Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3385: A New Master

Chapter 3385: A New Master

“Greetings, Wind Sovereign!”

After a moment of silence, the Martial God, the three ancestors of the Way Wielding clan, the Poisonous Flame Ancestor, and the Ocean Convergence Elder all bowed towards him.

The Martial God had already stowed away the Divine Spear of World Destruction, while the three ancestors of the Way Wielding clan had also taken back the Way Wielding Stone that sealed the space here.

They all understood that even when they possessed two sovereign god artifacts that were wielded by Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Primes, it was all a joke in front of the Wind Sovereign.

“Look at you. Were you prepared to steal the Wood Spirits’ Source of Life?” The Wind Sovereign stared at the people present nonchalantly.

“Wind Sovereign, in my knowledge, the Wood Spirits here already betrayed the Spiritsages countless years ago. They… shouldn’t count as part of the Spiritsages,” the Martial God clasped his fist. Before the Wind Sovereign, even he, the ancestor of the Martial God clan, had to show respect.

As a matter of fact, every sentence he said required careful consideration, afraid that he would say something wrong and displease the Wind Sovereign as a result.

Even now, the Martial God, the three ancestors of the Way Wielding clan, the Poisonous Flame Ancestor, and the Ocean Convergence Elder had no idea that the Wind Sovereign was entirely responsible for their discovery of the Source of Life.

“The Wood Spirits have always been a part of the Spiritsages,” the Wind Venerable only said a single sentence.

But when the six experts heard that, they immediately became extremely uneasy inside.

They all clearly understood the consequences that lay behind attacking the Spiritsages in this day and age.

Without any exaggeration, there were no organisations in the vast Saints’ World that dared to provoke the Spiritsages unless they were a peak organisation with a sovereign themselves.

The Spiritsages now were vastly different from before.

“Please forgive us, Wind Sovereign. We’ve always thought that this branch of Wood Spirits are traitors of the Spiritsages, so we wanted to capture them and proactively offer them up to the Spiritsages…” the Poisonous Flame Ancestor immediately said submissively with great sincerity.

Even though he knew he was spouting nonsense, the Wind Sovereign did not expose him. “Remember, harming the Wood Spirits is the same as harming the Spiritsages. Considering the fact that what you did today never evolved into a major mistake, I’ll let the matter be. You can go. Go back to wherever you came from.”

“Thank you for your generosity and forgiveness, Wind Sovereign. We will never forget the Wind Sovereign’s lesson…” The six experts of the Saints’ World bowed before leaving helplessly and reluctantly.

All of them desired a sovereign god artifact that possessed wondrous healing properties like the Source of Life. They were even willing to shed blood for it.

However, the Wind Sovereign’s appearance immediately shattered all of their dreams.

With the Wind Venerable’s departure, the miniature world in the Source of Life began to operate like normal once more. The people who had been immobilised recovered their freedom too.

The two mountains that the artifact spirit created to suppress Jian Chen and the Jade Heaven Ruler vanished when the Wind Venerable’s powers receded.

The Source of Life’s artifact spirit had already removed the powers, no longer suppressing the two of them.

“Senior ancestral spirit! Senior ancestral spirit, are you still around?” As soon as the Wood Spirits regained their freedom, the ancestor of the Yongxi clan, Yongxi Lantian, called out eagerly. He was filled with anxiety and anticipation.

In the sky, the artifact spirit’s illusionary figure appeared, but it did not even glance at Yongxi Lantian. Instead, it turned towards Jian Chen, and its expression became extremely mixed. There was hesitation, there was reluctance, and there were even hints of humiliation.

Yongxi Lantian discovered the artifact spirit very quickly and immediately beamed with joy. He said anxiously, “Ancestral spirit, you’ve finally appeared. What happened earlier? Did the sovereign of the Saints’ World harm you?”

“How noisy! Does this have to do with you? Is it something that you should know? What gives you the right to know?” As soon as it heard that, the artifact spirit turned towards Yongxi Lantian and began scolding him out of exasperation. It seemed extremely annoyed.

Yongxi Lantian’s face suddenly hardened, but he soon let out a dry laugh and said with great desire and eagerness, “It’s just as the ancestral spirit says. I shouldn’t have asked that, nor do I have the right to ask that. I-it’s just that ancestral spirit, we still haven’t completed the ceremony of recognising a master from earlier. Shouldn’t we…”

“Shut your mouth!”

Before Yongxi Lantian could even finish what he was saying, the artifact spirit interrupted him violently. It stared at Yongxi Lantian in contempt and pouted. “Just the likes of you think you can become my master? You’re nowhere close to being qualified.”

Yongxi Lantian was immediately stunned. His face was rigid. He felt like someone had just poured a bucket of cold water over him. Immediately, he felt his entire body grow cold.

The other experts of the Wood Spirits all looked at one another. They were taken aback by the change in the artifact spirit’s attitude.

At this moment, the artifact spirit arrived before Jian Chen. As if it had some kind of irreconcilable feud with him, it stared at him viciously.

It did not say anything. It only stared at Jian Chen viciously, grinding its teeth.

Even Jian Chen’s confidence started running low under the artifact spirit’s gaze. “Can we talk things out? Don’t stare at me like that.”

“I have something to discuss with you.” The artifact spirit finally spoke up, but its gaze remained as hostile as before.

“What is it?” Jian Chen asked. He knew even without thinking that the artifact spirit must have suffered at the Wind Venerable’s hand.

The artifact spirit sucked in a deep breath as if it took a great amount of determination and courage before finally saying, “I can follow you for a hundred thousand years, but during those hundred thousand years, I will only help you heal. Aside from that, I won’t help you with anything else. You have no authority to order me to do anything either.”

Jian Chen was first taken aback before confirming his thoughts about what had happened.

As for the other experts, they immediately widened their eyes. They were in disbelief.

In particular, Yongxi Lantian immediately turned sheet-white. His body rocked violently as if he had just suffered a psychological blow. He almost lost his footing and fell to the ground.

At this moment, the artifact spirit swiveled its eyes and continued, “However, I won’t follow you for a hundred thousand years for nothing. I have another condition. When you gain the ability in the future, you must kill all of those experts of the Saints’ World who attacked me earlier. In particular, the person wielding the Divine Spear of World Destruction cannot be forgiven.”

“Their ancestors had great feuds with the Wood Spirits in the past. If you want me to follow you, you must avenge the Wood Spirits in this regard.”

When the artifact spirit said that, the Wind Venerable who had been waiting outside the Source of Life furrowed his brows. He glanced at the Source of Life and hesitated slightly before shaking his head helplessly in the end. He did not intervene.

Jian Chen’s eyes shone with uncertainty in the Source of Life. After a quick moment of thought, he said, “How about this instead? When I gain the ability in the future, I’ll capture them and send them to the Wood Spirits. The Wood Spirits can decide their fates. How about that?”

“That works too. That’ll be that then.” The artifact spirit immediately nodded and agreed to his condition.

“You can’t, ancestral spirit, you can’t. You’re the ancestral god artifact of our Wood Spirits, as well as the spiritual symbol of our race. How can you follow an outsider? How can you follow someone from the Saints’ World that we possess an irreconcilable grievance with?” At this moment, Yongxi Lantian suddenly let out something akin to a sob. It was filled with heartache, pain, and sorrow.

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