Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 50: Others Dealing With the Aftermath

Chapter 50: Others Dealing With the Aftermath

Needless to say, Little Fatty rode his sword for the return journey to the Mystical Sky Temple. He was a lot faster then when he came here. Hearing that Little Fatty returned, Wang Zhi Wu hurriedly sent someone to invite him over. After they met in a side room, they said some formalities before sitting down.

While the servants served tea, Wang Zhi Wu asked, “Junior brother, is this mission to catch the ghost successful?”

“Because of senior brother’s blessing, it was very successful. The ghost has already dissipated from the world and reincarnated!” Little Fatty laughed and said.

“Ai yah, junior brother is indeed fantastic. You settled it so fast!” Wang Zhi Wu exclaimed in excitement, “Since that’s the case, then I believe the imperial tutor rewarded you greatly?”

“Wo~” Little Fatty was first stunned, then casually said, “Nope, he didn’t!”

“What? Didn’t he? You helped him to catch the ghost and he did not show you any gratitude?” As Wang Zhi Wu heard, he was immediately enraged, “This fellow is too much! Don’t worry junior brother, I’ll catch him back to ask him about it!” As he said that, he started to walk towards the gates.

“Cough cough~~” Little Fatty coughed embarrassedly and hurriedly pulled Wang Zhi Wu back. He bitterly laughed and said, “Senior brother you misunderstand me, it is not that the imperial tutor did not show gratitude, but he is unable to.”

“En? Why does junior brother say that? What does it mean by unable to show gratitude?” Wang Zhi Wu asked curiously.

“Wo, what I mean is, this little brother chopped up all of his children, daughter-in-laws without missing anyone of them!” Little Fatty said nonchalantly.

“Ah? What?” As Wang Zhi Wu heard, he was immediately stunned. He could not believe what he just heard. He hurriedly asked, “Junior brother, say that again. Senior brother is old already and I didn’t hear clearly!”

“I said, I chopped up the imperial tutor and his whole family!” Little Fatty really took his words and said loudly.

“Chopped?” Wang Zhi Wu then questioned in doubt again, “Which chopped?”*

*CCT: Play on the Chinese words since that word chop can mean several things.

“The ‘chop’ of death!” Little Fatty then continued explaining, “It means I killed all of them!”

“Killed them all?” As Wang Zhi Wu heard, he immediately shouted in shock, “What you mean is that you killed the whole imperial tutor’s family?”

“Wo, that is indeed what I meant!” Little Fatty nodded and said.

“I~D*mn~” Wang Zhi Wu cursed loudly and raged, “Junior brother, do you know what you’re doing? I asked you to catch a ghost, not to kill their family!”

“I know, I know. But the problem is, that imperial tutor is too much of a b*st*rd. Just because of a drawing, he caused the death of a whole family. After dying, the previous owner’s resentment rushed to the skies, thus becoming a ghost to find him for revenge.” Little Fatty then added, “How can there be such a bad imperial tutor in the world? Since I met him, how can I not kill him?”

“You, you, you~” As Wang Zhi Wu heard that, he was angered speechless. Only after a while did he finally regain his tongue, “The matters of the secular world, why would a cultivator like you bother about it?”

“Ai, senior brother you’re wrong. The Mystical Sky Temple is a righteous sect, and we talk about following heaven’s way to protect the righteousness of the world. Since little brother met with such injustice, how can I do nothing about it?” Little Fatty then pretended to be full of grievance and said, “Don’t tell me that it is wrong for me to protect the sect’s reputation?”

“This~” Wang Zhi Wu was stumped by what Little Fatty said. He can’t possibly take his sect’s reputation as a joke. It was obviously this brat who made his life difficult but he still seemed to be the reasonable one! This made Wang Zhi Wu livid!

But Little Fatty was obviously reasonable, and he could not say anything about it. Helpless, he could only stamp his feet and say frustratedly, “Even if the imperial tutor was wrong, don’t tell me you don’t know about the law? Why do you have to make your own decisions and kill his whole family? Do you know how big a trouble you’ll bring me?”

“Eh! Didn’t I just handle some mortals? Why would that bring us any trouble?” Little Fatty frowned and asked, “Besides, we are cultivators. We help the heavens execute justice and represent the heaven’s will. Seeing such a deranged individual should be immediately executed. Don’t tell me I should send him to court? Then would we still be considered cultivators? Wouldn’t we be the hawk of the court? Senior brother, don’t you agree?”

“This~” Wang Zhi Wu was again made speechless by Little Fatty. He definitely can’t admit that he is a hawk of the court. His face was angered green. Wang Zhi Wu also knew that he couldn’t win Little Fatty in this argument. So he decided to just give up and say, “Okay, junior brother you’re fantastic. Senior brother cannot win you in an argument. Let us find the master to reason things out!”

Before Little Fatty could say anything, Wang Zhi Wu pulled him to the back of the mountain.

Back of the mountain, in the cave where Qing Feng Zi is cultivating.

Qing Feng Zi sat on top of the bed, looking at a nonchalant Little Fatty, as well as frustrated Wang Zhi Wu and was at a loss for words.

Qing Feng Zi already heard them say what happened. According to reasoning, then Little Fatty naturally went overboard. Killing the whole family of the imperial tutor, this is no small matter! Not just the court, the whole country would be shaken. It would greatly affect the relationship between the Mystical Sky Temple and Blue Moon Nation. If it was done by another person, Qing Feng Zi would not say anything and definitely punish the mastermind. Even if he would not kill him, he would still punish him heavily to answer to the court.

But the problem is that the person who is making trouble is Little Fatty! This is the only bloodline which is the junior brother who was like his kin left behind. If Little Fatty’s parents were still around, then Qing Feng Zi would at least punish him to put up a show. But the problem is that Little Fatty’s parents are both dead, and he had gone through so much suffering. How could Qing Feng Zi bear to punish him? If he were to punish him, then it would be letting down his dead brother!

Thus, after Qing Feng Zi frowned and considered for a moment, he bit his lips and said, “Good kill!”

“Ah?” As Qing Feng Zi said that, Wang Zhi Wu was almost shocked to death. Why would his master protect Little Fatty so much?

Wang Zhi Wu did not feel good. He hurriedly said, “Master, that is the imperial tutor! His house was wiped out!”

“So what?” Qing Feng Zi said frustratedly, “Isn’t he just a b*st*rd who harms others? Don’t tell me he doesn’t deserve to die?”

“He deserves to die!” Seeing that his master was angry, he hurriedly said something to please his master. He then carefully said, “But master, even if he deserves to die, he still shouldn’t be executed by junior brother. Plus, it is such a cruel execution. How am I going to explain to the court?”

“That’s your problem!” Qing Feng Zi then acted shamelessly and said, “Don’t tell me I have to show my face for such a small matter?”

“Won’t dare, Won’t dare!” Wang Zhi Wu then laughed bitterly and said, “Master, you just rest. I, I will handle this matter!”

As he said that, Wang Zhi Wu stared at Little Fatty in frustration and said softly, “Junior brother, you made trouble but need me to go and wipe your ass! You are really something!” Saying so, Wang Zhi Wu then walked away with a stomach full of grievance.

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