Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3386: Returning to Peak Condition

Chapter 3386: Returning to Peak Condition

Despite its wishes, the Source of Life ended up following Jian Chen reluctantly because of the Wind Sovereign’s threats.

The Source of Life was extremely discriminatory towards Jian Chen’s identity.

As a result, when the Source of Life heard what Yongxi Lantian said, it immediately flew into a rage. It immediately became extremely irritated.

“Shut your mouth right now. Who do you think you are? You’re questioning my decision? Do I need your permission with everything that I do?” The Source of Life turned around and cussed out Yongxi Lantian.

Afterwards, as if it felt like that was still not enough, it waved its hand and the power of the sovereign god artifact descended, immediately trapping Yongxi Lantian, leaving him immobilised and unable to speak.

“What a ruckus. If it weren’t for the fact that you’re a Wood Spirit, I would have erased your existence already. You’re a mere ant, yet you’re questioning me? Who gave you the nerve?” The Source of Life sneered.

The Source of Life’s behaviour left Jian Chen stunned. In a daze, it actually gave him the strange impression that the person before him was not the artifact spirit of a sovereign god artifact, but a spoilt young miss of a large clan who was slightly stubborn and unreasonable.

He discovered that this artifact spirit seemed very different from other artifact spirits in personality.

The other Wood Spirits were all in a daze, blankly watching as the relationship between Jian Chen and the artifact spirit unfolded. None of them said anything.

Everything that came next proceeded smoothly. Jian Chen merged with a wisp of the Source of Life’s life spirit and formally became its master.

Of course, due to their agreement, Jian Chen was not the Source of Life’s master forever. He would only possess it for a hundred thousand years.

And during these hundred thousand years, the Source of Life would only be responsible for his recovery. Aside from that, Jian Chen had no authority to make it do anything else.

When the Source of Life successfully recognised him as its master, Jian Chen immediately experienced a wondrous sensation as if his body contained an extremely terrifying life energy.

This life energy seemed to endow him with an undying body. He was unkillable unless this life energy was exhausted or he was completely obliterated.

This was true undying. No matter how heavily injured he was, he could rapidly recover.

With that, the matter regarding the Source of Life’s new master came to a close.

The Wood Spirits felt extremely mixed inside, while Yongxi Lantian who had been trapped there had bloodshot eyes. His eyes were filled with deep despair and a refusal to accept this.

As a matter of fact, intense resentment began to build up within him.

This resentment was directed towards the Source of Life, as well as Jian Chen.

Originally, he could have become the Source of Life’s master, which would send him on a meteoric rise. He would lead the Yongxi clan to become royalty among the Wood Spirits. He would be truly untouchable.

Yet in the end, a single decision by the artifact spirit had made him plummet from heaven to hell.

Such a great upheaval in circumstances was difficult to accept even with his mental fortitude, which began to twist his mentality.

“There’s nothing to do with you here. You can all go.” The artifact spirit did not even glance at Yongxi Lantian before sending out the nine experts of the Wood Spirits.

With their disappearance, only the artifact spirit and Jian Chen remained in the Source of Life.

The artifact spirit stared at Jian Chen and said in contempt, “The curse in your body comes from a Grand Exalt. Of course, during my era, there was no such thing as Grand Exalts. We all called experts like that Saints.”

“Even though the Saints’ curse in you is already very feeble and I could easily purify it if I were at my peak condition, it is a little troublesome now. It’ll require a lot of my energy.”

“Are you certain you want me to purify this curse for you right now?”

“Of course. The main reason why I appeared in the Wood Spirits World in the first place was for you to purify this curse in me,” Jian Chen said.

“Kid, your talent is not bad. You actually managed to comprehend the Laws of Life and Death through me and resisting the Divine Spear of World Destruction. If you keep the curse in you, you might be able to comprehend the Laws of Curses.” A hint of slyness flashed through the Source of Life’s eyes as it said seriously, “Why don’t you just keep the Saint’s curse for now? You have me around anyway, so it can’t harm you. It might even turn into an opportunity in the future.”

Jian Chen laughed aloud and shook his head gently. “I’ve comprehended the Laws of Curses already. Aside from the Laws of Curses, I’ve also comprehended the Laws of Life, the Laws of Fire, the Laws of Destruction, the Laws of Corrosion, the Laws of Creation, the Laws of Space, the Laws of Strength, and the Laws of the Sword.”

“But so far, aside from the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Space, the other laws do not increase my strength by much, so I primarily focus on the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Space for now. I don’t plan on spending any effort on the remaining laws. After all, I’d be biting off more than I can chew.”

“You’ve actually comprehended so many laws? Unbelievable.” The artifact spirit immediately stared at Jian Chen in surprise like it was looking at a monster.

However, it soon showed a sense of helplessness, saying with great reluctance, “Alright then. If that’s the case, I’ll purify the curse right now.”

