Commanding Wind and Cloud

Chapter 651 - One Strike to Kill

Chapter 651: One Strike to Kill

This warrior soul soon merged into Neusta’s body, making his strong bloodline battle form experience another transformation. His brown hair was even smoother as if he was well-oiled, and his body grew to four meters tall. It was hard to tell that he was a barbarian warrior; he looked like a behemoth, which was a demon beast that had gone extinct on the continent.

Level 10 warrior soul! Neusta would become a saint warrior if he awakened his bloodline power one more time. He was a top-tier soul-powered barbarian warrior, and that was why he seemed so confident.

Boom! Neusta’s clothes were already torn apart, and the giant rock beneath his feet was also turned into dust under his legs that looked like two pillars of a palace.

Then, Neusta turned into a thick brown light beam and struck toward Duren Burg’s head. “Get down!”


Neusta’s giant hand struck the place where Duren Burg was standing, and the enormous power created a crater on the ground. The rocks on the ground didn’t shatter; they were turned into dust. Those rocks turned into a white powder that looked like flour.

A shocking strike was unleashed. Before the dust could settle, Neusta’s large body suddenly tilted forward and smashed onto the ground, making a loud noise.

Blood gushed out of the back of Neusta’s head. Red matter… white matter… it all shot out like water in a fountain. The enormous body also quickly shrank and turned into a naked male corpse.

Dead! After Neusta unleashed his most powerful strike, he died just like that.

Farak grabbed onto a piece of lamb meat before the start of this battle, and the hand that was about to feed himself suddenly paused. The vicious glints in his eyes hadn’t that hadn’t yet disappeared were released by surprise and confusion.

“Soul Realm? Not a saint warrior but has a soul realm? Teleportation? Is this why you have an arrogant and tough attitude?”

The behemoth bloodline warriors behind Farak were tried to take a better look at Neusta, who already fell to the ground. The battle was too fast, and they didn’t get the chance to concentrate on the battle before it was over. They thought that Neusta was going to win for sure, but Qian Jin’s team obtained the victory. Duren Burg only used one strike to take down Neusta, who was a top-tier behemoth bloodline warrior.

“Want me to get down? With just you? Not enough!”

Duren Burg’s casual voice filled with disdain and mockery sounded in the dust. As the dust settled, people saw that Duren Burg was standing at his old position, and the deep mark that Neusta left on the ground was only less than an inch in front of Duren Burg’s feet.

Pia, pia, pia…

Farak threw away the fork and knife that he was holding, and he casually clapped. The initial surprise and confusion were released by a smile on his face, and he praised, “Beautiful. Really beautiful. You instantly activated your bloodline power, used your soul realm, appeared behind Neusta, and killed him with one strike. Then, you pulled back your bloodline power.”

Now, these behemoth warriors finally realized what happened and how Neusta died.

“Hydra bloodline warrior…” Farak looked at Duren Burg curiously and said, “Are you Pam Monshen?”

The behemoth warriors instantly got more alert. Pam Monshen was the most powerful warrior in the young generation of the Hydra Bloodline Family, and he had the potential to challenge the genius bloodline warriors of the three ultimate bloodline families.

Pam Monshen’s name wasn’t only famous in the Zence Empire. In fact, it was probably even more prominent among the demons and barbarians.

After all, Pam Monshen made his name by killing numerous demons on the Human-Demon Battlefront.

“No.” Duren Burg smiled and said, “But I will surpass him. I will become the legend among the legends in the history of hydra bloodline warriors.”

“No? That is unfortunate,” Farak sighed and said. “I thought I was seeing the young legend of Pam Family. Do you want to become the legend among the legends? Too bad. If you didn’t kill my retinue, you might have the chance. But now…”

Farak slowly stood up, and the behemoth bloodline warriors all looked toward him in admiration. Prince Farak of Barbarian was the God of War in all young barbarian warriors’ minds.

Soul Realm!

As soon as Farak stood up, he told others around him why he was so confident and was casually eating food a moment ago. Even when his retinue was killed, he still looked calm and confident.

All of this originated from the fact that Farak had a soul realm, as well.

Farak’s soul realm was in its infancy, and his warrior power was abundant and more than any half-saint that Qian Jin had seen. He was extremely close to becoming a saint warrior.

More importantly, Farak was wearing a metal glove.

Saint item! This glove was a real saint item. It was this glove that allowed Farak’s warrior power to be so abundant.

Saint items could always stimulate the warrior power of warriors.

Among the young generation of humans, demons, and barbarians, Farak was confident that he was the one who was the closest to a saint warrior.

