Commanding Wind and Cloud

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Gabriella and Gloria (3)

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“Qian Jin, we Grade Two…”

The angry roars coming from the bottom of the water well destroyed Gabriella’s courage to talk. She looked at the water well where all the roars were coming from worriedly.

Qian Jin frowned; he had never seen such a timid woman. Of course, he had never seen such arrogant seniors either.

“Hey…” Qian Jin lowered his head and looked into the water well as he said calmly, “If you guys are going to keep making noise, I will go grab a few rocks that we warrior students lift for arm strength training and throw them at you guys. Hum? Although you guys are in water now, I don’t mind teaching you guys a more memorable lesson.” Qian Jin rubbed his chin as he said, “I don’t mind adding insult to injury. I’m actually a really nice person.”

The two senior students who were soaked in water looked at each other and didn’t dare to reply. They didn’t dare to risk it; it wouldn’t be abnormal for Qian Jin, who just threw them into the water, to throw a few more big rocks at them. Qian Jin was like a freak in their eyes at this point.

“Qian Jin!”

An angry and haughty scream suddenly sounded behind Fei.

Julius stood under the moonlight with her hands on her waist. She intentionally dressed up tonight. The tight red suit drew out her perfect sexy figure compared to her peers; her long hair was casually scattered around her shoulders. She looked very charming.

Tonight, Julius had waited for Qian Jin around his dorm room for a long time, and Qian Jin didn’t show up. If she didn’t hear screaming and rush here to see what was going on, she would never have gotten to see Qian Jin.

“Qian Jin!” Julius stared at Qian Jin; he could tell the anger in her pretty eyes. “Apologize to me right now! If you do so, I will forgive you for your rudeness this morning,” she yelled.

Julius had never received this kind of treatment in her entire life. She waited for Qian Jin to get him to apologize, but she didn’t expect the wait to be this long.

“You… you…” Qian Jin pointed at Julius as he hesitated. “Who are you?” He said with a serious look on his face.

Silence; it fell into a state of silence around the water well. Julius was shaking; it wasn’t due to fear. She was shivering because of anger. “How dare he ask me this after meeting me this morning! His acting is so good that I can’t even tell if he is pretending or not,” she thought to herself.

“Who am I? I’m Julius!” The angry and shaky voice entered Qian Jin’s ear accurately.

Qian Jin was not the one to blame. He didn’t pay much attention to Julius this morning, and Julius was wearing a loose mage cloak. Right now, she was in a tight suit, and the moonlight wasn’t very bright.

Qian Jin didn’t think he was at fault for not recognizing Julius; she didn’t hold any place in his mind, after all. If he had to remember every single person that he met, then he could just quit his profession as a warrior and memorize people all day long.

“Oh.” A “I remember now” expression appeared on Qian Jin’s face as he asked Julius, “Why do I have to apologize?”

“Why do you have to apologize?” Julius’ finger that was pointing at Qian Jin started to shake. She thought that Qian Jin was a little shy in public this morning and that was why he treated her very coldly. She thought that if she came to Qian Jin at night, he would apologize for his manners this morning. However, that didn’t seem like the case.

“You don’t know as well? Then why did you ask me to apologize to you?” Qian Jin stopped paying attention to Julius. Her naughty attitude reminded him of another woman. For a moment, the two women’s images merged together in Qian Jin’s eyes. Although they looked different, their arrogant temperament of valuing everyone around them less was the same; they all seemed to believe that men would be fond of them because of their beauty.

“Gabriella, you are very fortunate to have great spiritual power and the talent to sense the elements in the air,” Qian Jin said with a little envy as he thought about his own experience of not sensing any magic element in the air despite his hard work. “At this time, you should be meditating, not washing clothes.”

“Do you think she wants to be a laundry worker?” Julius’ naughty voice sounded again. “If she doesn’t help wash other people’s clothes, then who would partner with her for the final exam? Qian Jin, do you want to be friends with a mage? If so, you shouldn’t be wasting time on her. I’m the one you should be focusing on. Gabriella, why aren’t you washing clothes now? I don’t want to tell all the students in Grade Two to not partner with you for the final exam…”

The timid Gabriella suddenly started to move quickly. She bent down and started to pick up the clothes on the ground.

“Hey…” Qian Jin squatted down and pulled on one of the clothes in Gabriella’s hand. “In terms of the final exam, I will partner with you.” He said, “There are many types of exams. Mages can partner up with warriors for the final exam.”

“No…” Gabriella’s voice sounded timid, but Qian Jin could hear the determination behind it. “I will become the greatest mage of all time. Thanks for your help, but I don’t need any pity.”

Qian Jin was a little stunned. He felt Gabriella pull away the clothes he was grabbing on. He recalled a very similar scene from a long time ago as he watched Gabriella collecting the clothes on the ground; he said the same time before.

“Thanks for your help, but I don’t need your pity.”

“Sometimes, accepting help from others is a form of courage as well. You will understand one day.”

An old voice resonated in Qian Jin’s mind. Rollin’s fat figure soon appeared in his head. It was him, a greedy merchant-like fatty, who slowly opened his heart when he was down and declined help from other people. That was when he understood what the elder had said to him when he was feeling the lowest of all times.

“Really?” Qian Jin scratched his head as looked at Gabriella’s small figure. “My bad. I heard from someone that accepting help from others is a form of courage. You will understand one day.”

Gabriella, who was picking up the clothes, suddenly paused. She didn’t move for a moment; she was just squatting down on the ground and looking at the clothes that were scattered on the ground.

“Qian Jin!” Julius looked at Qian Jin who walked away and yelled as she stomped her feet. “How dare you treat me like this! You will regret it! I will tell all the guys in the academy to challenge you one by one! Whoever beats you can go on a date with me!”

“Are you done yelling? If you are done, then get out of here.” A cold voice suddenly sounded under Gabriella’s mage hat; she didn’t sound timid at all.

“What did you say? Gabriella, you…” As Julius was screaming, she suddenly shivered. She saw… she saw Gabriella, who was timid and had no magic energy, suddenly stand up! She…

Under the moon and the stars, Gabriella’s loose mage cloak started to flutter despite there being no wind. A strong magic energy rushed out of the mage cloak and blew her mage hat backwards; her smooth black hair was also blown into the air by this magic energy.

“Gabriella? You called the wrong person.” The voice was so cold that it could freeze the air. Julius stared at the pair of eyes that seemed charming and heard the confident cold voice continue to speak, “I am Gloria!”

A cold wind blew through, and the cold water from the water well covered Julius’ body. A layer of ice instantly formed around Julius; she looked like an ice sculpture looking from afar.

Single Target Magic Spell! Although Julius was frozen in magic, she stared at Gabriella in shock. The worst student in Grade Two in the Mage Branch could cast a Single Target Magic Spell! She casted it with a simple chant; she didn’t even use any magic scrolls!

“Oh god! How did she do it? Doesn’t the Single Target Magic Spell need a few mage apprentices and a magic array to be casted?” she thought.

Under the moonlight, Gabriella who named herself Gloria turned around and stared at the clothes in the wooden tub, as if she was looking at a pile of useless trash.

She then looked up at the full moon in the sky; her hair was floating in the air with the fluctuations and movement of the magic energy. An emotion finally appeared in her eyes as she placed her white palm on her slightly uplifted chest as she murmured, “Gabriella, you have done well today. You can rest now. When you wake up, these clothes will be clean.”

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