Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 49: Sword of the Heart

Chapter 49: Sword of the Heart

“Yeah, justice can’t be relied on. The heavens can’t be predicted. One can only rely on themselves!” Little Fatty laughed coldly and said.

“Taoist elder, you, don’t tell me you allow me to take my revenge?” As Zhang De Rong heard that, he exclaimed in surprise.

“Just now, I already channelled some of my Qi into the imperial tutor. Although it isn’t much, but with your strength, you no longer have the ability to harm him!” Little Fatty shook his head and said.

“This, what should I do?” Zhang De Rong frustratedly said.

“Never mind, since I’m already dragged into this, let me put an end to it! Follow me!” As Little Fatty said that, he began walking towards the outside.

The imperial tutor and others who saw Little Fatty walking out immediately crowded over. The imperial tutor smiled apologetically and said, “Celestial elder, is there any ghost inside?”

“I have already seen the ghost inside. He called himself Zhang De Rong!” Little Fatty stared at the imperial tutor’s eyes and said.

After hearing these 3 words, the imperial tutors face turned slightly green. His face hurriedly returned to normal and casually said, “Zhang De Rong? Who’s that? Why have I not heard it before?” After which, he even asked the people around him.

The people in the surrounding were already shocked silly by what Little Fatty said. But after they were reminded by the imperial tutor, they immediately snapped out of it, shook their heads and said, “Don’t know haven’t heard of it!” Although they said that, but their shocked expression betrayed their heart’s thoughts.

Seeing their ugly faces, Little Fatty laughed coldly and said, “Is this really the case? Zhang De Rong, why not you do the explanation!”

“They’re lying!” An agitated Zhang De Rong ignored the sunlight on the outside and came out from the shadows. He pointed at the imperial tutor’s nose and scolded, “You old b*st*rd! Just because of that famous painting in my house, you caused the whole of my family to die! I will fight it out with you!” Saying that, he directly rushed over.

“Ah~” The imperial tutor was shocked by Zhang De Rong until his face turned yellow. Seeing Zhang De Rong rush over, he did not have the time to avoid at all. He could only loudly shout, “Celestial elder, save me, save me!”

Little Fatty would naturally be too lazy to bother. However, the imperial tutor also would not have any problem. However, the instant Zhang De Rong touched the imperial tutor, he was blown away by the Qi on the imperial tutor’s body. At the same time, he let out a shriek, obviously having received the backlash from the spiritual Qi.

Seeing this situation, the imperial tutor was surprised but happy. Afterwards, he was no longer afraid, but let out a satisfied smile instead and said, “Haha, I have the protection of positive Qi. A mere ghost like you will not be able to do anything to me!”

“He cannot do anything to you, but what about me?” Little Fatty suddenly said coldly.

“Ah?” After the imperial tutor heard that, he asked in doubt, “ You’re here to protect me, no?”

“Being an imperial tutor, you killed his family for your personal gains. Such a despicable person and you have the face to ask me to protect you?” Little Fatty laugh coldly and said, “Do you think that the Mystical Sky Temple are lackeys which you can order around?”

“Celestial elder, you’re wrong!” Seeing the situation, the imperial tutor said, “Celestial elder is an expert who has achieved the Dao, and definitely follow after the way of the heavens and morals. From the perspective of the heavens, this is a ghost who harms others. You being a celestial elder should eradicate evil in the world. From the perspective of morals, my relationship with the Mystical Sky Temple is very good and have many dealings. Even on account of our relationship, you should also help me. As such, no matter which perspective you look at it from, a celestial elder should be standing on my side and not this ghost who harms others!”

“Ah ah, you are indeed an imperial tutor!” As Little Fatty heard the other party’s desperate attempt at explaining, he could not help but say with admiration, “Heavens way, morals, have all been said to the extreme by you!”

“Celestial elder you over-praise me. It’s just a fluke!” Seeing that Little Fatty showed signs of easing up, the imperial tutor thought that he persuaded him. He then hurriedly said, “Celestial elder saved me from disaster this round, I am really thankful for that. I will definitely repay you heavily.” Saying that, he even coldly looked at Zhang De Rong who was in the shadows. The meaning was obvious, if you helped me, you’ll have benefits. If you help that ghost, you won’t even get a single cent. The obvious path, do you still need to ask?

Facing the imperial tutor’s temptations, Little Fatty did not reply directly. He placed his arms beside his back and looked towards the sky. He stopped for a moment then said blandly, “The heaven’s way, morals, they are all not to my liking! Not part of my Dao!”

As the imperial tutor heard that, his heart twitched for a moment and knew something wasn’t good. He hurriedly asked, “Then what is celestial elder’s Dao?”

“My Dao is not the way of the heavens, not the way of men, but it is my own way. I only answer to my heart, and my sword points to my heart!” Little Fatty proudly said. As he finished, he did not even give the imperial tutor any chance to say any nonsense. As he raised his fingers, his Golden Eagle Sword appeared instantly and became a 10-foot long sword light, sweeping across. The imperial tutor, his 3 sons, and 6 daughter-in-laws, as well as all the other random people in the yard, were all slaughtered!

After they were slashed, they did not die immediately. They bitterly sobbed and rolled around. Blood and their internal organs were everywhere. The imperial tutor stared at Little Fatty with anger in his eyes and said, “You, you, you good~” Before he finished, he already took his last breath.

“Hahaha, finally, they’re all dead!” As Zhang De Rong saw that, he became uncontrollably excited. He jumped around in the sunlight, completely not bothering the fact that the light caused damage to his negative energy.

As Little Fatty saw that, he sighed and said, “Zhang De Rong, you finally got your revenge. Your resentment has dissipated, I’m afraid you won’t be able to sustain this ghost body!”

“Haha, that doesn’t matter. I wasn’t willing to become a ghost anyway. Now I can reunite with my family below!” Just when Zhang De Rong said that, he knelt on the floor and said, “Benefactor! Zhang De Rong have nothing to repay you with. This is the only painting which I am able to give. I am willing to give it to you, benefactor!”

“You look down on me too much!” Little Fatty said calmly, “If it was for possessions, I would gain much more if I had helped the imperial tutor kill you!”

“Yes yes, I know. But, if you don’t bring this painting away, I’m afraid it will fall into a relative of the imperial tutor. I, I am really not resigned!” Zhang De Rong said.

“If that’s the case, then do you have any relatives?” Little Fatty said, “«Full Moon Spring River»is your family’s heirloom, I can return it to your family!”

“Benefactor, the kindness you have shown my family, I will never forget!” Zhang De Rong then added, “I have a cousin in my old residence, and can also be considered to be part of the Zhang family. He is an honest folk, and if he knows what benefactor has done for our family. He will repay you even if he spends all his inheritance!”

“Like I said, I don’t need your thank you gift. The items of mortals are useless to us cultivators. The reason why I’m doing this is because I want to do it.” As he finished saying that, he did not continue talking but asked Zhang De Rong for the address of his old house and cousin name. He then kept the«Full Moon Spring River», and flew away on his sword.

As for Zhang De Rong, as his vengeance was settled, his resentment dissipated. In a short while, he disappeared from the mortal realm and reincarnated.

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