Close Combat Mage

Chapter 456

"Roar!" Accompanied by a shocking roar, the gigantic Diamond Dragon landed on the plaza in front of the castle while roaring. At the same time, over a hundred pairs of blood-red eyes locked onto the Diamond Dragon's figure instantly.

Looking at the berserk state of the Diamond Dragon, Soga couldn't help but to exclaim in admiration. This was the strongest beast, a close call invincible defense, powerful Ice System techniques, and powerful physical attacks, it was the most perfect beast form!

"Haa!" Just as Soga was praising them, the crowd that was wandering around the plaza suddenly erupted with earth-shattering roars. In the midst of the shadows, over a hundred of them charged towards the Diamond Dragon crazily.

Amidst intense whistling sounds, dozens of Magic Attack roared and smashed towards the Diamond Dragon in the air …. On the walls of the castle, a dozen archers started to wildly shoot. Although there were only a dozen archers, under their powerful scattering, there were hundreds of arrows shooting at the Diamond Dragon every second. Without waiting for the Diamond Dragon to fall to the ground, their bodies turned into a hedgehog.

Fortunately, outside of the Diamond Dragon's body was a solid ice armor with a diameter of two meters. Even though it had been shot like a hedgehog, the impact was not too great, but… The following tens of Magic Attack s, however, were not easy to deal with.

Amidst the violent explosions, various types of magic crazily bombarded the Diamond Dragon's body. Amidst the intense explosions, various colored balls of light instantly covered the Diamond Dragon's figure. Amidst the dense explosions, the Diamond Dragon let out a painful howl.

This was not the end. Facing the rapidly descending Diamond Dragon, about 60 warriors rushed up into the sky, wielding their weapons and attacking towards the Diamond Dragon! Boom!

"Bam!" Amidst the dull sound, after the first wave of magic, the instant the figure of the Diamond Dragon appeared again, the Diamond Dragon that had suffered hundreds of close combat attacks exploded with a loud bang. The solid ice armor that made up the's body instantly exploded into a million pieces.

"This is bad!" Seeing that, Soga suddenly jumped up, and shouted: "Everyone retreat now, return to Sea City and gather, quickly!" With a roar, Soga's figure shot out like lightning, instantly pouncing towards the direction of the Diamond Dragon.

Hearing Soga's words, Xiang Yun and the rest couldn't help but clench their teeth. After seeing that crazy attack just now, even though they were extremely unwilling, they knew very well that they had no chance of winning against such a violent attack!

Suddenly turning his head, Xiang Yun pulled the other three and quickly retreated. Although Soga was still here, but they understood Soga's capabilities, even if they could not defeat him, escaping was not a problem.

On the other side, Soga crossed the distance of several tens of meters like lightning and carried the little fellow who was already unconscious in his arms … The rain of arrows, magic, and the warriors who had leaped up, crazily rushing towards Soga.

In the midst of sighing, Soga knew that he had to stall for time, if not, Xiang Yun and the rest would not be able to successfully escape. If they were to be caught by them, it would bring about endless trouble in the future, and would probably end up like Mya all those years ago, where they would be able to escape from the second trial.

Soga activated the Space Guardian which could already maintain for around 15 seconds, and then … With a stretch of his right hand, the Sea God Trident instantly appeared in Soga's right hand.

"Hailstones Method!" Facing the hundred over enemies around him, Soga immediately activated his strongest Magic Attack, and in that moment, the sky above the plaza was filled with billowing clouds, the cold wind blew drearily.

"Bang!" Bang! "Bang …" With violent muffled sounds, hundreds of arrows, dozens of Magic Attack s, and more than sixty crazy attacks of warriors were blocked outside of the Space Guardian. Unfortunately, under the protection of the Space Guardian, it was as if Soga existed in another space, and he could not feel any impact at all.

Soga shook his head in admiration. Soga knew, that this Third Generation of Empty Ring was worthy of being a product of the Odom Alchemy Laboratory. If Soga's judgement was not wrong, this Third Generation of Empty Ring was precisely the only one that the Odom Alchemy Laboratory produced back then!

No matter who he was facing, as long as he activated the Space Guardian s, then within a set amount of time, Soga would be invincible.

In the battles in the past, Soga had never felt the strength of the Third Generation of Empty Ring. In the past, they would only fight one-on-one, and would not be able to display much. But now, when Soga fought against hundreds of opponents with strength similar to his, the might of the Third Generation of Empty Ring finally showed.

With regards to the current situation, the Space Guardian that was an additional part of the Third Generation of Empty Ring, could already be maintained for around 15 seconds. Every time he used the Space Guardian, it would require around half a minute to recover and he would be able to activate it again after the time was up.

Although the cooldown was as high as 30 seconds, the truth was that the Space Guardian's time limit had already reached 15 seconds. If he could withstand the enemy's attacks for 15 seconds, Soga would be able to stand his ground, and that was the strength of the Space Guardian.

Furthermore, as Soga's strength increases, the duration of the Space Guardian will also lengthen. According to historical records, there will be people who can sustain Space Guardian for 20 seconds, which means, at that time, the cooldown of the Space Guardian will only be ten seconds!

But unfortunately, even if Soga was able to maintain his Space Guardian for 20 seconds, it would not have any effect on the battle. If his Space Guardian lost its effectiveness, facing such a strong and concentrated attack, Soga would not be able to resist at all, and in less than a second, Soga would be killed on the spot!

Feeling the strength of the Space Guardian, determining the position of Xiang Yun and the rest, Soga sighed helplessly. Today's mission was simple, he had to delay for two minutes, and within that two minutes, Xiang Yun and the rest would be able to escape from his sight. If they could not delay for two minutes, then everything would be meaningless.

The Hailstones Method that had been brewing for a long time finally released, and amidst the intense whistling sounds, hundreds of thousands of ice arrows whistled, and scattered towards the crowd in the plaza.

Under the dense rain of arrows, the crowd in the square was in an uproar as they constantly dodged and blocked the ice arrows in the air. Everyone's speed gradually slowed down, but with the support of their tyrannical strength, not a single ice seal appeared!

Looking at the berserk warriors below, Soga couldn't help but sigh. It was just as Mya had said, the strength of these fellows was just too close to Soga and the others. If it was a one on one battle, Soga might not be afraid, but if he had to face more than a hundred opponents at the same time, it was simply an impossible mission to complete.

Although these fellows had already lost their wits, but … This sort of disadvantage was reversed in a group attack, causing them to become a group of lunatics. One lunatic wasn't scary, but a group of lunatics wasn't something a single person could resist.

Finally, under the constant attacks, the Space Guardian began to tremble violently. With a helpless sigh, Soga sent the Diamond Dragon into his cloak. The ability that came with Death Cloak — Disappear! Instantly.

Accompanying the activation of the Death Cloak, Soga's body miraculously disappeared from Space Guardian, and at the same time, Space Guardian suddenly collapsed. Seeing this scene, the crowd in the plaza became suspicious, and quickly looked around, and very quickly …. They discovered the figures of Xiang Yun and the rest.

If they were on flat ground, then Xiang Yun and the rest would have already escaped, but this was not a flat land, and was the peak of the mountain. Although Xiang Yun and the rest had already escaped far away, from above, their figures could still be seen.

With a roar, the people in the plaza all rushed to the passageway at the bottom of the mountain. Seeing this, Soga did not dare delay, and chased after the crowd at full speed, following the enemy.

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