As soon as the artifact spirit said that, an extremely tremendous life essence immediately seeped out in a frenzy in the miniature world within the Source of Life, turning into a colossal wave that swallowed Jian Chen.

The life essence was even more pure and powerful than when Jian Chen faced the Divine Spear of World Destruction and the artifact spirit healed him.

The life essence that the artifact spirit used right now was already an energy of the highest level.

This was a Saint’s curse after all. In order to purify that power, it required a power of the same level.

“I’ll have to use up over half of the bit of power I’ve gathered over all these years and accumulated by the sacrifice of countless juniors. I sure am unfortunate to have run into you.” The artifact spirit of the Source of Life grumbled as it watched Jian Chen become enveloped by the life essence.



In the wilderness of the Wood Spirits World, a furious roar filled with rage and unwillingness suddenly rang out. The terrifying sound waves reached almost half of the Peace region.

The experts of the Wood Spirits hovered in the air, staring at Yongxi Lantian with mixed emotions. For a moment, they had no idea how they were supposed to comfort him.

They could obviously understand what Yongxi Lantian was feeling. If the spirit of the ancestral artifact did not try to choose a master, he probably would have been better off. However, it had fed him endless hope and fantasies first, showing him the opportunity to rise up.

Only for a bucket of cold water to be suddenly poured over him, smothering out all of his dreams. No one could endure something like that.

“Yongxi Lantian, you better calm down. The Peace Ruler has a sovereign supporting him after all. The reason why the ancestral spirit suddenly changed its mind was clearly due to this sovereign. Given how powerful his backing is, we stand no chance at all.” The Heaven Fighting Ruler sighed and ended up speaking up to comfort him.

“We have no right to possess the ancestral god artifact. I only realised afterwards that even when the ancestral god artifact chose me, I probably would not be able to become its master, as the sovereign behind Jian Chen would intervene when it mattered most.” The Jade Heaven Ruler sighed gently inside. She looked at Yongxi Lantian and said, “You have nothing to feel disappointed about. After all, in terms of qualifications, I’m the one who should have obtained the ancestral god artifact.”

“Brother Lantian, take it easy. The Peace Ruler has shown us kindness. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have been able to reach Chaotic Prime.” The Deep Mountain Elder comforted him as well.

Yongxi Lantian completely ignored what the Jade Heaven Ruler and Heaven Fighting Ruler said. He turned towards the Deep Mountain Elder as he saw red, growling deeply, “How can his kindness compare to the ancestral god artifact? If I had a choice, I’d rather forgo his kindness and not become a Chaotic Prime. I only want the ancestral god artifact. I only want to possess the ancestral god artifact.”

“What a joke. If you didn’t become a Chaotic Prime, how would you have been able to enter the stone door? Yongxi Lantian, looks like you haven’t come to your senses. Stop thinking about the ancestral god artifact, as none of us here are fated for it. Even if we are, it won’t be you. Do you understand?” The Jade Heaven Ruler stared at Yongxi Lantian in disdain.

“That’s right. If Jian Chen weren’t there, the ancestral god artifact would have gone to Jade Heaven.” The Heaven Fighting Ruler nodded in agreement.

Yongxi Lantian sucked in a deep breath. It took him ten whole minutes before gradually calming down. After that, he left without uttering a word with a sunken face.

“We should all go as well. The Wood Spirits World is no longer a place we can be in charge of anymore.” The Jade Heaven Ruler was quite calm instead. She even smiled gently. She seemed to be in an extremely good mood.

“Fellows, the Scarlet Blood Domain still has no master.” With the Jade Heaven Ruler’s departure, the Heaven Fighting Ruler stared at the six people remaining with a gentle smile.

“Sigh, the ancestral god artifact has awakened and has a master too. Who knows what might happen to the Wood Spirits World from now onwards. Why would we still be in the mood to care about the Scarlet Blood Domain?” The Deep Mountain Elder sighed deeply and left.

“Let’s wait for the Peace Ruler to come out before we decide. He was already so powerful. Now, he possesses the ancestral god artifact. His status now- sigh…”

The Chaotic Primes all dispersed. They felt none of the joy from becoming rulers.

Inside the Source of Life, the life essence around Jian Chen lasted for three whole days before finally dispersing.

After three days of effort from the Source of Life, the curse that followed Jian Chen wherever he went was finally cleansed.

From the moment the curse vanished, Jian Chen finally returned to his peak condition.

The artifact spirit of the Source of Life appeared before Jian Chen in an exhausted manner and said, “I know you won’t stay among the Wood Spirits for much longer, but I hope you can help the clansmen here settle down properly before you leave. They are master’s descendants, as well as my greatest source of concern.”

“You have nothing to worry about regarding that. I will definitely help them settle down,” Jian Chen immediately nodded. The Wood Spirits World was created by the power of the Source of Life. Once the Source of Life was gone, the Wood Spirits World would crumble very quickly.

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