It was this saint item that allowed Farak to obtain his incomplete soul realm before he became a saint, and it was this item that made him believe that he was the most powerful warrior below the Saint Warrior Realm.

Farak was also a behemoth bloodline warrior, but his hair wasn’t brown, which looked dirty. His silver hair looked as if it emitted light, making others have a hard time looking at him directly.

“My retinue told you to get down; how can you still remain standing?” Farak casually pushed out his hand, and the air was pressed and sent out a visible airwave, creating a series of booming noises as it quickly approached Duren Burg.

Zence Matten was behind Duren Burg. If Duren Burg dodged using his Teleportation Soul Realm, the Sixth Prince of Zence was going to become a meat pie.

In that split second, Duren Burg decided to take it on with his body. As soon as he activated his bloodline battle form, Qian Jin appeared before him.

The Wind and Cloud Golden Body and the unique protective technique of the two half shields were used at the same time. The shield made of warrior power covered Fei’s fist, smashing against the airwave.

The transparent airwave that looked like a hand smashed onto the warrior power shield, and it created a series of explosions. The grass and small rocks on the ground were sent into the air, forcing Zence Matten to retreat by several steps before regaining his balance back.

Zence Matten stared at Qian Jin, who shattered a half-saint warrior’s saint-item-empowered strike with one move.

“This is Qian Jin’s strength?” Zence Matten’s mind turned blank. Although Farak didn’t unleash his full strength, that strike was extremely close to the attack of a saint warrior.

As a prince, Zence Matten had seen saint warriors before and saw them show their strength. He knew how mighty saint warriors were, and this was his first time seeing someone who was extremely close to the Saint Warrior Realm.

“Half-Saint?” Zence Matten felt like this word couldn’t describe this barbarian prince anymore. Perhaps the term “inferior-saint” suited him better. He was only a small distance away from being an ordinary saint warrior.

With the saint item in his hand, Farak instantly leaped forward and passed many young warriors’ steps, becoming someone who was the closest from becoming a saint warrior.

“Huh? You…” Farak looked at the airwave that was shattered, and he glanced at Qian Jin in confusion.

“A few months ago, this man was only a little ordinary warrior who didn’t even have warrior souls. Now, he can take a strike from me when I’m using this saint item?”

Although the airwave cast by his hand was different from a real hand strike, how… was it possible?” Farak thought.

Farak really wanted to ask this question as it became a reality, but he forced himself to swallow back this question that was low-classed.

Since it was already the reality, it would be meaningless to ask how it was possible?

Farak re-evaluated Qian Jin and thought, “If the person who countered my strike were a bloodline warrior, it would make sense. After all, as long as a bloodline warrior awakened the bloodline power several times in a few months, this person would become super strong. However, this person is an ordinary warrior who didn’t even have a warrior soul a few months ago.”

This was why Farak really wanted to ask that stupid question.

Farak nodded and said, “Interesting. This is interesting. Qian Jin, you are way more capable than I had imagined. That is why you have to become my servant or die!”

Qian Jin’s eyes locked onto the metal glove on Farak’s hand; the saint item was too alluring.

The saint item could stimulate people’s potential, and this glove almost made this barbarian prince into a saint warrior.

If it were the old Qian Jin here, he wouldn’t be able to handle Farak’s strikes.

But now?

Instead of backing away, Qian Jin took a step forward and said, “I’m not interested in becoming your servant. Since you want to kill me, I’ll act before you. I like that saint item that you have, so I’m going to get it today.”

“You want to steal my saint item?” Farak laughed in disdain as if he heard a cheap joke, and he walked toward Qian Jin as well.

“Anyone who offends me will die!”

Farak tightened his grip, and the metal finger covers on the metal glove ground against each other and made metal-grinding noises.

Then, Farak’s fist that was the size of a barrel smashed toward Qian Jin’s head from above.

Farak used his advantages.

Farak had the immense battle experience, and he utilized all the benefits of the saint item. Using the sturdy saint item, he struck toward Qian Jin with full force and didn’t act arrogantly.

Tink! Qian Jin’s Zhanmadao let out a soul-shaking cry. The three warrior souls that already reached the peak were pressed into Qian Jin’s body as he used the Ultra-Fake Soul, and his terrifying warrior power continued to increase in strength. It seemed like even half-saints were nothing before him.

What would happen if three warrior souls merged with one warrior’s body? How useful was the technique, Ultra-Fake Soul, which could make that happen? Although Qian Jin wasn’t a saint warrior, it felt like he was one.

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