sounded from within.

Bam! The saber couldn’t handle the strong impact force, and it exploded into many pieces.

Then, Farak directly punched toward Qian Jin’s chest while suppressing the tumbling warrior power in his heart, barely maintaining his warrior soul that could shatter at any moment now.

The saber strike that infused the universe! It was far beyond the power level of someone below the Saint Warrior Realm.

Even though Farak had the saint item in his hand, he was still injured. After all, only true saint warriors could unleash the power of a saint item. Farak was only extremely close to the Saint Warrior Realm.

“How can you still be arrogant without your weapon?” Farak’s fists punched through many saber fragments and dashed toward Qian Jin’s head.

“What to kill me? Life Death Star Seal! Life!”

The shattered zhanmadao started to combine in mid-air. The blade that turned into many fragments came back together! Although the quality was no longer on the level of a supreme warrior weapon, it was still shocking!

The Life Seal in the Life Death Star Seal wasn’t only useful to warrior seals! It was also impactful toward human bodies and weapons!

The most powerful technique of the Unkillable King Bloodline wasn’t something that conventional techniques could be compared to!

Qian Jin had mastered the Life Death Star Seal. Although the power of this technique was limited due to Qian Jin’s warrior power, the limited power was already enough to make people shiver!

“Life Death Star Seal! Die!”

Qian Jin’s wrists pressed down on the saber that just came back together in front of Farak’s face. The powerful Death Seal instantly shattered Farak’s bodily-protective warrior power, and the saber went into his body without any resistance.

“Ah!!!! Saint Item! Break…”

Dead! Qian Jin’s saber went through Farak’s head. The speed of the saber was faster than Farak’s thoughts. The giant Behemoth Bloodline Warrior was turned into two, and blood gushed out like surging tidal waves.

Qian Jin’s saber shattered again. But this time, Qian Jin grabbed Farak’s arm and pulled off the saint item, placing a gauntlet onto his own hand.


Farak’s Second Warrior Body broke through Qian Jin’s mirror images, and his fists that could smash through iron walls landed on Qian Jin’s back. At the same time, this Second Warrior Body said the words that were on Farak’s mind before he died, “Even if I die, you can’t live! Die with me!”

Although Farak was dead, his Second Warrior Body still contained the pride of this barbarian prince, and he launched the incredible punch of his life.

Crack… crack…

A series of cracking noises sounded from the fist of Farak’s Second Warrior Body. Then, his entire body shattered and exploded. The remaining consciousness inside the Second Warrior Body was shocked! He couldn’t unbelieve this! He launched a sneak-attack on his opponent, who was neglecting him. Still, he couldn’t even get through the latter’s bodily-protective technique!

Instead of injuring his opponent, his body was shattered by the impact force?

Qian Jin turned around and sneered.

If it were a few days ago, he wouldn’t dare to do this. But now, how strong was his bodily-protective technique? He didn’t even know. Perhaps he could only find the answer to this question by battling a saint warrior.

Destruction Soul Realm! Under the empowerment of this soul realm, Qian Jin instantly appeared before one of Farak’s henchmen. The giant fist that grasped the power of the universe and was inside the saint item smashed onto this henchman’s head.

Bam! No dodging and no resistance. It could be better said that this henchman couldn’t dodge and wasn’t able to resist.

After killing Farak with one strike, Qian Jin’s presence

When he walked over to everyone with majestic steps, even the barbarian warriors felt the urge to kneel.

However, these people couldn’t kneel. They were barbarian warriors!

Not all barbarian fighters who had strength could be called barbarian warriors! The title of warrior represented honor, and only those with great bravery could have such titles.

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