Close Combat Mage

Chapter 457

Time passed second by second … It was time for Soga to disappear. Driven by a surge of potential, Soga once again returned to the real world and stood in front of the hundred enemies.

Seeing Soga appear, the group of people who had lost their minds started to become crazy again, countless of attacks started to fly towards Soga, and at the same time, Soga once again activated Space Guardian.

Looking at the berserk beast-like enemies around him, Soga's heart moved. While continuously activating Ice roar on the enemies, he quickly moved to the side and rushed towards a direction far away from Xiang Yun and the others.

However, these enemies had already lost all sense of reason, had lost the ability to judge, and could only act based on the instincts of their body. Thus …. They all followed behind Soga and completely ignored him.

Just like this, with the help of the Space Guardian and Disappear, Soga dragged the enemy and rushed in the direction far away from Xiang Yun and the others, and in the end … Before the energy on the cloak disappeared, he used it to escape from the enemy's pursuit and rushed in the direction of Seahold at full speed.

A few days later, Soga and the others finally returned to Laihai City, and met again at the inn. Although no one received any heavy injuries in this battle, after witnessing the terrifying battle, everyone lost the interest to talk.

After a long period of silence, Mya sighed and said, "Do you all know now? The Demon Castle is definitely not something that an ordinary person can imagine. In fact, the real difficulty has not appeared yet. The real danger has only just started after entering the castle! "

Hearing Mya's words, Xiang Yun laughed bitterly: "That's right, I always felt that myself was good, and thought that I could be considered one of the experts. But I never thought that there would be over a hundred guys who were similar to me!"

Glancing at Xiang Yun, Mya shook his head: "That's right, the truth is like this. You must know that those with low cultivation do not have the qualifications to live on, and only those who have reached that level will have the qualifications to live on and become the Demon Castle's guardians!"

Speaking till here, Mya paused, then continued: "In fact, don't underestimate those guys, those hundred of them, are all leaders of a group. They were almost all used to a mysterious technique when they were trying to break through, causing them to become like this."

After looking around, Mya continued: "Let's say this time, if everyone didn't run fast, and were to get caught alive, everyone might have become one of them!"

"Absorb!" Hearing this, everyone couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air. Mya continued: "Speaking purely in terms of strength, back then … The strength of our Guild Leader is several times that of yours. As I have said, he is a godlike man! His strength is not something that the current you can imagine! "

As he spoke, Mya's gaze couldn't help but become blurry as he muttered to himself, "Now that I think about it, the captain probably isn't dead yet, but … If you want to see him, you must go to the last floor of Demon Castle. As long as you can defeat the Guild Leader, we can see that Demon! "

Frowning tightly, Soga shook his head and said: "Although I am unwilling, I must admit that with our current strength, we simply don't have the qualifications to fight against them. I think … Maybe we should start studying now! "

"Hmm …" Xiang Yun nodded his head: "That's right, in the next half year, we should all go train separately. If we want to fight against Demon Castle, we must succeed in creating our own unique skills!"

Hearing Xiang Yun's words, Roger laughed bitterly: "It's really difficult, even after thinking about it for so long, I still don't have a clue. I really do not know what I like the most, and what I'm most adept at."

"Sigh …" Sighing, Nico said as he nodded his head, "That's right. Although my ancestor had once created an ultimate skill, killing it with one strike. Change! But I have never been able to integrate it into my own! "

"That's right!" Sitting straight with a heavy expression, Xiang Yun agreed: "That's right, I actually have a lot of ultimate skills, but when I use them, they're not the same as before. I just can't unleash their true power!"

Hearing Nico's words, Mya laughed: "Nico, everyone… As people who have experienced it before, I might be able to give you a hint. In fact, other people's unique skills will never become your own, and the unique skill's characteristic is its creation. Everyone is different, and the individual difference will lead to the unadaptability of the unique skill. Every single person must have their own unique skill. Any other person's unique skill will never become theirs! "

"Faint …" Hearing Mya's words, Roger painfully covered his head and said, "Why do I become more confused the more I hear about it?

Helplessly shaking his head, Mya pondered for a moment before continuing: "Forget it, let me be brief. In ancient times there was a saying, 'God is fair, everyone has their own strengths that others cannot compare to.' This so called consummate technique is to find this point and then let it shine with limitless glory!"

"What!" Hearing Mya's words, Roger cried out in shock, "How is that possible!? According to what you have said, wouldn't idiots have the advantage of surpassing anyone else? "

Mya firmly nodded his head, and said with certainty: "That's right, even an idiot has advantages that others cannot compare with. Although in terms of intelligence, they may not be as strong as ordinary people, but in terms of the purity of their minds and purity, no ordinary person can compare with them."

After saying that, Mya turned and looked at everyone, and continued: "For example, Xiang Yun, he has a tyrannical Qi that everyone does not have, while Roger possesses a explosive fire, Nico possesses a calm and, as for Soga, he possesses an unparalleled wisdom, able to fuse everything together, a supreme wisdom!"

Hearing Mya's words, everyone revealed a shocked expression. After carefully thinking about it, everyone suddenly understood. Each person had their own strengths and weaknesses. It was impossible to completely overwhelm the other person by casually picking two people.

's group had the highest level of magic power, Xiang Yun had the strongest power, Roger had the fastest speed, and Nico had the greatest patience. These were all advantages that others could not compare to.

Looking at the thoughtful expression of the crowd, Mya concluded, "Basically, if you want to create your own strongest ultimate skill, the first thing you have to do is to find the strongest characteristic of yourselves that is absolutely different from everyone else, and then use this greatest characteristic as a foundation to fuse with the current known ultimate skill, and form your own ultimate skill. This is how I came about."

Hearing Mya's words, everyone looked towards Mya gratefully. Normally, as experts, they would not reveal their secrets, but like Mya, who did not hide anything, he had won the respect of Xiang Yun and the others.

Although Mya had long since become a member of Soga's team, and had become his comrades within the team, all this while, Mya had always been outside of the team, and was not really accepted. It was only when Mya displayed the selflessness of a comrade, that Xiang Yun and the others finally recognized him.

It was just as Soga said, everything in this world was exchanged for money and money. Money was like this, while emotions were the same, if you want others to treat you well, you have to treat them well first.

Nodding his head, Soga said in a deep voice: "Alright, after receiving Mya's guidance, I believe that everyone knows what they should do. Since that's the case, then everyone can disperse. Let's just gather here, and hope that when the time comes, everyone can create their own extinction domain! "

Upon hearing Soga's words, Xiang Yun and the others all left. When it was Nico's turn, Nico walked in front of him alone, gently took out a magic book, and placed it in front of Soga: "This was discovered in the ruin I mentioned last time. Take it, it might be useful to you." After saying that, Nico shot a resentful glance at Soga and Mya, and turned to leave the room.

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