Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 531 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (20)

Chapter 531: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (20)

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Returning to Jin Dongyi’s courtyard, the first thing Hua Jian saw was the hairy ball squatting down under the peach tree…

What the hell is this?

The round hairy ball seemed to discover him, and it moved its body to turn around, facing Hua Jian with the front side.

“…” It’s a panda, the national treasure! Where did she get this! Did she rob the animal zoon?

He took a closer look at it, then sensed some demon aura in the round hairy ball. It probably is a panda spirit.

But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a national treasure.

If anyone saw there’s a national treasure in their courtyard, they would all be caught and put into small dark rooms…

Opera music came from Jin Dongyi’s room, which yet stopped immediately after he came in.

Jin Dongyi stepped out of the room and stood at the door, staring at him with deep eyes, without roaring and cursing…

Hua Jian: “…” This is not right.

He glanced at the smiling person nearby, who then began to smile even brighter.

What did she do?

Ming Shu strolled back on the tree and left him with an only happy back figure.

“Come in with me.”

Hua Jian: “…”

Hua Jian came back to his room and kicked on the bed foot to vent anger. Why do I have to do such a task? I am so hapless.

Isn’t there anyone else in the conquest department?

I am not doing this anymore!

I want to go back!

That psychopath should told him off to Jin Dongyi, saying that he made an indecent assault on her and forced her to be his girlfriend.

She agreed herself, how does it become that he forced her?

I knew she wouldn’t agree that easily!

Hua Jian opened the window and began to pull the peach blossom branch with strength outside.

This peach tree was Ming Shu’s true shape. She was lying in the middle and suddenly felt someone pinch her.

Ming Shu’s face blackened. She climbed up to the window quickly and stepped on the branch, “Captain Hua, you harass a young girl in the middle of the night, don’t you feel guilty in your heart?”

Ming Shu suddenly popped out and Hua Jian almost couldn’t hide his expression in time.

He bent out half his body and caught Ming Shu on the wrist, then put the other hand around her waist and brought her into the attic.


Window closed. Several peach blossom petals also floated in and fell to the ground slowly.

In the small bed, Ming Shu was pressed under. Hua Jian controlled her both hands while his calm eyes became a little deep and distant. “Was it fun?”

“You calculated me first,” Ming Shu said it for granted, “so we’re even now.”

Who let you dig a girlfriend pit for me, psychopath.

“Even?” Hua Jian’s tone changed a little, “Don’t forget you’re my girlfriend now, you promised yourself. How is it even?”

I was hunt down by Jin Dongyi downstairs just now.

I’ve lost all my face now!

And you’re actually saying we’re even?

Don’t even think about it!

Ming Shu closed her lips, “Let’s break up.”

What responded to Ming Shu was Hua Jian’s passionate kiss.

After a long while, Hua Jian’s voice sounded again, “Never.”

The next day.

Ming Shu woke up first. She looked up to see Hua Jian’s face just under her nose, so she touched and kissed on it expediently, but Hua Jian didn’t react — so she kicked him off the bed.

Hua Jian who suddenly fell to the ground: “???”

Hua Jian sat up from the floor and looked up at the pink person in bed. She was so charming — if she didn’t kick him off the bed.

Hua Jian stood up slowly. “What are you doing in this early morning?”

Ming Shu’s clothes were still dressed well, but there’re some vague kiss marks on her neck.

But, the fact was that nothing unspeakable happened last night. Hua Jian did made great efforts to withhold his impulse. Right now he became even angrier to see Ming Shu.

Screw that under age!

Ming Shu was still wandering in her dreams, but she instinctly uttered, “I’m hungry.”

You deserve that.

Hua Jian put on his clothes and went downstairs. Jin Dongyi held the axe and was doing morning exercises in the courtyard, with great momentum and the tiger’s vitality.

The round hairy ball spread itself under the peach tree like a dead object.

“Where’s the girl?” Jin Dongyi called Hua Jian faintly.

In my bed!

“Upstairs.” Hua Jian answered blankly.

Jin Dongyi cut through the air with the axe and rushed at him, meanwhile his roaring sounded, “I told you to leave her alone, what did you do then? You took her in your bed!”

Hua Jian: “…”

The two fought against each other for several moves in the courtyard, and Jin Dongyi asked with heavy breath, “Did you?”


Jin Dongyi looked like relieved a little, and he suddenly said seriously, “Hua Jian, don’t influence her. That girl is gifted, maybe she can find the Tao and rise as an immortal.

“There’s no Tao in this world.”

Hua Jian tidied up his clothes and then left the courtyard.

Jin Dongyi watched Hua Jian’s figure go afar, and after a long while, he looked up to the direction of the attic and frowned slightly.

Hua Jian went to buy several kinds of food for breakfast and came back. Jin Dongyi had left the yard, while the round hairy ball was still spreading on the spot, not even changing a different posture.

He took the breakfast upstairs to serve the little ancestor.

“Tao Xian.”

“No.” Ming Shu moved a little and blocked Hua Jian’s sights alertly.

“…” I bought the food for you, okay? Hua Jian calmed himself and took a deep breath, “Stop playing silly, just be with me, all right?”

“Why? Are you a beauty?”

“Yes, I’m handsome.”


Ming Shu almost spit out the food in his mouth. Thankfully, the food was not wasted.

“You’re very handsome,” Ming Shu jumped off the bed after finishing the breakfast, “so handsome that I want to dump you. I’ll break up with you now.”

Then she opened the window and jumped into the flower branches. As the branches shook, countless peach blossoms fell down and her body was covered in the flower rain.

Hua Jian: “…”

Calm down.

Calm down a little longer.

Screw you. Where’s my knife!

Ming Shu sat in the courtyard and talked to the round hairy ball. Hua Jian came out then happened to hear words like “great cause”, “grab”, and “not convinced”.

“Come with me.”

Ming Shu waved her hand, “No, I’m busy here.”

Hua Jian walked a few steps over and pulled her up, “Something happened. That butterfly demon died.”

“What does it have to do with me? I didn’t kill it.” I’ve gotten a throne here waiting for me to take, who’d have the time to care bout whoever died.

“Come with me first.” Hua Jian kissed her, “Good girl, I’ll buy you snacks on the way.”

“Okay.” Ming Shu knocked on the round hairy ball’s head and then placed Little Beastie on it. She promised confidently, “Do what I said first. When it’s done, you’ll be the second boss.”

It was not Hua Jian’s first time to see this hairy ball, but it ran quickly a few times before and he only saw a vague shadow. He didn’t think it strange, though.

He thought this feeling was a little strange, though…

After they went out of the yard, Hua Jian asked, “What did you tell it to do?”

F**k, that is a national treasure. If it goes out and gets seen by others, they will definitely put it into the animal zoo for viewing!

“To recruit followers.”

Hua Jian asked subconsciously, “Don’t you go inherit the throne? You’re planning a rebel now?”

Ming Shu gave a glance to him silently.

Hua Jian met her sights directly, acting cool. What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen such a handsome guy like me?

“For snacks.”

Hua Jian: “…” What does it have to do with snacks? Recruiting followers can bring you food?

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