Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 532 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (21)

Chapter 532: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (21)

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The butterfly demon died in that detention room.

There was only one person on duty in the office last night. He didn’t know how the butterfly demon died, and he never left the company.

The man on duty said it himself.

According to the monitor video, the person on duty indeed didn’t leave the office, but the video also showed that he went to the washroom and stayed there for a full 15 minutes.

“I went to answer my girlfriend’s phone, just left for 15 minutes, and there was no suspicious person appear in it. When I came out, the butterfly demon was still alive,” he defended himself.

“Do you need to go to the washroom to answer your girlfriend’s phone?” The whole office was empty, even if he wanted to say something nasty, no one was going to check out the video the next day.

The man was a little embarrassed, “Well…”

He explained haltingly that he listened to his girlfriend’s voice and did a hand job for himself…

Everyone looked at him meaningfully now.

“I was afraid that something might happen, so I came out 15 minutes later!” The man blushed to justify himself.

Hua Jian raised his hand and signaled them to be quiet. “Watch the surveillance again. Others get out first, and keep it to yourselves.”

The people present were all from the field department. Since Hua Jian gave the order, they were silent then, but were a little worried in the bottom of their hearts. If other evil spirits knew that the butterfly demon died here, it may cause their panic and aversion.

The surveillance didn’t show anything new. If the surveillance didn’t show any sign of human, then it’s probably done by the demon.

However, on this floor was set with the globe of invulnerability. If anyone who didn’t know how to enter or any evil spirit forcibly broke in, the globe of invulnerability would be triggered and the man on duty must knew.

Yet the man said everything was normal at that time and nothing ever triggered the globe of invulnerability.

Hua Jian asked Ming Shu to check the crime scene and see if she can find any clue. She was a demon, so she could see more things than them.

There were not many things in the detention house. Ming Shu had examined the room when she came last time. While at this time, the butterfly demon’s body had been taken away and the room was empty.

“Did you find anything?” Hua Jian leaned on the door in a slightly relaxed posture, which meant that he was undefended to her.

Ming Shu strode out, “It’s very clean.”

Too clean. The butterfly demon was also an evil spirit, and she had been locked here for so long, but now Ming Shu didn’t feel even a trace of demon aura. It seemed that the place had been specially cleaned up.

Hua Jian understood what Ming Shu was meaning.

“What’s so special about this butterfly demon?”

Hua Jian looked at Ming Shu and said calmly after a few seconds, “The phoenix-spirit butterfly is a kind of very special demon, they have the ability to enchant others and make the prey fall into the set-up illusion. They don’t have strong combat ability so they often choose to depend on some big demons to survive.”

“But it’s very difficult for the phoenix-spirit butterfly to reproduce, so the species has almost become extinct. The last record about them is 14 years ago… at the crime scene of my father.”

Ming Shu then understood, “So you suspect it has something to do with your father’s death?”

“A thing that’s extremely rare suddenly appeared, won’t you suspect it?”

But now she died.

Someone silenced her.

The phoenix-spirit butterfly said she escaped from some place.

All of these storylines were in a muddle. You couldn’t find where they started from and didn’t know how to begin the investigation.

I’d better go back and inherit the throne.

Ming Shu left the Evil Spirit Office and contacted Little Beastie to know where it was now, then she went to join it.

The round hairy ball swept all over the surrounding areas with Little Beastie and it had gathered several big demons. Right now they were on the Jingshan Mountain.

Seeing Ming Shu appear, Little Beastie rolled over to her quickly.

Poop-picker, a complete Manchu-Han banquet, Manchu-Han banquet, Manchu-Han banquet!

Ming Shu picked it up and answered perfunctorily, “Okay okay okay, I know.”

A complete Manchu-Han banquet isn’t even enough for me alone, do you think you can get a share? Naive!

The round hairy ball and the other several big demons squatted not far. The round hairy ball was in its true shape, but the other three were in human shape. They looked very miserable, though, with tails or ears revealing outside.

“Next time remember to avoid the faces.” Ming Shu pinched Little Beastie.

Little Beastie grunted. It’s you asked me for a favor, don’t you restrict where I should attack! You can do it yourself then.

Ming Shu smiled and walked toward the several big demons.

While after the three big demons heard that Ming Shu was going to inherit the throne, they doubted it a lot.

“Our demon race hasn’t appeared a demon king for a long time. Okay, let’s put that aside first, but are you sure those evil spirits which have been very close to human will follow you?” Big demon No. 1 grunted with a black eye.

“That’s true. It’s not like before now.” Big demon No. 2 agreed.

“Life is hard enough for us now. Just go check my house, you’ll see what those people have done to it. Food is also either poisonous or mutated, and it’s so difficult to find something to eat. We don’t have time for this kind of boring thing.” Big demon No. 3 complained with anger.

Speaking of this, the three demons couldn’t agree with each other any more. They immediately began to diss humans, cursing that they demolished here, exploded there, and polluted everywhere.

Ming Shu: “…” It turned out the demon community was also caring about the livelihood business.

How respectable!

“So we need reform now!” Ming Shu’s voice was loud and clear, interrupting the three big demons which were exchanging the experience about how to bluff human and prevent them from damaging their homes. “Will you join me!”

Big demon No. 1, 2, and 3: “…”

You’ve kidnapped us here, and if we say we don’t want to do it, will you let us go?

Although they didn’t think Ming Shu was reliable, the several big demons yielded under Ming Shu’s fists in the end. They began to plan on the great cause of inheriting the throne.

The demon king!

It just needed many evil spirits as followers.

So their goal right now was to gather groups of demons.

The demons had their way of contacting each other. Thus Ming Shu only needed to handle the big demons and leave the rest small ones to them.

It’s the same thing to beat human and demons, so Ming Shu was quite good at it.

“King, King… someone is here.”

Jingshan Mountain was Ming Shu’s back place now. A little demon ran up from under the mountain like a wind, as if something was chasing after him.

“Who is it?”

“I don’t know. It’s a woman, and she looks young,” the little demon answered.

Ming Shu raised her eyebrow, “Does she come up?”

The little demon shook his head, “No…”

Ming Shu was speechless, “Why are you yelling then? We don’t do business like robbing.”

The little demon stuttered, “But she walked toward Jingshan Mountain’s backside. Brother Big Bao told me that no one is allowed to go there.”

Brother Big Bao was the national treasure — the round hairy ball.

“Why? Is there any treasure or body buried in it?”

“Who went to the Jingshan Mountain’s backside?” Big Bao walked out of the bamboo forest, “Don’t you want to live? I warned you not to go to the backside.”

“It’s not, Brother Big Bao, it’s not me, it’s a human…” The little demon shook its head quickly.

“Human?” Big Bao’s panda eyes were filled with confusion. “What’s a human coming here for? Is it you were seen by them when you went out and then they followed you here? I told you not to flock together in Jingshan Mountain, can’t you go to the next door? Why do you have to stay at my place!”

“What’s in the backside of Jingshan Mountain?” Ming Shu asked.

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