Commanding Wind and Cloud

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Gabriella and Gloria (2)

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“But the expression of these two Grade Two warrior students are just too… they are just too annoying!” Qian Jin sighed. This expression was way too similar to the expressions that the people had that day! Qian Jin could tolerate a lot of things, but this expression wasn’t one of them!

“Seniors,” Qian Jin played with the two tags he had just won in his hands as he walked up to the two Grade Two warrior students who were bullying Gabriella.

“It’s getting late. Why aren’t you guys asleep?”

The two senior warrior students were surprised, but they smiled at Qian Jin to show their friendliness. “Oh, you are Qian Jin, the one who was mentioned by the principal this morning.”

The two senior students weren’t afraid of Qian Jin at all. So what if it was a Grade One student who was in the top ten rankings? He was only a Grade One student, after all. Both of them were in Grade Two! A junior was only a junior. If he dared to mess around with Grade Two students, it would mean that he was trying to challenge all the Grade Two students. If any top ten seat from Grade Two got involved, it would be easy to beat a Grade One student.

Seniors had their own prestige! This was the tradition of every academy. If a senior was beaten by a junior, then the strongest person from that grade would come out and kick the junior’s ass to restore the prestige of all the seniors. They had to teach the juniors proper manners on how to respect their seniors.

“What are you guys doing?” Qian Jin asked with a smile on his face as he got closer and closer to the two seniors.

“What are we doing? We are trying to show our care towards Gabriella, but she volunteered to wash our clothes for us.” The bold senior warrior student shook his head as he sighed, “We don’t want to discourage Gabriella by declining her kind offer…”

“How dare you!”

Qian Jin suddenly shouted and cut the bald senior warrior student off. The two senior students were shocked by the sudden loud voice. They didn’t say a word and watched Qian Jin walk up to Gabriella as he pointed at her and yelled angrily, “Did you forget what you promised me, woman? Didn’t you say that you would only wash my clothes? How dare you wash other people’s clothes! Are you trying to go back on your words?”

The two senior students stared at Qian Jin and couldn’t wrap their heads around what was happening.

Gabriella also stared at Qian Jin. She peeked at Qian Jin through the edge of her hat, as if she was trying to remember when she accepted this request from Qian Jin.

“I don’t care!” Qian Jin swung his arms aggressively in the air. “You promised me that you would only wash my clothes. Tell the other people to take their clothes back and wash it themselves!” he shouted.

The two seniors looked at Qian Jin; they were perplexed. “What? How did this happen? Since Gabriella entered the academy, hasn’t everyone been allowed to bully her? Everyone could ask her to do chores such as washing clothes. Isn’t the reason why she is here this late at night because her roommates told her to wash their clothes for them? When did she became the personal laundry worker for Qian Jin?”

“I have to apologize,” Qian smiled as he nodded at the two senior students. “You guys have to do your own laundry.”

Bam! The wooden tub not far from Gabriella was kicked by Qian Jin. It swirled around and all the clothes in it fell out and scattered onto the ground. A shirt that fit the bald senior warrior student well was being stepped on by Qian Jin.

Beside the well, the only sound that could be heard was the swirling of the wooden tub. The two senior students stared at Qian Jin who suddenly appeared and behaved in a dominating manner.

“I… I…” Gabriella reminded Qian Jin with her quiet timid voice, “I don’t think I… I didn’t promise you that…”

“Didn’t promise? Really?” Qian Jin scratched his head as he played dumb. He then clapped his hands and said, “I’ve decided now! You can only wash my clothes from now on!”

The two warrior students finally knew what was going on. There was no such promise between Gabriella and Qian Jin. “How dare he? He kicked the wooden tub and stepped on my clothes! This is a provocation! This is challenging us senior students! It looks like after the principal addressed him this morning, he got too full of himself. How dare he provoke and shame us seniors?” the two senior students thought.

“Do you guys get it now? That’s right! I did this on purpose…”

As soon as the word ‘purpose’ landed in the two seniors ears, Qian Jin drew his Level 5 Warrior Energy and empowered his legs. He charged at the two seniors and got to them in a second. His two fists hit the abdomen of the two unprepared seniors; it was like he threw them two uppercuts, but lower on their bodies.


The two seniors didn’t expect Qian Jin to move this fast. The impact forced them to bend their backs as if they were two cooked shrimps, and they puked up two mouthfuls of liquid from their stomachs, which contained some remnants of their dinner.

Bam! Bam!…

The two seniors slowly kneeled to the ground; they didn’t have the strength to raise their heads. They just couldn’t stop puking.

“To be honest, I’m not some kind of hero here who saves the princess.” Qian Jin looked down at the two people. He grabbed them by the collars on their shirts and lifted them up into the air. “I really hate you guys! That’s right. There aren’t many reasons why I beat you guys. The only reason is because I hate your mocking smiles. In terms of sneak attacks, should I wait for you guys to attack me first before I counter?” Qian Jin said to the two seniors and he walked forward.

“You… you…” The bald senior student was still curling up his body. However, as soon as he saw where Qian Jin was at with his peripheral vision, he couldn’t believe it. He asked, “What… what do you want to do…”

“What do I want to do?” Qian Jin smiled at him as he let go of the bald senior student’s collar. The bald senior student screamed as he was dropped straight down.

Boom! There was a huge splash on the surface of the water deep down in the water well. Qian Jin could hear the bald senior student swearing at him in the water.

Qian Jin smiled at the other senior student in his hand as he said, “I’m sure you know what I’m going to do, right? Remember, don’t ever put that annoying smile on your face again. Yeah, it’s that smile that makes people feel like you are teasing a dog. I’m a little traumatized by this type of smile…”


The second senior student was also dropped into the water, which made another huge splash before he could say something threatening like, “you will pay for this!” to Qian Jin.

“Strange.” Qian Jin looked into the water well and shook his head as he said in confusion, “I don’t get it, how could people as annoying as them make such beautiful splashes? There’s just no reason…”

The two senior students were still cursing at Qian Jin with all their might. Gabriella stood beside Qian Jin and stared at him timidly. She was scared that Qian Jin might also throw her into the water well if she didn’t take off her hat.

“Hey.” Qian Jin sat on the edge of the water well as he said to Gabriella, “These clothes don’t look like yours. Why did you bring them here and wash them? Isn’t this one of the best times for mages to meditate? Why are you here washing clothes?”

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