Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 47: Curing the Disease

Chapter 47: Curing the Disease

However, due to their low status of being a servant, even if they died of fatigue, they would still have to walk. Helpless, they could only grit their teeth and walk. After walking only a few kilometres, their sweat was like rainfall during the monsoon season. The originally steady sedan began to shake. Only now did Little Fatty realise that something was amiss. When he looked out, he saw the fatigue looks on the men’s faces and understood what happened.

Actually, although Little Fatty appears to possess a wicked heart and is scheming, but it was actually being forced out of him. His personality isn’t actually too bad. Seeing that he was the cause of the commoners' suffering, he immediately took action to aid them. He first gathered his Qi to lift his body up, making him lighter. Then, he secretly used a wood type rejuvenating spell to wipe away the fatigue of the men.

You have to know, although Fatty is mainly a lightning cultivator, it does not mean that he is clueless about all the other spells. In fact. Every cultivator would learn some foundational spells of all five elements for convenience in everyday life. For example, when they’re in the desert, they can use water type spells to produce water when needed. In a cold place, they can use fire type spells for warmth. These spells may not be very lethal, but are very practical. Just like the rejuvenating spell which Little Fatty used today. It can be cast when people are tired, rejuvenating their spirits in an instant. However, it can not be overused. It can only be used twice or thrice, and any more would damage the body.

The men who were affected by the spells instantly felt rejuvenated. Adding to that the sudden decrease in the weight of the sedan, they were naturally a lot faster. They would definitely be able to feel the change, and would suspect that it was the doings of the celestial elder in the sedan. But being low in status, it was also not for them to say anything, and can only bury the matter deep within their hearts.*

*Weird that the author phrases it in such a way where they were not grateful but instead suspect him for playing a prank on them by being heavy O.o

It was as though the imperial tutor was really anxious from waiting and the butler could feel the pressure of his master. He kept of hurrying the sedan to move faster. In the end, a few dozens of kilometres were covered in just about an hour.

The sedan finally stopped in front of a luxurious mansion. This was already in Blue Moon City, where the palace was located at. Little Fatty also saw many sights about the city along the way. Although it was bustling, but it was also no different from the other places. As for the majesty of the place, it could not be compared to the cultivator’s city, Firmament City. After the recent travels, Little Fatty also saw many things and already found them commonplace.

Under the lead of the butler, Little Fatty alighted from the sedan. At first glance, he could see people waiting for him with a stern look in court attire. Little Fatty was not from Blue Mood Nation, and would definitely not know the ranks in which different attires represent. But no matter how he looked, he didn’t think that the guy had the substance to be an imperial tutor.

In a courteous manner, the butler brought him over to Little Fatty and introduced, “Celestial elder, this is the 3rd young master in the house. Young master, this is the celestial elder of the Mystical Sky Temple. The temple head dispatched him to catch the ghost!”

Being the son of the imperial tutor, he would naturally have some arrogance. As though he despised the pathetic attire of Little Fatty, he just stood there and waited for Little Fatty to pay his respects. However, Little Fatty was even more arrogant than him, and said to the butler directly, “Where is the imperial tutor?”

Seeing Little Fatty so rude, the 3rd young master’s face turned green. Just when he was about to speak, the butler hurriedly stopped him and spoke softly, “Young master, young master, this is a celestial elder. He is a real expert with ability. You better not provoke him, Besides, the Mystical Sky Temple is the imperial temple. Even the majesty treats the temple head courteously. We cannot provoke them!”

“We cannot provoke the temple head. But why can’t I provoke this useless monk?” The 3rd young master coldly laughed.

“Young master, young master, don’t say this anymore. He is the descendant of the temple head, and they’re all together. Besides, the Master is still waiting!” The butler was scared and hurriedly said, “It is best that we go and see master first!”

Hearing the butler mention his dad, the 3rd young master’s face relaxed. He waved his hands and said, “Follow me!” Without greeting Little Fatty, he turned and walked away.

“Hmph!” Little Fatty laughed coldly and wanted to turn and walk away.

But the butler was sensible and hurriedly added a few nice words. Only then did he manage to persuade Little Fatty to walk in. The people of the imperial tutor mansion was naturally shocked. Little Fatty followed the butler and navigated through the place, only after half a day did they reach an intricately designed yard. There were a few people dressed beautifully inside.

The butler then explained, “The imperial tutor has 3 sons and 6 daughters-in-laws. After he fell ill from the ghost incident, these sons and daughter in laws have been by his side.”

“En!” Little Fatty nodded his head in understanding and followed the butler in.

Seeing the butler bring a fat Taoist monk, they all revealed a curious gaze. Especially the women, they all begin commenting and gossiping silently. Although they were already very soft, but to Little Fatty, it was still clearly heard by him. Hearing the women discuss his figure, looks and even what was below, it really made Little Fatty very speechless. He thought to himself, “Are these people really on the brink of losing their elder? Why are they all so happy? They still have the heart to gossip about my abilities. With just their looks, I don't want them even if you paid me.”

Although Little Fatty was irritated in his heart, but to be so calculative with these bit*hes, it was really a loss of his status. Thus, he just raised his head and walked in.

On a big bed inside the house, Little Fatty finally saw the master, the current imperial tutor. He was a man of over 60 years old, and half his head was white. He had the aura of one who will not get angry. It is just that he looked more frail right now. His face was skinny, both eyes sagging down, lying on the bed while breathing heavily, with 4 beautiful servants beside him taking care of his needs.

Seeing Little Fatty walk in, his eyes immediately shone. He was obviously not a trash like the 3rd young master. Being a person with a high post, he has seen many things. Once he saw Little Fatty’s aura, he understood that an expert came. He immediately laughed apologetically and said, “Are you theTaoistt senior of the Mystical Sky Temple? My body is weak right now and I’m unable to pay my compliments. Please forgive me!”

When everyone in the house saw the imperial tutor treat Little Fatty with such respect, they were all shocked and could not understand what was going on.

Little Fatty’s heart was also soothed by this statement of the imperial tutor and the dissatisfaction in his heart also largely dissipated. Since the master showed him face, Little Fatty also kept his arrogance and said, “It’s alright. My sect sent me here to help you out of your troubles. Well, let’s first start with your illness!”

Saying that, Little Fatty stretched out a finger, which shot out a spiritual light as he spoke: “Negative energy dissipate!”

As the spiritual light shone on the imperial tutor, he immediately trembled in cold. Then, his whole body was filled with a warm feeling, and his strength miraculously returned. He suddenly looked like he was 10 years younger, and all the discomfort disappeared in an instant.

“Ai yah yah!” The imperial tutor was elated and jumped off from bed. He excitedly took Little Fatty’s hands and said, “Celestial elder, you are really a celestial elder! You cured my illness in an instant!”

“Ah~” Seeing such a miraculous sight, the people around could not help but exclaim. You have to know, the imperial tutor was not sick for only a day or two. The imperial doctors have treated him for so many days and fed him many a rare medicine, but there just wasn’t any improvement. But after this fat Taoist monk came, he treated him in just a sentence. Plus, the disease was immediately cured, it really was considered too amazing!

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